before you argue another word about the Connecticut school shooting, or about gun rights, or anti gun talk- listen to this video, and then, and only then, will i listen to your argument…

To all those innocent souls that were taken today may you rest in peace. This is a true tragedy. Because of this situation school for those kids ( that are old enough to understand what happenned) will be almost impossible. This is just so cruel nobody deserves to die this way. Those who survived will be scared for their life. That school will have a bad name. And worst of all some familys on christmas will wake up with an incomplete family. For all the victims of the shooting you’ll be in my prayers.

My last day as a scribe

I has such a hard time waking up this morning, but I wanted to finish strong on my last day in Greenville. I’ve worked plenty of morning shifts, but my drive was quite different. The sun didn’t rise. Even when I got to work at 7AM, all I could see was a red orange hazy line against pitch black. I remember thinking that it looked ominous somehow…Almost as if the sun was reluctant to rise this Friday morning.

Work was incredibly busy. People just kept coming in, and quite a few had legit emergencies. It wasn’t until I happened to pass by the nurse’s lounge around noon, did I notice the headlines on the TV. I didn’t get to stick around and find out more. As soon as I had more than a few seconds free, I tried to look up articles online. It was just heartbreaking. Those poor babes. I think I’m more disgusted than surprised. I’m disgusted by the wickedness of mankind.

I kept reading about the “fall of humanity.” Let me just say that the fall of humanity happened way before today. In fact, it was thousands of years ago in the Garden of Eden. That was where we went wrong. I’ve also been reading about gun control this and that. Personally, I don’t like guns, but I acknowledge that there are times that they are necessary. In my opinion, if someone is demented enough to go on a killing spree, they will figure out a way to do regardless of whether or not guns are readily available. Did anyone read/watch the Hunger Games? Yeah, those were CHILDREN. They didn’t need guns to slaughter themselves.

While I worked, I thought of all the parents who have to cope with their children being dead. Then I thought of the children who were slaughtered in Bethlehem. Herod was so threatened by the birth of baby Jesus, that he ordered all male babies under the age of 2 to be killed. No wonder the Bible says that Rachel cried for her children…

When I finished my day, I had seen nearly 40 patients in 8 hours. I was exhausted, but I was able to say my goodbyes without being a basket case. It wasn’t until I got into my car that the tears came. I cried because I would miss my coworkers. I cried because those poor children were murdered. My heart is broken for these suddenly torn families and for the children who have been horrendously traumatized.

All I can say is that my hope is in the Lord. I can’t wait for Rapture.

How heinously disturbed—how fucking empty—does one have to be to look into the eyes of a baby, a child so innocent and virgin to all things evil… How does one point a gun at the face of purity and serenity with the potential to be magnificent, and pull the fucking trigger?