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My favorite thrift store recently moved to a new location on the square, after being closed for almost a month. The new spot is perfect for them and in a way more convenient location for me personally, so now I pretty much have no reason to ever venture across the highway to the south side of the square ever again lol. Anyways, I found a 1993 Kitty Surprise kitten for $0.50 and thought she had the perfect face to make Tima as a doll, so I cut the stitches holding the vinyl head into the plush body and trimmed the ring connection off the back of the head and punched a crude hole in the bottom of the head so I could pop it on MH body. This newer Clawdeen body is skinnier than I had in mind for Tima, so I might resculpt the torso with epoxy later. And definitely gonna do a lot of repainting to make her a tabby, not to mention figuring out how I’m gonna fill the gaping hole in the back of her head.

Spiral Galaxy NGC 1512: The Inner Ring : Most galaxies don’t have any rings – why does this galaxy have two? To begin, the bright band near NGC 1512’s center is a nuclear ring, a ring that surrounds the galaxy center and glows brightly with recently formed stars. Most stars and accompanying gas and dust, however, orbit the galactic center in a ring much further out – here seen near the image edge. This ring is called, counter-intuitively, the inner ring. If you look closely, you will see this the inner ring connects ends of a diffuse central bar that runs horizontally across the galaxy. These ring structures are thought to be caused by NGC 1512’s own asymmetries in a drawn-out process called secular evolution. The gravity of these galaxy asymmetries, including the bar of stars, cause gas and dust to fall from the inner ring to the nuclear ring, enhancing this ring’s rate of star formation. Some spiral galaxies also have a third ring – an outer ring that circles the galaxy even further out. via NASA


I am seeing things so differently during this reread of ACOTAR/MAF. Until this point, I’ve always read this passage and thought that the Weaver stopped singing because the ring was touched. 

But now I think it had nothing to do with the ring at all. The Weaver never should have sensed Feyre’s presence.

“She will not notice a knife, as she has knives in her cottage for eating and her work. But things that are out of place–objects that have not been there  … A sword, a bow and arrow … She might sense those things.”

“If we’re correct about your powers,” he said, “if the Bone Carver wasn’t lying to us, then you and the object will have the same … imprint, thanks to the preserving spells I placed on it long ago. You are one and the same. She will not notice your presence so long as you touch only it. You will be invisible to her.” (ACOMAF pg. 211-12)

Feyre never felt the presence and tug of the ring until she realized she and Rhys were one in the same. At that moment, her magic…Rhysand’s magic…connected with the ring, and the two recognized each other as one. Like calls to like. 

The Weaver never noticed Feyre at this point because her newly Made essence was that of something that already existed in the cottage. The Weaver has some trinket or other from every High Lord, and Feyre is made up of each of them. There was nothing out of the ordinary.

That is…until Feyre reconnected with her human fear and memory. And that’s when all Hell broke loose.

( … ) soaking that human part of me that hadn’t died and belonged to no one but my miserable self. (ACOMAF pg. 221 - emphasis mine)

The Weaver had nothing of the human Feyre amongst her hoarded baubles. Feyre’s humanity, her mortal soul, stuck out like a sore thumb.

Why is this passage significant? The ability to go completely undetected by the most feared and horrendous creature in all of Prythian (the Weaver of the Wood), so powerful and evil that even Amarantha had kept her distance, might play a humungous role in ACOWAR. Feyre could potentially use this power to a war-altering advantage. And I hope she does. You slay, Lady!

Honestly, I don’t know. We’ll have to wait a few more days to find out. But I was super hyped at this realization and thought I’d share. 

Davai! (Or why Otayuri actually wins the world)

(Tweets by @Aki_the_Geek)

I’ve been thinking a lot about this comment of Kubo-sensei’s. It’s just the most adorable thing I have read in a while. I am not the biggest Otayuri fan, but only mostly because they’re seriously too young for me at this point. I do like their tandem, however, and I am enjoying the attention they are getting recently with the official photos and everything.

This comment, though, just paints such a cute picture for me: Otabek as a god of victory, like a mystical butterfly who ignores and flits past everyone else but chooses to rest on one particular mortal’s shoulder and bless him with strength and victory.

Listen, this is what is great about what Kubo-sensei said. Yuuri Katsuki has the gold rings that connect him to Viktor as his lucky charm - we know this. BUT! Yuri Plisetsky’s lucky charm, on the other hand, is Otabek Altin.

Yuri’s a great character. He is an angry teenager, but also a talented one who has big dreams and the actual skills to achieve those dreams. From the very beginning, we know this. It was even a point he has above Yuuri Katsuki.

He aims to win and does not see what others might consider obstacles. So what if it will be his first Grand Prix? He’s awesome. He won the juniors series. He can win as a senior, too.

