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The Girl Who Ran With Gods

Author: Nat / @idontgiveaflyinggrayson69

Requested: Yes - Anonymous

Tagging: @claireisbetterthandom

Fandom: Thor

Summary: Reader is a girl from Earth who helps Thor’s save Asgard.

Relationship: Pre-Established; Loki x Reader

Word Count: 868


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Astrological Counseling based on Your Most Afflicted Planet

For those of you still learning, afflicted means that a planet is receiving hard aspects. For example, if your Uranus has squares, a quincunx, semi-squares, and an opposition to it, this is afflicted.

Moon: You have to experience your emotions fully and acknowledge each hard aspect and how it plays out in your life. Use your moon sign to express your feelings. Exhale all the times you’ve been hurt and nurture your inner child without letting it come out as immaturity. Inhale the love of the universe and visualize it wrapping around your soul.

Sun: You’ve been made to feel inadequate or that you don’t matter. Build yourself up from within, pursue creative projects when you are all by yourself so you have no concern for others’ criticisms. You can even literally stand in the warmth of the sun and visualize your self-esteem building. Exhale all your moments of embarrassment and inhale an acceptance that many things weren’t as big of a deal as you made them out to be.

Mercury: Realize that all the times you were made to feel dumb were just because those around you didn’t understand the way your mind works. Keep your intellect sharp by challenging yourself to read stimulating information, do word games, anagrams, Sudoku, puzzles, math equations, and logic exercises to create new mental pathways. Spread your ideas to those who listen, brush off those who don’t. Every time you get an idea, write it down so that it doesn’t slip away. Don’t cling to a hope that your thoughts and ideas will be recognized, the universe appreciates you even if that novel of yours hardly sells any copies. It is worth it to put your projects out there.

Venus: Realize that current beauty standards are based in perversion. You are a goddess full of grace if you choose to find it and embrace it. Your femininity could have been wounded by trauma or just having been made to feel like you don’t fit what women are expected to be. You can break free from gender norms and find yourself. Release guilt and allow yourself to experience pleasure. In a man’s chart where Venus is afflicted, the way he perceives women is tainted by all the times that women lied to him or manipulated him. He must learn to not project his hurt onto women.

Mars: You feel like you’ve had to fight all your life. Others may not give you a break but you can give yourself a break. Make time in your day to release anger thru physical activity, exhaling frustrations, going into nature to inhale peace. You are exhausted because this world expects you to be full of drive and ambition. Realize that aspiring to excel might not actually bring you fulfillment. You may always feel the need to do more, but release expectations, worry less about accomplishment and more about health. Allow yourself to get more than enough rest, this competitive world is not the way humans are meant to live.

Jupiter: Your capacity to have “abundance mindset” has been squashed by all the times you had to ration your resources. You can learn healthy indulgences and be reasonable about cutting down on what is unnecessary. You are hesitant to be generous because you have experienced not having enough. When you receive positive aspects transiting your natal Jupiter, you’ll be able to lighten up (I can tell you when these happen)! Gaining more knowledge hasn’t happened as well as you’d like. Jupiter afflicted makes it difficult to have an optimistic disposition but you can choose to find light in many situations.

Saturn: You feel like this world is constantly beating you down and you rarely get cut slack. Use this to find compassion for those who are struggling and learn to be lenient with them, realizing that they may not have as great capabilities as you do. You’re tempted to judge others because you had people treat you harshly and now you feel frustrated at those who take it easy. You feel resentment towards people who don’t realize the same things you’re aware of. You can find the balance between diplomacy and being realistic, despite your tendency to point the finger at peoples’ faults. You’ve had to work hard and you subconsciously dump your hardships on others whom you think had less strife than you. Find the lightness in your heart, consider all angles of a situation instead of coming down on someone else. Work thru your inner angst, allow yourself to feel what you have suppressed.

Uranus: Chaos has brewed inside you because you didn’t get the chance to experience your wild side in a healthy way. You were taught that stepping out of line would get you in trouble, so you felt like you had no choice but to obey, even when the rules felt unnecessary to you or when the leaders were controlling you out of their ego instead of based on what is best for everyone. An example of this is if a child is taught to go along with what parents say, not question and not talk back, these children grow up with very little self-worth and incompetency at thinking for themselves. Remind yourself that questioning and rebelling doesn’t make you disrespectful, it makes you a free thinker. In your adult life you feel compelled to do crazy things because of how boxed in you were before, and you have the choice to be wise about letting out your Uranian nature and finding healthy outlets.

Neptune: Life circumstances have prohibited you from fully experiencing your connection to the divine. Having to act practically without getting the chance to develop your intuition has dimmed your soul. You feel like something is missing in your life but you’re not sure what. It is possible that you went thru a phase where you were seeking your next high, to lose yourself in altered consciousness out of your overwhelm of the real world pounding on you. Make time to develop your soul, attending an organized retreat would be beneficial to you. Spend time in nature, feeling how the dirt between your toes connects you up to the sky. Silence your mind while holding stones and allow yourself to slip into other dimensions. Hypnotism would be therapeutic for you. You can discover your connection to spirituality by learning to let life be as it is, then opening yourself to the vastness of the unknown. Meditate on that concept alone.

Pluto: The times you had your power taken away from you has built up inside you as a compulsion to make others feel less powerful. You dominate conversations and like to psychoanalyze others. Realize that just because you may have studied psychology does not mean you are correct about the motivations behind someone’s actions. People aren’t as manipulative as you may project them to be. Learn to be gentler about what you perceive to be someone’s faults. You can be the Phoenix rising from the ashes if you choose to be.

If you want to learn how to use astrology for personal development, please message me.  

I give readings to anyone who’s interested! I can write 12+ pages all about your natal chart, your upcoming transits, your love life, and more!

Sellieve Neptune, professional astrologer


Anon request: Fighting with Jungkook + drabble
It’s not the same as Yoongi’s but I thought this fit better. 
I am so sorry it has taken so long, it has been sitting in my drafts for weeeeks (ask you can tell by the date of the text) I am so sorry
I hope you like it! 

Jungkook x Reader
Warnings: Implied Smut
Words: 1250

You knocked once on the bathroom door and waited for a response. After receiving a text from Yoongi, you rushed out of the door and into the nearest taxi. Reading over the texts again and again, you felt your stomach twist as the guilt set in. Fuck, what had you done. The fact Jungkook thought he was a bad boyfriend made your heart squeeze into your throat. He was far from it, in fact he was the best boyfriend you have ever had, going above and beyond anyone ever had. Making you smile when you needed it, telling you that he loved you nearly every day even when he was on tour. He would always make you feel so loved and important and you couldn’t even let him off this one time. You were being selfish and you needed to fix it. You phone beeped with another text, this time from Taehyung.  

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Warmth || Peter Parker Imagine

Paring: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,498 words

Request by anon:  hello i would like to request a peter parker x reader imagine where there dating and he has a nightmare about her dying and he goes to her apartment and cuddles her and the next day he’s all clingy but she doesn’t mind it at all? can you make it really cute please?

No Homecoming Spoilers (I mean, I mentioned Adrian Toomes as the villain but I mean, that’s kind of implied)

A/N: RIP Tom’s curls. i edited it but my computer did something weird so some words could be scrambled.


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“No, please! Please don’t hurt her.” Peter screamed at the top of his lungs as he was in his Spider-Man suit with his mask off, chained to the wall behind him. He was pulling and tugging the chains, trying to get out of them to hold his girlfriend.

Y/N sat before him, leaning against a wall not chained down due to the hours of torture she endured that made her body too weak to do anything. Tear streaks laced her cheeks as a man, with his back to Peter, was leaning over a trey of tools. ​"Now, Mr. Parker,“ the man turned around with a knife in one hand and electrically charged wires in the other, the man was the Vulture, “which one should I use?”

Peter screamed while he pulled at the chains again, his wrists bleeding profoundly. “You don’t have to do this Adrian. You don’t have to. Please don’t hurt her. You want me remember?! So, just hurt me!” Sweat was sticking to his forehead and tears were falling from his eyes.

“We won’t tell anyone. No one has to know what happened, if that’s what you want, just please stop hurting her.” Peter begged, wanting to end the pain that Y/N was feeling so intensely. Adrian sighed, putting the knife down on the trey, placing the wires in both of his hands. “Sorry Peter, but you know I can’t do that.” He stated with a hint of sarcasm. He then placed the wires onto her abdomen, smiling wickedly at her screams of pain.

Peter screamed with her, his eyes filling with more and more tears. Adrian pulled the wires away, tossing them recklessly onto the ground. He picked up two more weapons, turning to Peter once again, “I think you should answer me this time, kid. Which should I use to kill her?”  He pulled one hand out from behind his back, “this one?” directing Peter’s attention to the knife. “Or this one?” He asked, revealing his other hand to show the silver gun.

