So I went to a sublime and badfish concert last night and my dumbass decided to go into the mosh pit and that night I left the concert with four fractured ribs 👌🏻. I’m not the biggest person but I’m definitely not the smallest but some of those guys in the pit were fucking titans! I took 4 punches to my left lower rib cage and it hurts like a bitch. So yeah 🤙🏻

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Connecticut bill would allow police to use armed drones

  • Should police be allowed to use weaponized drones?
  • That’s the question Connecticut lawmakers are debating right now with House Bill 7260, which would allow law enforcement to deploy drones to release tear gas, bullets and bombs.
  • Proponents of the measure say that it’s necessary and that it would be “extremely narrowly tailored.”
  • “Obviously this is for very limited circumstances,” Republican state Sen. John Kissel, co-chairman of the Judiciary Committee that approved the bill and sent it to the House, said, according to the Associated Press.
  • “We can certainly envision some incident on some campus or someplace where someone is a rogue shooter or someone was kidnapped and you try to blow out a tire.” Read more (4/27/17)

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We’re a diy Fun Rock band from ct, ffo/ Hop Along, Sorority Noise, Told Slant, Elvis Depressedly, Third Eye Blind, Best Friends Forever, being angry n gay 


Hartford Courant, Connecticut, May 14, 1922

To dream of:

Ice - Success
Idiot - Grief
Illumination - Poverty and worry
Images - Bad luck
Inheritance - Death of a relative
Ink - Spilling ink, breaking an engagement of separation from a friend; dreaming of ink in any other way a favorable omen
Insanity - to dream of insanity of some other person, grief; to dream of yourself becoming insane, assurance of a long life
Intoxication - Increase of fortune, recovery of health
Inundation - Sadness, sickness
Iron - Profits; if burning hot, sorrows
Island - Desertion
Itch - Good luck
Ivy - True friends
Janitor - Beware of gossip
Jaundice - Beware of treachery 
Jaws - Sickness
Jay - Sorrow and trouble
Jewelry - Trouble and danger
Judge - Beware of slander and malice
Kettle - To dream of a black kettle means death
Keys - Anger, worry, want
Killing - Killing a person is generally a bad omen, foretells distress, and even death; to kill some one else, worry over enemies
King - Beware of flattery and cheatery 
Kiss - Kissing a relative, beware of treason; kissing a hand of a person, friendship, good fortune; kissing a stranger, journey
Knee - Being wounded in the knee, disappointment, worry; kneeling down to a person, trouble; unable to use the knee, poverty, bad news; sore or painful knee, sickness
Knife - Quarrel, separation; if you dream of a knife wounding you, danger
Labyrinth - You will make a great discovery
Ladder - Climbing a ladder, success; descending a ladder, great loss and trouble, ruin
Lake - Clear water, fortells friends; muddy or agitated water, quarrels
Lamb - Good luck
Lame - Trouble, sickness
Lantern - Success
Larks - Alive, good luck; roasted
Laudanum - Misfortune
Laugh - worry and loss
Laundry work - You will have to work running over one, worry
Lawyer - Quarrels, troubles, losses, hard for other people
Lawn - Gazing upon one, good health; trouble, imprisonment 
Lead - Inheritance 
Leaves - Sickness
Legs - Journey, success, money; wooden legs, bad luck
Letter - Visit by a friend or good news
Letter carrier - Important news
Light - To see in a drea, a great light is an omen, great honors and riches are in store for you; it predicts success in love, happy married life, blessed with children
Lightning - Love quarrels
Limping - Business troubles
Linen - Riches 
Lion - Seeing one, you will find some new good friend or make an acquantice of one soon; killing or laming the lion, great success; seeing a lioness with young, domestic happiness
Liquor - Riches
Lizards - Danger
Lobster - Alive, success; cooked, joy
Locomotive - Unpleasant journey
Lottery - Loss and failure 
Magician - Beware of treachery
Man - A girl dreaming of man; beware of gossip; if he is plain or ugly, quarrel; clear trouble and loss of money 
Manure - Great financial luck
Marble - Inheritance 
Marriage - With a relative, danger; with a handsome person, joy; with a plain or ugly looking person, sorrow
Masquerade - Seeing one, beware of deception; taking part in one, success
Mass - To dream of attending mass denotes happiness
Matches - Riches
Meadow - Comfort and prosperity 
Meat - Pleasure and prosperity 
Medicine - Taking it, sickness, distress; administering it to someone else, profit 
Menagerie - You will enjoy true friendship
Melon - Good health; if the dreamer is a sick person, it denotes a speedy recovery
Mending clothes and stockings - Unhappiness 
Merchandise - Seeing a great amount of it piled up, beware of thieves
Merchant - Meeting some merchant of importance, success
Message - Receiving one, advance in life
Mice - Trouble
Mill - Success, riches, inheritance