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CtCon 2012

‘Ello to all of you kind enough to stop by.

For my first appearance here, I’ll be providing you with a re-cap of:


So, like all journeys, it begins with a step…

Thurs saw The Badgerlord and myself leaving for his Father-in-law to be’s house and of course the convention center to pick up our registrations and set up his booth. This went smoothly enough.

Fri morning was a bit more “interesting”… While getting ready for my shower (with the door closed of course, 'cuz it’s not my house) one of me mates, niece’s 16 yr old Luna- Lovegood- personality- twins just comes barging in without knocking and I’m pretty sure sees my bare @$$! Now, I’m not a prude by *ANY* means, but you see a door closed, you knock! especially to a bathroom! fairly commonsense one would think.

So, Fri at the con, good day! I was cosplaying a “Thug splicer” from Bioshock 1 with a rabbit mask. Bought some awesome stuff. Saw some amazing cosplays. Helped out at Badgerlord studios as me mate was the artist behind the table. I attended the “Burlesque” panel as I had seen a documentary on netflix about it awhile ago and was curious to learn more. It was rather entertaining & interesting. It was their first panel ever the panelists informed our group of about twenty-ish peeps. There were some “snafus” technologically, but all-in-all it was good.

Sat was a Steampunk day! The panels were enlightening. Some more fun than others. Some more informative than others.

Sun, by the end of it, I was feeling kinda low. Having been brow-beaten & guilt-ed by the aforementioned niece of me mates and another mate throughout the con, it was nice to get a break from some of the craziness. I got a compliment on me SP original costume as well as met some nice people.

All-in-all, the Con was a pleasant one. Not a fave & def not the worst, but one with a few highs and lows.

In an attempt to help out and try to make a difference for next years con, I have joined an FB group whom seems dedicated to making it a better place than this years.

Peace For Now.