He heard Y/N sob, making Peter pinch his eyes closed. “Please don’t do this,” He whispered, looking up at the man with watery eyes as he looked at him from where he was kneeling.

Adrian ‘tsk'ed as he put the knife down again. “Why don’t you ever answer me? I hate having to decide these things on my own. You have no idea how hard it is.” He pointed the gun at Y/N’s temple, making her sobs turn even more frantic. “Please! Just stop this!” Peter shouted, pulling and tugging at the chains.

Adrian glared at him, shaking his head slightly as he looked back at the gun in his hand, “Too late.” Before Peter knew it, Adrian pulled the trigger and Y/N’s eyes closed for the last lime.

Peter screamed at the top of his lungs when he saw her body fall on its side. “I’ll kill you you son of a bitch! You here me?! I’m gonna fucking kill you!” He shouted while Adrian laughed menacingly. Before Peter knew what was happening, the man came closer and closer to him, everything suddenly turning black.

He sat up, sweat drenching has back with the pale moonlight shining through his window. Peter was letting out quick and jagged breaths as he threw the covers off his body. He stumbled out of his bed, searching for a pair of pants to wear. He pulled the grey sweatpants over his legs before throwing on his Midtown sweatshirt and stepping into his shoes.

Grabbing his phone and stuffing it in his pocket, Peter opened his bedroom window. Climbing out of the warm, cozy room and into the dark,cold night.

The walk, or run, to Y/N’s apartment felt like it took hours, even if it was only around 10 minutes. The entire way there, tears kept flying out of his eyes. Peter just wanted to see her, hold her and never let go. He arrived at her building, climbing up the fire escape that was by her window. He pulled the glass upwards, enough to get his body through.

As he steadied himself in her room, he was able to see her asleep on her bed. Her chest rising and falling as she let out short breaths. Peter sighed, taking off his shoes and climbing into the bed behind her. He held her body closed to his chest, placing his forehead in between her shoulders.

“You’re okay,” He whispered, closing his eyes as a few tears escaped. Soon, sleep met Peter’s mind, along with peaceful and happy dreams.

Y/N woke up the next morning when her alarm started blaring. She moved her body to turn of the noise but she wasn’t able to move far due to arms wrapped around her body. She looked over her body to see Peter, his soft curls covering his eyes while he snuggled closer to the pillow under him.

She stretched her arm further to turn off her alarm. She didn’t want to disturb Peter, but she had to wake him up for school. “Peter,” she whispered softly, shaking his shoulders a little bit. He stirred, pinching his eyes before slowly opening them. A soft smile appeared on his lips, “Hey Y/N.”

“Hey, Peter,” She chuckled, running a hand through his curls, “Why are you here? Not that I don’t want you here. His smile dimmed, "I just really needed to see you.” Y/N stood up off her bed, holding his hand to drag her with him.

“I have to go home, and uh, get ready for school.” He stood up and held her in his arms. She turned her head up, standing on her tippy toes to connect their lips together. Peter relaxed at the feeling, not ever wanting to leave her grasp. She pulled away, patting his arm lightly. “See ya later Spidey.”

The entire day, Peter couldn’t keep his hands off of Y/N. On the subway to school, he kept falling asleep on her shoulder. At lunch, he had his arm around her waist to keep her closer to him. When he walked her to class his lips lingered on hers longer than they usually did. He even gave her his grey sweater so that she could have a small piece of him while he wasn’t in her classes. In the classes they had together, he had his hand clasped around hers.

As much as Y/N loved the small acts of his affection, she knew that Peter was acting weird ever since she saw him this morning.

After school, Y/N went over to his place to watch movies, do homework and just hang out. It felt like the perfect time to ask him about how strange he’s been acting. “Hey Peter?” Y/N asked, laying on the couch with her head on his chest as he was playing with her hair. He mumbled a small, ‘hm’ admiring her while she turned down the volume on the T.V.

She sat up a little, turning her body so that she could make eye contact with him. “Is everything okay? You’ve been acting super weird today.” She asked as she was playing with his fingers as their hands were held together. Peter sighed, sitting up on the sofa, with his legs crossed. Y/N sat in front of him with the same posture.

He held both of her hands in his, rubbing his thumbs across the back of her hands, not looking into her eyes. “Last night,” he started, but cleared his throat, “I had a nightmare. A-A terrible nightmare. Vulture, he came back. And I don’t know how we go there but we were both in this small room. I was chained to a wall while he-he was torturing you.” Peter sniffled, and Y/N’s eyes softened.

“He held a gun to your head, Y/N. And he pulled the trigger before I could stop him,” he looked up at Y/N with tears filling up his eyes, “That’s why I went to your house last night. I was scared and I thought I actually lost you, Y/N.”

Y/N moved from her position to configure herself in his arms. His tears soaked her shirt as he nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck. “You didn’t lose me Peter and you never will.”

He leaned back, pressing his forehead against hers. “I love you so much.” He whispered, pressing their lips together. He loved the feeling of their lips together. It made him feel content with to world. It made him feel like he could do anything he wanted. They pulled away at the same time. “I love you too, Pete.” She smiled, joining their lips together again.

Part 1 | Part 2

The free class had been on a Thursday and Rosie had spent the entirety of dinner that night explaining to John what they had done in class.  She even then gave him demonstrations as she still had her outfit on.  Sherlock could not get her to change out of it but decided the enthusiasm was good.

She was sad when she had to get ready for bed but Sherlock had promised her they could practise everyday until Tuesday’s class which they did.  They usually ended up practising while John was at work because he had a busy schedule the next few weeks because one of the doctors was still off on maternity leave. Sherlock didn’t mind though, he loved taking Rosie to her classes and watch her progression. She concentrated diligently and was usually the first in the class to master the moves they were taught and then she would help Evan and the other girls who didn’t quite get it.

The first two weeks of class were pretty much the same, the third week they began to expand their moves.

This time they were made to stand in a straight line while they learned the first and second position with their feet.  In first position their heels are almost together as if kissing and in second they’re a step apart.  The teacher then when on to teach them the arm positions for positions one through five.

The next lesson they learned was the plié.  She chose a volunteer from the class and brought her up front, her name was Vanessa.  First she had Vanessa stand in the first position and then bend her knees while keeping her heels flat on the ground and making a ‘diamond shape’.  The second position for the plié was the same, but instead of making a ‘diamond shape’ this time you made a ‘house shape’.  The teacher went around and individually helped each of her students with the instruction and they all seemed to pick it up fairly quickly.

The next position she taught them was the posse.  This is where you bring your one foot up to the leg and where you connect your toe to your knee, making sure the knee is facing out to execute the move properly.  This move took a little longer to master because of the balance issues.  She gave them each homework or practicing this move until they could do it without wobbling too much.

Now that more than half the class was over, the teacher decided they had enough time for one more move. “Alright class to wrap things up before cool down, we are going to learn one more move, the echape sote.”

She began by starting in first position with both arms and feet and then you jump out to second position with arms and feet to finish.  This caused the room of toddlers to giggle and it was by far their favourite move of the day.  They practised this move several times before doing cool down stretches and being released to their parents.

“Remember children,” the teacher called after them, “to keep practising.  You are all doing a wonderful job and in two weeks we shall start some new moves that I think you will all like.”

All the children chattered and clapped and Rosie went over to Evan and told him he did a good job today and that she’d see him next week.  Evan’s mum commented to Sherlock about how polite and encouraging Rosie was and that if it hadn’t been for Rosie, Evan wouldn’t have come back and Sherlock stated she had that effect on people.  Evan’s mum almost asked Sherlock for coffee until she noticed the wedding band on his finger and was relieved she noticed before making a fool of herself.  Sherlock seemed to sense it and just smiled it away and told her he’d see her and Evan at class next week.

This time John had beat Rosie and Sherlock home from class and he was in the kitchen making tea when they walked through the door.  “Daddy! You’re home!”

She ran out and grabbed his hand and drug him to his chair and made him sit. Sherlock clicked the kettle off and also joined them in the front room in his chair.  Rosie took her coat off and laid it on the coffee table and turned back to her parents.

“Look at what I learned today.”

She began with the first and second positions and moved into the plié, then the posse and then echape sote. And John grinned from ear to ear.  “I don’t know, you soon may be giving your papa a run for his money.” He winked at her.

She looked at him quizzically but continued talking about her class, “I helped Evan and some of the other girls with some moves and the teacher said we are all doing good practising on our own and in two weeks we get to learn some new moves.”

John reached across and took Sherlock’s hand and squeezed it, “this was such a good idea.  I can’t wait until Marci comes back from leave so I can go along to a class.”