Yuri, however, is also very immature. He is pretty poor at expressing himself and seems to shortcut through having to process most personal encounters and interactions by just being angry all the time. Affection for others embarrasses him, which is why he gets so high-strung around Viktor and Yuuri.

(I can’t really blame the kid, though. Those two just have no chill. They’re embarrassing.)

Interestingly though, Yuri seemed to calm down after Otabek came in the picture. It’s a complete 180. Yuri still had that passion, but somehow it became more tempered, less angry and more focused - so much so that the moment Otabek came in, Yuri broke a world record and then proceeded to win his first Grand Prix Final.

I am not saying that it is Otabek’s doing, like an actual god of victory. That would be ridiculous, and it’s more an expression than anything else. The timing is just pretty neat, and isn’t that how people develop lucky charms in the first place? You happen to have them right at the moment of a great win. It is also not as if Otabek was completely useless. He did provide a friend to Yuri, who thus far had been going on without someone he can actually call a friend. Everyone around him were either older than him, a competitor, a mentor or a teacher. I think Otabek calmed Yuri down by reminding him that he can just be himself… well, a cool version of himself anyway. Yuri actually sort of acted his age with Otabek around. For instance, this?

I thought Yuri was kind of cool-guy-posing here - you know, acting chill, even looks kind of smug. Lol, this reminded me so much of my younger brother when he was about Yuri’s age. He was such a useless brat at home and was pissed off at everything and nothing 99% of the time, but the moment his friends came over or one of them called him on the phone, he sort of became this cool version of himself - wittier, sharper, less fidgety. Lmao, his voice even became deeper. Smh at these boys…

What I also love about Otabek’s character is that he reminds us of Yuri’s name. Names are a big deal, okay, and I thought that Yuri being Yurio was kind of like him being a secondary character to Yuuri Katsuki - Yuuri #2, if you will. Ever since episode 2, Yuri is Yurio, and for every episode hence, he is Yurio. It was actually a bit of a shock to me when Otabek yelled this out in episode 11:

I was literally, “Oh yeah, that’s Yurio’s name.” I know Yakov and Lilia call Yurio by his name, but somehow it was when Otabek was calling him by this did Yurio become Yuri to me again. My theory is that it is Otabek’s manner, this I-know-you-call-him-Yurio-and-I-don’t-care-because-his-name-is-Yuri attitude he has going, that is somehow more convincing than anyone else. It is as if no one else matters in his world than Yuri Plisetsky. It is ridiculous to call him by anything other than his name because to Otabek, Yuri is Yuri #1. He probably calls Yuuri “the other Yuri”, “the Japanese Yuri” or just plain “Katsuki”.

So yeah, Otabek enters Yuri’s life and now Yuri has that source of affirmation that is outside family, who is a peer and even a close contemporary. He is no longer fighting alone. Yuri’s a strong guy, but he is still a kid, and at that age people can be quite vulnerable. No 15-year-old is so self-sufficient and self-confident that they can stand on their own at all times - at least not to my knowledge. That is why I love this friendship and why I love that Otabek came along. I think his coming triggered something that Yuri has long been building throughout the series but has yet to stabilize - his strength, his growth, his maturity as a skater as well as a person.

And actually, Yuri did win in the end. I think the series did not celebrate Yuri’s win enough and admittedly, even I was on such a high during those last weeks of the show that I could not be happy for him all that much. Episode 11? I couldn’t get over Yuri’s world record; I did not want to see Viktor dethroned. By episode 12, I still couldn’t look Yuri in the face. I was bitter about his world record and I was bitter about Yuuri Katsuki not winning the Grand Prix.

BUT, it’s time to face it: Yuri Plisetsky is amazing. He won the GPF on his senior debut. He beat a world record. His coach is obviously grooming him to be the next Viktor Nikiforov, and actually, the series has been hinting at it before hitting us on the face with it in episode 11 - Yuuri Katsuki is not the next Viktor Nikiforov, but Yuri Plisetsky is. What is more amazing is that he might even surpass Viktor, especially with Yuuri Katsuki as his main rival. Viktor never really had that one rival to push him up further than he thinks he can. We are told that his wins had wide margins from his other competitors. Viktor only had himself to beat each and every time. Yuri, on the other hand, won by a hair’s width and he knows it. He is even more driven now. He will push himself harder than Viktor ever had pushed himself, and that just might tip the scale a little bit more to future Yuri’s favor.

As for Otabek? Nah, he actually does not need to do anything. He is a lucky charm; he just needs to exist. With him around, Yuri is stable, and that’s all that this talented monster skater needs really.

