Hi guys I’m julia!!! I’m 19 from CT but am a sophomore in college in RI.

I’m super into human rights & women’s issues, art, space, tea & coffee, makeup, and halsey and obv lauren jauregui. I’m a strong lover of our environment and nature🌸my interests are all over the place believe me there are many more where that comes from. ALSO I LOVE TATTOOS

Talk to me!!!!
Insta: jhallx13
Tumblr: sunsetsandcoffeeshops.tumblr.com

Hey i put out this album! check it out and donate if you can :) 

We’re a diy Fun Rock band from ct, ffo/ Hop Along, Sorority Noise, Told Slant, Elvis Depressedly, Third Eye Blind, Best Friends Forever, being angry n gay



Connecticut Unexpected Spots by @flippermood

Silver Sands Park, (Milford, CT)

Mystic Town, (Mystic, CT)

Mystic Houses, (Mystic, CT)

Lake Hammonassett, (Killingworth, CT)