Rosie shrieked, “Daddy, that would be wonderful, I can’t wait!   How soon does she come back?”

“Two weeks sweetheart.”

“That’s just in time for you to see the new moves we’ll be learning!”  Rosie squealed as she bounced up and down on her feet.

“Why don’t you go put some play clothes on and we’ll call out for takeaway tonight to celebrate?” John asked her.

She frowned, “But I love my ballet outfit.”

“I know you do sweetheart, but we don;t want to get it stained,” he said scooping her up and tickling her belly.  She giggled and agreed as long as they could have Thai.

They all agree and John let her down so she could run up to her room to change.

As soon as she was out of sight,John walked over to Sherlock and pulled him into a kiss.  “Let me guess, you’re the proudest parent there.”

“Absolutely John. You should see her, She lights up the room and everyone follows her lead but it doesn’t go to her head.  She takes after you in that respect.”

“I can’t wait to see her in two weeks.” He leaned in and kissed Sherlock again.

When they broke, John chuckled, “I better go call our order in.”

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Part Two

Summary: Here’s part one, if you missed it: Part One

Fic Type: Eric Coulter x Reader, Tattoo Artist!Reader, smut

Warnings: strong language, smut, unprotected sex (assume reader is on the pill; wrap it before you tap it, kids), kinky af

Author’s Note: Wow. Okay. So, The Challenge: Part 1 was really successful, and a bunch of people like it, apparently. So here’s Part Two and a whole lotta smut. (I’ve only written smut like twice before this so please don’t kill me if this sucks.)

Also: I know that tattoos need to be covered and cared for, but since this occurs in the future we are just going to pretend that you get the tat and you’re good, m’kay?

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Sounds stupid, when are we doing it?

So this is far too long and strange, but I put a long of time into it so here it is. A 1.6k word Peter x Reader as requested by @magical-fandoms. Sorry if It sucks. Made with prompts: “GET DOWN FROM THERE BEFORE I HAVE TO COME GET YOU!” and “Sounds stupid. When are we doing it?” My requests are open so as always feel free to shoot one in. Enjoy! 


Prompt List

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“Come on (Y/n).” Peter pleaded as we laid on my bed doing geometry home work. “No Peter.” I said boxing my final answer. He groaned and rolled over top of me, mashing me into the mattress. I giggled, dropping my pencil and using my arms to try to push him off of me, but he refused to move. “Now will you tell your dad about us?” he asked clearly trying to hold the grin back from his voice. “Peter” I moaned, sneaking my fingers down his body . “(Y/n)” he whined back in the same way. “Just tell him.” Peter began, but I jabbed my fingers into his sides and tickled him. “Aghh! St- Stop!” he choked out.

“Nope.” I giggled. Peter wiggled until he slid off my body and onto the floor. “Rude.” he glared. I sent him a smile and picked up my pencil. He grabbed my ankles and tugged me to the ground with him. I fell with a thump. “Now we’re even.” he grinned. I rolled my eyes and began to get back up, but his arms caught me and held me close to him. I raised a questioning eyebrow. He brushed a loose piece of hair from my face, before leaning in. I tilted my head, granting him access to my lips. Just as our mouths were about to touch, my door flew open.

“Ah Ha!” My dad said as he stared at our empty bed. I grabbed a few random papers and shoved them in Peter’s lap before my dad cast his glare on us. “Yes?” I asked, waiting for an explanation. “Hey Mr. Stark.” Peter said with a wave. “Geometry homework.” I said holding up a worksheet with a small smile. My dad slowly backed out of the room without saying a word. “Shut the door.” I yelled, groaning when it remained open. “(Y/n)” Peter began, but I cut him off, holding my finger up. I marched to my door and closed it quietly, before taking a seat next to Peter again. “That is why we shouldn’t tell him about us.” I said placing the random papers back on my bed. “He’s already convinced that we’re dating.” Peter reasoned. I crossed my arms. “I know, I just. He’s going to freak out when we tell him.” I said playing with a ring on my finger. Peter shrugged. “When did you get so confident anyway?” I asked cocking an eyebrow up. A playful smirk grew on his lips. “I just want him to know so we don’t have to sneak around anymore.” he said. I rolled my eyes. “I’m not telling him for your protection. When he freaks its you he’s going to punch.” I said with a little laugh. Peter rolled his eyes and tugged me closer.

“Got 4 more agents om the east side.” I yelled as I sprinted across the broken cobble streets. “I’ll head down there after I’m done.” Tony said through the clamor of metal on bone. “Dad you have enough to do as it is.” I said hopping on an alien space ship that had crashed into the sidewalk. I gripped the wheel and pulled up, soaring into the sky. “I can handle it.” I said as a smile grew on my lips. I shot towards the rooftop where the remaining agents had set up their defense. Jumping off the ship, I rolled across the roof and drew my guns. “I’m all clear over here.” Peter’s voice said. I ignored it in favor of shooting one of the four agents in the gut. “I can help (y/n).” he said mostly to me. “No no no.” Tony yelled, the sounds of metal of bone quickened. “I’m not putting the life of my daughter in your hands.” I rolled my eyes and ducked under the punch thrown by a second agent. “It’s just four agents.” Peter reasoned. I grabbed her under her waist and tossed her over the ledge of the building, before turning to the last two remaining people. “Actually its 2 now.” I said drawing my gun.

The sound of webs and wind filled my ears. I shot one of them in the leg before they finally decided to fight me. They turned and charged, drawing their weapons as they grew closer. “I don’t care if it’s 2 enemies or 200 enemies Peter Parker!” My dad shouted. I shot the two remaining agents in the stomach, as my dad finished his rant. “You are not leaving your post for my daughter!” Two large gloved hands gripped me underneath my arms and legs as I went to put my gun down. “Noted.” Peter said as he mushed me into his body. I laughed as I threw my arms around his covered neck. He jumped off the ledge of the skyscraper, his mechanical eyes narrowed in a smile. I screamed as we fell through the air, my dad’s questions were drowned out with wind. Just as I was about to get nervous about hitting the very solid pavement, Peter shot a web to a neighboring tower and swung us away. I screamed in delight as we soared up to a roof top.

Peter set me down gently and removed his mask, his hair emerging as a fluff ball. I giggled and wove my arms around his neck. He tucked the mask into his back pocket before wrapping his arms around my waist. His warm brown eyes smiled down at me. “Hi.” he said moving one of his hands up my body to cup my jaw. “Hi.” I whispered as I stood up on my tip toes to connect our lips. He gently nipped at my bottom lip after a moment, asking for entry. I let him slip his tongue easily into my mouth as I tugged as the little baby hairs at the nape of his neck. Our mouths danced for a moment, before I pulled away for air. “You know now would be a great time to tell your dad about us.” he whispered against my neck. My laugh turned quickly into a moan as he sucked a bruise behind my ear. “Sounds stupid, when are we doing it?” I joked trying to recover my composure. Peter kissed his way back up my neck, rubbing little circles on my waist. Just as he was about to reconnect our lips, a voice startled me. “(Y/N!)” My dad yelled, his voice echoing off the surrounding buildings, making it sound like there were 40 of him.

I pushed Peter away and turned. He hit the floor as I observed the scene in front of me. The rest of the team was gathered at the base of the building with my dad at the front of the group. “Yeah dad?” I yelled back. “GET DOWN FROM THERE BEFORE I HAVE TO COME GET YOU!” he screamed stamping his foot like an annoyed mother bird. “Shit shit shit.” I whispered as I took a grappling gun from my belt. I shot the hook into a pile of rubble by Steve’s feet. Wrapping a blood soaked rag from the floor over the cable, I slid down to the ground. As I neared my dad’s face I saw relief, not anger like I was anticipating. The team’s expressions however held a different story. Nat and Sam were exchanging money, Clint had the biggest grin on his face, and Steve was blushing so badly his entire face as red. I cleared my throat as I wiped my hands on my pants.

Tony enveloped me in a bone crushing hug. “I’m so glad you’re okay.” he said after a moment. He released me and pulled back. “After your com started creating static, we had to cut you off of the line.” I nodded and put a smile on my face. He didn’t seem to know about Peter so I certainly wasn’t going to tell him. “I was worried we weren’t going to find you.” He said glancing around at the destroyed city. “Well I’m really glad you guys found me!” I said looking around at the team. Wanda and Pietro were talking back and forth in hushed whispers, and Sam was reluctantly handing money back to Nat. Bucky just stood there, arms crossed, shaking his head with a smirk on his lips. I turned to my dad who seems oblivious that the team knew something he didn’t. “I guess my suit was just super reflective huh?” I jokes crossing my arms in an attempt to ease some discomfort. “I put a tracker in your earpiece.” he said tapping my ear lightly. A blue streak over my dads shoulder caught my eye, but before I could point it out my dad seized the moment. “Hey Spiderboy.” Tony said fixing his eyes behind me.