Lol, look at this guy just watching his favorite so proudly:

“I’m not really needed here, but fuck if I’m not staying put to watch and join the cheering.”

Otayuri actually has a lot more going for them, future-wise. They are young, they are talented, and where Viktor and Yuuri are still struggling and see-sawing between victories and losses, Otayuri actually kept a steady climb. We already know and mentioned Yuri’s wins, but Otabek was also actually that steady character from the very beginning who skated well without question and was even the first to qualify for the GPF.

So, yes. In case you are asking, Otayuri is, in fact, the real power couple of the show.

Lmao, TL;DR - Otayuri just trumped Viktuuri and ultimately even stole their gold. The secondary OTP lowkey just beat the main OTP and I, albeit a hardcore Viktuuri shipper and just an Otayuri bystander at best, still find that really hilarious.

Spiral Galaxy NGC 1512: The Nuclear Ring : What’s happening around the center of this spiral galaxy? Seen in total, NGC 1512 appears to be a barred spiral galaxy – a type of spiral that has a straight bar of stars across its center. This bar crosses an outer ring, though, a ring not seen as it surrounds the pictured region. Featured in this Hubble Space Telescope image is an inner ring – one that itself surrounds the nucleus of the spiral. The two rings are connected not only by a bar of bright stars but by dark lanes of dust. Inside of this inner ring, dust continues to spiral right into the very center – possibly the location of a large black hole. The rings are bright with newly formed stars which may have been triggered by the collision of NGC 1512 with its galactic neighbor, NGC 1510. via NASA

|| True Love ||

[prompt: soulmate au where you and your soulmate are connected by a visible red string where only a few people can see.]

ohhh boy, this is going to be told in a different way than most of my other peter parker imagines in that there is a third character involved (much like how ||a different story|| was) and how it is based on reader and peter’s relationship through THEIR eyes.

Once you read the story, you’ll know what I mean ;)

warnings: none

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53

peter parker only tags: @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

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Flash never knew the reason why he was given this ‘gift’ of being able to see everyone’s red string of fate.

Now, being a sophomore in high school, Flash didn’t need to worry about seeing any of the red strings connected to anyone else since everyone was too young to have found their soulmate at such an early age. Sure, it was an annoyance to see the constant bits of red in his periphery, but in a way, the young man was used to it.

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BTS Reaction to Them Proposing to You

GENRE: fluff asf omg i love


REQUESTED: yes!!!!

A/N: omg this is the best thing ever i was squealing while writing this!! so cute and i absolutely adore each of them! thank you so so much for requesting, ilysm:))



Jinnie would make the proposal like something out of a movie, or a romance novel. He would stress over proposing for months, and he would keep on postponing his plans. Once the boys began to notice, they would give him a pep talk, stating that there’s no way you could ever say no. Once he had the boys constantly boosting his confidence, Jin would feel a lot better and set an exact date. He would be really worried, but Jin wouldn’t let it show around you.

Jin would ask you on the date a week prior, and you of course said yes. The date would be at fancy, rooftop restaurant, and he would rent the entire balcony for just you two. You would have your suspicions, but you would push them aside and enjoy the night. There would be a tiny bit of wine, and lots of gourmet food. Jin would keep his hand in his pocket, gliding his thumb over the silky, velvet fabric that lined the box with your ring inside.

Once he would give a sweet speech about how much you meant to him, his nerves would drift away. His speech would remind him why he was doing all of this, and the answer was simple: he loved you. Once he got on one knee, he didn’t even ask before you screamed yes. You two would be a giggling mess, your hands shaking as he slid the ring on your left ring finger.

His proposal would be straight out of a fairytale; the kind of proposal that little kids dream about having. He’d make sure that the proposal was one you’d tell your grandchildren. He would want the proposal to make you feel like a prince(ss), and let me tell you – you definitely would.


Spontaneous! He would wake up in the middle of the night, beside you of course, and know that he had to propose. The thought would have crossed his mind a couple of times, but his head was demanding him to propose. You had talked about marriage a few times, but nothing too serious. He would wake you up and tell you to put shoes on, and after a few minutes of helping the sleepy you, you would leave your humble apartment.

Yoongi would take you to where your first date was, which really was just the park across from where you two live currently. He couldn’t wipe the smile from his face as you tiredly held onto his arm, wearing his jacket and sweatpants. He would talk softly to you, knowing that you weren’t able to react swiftly at all in the dark at two am. He’d be super sweet and fluffy.

Since he had decided to propose minutes prior to the moment, he didn’t have a ring ready. He’d take your hands in his, look into your eyes, and take a deep breath. You would be confused, being that Yoongi rarely is soft with you in public. Even in the dim light, Yoongi would feel a bit conscious. He would want the moment to only be shared between the two of you, and he feared the press finding pictures and exploiting them.