Peter jogged towards the group and waved. “Hey.” he said walking past the out of breath Pietro to stand next to me. “Well now that everyone’s here we can go.” My dad said as he turned down 1st street and made his way down the destroyed path. Peter wrapped his arm around my shoulders as we followed my dad towards the quinjet. “How the hell are you here right now?” I whispered grabbing onto the hand that was around my shoulders. “Pietro ran me here.” he said threading his fingers through mine. I looked over my shoulder and caught Pietro’s eye. “Thank you.” I mouthed to him and Wanda. They gave me a thumbs up as I turned back around. “How many times do we owe them now?” I asked. Peter rubbed my hand with his gloved thumb. “I think that’s 257.” I sighed at the high calculation. “We’ll never be able to pay them back.” Peter laughed, a sound that warmed my heart. “I guess we’ll have to keep owing them then.” he whispered before leaning in and pressing his soft lips against mine.

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Title: Rug Burn

Character: Negan

TV: The Walking Dead

Warnings: SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

For @i-am-negan-trash

Negan laughed, his back bending as he flicked Lucille upward, “Aren’t you just the funniest little shit!?” he asked, Carl.

The boy had mouthed off to him again, but he couldn’t find it in him to retaliate.

He straightened back up, the smile slowly melting into a “Don’t fuck with me,” grin.

“Now, which one of you shits can show me to Y/N Ward’s house?”

When no one answered, Negan cracked his neck, “It really wouldn’t do any good if I lost my cool,” he warned.

Carl rolled his eye, letting out a small growl, “She’s this way,”

“Atta boy!”

Negan followed the teenager, giddy at seeing the one woman who could sate him.

They were lovers before the apocalypse and he often wondered if she had made it. When he found her at Alexandria, he couldn’t believe it.

Upon returning to the Sanctuary, none of his wives could scratch the itch. Only Y/N seemed to be the one that could reach it.

Taking two steps at a time, he passed Carl and turned around, “Get a move on, kid. I got it from here,”

“You best not hurt her,” Carl warned.

Negan chuckled, “Ya got balls boy, I give ya that. Now git!”

Once Carl walked away, Negan knocked and leaned against the door jam.

The door opened and there she stood. Tank top, shorts and sneakers.

Goddamn did she look edible!

Her eyes widened, her mouth agape. Quickly she snapped her mouth shut and looked around.

“Lookin’ for your boyfriend, Rick the Prick?” He asked, eyebrow raised.

At that comment, the shock faded, only to be replaced with annoyance, “I’m not seeing him or anyone. Nor have a I slept with anyone, Negan,”

“Good,” he grinned, “Because I missed ya,”

She sighed, folding her arms.

“You gonna invite me in, Y/N?” Negan licked his lips.

Silently, she moved out of the way so that he could step in.

Swinging Lucille in a circle as he entered her home, he saw how clean and plush the white carpeting was.

“So how’s it goin’ Y/N?” he asked, looking around.

He turned and waited for her answer.

“Just surviving,” she shrugged.

He nodded, propping Lucille against the couch. He took off his jacket, then his boots and socks.

The second his toes connected with carpet, he sighed, closing his eyes at the soft feel.

When he reopened them, he found Y/N blushing and biting her bottom lip as she watched him.

“See somethin you like, Y/N?” he smiled, perching himself on the arm of her couch.

Hesitantly, she nodded, “Yeah.”

Negan held a hand out to her, “C'mere, Y/N,”

She went to him. The familiar feel of her skin had him wanting her more. She was shaking though.

“You know I’m not going to hurt you,” he said, quietly.

She swallowed, looking up at him with teary eyes, “I know you wouldn't…”


“But I don’t want to be kicked from the community.”

“The fuck would that happen for!?” he asked, his brow bunching.

“If I give in to you, I’ll probably be kicked out.”

“Fuck that! No, you fuckin’ won’t be kicked out!”

“How can you be so sure?” she asked, sighing when his arms wrapped around her waist.

Negan leaned in, kissing her neck between each word, “Because, I won’t let it happen,”

She moaned, tilting her head farther to the side at the feel of his tongue. Her hands held on to his shoulders, her legs becoming weak at his attention.

Running his nose up her neck, he inhaled her scent, “Jesus, you still smell fucking fantastic,”

Holding his bearded face in her palms after his compliment, she closed the gap between them.

With as quiet as the house was since Y/N lived alone, their gasps sounded like shouts in the practically bare living room.

Tilting his head to the right with a slight bob, Negan reconnected their lips with lusty pulls.

His hands slipped underneath her shirt, gliding up her back. He met the resistance of her bra and quickly had it unhooked, the underwire cups giving way to her bare breasts.

He pulled back, slowly lifting her tank top and throwing it to the side. Next, he rid her of her loose bra.

He licked his lips at the sight of her breasts moving with each breath she took. Needing to feel those soft nipples against his skin, he removed his shirt.

Negan pulled Y/N between his legs, flush against his chest. They both moaned at the contact.

Diving right in, Negan started at her clavicle, kissing his way down to taste a the pale flesh of her breast.

Y/N threw her head back, holding Negan’s head as he slowly rolled his tongue around her hardened nipple, then suckling the areola into his mouth.

With a wet suck, Negan pulled his head back, her breast falling from his mouth. He cupped it, bringing it back to flick the tip of his tongue over it again.

He could feel Y/N squeezing her thighs together, as she tried to find some sort of friction.

While paying homage to her other breast, he popped the button on her shorts and pulled down the zipper. He wasted no time dipping his fingers into her panties.

She bent forward, gripping his shoulders as his middle and index finger teased her, spreading her wetness to her clit.

“Christ, Negan!” she moaned.

Negan chuckled, looking up at her, “You are so damn wet, baby. I knew you missed me!”

“Negan,” she warned, her hips rolling in his palm.

Slowly, he pulled his fingers from her, yanking her pants down her legs.

Negan stood, unbuckling and unbuttoning his pants. They fell from his waist, pooling at his bare feet. Even in the apocalypse he went commando.

Y/N licked her lips making Negan tsk, “No way, baby,” he went to her, hoisting her up while dipping her backwards to lay her out on the carpet.

“I’m gonna bury myself so deep in that sweet pussy, that I won’t ever want to leave,”

“Promises, promises,” she moaned, feeling the head of his shaft brush over her wet, lower lips.

She gripped him, rubbing the helmet of his length through her wetness, then positioning him at her entrance.

Negan sank into her, groaning at the heat that enveloped him.

“Just like I remember,” he panted, moving in and out at a slow pace.

Y/N bit her lip, softly crying out at the friction of his happy trail, “Harder,”

He grinned, hiking her leg up higher to go deeper. Negan snapped his hips, slow and hard.

Hard enough that Y/N was being moved against the carpet.

Her breasts bounced with each deliciously hard thrust. Their skin slapped together, their sweat and fluids mixing together.

Negan could feel her nearing her orgasm, her keening cries getting louder with each pound of his hard length.

“Faster, Negan. Please,” she pleaded, cupping her breasts.

Balling his hands into fists, he planted them at her hips, pulling his torso up slightly.

The angle changed as his hips were lifted and going as fast as they could thrust.

“Yes, yes! Just like that!” Y/N called out.

“Come on baby, show me what I’ve been missing.”

Her back bowed off of the floor, her mouth open in a silent scream.

Negan pulled out just to his head and thrusted one last time, coming hard.

He collapsed slowly on top of Y/N, his head resting on her shoulder.

Their breathing was heavy, their bodies slicked with sweat.

“Fuckin’ hell, Sweetheart,” Negan laughed.

“Mmmmm,” she hummed, playing with the wet curls at the nape of his neck.

He rolled off of her once he softened, landing on his back with a groan.

Watching Y/N sit up, he hissed at the red marks on her back.

“What?” she asked, turning her head at him.

The second his fingers ran over the red marks, her back bowed at the sting.

“Rug burn, baby,” he said, wincing at the marks.

Her mouth curled into a sinister grin. Twisting her hips, she got up and straddled Negan.

He was already getting hard again. Holding him up, she sank down onto his semi-erect member, nestling him inside of her.

Holding her waist as she leaned down, she licked at his lips, “I’m not going to be the only one with rug burn,”

Negan laughed, running his hands down to her ass, where he gave a hefty squeeze.



“Justin, I love you with all my heart, but I see when you look at her, your eyes light up and-”
“But you’re the one I love Y/N!” He grabs your wrist to prevent you from leaving, tears slowly begin to make their way down his face. Your eyes start to water as well, You had never seen Justin cry. He raises his hand and places his warm and gentle hand on the side of your face. “Y/N. please, please Y/N, I’ll do anything,”
“Justin, don’t make this harder than it is,”
“What do you want me to do! Do you want me to make sure she gets suspended?”
You let the tears rush down your face, you couldn’t bare to see him like this.
“Justin, I’m sorry-”
“We can leave together!” You attempt to start talking but Justin refuses to let you speak, “Tonight, we will leave and live a new life with each other-”
“Justin, stop.” You pry your wrist away and take one small step closer, closing the space between. You elevate yourself onto your tip toes and connected your lips. His lips tasted of marijuana and alcohol, which he had been previously smoking and drinking. You slowly pull apart and speak in a pitch almost softer than a whisper, “I love you.” He shakes his head and starts chanting No’s. “Goodbye Justin,” you turn away and walk out the door with one part of you hoping he would come after you, hold you in his arms. Whilst the other half of you knows this is for the best and has accepted the fact that you would always come second to Jessica.

Predicting the Future


“Hey guys and welcome back to another Predicting YouTubers Futures! I’m joined again with Josh,” Joe said making a weird face into the camera before the clip jumped to an unamused Josh, “Today’s YouTuber is the one and only Y/N Y/L/N!”

“You guys went completely crazy with comments about how she should be the next person so here we go!” Josh said clapping his hands together, before the clip jumped to an animated figure that looked just like you as the boys continued to speak.

“So my guess is that Y/N will never quit YouTube, she loves it too much and her subscriber count will grow and grow as she continues to make everyone laugh and smile with her own” Joe said, a small tint of pink colored his cheeks as he thought about his girlfriend’s smile. 

“Yeah she’ll still be making videos when she’s old and grey, running down the halls of her nursing home telling us how riveting her knitting session was” Josh chimed in with a laugh. “I bet she’d still be writing her stories, probably become the worlds olds best selling author, or the next J.K. Rowling”

“Yeah, she’d create the next fantasy series that will be made into movies along side her many autobiographies, which if you haven’t already go buy her book its pretty good” Joe said holding up his girlfriend’s book as Josh nods, backing his mates statement.

“What about her love life?” Josh asks as the animations shows you in a wedding dress.

“Oh thats easy, she’ll be married to me and we’ll have two little Sugglets running around making life just the right amount of hectic. We’d move back to the country side and have a big house with a thatched roof…”

“Woah woah woah mate, lets remember that this is Y/N’s life, not yours. Fairly certain she’s not into thatched roofs as much as you are.” Josh said cutting off Joe’s ramble as the animation rewinds back to you in the wedding dress. “I think Y/N will end up finding someone much better than you, like a really buff body builder and they’ll get married and she’d end up moving to some really cool island where they’ll just make videos exploring every inch of it and once they’ve done that, they’ll have a few kids who will become the main characters in her books and they’ll be asked to play themselves in the movies.” 

The camera jumps back to the two boys sat on the bed, Joe’s faced turn down into a frown as he listens to Josh’s theory on how Y/N’s life will pan out. 

“Wow cheers mate” Joe rolled his eyes at Josh who only shrugged in response. 

“Well guys thats the end of this week’s video, comment down below which YouTuber Josh and I should predict the future for next. Make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, don’t subscribe to Josh, and I’ll see you next week. Bye!” Joe heard his voice close out his video as he made his way out of his office to the kitchen where you were sitting watching his recent video.

“Are you really watching that?” Joe asked from behind you. 

“Well you tagged me in so I kind of had to” You said with a smile, spinning around in your chair to face him.

You watched Joe’s cheeks turn the same shade of pink as it did in the video, his eyes shifting to the ground. 

“I think it was pretty accurate.” You said bring his attention back to you.


“Yeah, I don’t see myself quitting YouTube anytime soon, I probably will still be vlogging when I’m old and grey if it still makes me happy” You said standing up and moving to wrap your arms around Joe. 

“I’d love to watch that” Joe said kissing the top of your head before you moved it to look back up at him. 

“And I’d love to continue to write, becoming the next J.K. Rowling would be a dream.” You laughed. “You guys even got my love life pretty much spot on as well although I’ve never really been into the body builder type.”

“So you’d marry me?”

“I didn’t say that,” You said with a smirk, “but I suppose I could settle.” 

You pushed yourself up on your tippy toes, connecting your lips with Joe. You smiled into the kiss when you felt him deepen the kiss, his hands moving to the small of your back.

“Can I take that as a yes then?” Joe said after you pulled away. 

“Maybe if you asked properly, that was a pretty impersonal question.” You said unwrapping your arms from him and moving back to you spot at the worktop. 

You smiled slightly as Joe let out a fake laugh, knowing that he’d have to do a lot better than that if he had intentions of actually marrying you. 

“Wait so if everything in the video was pretty spot on, do you really not like thatched roofs?” You could hear the sadness in his voice. 

You turned back around in your chair, “They’re not my favorite type of roof but I wouldn’t completely hate it if we moved into a house that had one, as long as you maintained it and didn’t make me, or our kids, help.” 

“So you have kids with me too?” Joe’s lips curved back up into a smile. 

“You’re getting way too ahead of yourself Sugg. Stop thinking about the future and think about now, starting with ‘what are we going to have for dinner?’.”

“I was just about to cook before your distracted me by watching that video.” Joe said in a sarcastic tone leaning down to kiss your cheek before moving to the other side of the worktop. 

“Mhmm, sure.” You said with the same sarcastic tone as you watched him rummage around in the fridge for the ingredients needed for dinner, a slight smile growing on your lips. 

First Date

Prompt: can you write a first date imagine based off this picture?

*A/N: WHAAAAAAAAAAT?? HANNAHS NOT DEAD??? Sorry about the lack of posts, I just wanted school and my new job to calm down before I did anything else, but I’m baaaaack!! Enjoy, this one’s long :)*

You fixed your hair one last time, checked your makeup one last time, fixed your dress one last time. Everything had to be perfect for tonight, and you were incredibly nervous. Tonight was the night of your first date with the Keanu Reeves, and you were beyond excited. Due to his busy schedule, you had both decided to meet there. Keanu was going straight from an interview to your date at a five star restaurant in New York.

Grabbing your keys, you headed out the front door to your car. You couldn’t contain your excitement as you drove to the city, driving a little faster than usual. You checked the time, noticing you were a couple minutes late, and quickly ran in to the restaurant. 

As soon as you walked through the door, your heart stopped. The restaurant was beautiful, large crystal chandeliers hanging from the intricate gold ceiling, the floor a smooth, dark hardwood, the whole building glittering with gold. Your eyes scanned the massive place until they landed on a table sitting in the corner by the window. Your heart skipped a beat when you realized Keanu was already looking at you, and your feet somehow carried you over to him in your enchanted state. 

As you got closer, Keanu stood up, giving you a short hug. “You look stunning,” he said once he’d pulled away. 

Your cheeks heated up, and your eyes fell to the floor. “T-thanks,” you stammered, your nervousness finally catching up to you, “you look really good too.” Keanu smiled at your sudden change of demeanor, and moved to the other side of you. Confused, you watched him as he moved to the empty chair, pulling it out for you. Your blush deepened once you’d realized what he was doing, and you slowly sat down in the chair. Keanu moved to the other side of the table, taking back his seat.

“I’m really glad we worked out a time to do this,” he started, picking up the menu, “I’ve been wanting to take you on an actual first date for so long.”

“Me too,” you said, studying your menu as well, eyes widening as you realized it sounded a little weird. “I mean…I didn’t-well I uh….oh god.” You dropped your menu from your hands, bringing them up to your face. Keanu smirked, lifting an eyebrow at you. “I’m sorry, I’m just,” you brought your hands back to the table, shaking your head a little to will back the embarrassment, “I’m just really nervous.”

“Y/N,” Keanu said, reaching across the table to gently take your hand, “you don’t need to be nervous, it’s just me! We’ve been talking on the phone for weeks now.”

“I know, I know,” your eyes glanced to your connected hands, “but you just look so nice and this whole place is so nice and you’re so nice…” You trailed off, looking down at your lap.

“Y/N,” Keanu said, causing you to look up at him, “don’t worry about all this stuff, okay? Just…pretend we’re…I don’t know…Skyping! Like we did last week, remember? And I fell out of my chair and you laughed so hard you fell off yours?”

You chuckled at the memory from a few days ago, “Yeah, and you laughed so hard you snorted.”

Now it was Keanu’s turn to blush, “I didn’t think you’d remember that….”

You giggled at him, “How could I not? It was the funniest thing that’s happened since I met you!” 

After ordering some champagne, the waiter came and asked for your order. Keanu ordered, and the waiter turned to you.

“Steak,” you blurted out, and Keanu smiled at you.

“Okay, ma’m. Are fries okay for the side?”

“Oh, yeah, thank you.” Once the waiter had left, Keanu turned to you, the smile still on his face. “What?” You asked, shifting uncomfortably.

“Nothing,” he said, “nothing.” You quirked an eyebrow at him, not buying it. “Nothing! It’s just that before, women would always order a salad, or not order anything at all, just eat the bread.” He chuckled, leaning his arms onto the table so he could lean a little closer to you.

You shrugged, “I love steak, is that a crime?”

“No! No,” Keanu quickly defended himself, worried he offended you, “I love it.”

As you and Keanu talked, you could feel yourself falling even more for him, and he could say the same about you. He was such a gentleman, from the way he talked to you to the way he treated you, he was just such a genuine guy. You were beautiful to him, and he looked at you like you were the only girl he’d ever even talked to in his whole life.

Once the check came, you started to reach for it, but Keanu was faster. “Don’t,” he said sternly, snatching up the tiny black folder, “don’t even touch it.”

You giggled, “Why?”

“Because you don’t need to worry about it. Ever.” Although you clearly weren’t into him for his money, it was so sweet that he was so ready to take care of you.

The two of you walked out of the restaurant, your hand in his. As you approached your car, Keanu turned to face you. “Listen, Y/N, I had an amazing time,” he mumbled, smiling widely. “Maybe we could work something out and do this again sometime. You know if- if you want to.”

You nodded quickly, “I would love to.” As the two of you made eye contact, you felt your breath hitch. Your eyes flickered down to Keanu’s lips. He began to lean closer to you, his hands moving to rest on your waist. His head dipped down a little to reach your height, your noses touching, and-


You and Keanu froze awkwardly, and Keanu closed his eyes in annoyance. As the buzzing noise filled the air again, he groaned loudly. His hand flew into his pocket, grumbling something about how he had gone the whole date without dealing with this. Keanu yanked out his phone, checking the screen quickly before declining the call. “Keanu!” You scolded gently.

“What?” He asked, shoving his phone back into his pocket.

“Wasn’t that important?”

“Nah,” he brushed it off, “not right now.” As soon as his attention was back fully on you, you took your opportunity. Stretching up to your tip toes, you connected your lips with Keanu’s, and he grunted in surprise. He quickly got control of himself, eyes closing, hands back on your waist. You seemed to melt into each other, and you never wanted it to stop. You were the first one to pull away to take a breath, lowering yourself to stand flat-footed again. Keanu still seemed stunned, looking down at you with a big smile, he almost seemed giddy. Impressed with your own confidence, you went to open your car door. Keanu came back down to Earth, taking the door handle and opening the door for you. You smiled and thanked him, sliding into the drivers seat.

“I’ll call you?” Keanu said, leaning a little into your car. You nodded, and Keanu closed the door. He stood back and watched as you started your car, waving before driving away. Keanu continued to stand in the parking lot, smiling to himself over what just happened. He started to walk over to his motorcycle, an extra bounce in his step. Keanu did a small fist pump once he reached his bike, grabbing his helmet.

He finally got the girl.

CREDIT to the gif maker of this gif and to the inspiration behind this imagine

“See you later Ned.” I said, waving goodbye to him.

“Good luck on your gift Romeo!” he shouted. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, a small smile forming. I gripped into the strap of my backpack and headed down the street, bumping into someone.

“I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed.

“I didn’t know we were both so clumsy Parker.” a familiar giggle announced. I looked up and saw Y/N.

“There’s a lot of stuff we have in common.” I blurted. She cocked an eyebrow and smiled. My heart did a flip and I swallowed.

“I know we weren’t suppose to give our gifts already but…” she said, reaching into her backpack. She pulled out a small box and handed me a bag.

“Oh Y/N..” I said, handing them back.

“Nah uh. I couldn’t wait. Are you going to open it?” she asked, her eyes sparkling. I smiled and nodded, giving her the box to hold. I opened the bag and smiled.

I pulled out two shirts and a canvas drawing with all three of us: Me, Ned and Y/N. I touched the canvas, feeling the dry paint and outlining the features of us.

“Y/N…this is amazing. How long did this take?” I asked, looking up at her. She blushed slightly and laughed.

“Almost two weeks. But it wasn’t difficult. Besides the time I ran out of paint and nearly stained half my clothes.”

She handed me the box, taking the other stuff and I hesitated. She looked at me in confusion, and I smiled, pulling the bow string. Inside were some new headphones and a new disc for my computer.

“No way! How did you get this?” I exclaimed, marveling at the disc.

“You know my uncle runs a computer shop down in Brooklyn. I did some work for him and he gave me this.” she smiled. I picked her up , twirling her around in a hug and she squealed. I set her down and held onto her, staring into her eyes.

“You’re amazing you know that?”

She blushed and nodded.

“I know I am. You better get home before May kicks your butt.” she giggled, grabbing her bag and waving goodbye.


“MAY! I need your help!” I shouted as soon as I opened our door. I heard clattering and walked to the noise which was in the kitchen

“Jesus Peter! You scared me.” she gasped, clutching her chest and a mess of noodles on the floor. I pouted.

“Sorry May.. I-I just have some girl troubles.” I sighed, helping her clean up. She dropped what she had in her hands and grabbed mine, bringing us both up.

“Girl problems?? Screw dinner let’s get some Thai food.” she said excitedly.

We got down and immediately she tried hounding me into telling her. She even used larb puns which, in my opinion, weren’t half bad.

“So what’s wrong Peter?” she asked, giving up on her larb jokes.

“You know how Ned, Y/N, and I are having our 3 year friendship anniversary tomorrow? I still haven’t made a gift for Y/N and I don’t know how to start.” I sighed. May nodded, cocking an eyebrow.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked.

“I wanted to do something with music since she loves it. I was thinking a CD or an old cassette tape.” I explained. She nodded and took out a small notepad and pen from her bag. She began scribbling down on it.

“Songs she likes or songs that are her?” she asked.

“I wanted to do some on the music she likes. And some on what I think of her.” I swallowed. May smiled.

“You like her Peter. I can tell by the way you look at her whenever she comes by to study.”

“I do not.” I argued, my cheeks burning.

“Okay. Maybe you don’t like her. You might larb her.” she smirked. I rolled my eyes but smiled.

“Okay… Maybe I like her, but that’s beside the point May.” I huffed.

“Well tell me what you like or notice about her. It might help me with the songs.” she said. I nodded and started listing off the things I liked about Y/N.

“I like the simple things she does. Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear only to have it fall back into her face…. The way she bites the inside of her cheek or her lip when she’s nervous… The way her eyebrows furrow when she’s concentrating creating-”

“A crease?” May interrupted. I nodded and she smiled, taking notes.

“The way her glasses fall or when a loose hair falls into her face and she blows it away, only for more to come back, making her frustrated. Also the way her eyes light up whenever she gets excited. And her smile…” I sighed.

“Okay calm down Peter. I didn’t ask for the Bible.” May chuckled. I blushed and nodded. May wrote down something else, biting the end of the pen as she thought.

After a while, she handed me what she wrote and smiled proudly. I looked down and saw a list of songs.

“How did you..” I trailed off, seeing some songs Y/N liked. May shrugged.

“What can I say…. I hear her playing her music whenever she comes by. And I may have some more recommendations due to the things you said. But don’t ask for Ned. He’s a wild one.” May winked.

“Yeah… Yeah yeah yeah. Of course.” I said. We headed home and May taught me how to put songs onto a tape while I made another on a CD. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Ned you’re amazing!” Y/N cried as she held into her book. She hugged Ned and he laughed, patting her arm.

“I knew you were missing the second series and my mom’s friend was having a sale. I saw these and knew it was fate.” he chuckled as Y/N let him go.

“Last but not least is Peter.” Y/N smiled. I nodded and handed Ned his present, where he instantly ripped it open.

“Aw sick man!” he said, high-fiving me and showing it off to us. I smiled.

I had given him a new Star Wars Lego Set. The exclusive Yoda one, the one he’s been trying to get his hands on for a while now.

“How did you snag this​?!” he said, disregarding his other gifts. I shrugged.

“Mr. Stark helped me out.” I replied. Ned faked a sob and we all laughed and I felt my stomach tighten as Y/N smiled at me, her doe eyes filled with love. I swallowed and handed her the gift. She opened it slowly and covered her mouth.

“Did Mr. Stark help you with this too?” she asked, pulling out new paint brushes, two different sized sketchbooks and a small book, filled with coupons to the craft store she loved. I blushed.

“He insisted on helping with this but the next one, May helped.” I said, as she took out the smaller box. She opened it and saw my CD and underneath, the cassette tape. She touched her heart and hugged me.

“This is too sweet Peter.” she said. I chuckled and patted her back.

“It was nothing really.” I said. She let me go and flipped through the coupon book as Ned pulled me aside.

“Where are the roses?” she scowled.


“I thought you were going to confess to her?” he asked. I bit my lip.

“Not yet.. I-I can’t.” I sighed.

“I overheard John and his friends the other day… Flash might ask her out.” Ned said. I stared at him and looked back at Y/N.

“You’re not lying?” I asked. He shook his head and I believed him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I’ll get it May!” I shouted as the doorbell rang. I opened it and Y/N stood there.

“Hey Pete. What did you have to give me?” she asked as I let her in. I rubbed my hands together and sighed.

“It’s up on the balcony.” I said pointing behind me. She followed and I looked at May. She gave me a thumbs up and mouthed , “Go for it.”

We stood there, admiring the sunset. I tried making a move but I didn’t know how and I felt how confused she was because she kept asking if I was okay.

“Y/N… I like you.” I blurted out after a while. She turned to me.

“You do?” she asked. I nodded. She came closer and hugged me, surprising me.

“I figured you did.” she whispered in my chest.

“How?” I asked.

“I was listening to the tape and the first song was ‘Crush’ by David Archuleta.” she giggled, looking up at me.

Dammit May….

“I do like you.” I said looking down at her, my cheeks burning. She bit her lip and looked me in the eyes. She stood on her toes and connected her lips to mine, surprising me again. I kissed her back, wrapping my arms around her.

We stopped once we heard someone yell a “yes!” from inside. We turned to look and saw May dancing around. I groaned and Y/N giggled.

“So… Will you be my girlfriend?” I asked. She shook her head no and I furrowed my eyebrows at her.

“I’ll do you one better. Girlfriend and best friend.” she smiled. I smiled and cupped her cheek, kissing her.

Another yes was yelled from inside, along with a woo hoo. Y/N and I laughed, turning away and watching the rest of the day, turn into night.





Shut Up

A lovely anon requested: alex summers prompt list #10 ?

10. “I had the weirdest dream about you and now I can’t stop thinking about you naked.”

Pairing: Alex Summers x Reader

Warnings: some language as a result of a slightly pissed off reader and Alex

Word Count: 922

Tags: @coltcas


A/N: AHHHHH I’m so psyched that I got so many requests for Alex Summers because i love him so much

Originally posted by alex-sinners

You and Alex Summers have what can only be described as a rocky relationship.

When Charles and Erik first gathered the team, your initial assessment was that Alex Summers was one of the most attractive people you’ve ever laid eyes on. That was short lived because then he opened his mouth and started his streak of incessantly dragging Hank. You still thought he was hot, shame about the personality though.

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no doubt

◇ “My special mate.”

◇ Chanyeol x reader

◇ vampire!au


“Chanyeol,” you hiss under your breath, “Calm down.”

Said vampire inhales sharply from beside you, and you don’t look up at him but you know that he’s clenching his jaw and his eyes are turning black.

“If he looks at you like that again, I’m going to pull out his tongue,” Chanyeol growls, and you shiver as you feel his hand wind around your waist possessively, rubbing circles on you through layers of clothing. “Who does he think he is?”

“A very important warlock whose decision will affect the outcome of your territory wars,” you remind him with a hushed voice, finally turning to meet the eyes of your mate. Your eyes soften as you see the frown on his face. “You have nothing to worry about, my love.”

You see his frown lessen at your sweet words, but his grip on you doesn’t falter. “He must be incredibly stupid if he’s flirting with my mate. I thought he was supposed to be a ‘very important warlock’?”

“I never said he was smart,” you joke, giggling when you see a smile blossom on his handsome face, grinning even wider when he bends his head down to place a sweeter-than-sugar kiss on your lips.

“But seriously,” you remind him softly, “If you want your land back, you’ll just have to bear him.”

“Suho seems to have that worked out already,” Chanyeol comments, seeing his brother sit down next to the warlock. From across the room, Chanyeol can hear them discussing battle tactics that wouldn’t disrupt the mortals living on the land. “Are you sure you can’t just shut him up with magic?”

You scoff, pulling out your phone to check the time. “I have to go now, so no. I wish. It’s against wizarding law for ordinary witches to perform magic against members of the Board, as well, remember?”

“Well, you certainly aren’t an ordinary witch, are you, my love?” He teases, tightening his hold on you to lift you gently onto his lap. After the first time - when you had blushed furiously at the thought of even sitting on Chanyeol’s lap in public - you had gotten used to any type of touching in public (“They know how vampires are with their mates, sweetheart. Nobody minds.”). “You’re my special witch.”

You feel your cheeks heat up at his words, and are glad yet irritated to be distracted from the fire in your cheeks when Chanyeol’s gaze flickers to behind you, gaze hardening and black seeping into his eyes in anger. “He’s talking about you,” he says lowly, and you see a streak of gleaming white emerge from his gums. “He’s lucky you’re with me. I would’ve ripped his head right off if you weren’t.”

You frown at his words, sliding off of his lap and grabbing your bag from beside him. He was always like this, and although it could be flattering, it made you think. Did he not trust you enough to not reject any man that wasn’t him? He was your mate, the only person for you, and he should know that you wanted nobody but him.

“I’ll walk you out,” Chanyeol says, standing abruptly as you start to gather your coat. “It’s not safe this late at night.”

You stiffen at his words, turning to him with a fake smile that has him raising his eyebrows. “I’m only going outside so that I can apparate home,” you murmur. “Not unless you doubt the safety of your home?”

Chanyeol is left speechless, and it allows you to turn on your heel and stride out of the quiet bar, nodding to a few familiar faces. You know that Chanyeol wants to run after you - as he almost always does - but he also knows that talking to you straight after an outburst was one of the worst things he could do. So he lets you leave, frowning at the sight of you upset but knowing you didn’t want to talk at the moment.


When you get home to the EXO mansion, you go straight to sleep. You don’t bother staying up and waiting for Chanyeol, because you have somewhere to be tomorrow and you need your sleep. You drift off to dreamland near midnight, wishing for sleep but unable to fall quickly because your mate wasn’t by your side.

You’re awakened a few hours later by the sound of shouting. Frowning, you take a look at the digital clock that illuminates your room softly with green, seeing the numbers 3:oo on the screen. You listen, for a second; the shouting is coming from outside. You shuffle out of your bed groggily, glad for once that your bedroom faced the front of the house, and peered out of the window.

You gasp at the sight outside; two men - Suho and Chanyeol - growling furiously at each other, while their 7 other brothers looked on, stuck between putting an end to the fighting or letting it continue.

You wrap a robe around you quickly, pulling on a pair of slip on shoes and scampering downstairs at full speed. The maids are asleep, by now, so nobody prevents you from interfering in the fight outside. Pushing open the huge door, you stride outside, eyes set on the yelling men.

It’s only as you get closer do you realize two things; Chanyeol is bloodied up badly, but it doesn’t take away from the fury he resonates; and they’re shouting about you.

“What is going on?” You ask loudly, making sure the purple in your eyes is brighter than usual so that they can see how angry you are. “You come back at 3AM covered in blood and about to tear each other’s heads off?”

“Chanyeol decided to attack Lorenzo,” Suho says through gritted teeth, eyes a pitch black and fists clenched tightly. “You’re lucky you didn’t kill him, or else our alliance with the wizards would be completely destroyed!”

At the mention of the same wizard that had been looking at you and talking about you earlier, you stiffen. Furrowing your eyebrows, you finally turn to Chanyeol. He’s already looking at you, as if he knows how irritated and disappointed you are, and you see his eyes return to normal and his fangs retract into his gums at the look on your face.

“Follow me inside,” you mutter stiffly, nodding a goodnight to the rest of EXO, who watch as you storm inside, Chanyeol on your heels.

The atmosphere is stifling, but your bedroom feels colder than usual as you wash the blood off of Chanyeol, not saying anything. You know he wants to speak, to justify his actions by the way he clutches your arms in his grasp as you wipe blood off of his lip, rubbing circles on your skin.

“Do you not trust me?” You question suddenly, feeling tears prick at your eyes despite the strong facade you had put on. You feel Chanyeol’s head shoot up and he stares at you in confusion.


Do you not trust me?” You repeat in exasperation, throwing down the tissue onto the bathroom counter angrily. “Is that why you keep doing this? W-why don’t you understand that I don’t want anybody but you?”

“You don’t understand,” Chanyeol argues, standing from where he was leaning against the bathroom sink. He towers over you, but you don’t feel scared - you never have. You just feel angry.

“Exactly!” You cry, folding your arms, “I don’t understand, because I never worry that someone is going to take you away from me because I have faith that you love me-!”

“I’m selfish, ____!” Chanyeol yells, startling you. It’s the first time he had directed his anger at you. “I’m selfish, and I want to keep you to myself. There. That’s the truth. I trust you with my life, but I don’t trust any other witch, warlock, werewolf, faerie or vampire with you.

“That’s who I am,” he exhales deeply, eyebrows furrowing. “And I’m sorry that you got stuck with me.”

Your breath is stuck in your throat and your voice is clogged with tears. “No, no… Chan…” You shake your head, trying to meet eyes with him, but he only avoided your gaze. “That’s - that’s not what I meant…”

There’s a pregnant pause in which tears flow down your cheeks and Chanyeol stares at the ground, jaw clenched and tears welling in his own eyes. You’ve never seen your mate look so defeated - he was normally confident, happy and flirty and this wasn’t who you were used to seeing. You lunge forward seconds later, wrapping your arms around his broad chest and burying your face into the crook of his neck.

“Why would you think that?” You demand sadly, sniffling and reveling in the feeling of his arms wrapping around you, his head slowly bending to rest on top of yours. “My love, I’m completely thankful to the universe for letting me be your mate, and I always will be.”

“You’re too perfect for me,” Chanyeol whispers, “But I’m so selfish, I won’t let you go.”

“What did you tell me when we first met?” You ask strongly, lifting your head from his chest. “’Vampire mates are for life’- or did you forget? Even if you did let me go, I would always find my way back to you.”

“How did I manage to find you?” Chanyeol whispers lovingly, cupping your face gently and smiling as he sees your eyes screw shut at his touch. “My special witch.”

“My special mate,” you say back softly, standing on the tips of your toes to connect your lips in a passionate embrace that has your head reeling. Never again did either of you doubt each other’s trust or love.

Blame - Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Request: Can you please write a Stiles x reader (they are bf & gf), where he almost fails to save her from near death and blames himself. He tries to get away from her and hurts her. After a while she makes him talk about it and they get together again. 

I have a Derek Hale story very similar to this, you can read it here.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Female Reader

Stiles Stilinski Masterlist

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If Stiles had been two minutes later, she would have been dead. Left to bleed out in the middle of the woods all alone. Stiles knew it was his fault and it killed him, they’d taken (y/n) to get to him, using her as a pawn in their game.

His hands shook as he watched (y/n) sleep in the hospital bed, seeming so small and fragile. He thanked Melissa as she left the room, he wasn’t sure what he would have done if she hadn’t been there to treat (y/n). Stiles pulled a chair up next to the bed before reaching for one of her hands, bringing it to his lips and pressing a kiss to her knuckles.

The hours passed by slowly as he internally berated himself, wondering how he could have missed it, how he could have let her be taken from right in front of him. The worst part was that he knew why it had happened, he’d been too busy planning an attack with Scott to realise they were being attacked themselves. He’d missed the frantic phone calls and text messages because he hadn’t been paying attention. People came and went, offering their condolences and words of advice but they all rang false to Stiles. This was his fault and there was no escaping it.

He was fast asleep when she woke up, the stress of the day exhausting him. (Y/n) blinked slowly, her limbs feeling heavy as she tried to turn her head. It fell back against the pillow when she recollected what had happened, pain flaring in her side when she remembered the scratches Ennis had left there. Looking down, her heart warmed when she saw Stiles’ sleeping form. Lifting her hand, she ran it through his hair, twirling the short ends around her finger. He stirred slowly, dark bags showing under his eyes.

“Hey” Her voice was hoarse as she smiled at him. Before she could react, Stiles was wrapping his arms around her and burying his face into the crook of her neck. He tried to hold back his tears but he couldn’t, not when he thought he was never going to see her smile again. (Y/n) rubbed his back, trying to soothe him in any way she could. “I’m okay, Stiles, I promise, I’m okay”

His sobs only grew louder as he tried to focus on the steady beat of the heart monitor. But he couldn’t, every time he closed his eyes he saw her lying motionless in a pool of blood.

(Y/n)’s recovery was long and exhausting as her body slowly pieced itself back together. She knew she should be happy, she’d been attacked by a werewolf and had made it out alive, but she wasn’t. Instead, she was left trying to understand what she’d done as her boyfriend of two years pulled away from her and barely had a minute to spend with her.

Panic trickled down (y/n)’s spine as she stared at the text Stiles had just sent her.

Stiles: Can’t make date, speak soon

No explanation, no apology, not even a kiss. Normally, (y/n) tried not to get angry at Stiles’ somewhat unusual behaviour but he didn’t even have the decency to explain himself as he cancelled a date she’d been excited about for weeks. Before she could stop herself and wait until she’d calmed down, (y/n) was grabbing her car keys and rushing out of the house.

Stiles jumped when his game was disrupted by a loud knocking on the front door. He stood up, too drained to rush. “Alright, I’m coming, calm down”

He froze when he saw (y/n). She looked beautiful, her hair perfectly styled as she wore a dress that complimented her figure. Stiles cursed himself when he saw the hurt shining through her eyes, knowing he’d messed up this time. “Hey baby, I’m sorry-“

“Baby? No, you don’t get to ‘baby’ me” Anger flashed in her eyes as she pushed past him. “Are you going to explain?”

Stiles opened and closed his mouth as he flexed his hands, willing his brain to find a way to make her understand. He couldn’t find his words as he watched tears gather in her eyes. (Y/n) swallowed thickly before meeting his gaze.

“Look, if you’re done with me just say it but don’t leave me stuck in this limbo of not knowing where we stand” That was all it took to spend Stiles rushing forward, his arms reaching out for her only for (y/n) to step away from him.

“Baby – (y/n), I’m so sorry, please don’t do this. I can’t lose you” She laughed humourlessly as she glared at him.

“You can’t lose me? Stiles, you haven’t spent more than ten minutes with me since I got discharged from hospital. You’re always busy or there’s someone else who needs your help”

“No, you don’t understand”

“Enlighten me then” Her words echoed around the hallway as she scrubbed her hands down her face.

“What happened to you was my fault and I can’t stand it. If you weren’t my girlfriend they would never have taken you but I was selfish and I let myself fall in love with you anyway and you had to deal with the consequences, not me” Stiles bowed his head as he tried to calm his breathing. “It kills me to know that I did this to you”

(Y/n)’s anger dissipated as she watched his face crumble, his hands shaking as he wrapped his arms around his torso. Stepping forward, she gently pulled at his arms until she could connect their hands.

“I love you too” Stiles’ head shot up, their eyes locking. There was so much pain hidden in the depths of his irises, (y/n)’s heart cracking as she watched a tear slip down his cheek. Leaning onto the tips of her toes, she connected their lips. It was desperate as Stiles’ hands gripped onto her like a lifeline, coming to cup her face as he pressed their foreheads together. “This wasn’t your fault Stiles, I promise you”

He couldn’t speak, gathering her in his arms as he reassured himself that she was okay and that he would do whatever it took to protect her for as long as he lived.

L'appel Du Vide

Connor Murphy x Reader

L’appel Du Vide: French for “call of the void” ; the sudden desire to self-sabotage

“(Y/N)! Thank goodness I found you! Ok, so I want your opinion on on this banner for the hall. I was thinking blue but maybe red would be better.” Your best friend, Alana rambled. “I think-” You tried to answer. “You’re completely right! The red will look the best. Thanks (Y/N)!” Alana yelled as she was running off to her next victim, I mean committee member. You were on every decorating committee in school, you were on the dance team and a cheerleader plus student council also choir and jazz band with your friend Zoe. You were a popular girl, which is why you always wondered what it was. The tall frame? The long, brown, curly hair that stopped right at his shoulders? His different eyes, one blue, one half blue and half brown? Okay, so maybe you were completely and utterly crushing so damn hard of Connor Murphy. You and Connor had become sort of friends, through Zoe actually. Whenever you spent the night at the Murphy’s house, which has become a weekly occurrence, it would always be you up before she was and Connor already up, so you two would talk. Sometimes it would be random chit chat and others it would be really deep conversations. You didn’t really know how to handle the whole “I’m in love with my best friend’s brother who is also the freak of your high school” thing. You didn’t see him that way though. It was just something about that boy and you really liked that.

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first glances — part two || derek hale

author: @broodybell
pairing: derek x reader
word count: 1,142

authors note: i didn’t want to repost these but i had to delete the original and do this ugh. 

part one. // part two. // part three

summary: reader finally decides to go out with derek, to which stiles isn’t particularly happy about. 

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