Once Yoongi would ask, you would be a bit stunned. His heart would beat faster than it had his entire life, and a goofy smile would form on your face. He would be so excited once a yes escaped your lips, wrapping his arms tightly around you. You two definitely wouldn’t be able to sleep after that, only laying in bed and telling each other everything you adored about the other person.


This boy would have everything planned since the day he met you. He would have known since you two made eye contact, and the concept behind your proposal was simple to him. He wouldn’t stress, being that you two had constantly talked about marriage. He would know how much you loved him, being that you would take a million bullets for him. He wouldn’t be able to hold it in any longer, and that’s why yours would be the most casual out of the seven.

He would be away on tour, and you would be at your shared apartment. The time on your laptop would read four am, but for Hobi it was eleven pm, and he had just finished a show with the boys. He would want to tell you everything, and staring at you through a screen hurt his little heart. He would see the exhaustion in your eyes, and how you wanted to hear him speak about his experiences. He would be unable to hold back any longer, and that’s when he would burst. Jungkook was there to witness it all.

“Will you marry me?” Hoseok laughed, interrupting his own story. Jungkook would scream in the same room as him, and you would jolt up. You wouldn’t expect it at all, especially then of all times. Jungkook would be cheering and clapping his hands as you covered your face. Hoseok wouldn’t feel worried the slightest bit, knowing your answer, not even needing to ask. You would nod, tears brimming in your eyes.

The next few seconds was him buying you a plane ticket and talking to the managers. You would end up joining him on tour, not leaving his side unless you absolutely had to. Hobi would be super soft, picking you a better ring than you could ever imagine.

BONUS: Jungkook would speak at your wedding about how he was there when Hobi proposed, and be the best, best man, standing closest to Hobi.


Nerves. Namjoon would probably be the most nervous out of all of the boys. He would constantly remind himself how dominant your personality is, and how you wouldn’t hesitate to deny him. But on the other side of things, he would tell himself how supportive you are, and how you constantly care for him and the boys. You both loved each other more than the world would ever know or understand, and he had to assure himself that when it came to proposing.

Namjoon would set up a rooftop picnic on the rooftop of your apartment complex. He would get the consent of your landlord first, being that he didn’t want to get in trouble. Once he got the okay, he’d set up the entire place with the boys to make it look like a scene from a novella. The trees in the garden would be laced with fairy lights, and candles lined the area he had set up for the two of you. He even went far enough to gather a bunch of pictures from throughout your relationship and placed them in random spots.

Once the time came, he would be smiling as you talked about what happened during your day. He would be zoned in on you, almost forgetting what the objective of the night was. He would tell you his thoughts, which always made you laugh. Then, he’d ask you to get the last item out of the picnic basket. You thought it would be dessert or something, but instead it was a ring.

Namjoon would almost begin crying once he told you what you meant to him, but he held himself back. You would have tears in your eyes, holding the box in your hands. You hadn’t even opened it yet, but you felt as if you didn’t need to. Once Joonie said the words you both had been waiting for, you would say yes a thousand times. The night was full of high spirits, and you both couldn’t wipe the smiles from your faces.


Jimin would be a bit worried, being that you tend to be shy whenever you talk about your future. The few times you two have spoken about marriage, you would always express your feelings openly. Because of your parents being divorced, you would be terrified of marriage. But with Jimin, things were so much different than it was for your parents. You had told him that, and those were the words repeating in his head as he was shopping for a ring. He brought Tae along, who was your best friend since birth.

The night would be planned out to perfection. He would want you to be as comfortable as possible, enlisting Jin to make the most formal dinner he could. He would have candles and roses set up all over your shared apartment, and the dining room would be decorated with all of your favorite things. He would have the ring connecting your chopsticks together, wrapped in a cloth that was to be used as a napkin.

Once you arrived home from work, he allowed you to change before you two were to eat. He helped you pick out your outfit, being that you didn’t know what to wear for the casual date. Once the two of you sat down, you would talk for a bit before even looking at the food Jin had prepared. He would be tapping his heel nervously the entire time. Once you began to get hungry, you went to go unwrap your chopsticks.

Tears immediately fell down your cheeks, and Jimin laughed joyously as he rushed to your side. You would cover your face that carried a smile, Jimin kneeling beside you. His hand would be on your thigh, a grin on his face as he told you everything he loved about you. From your cuddles, to your ambition, he listed everything on his mind. The follow up was the beloved question, which you immediately answered without hesitating, yes.


There was only one thing you loved even remotely close to Tae, and that was dogs! Taehyung had an easy time throwing the proposal together, from the ring to which puppy at the shelter. The boys would be super supportive, and even go as far as hiding the dog for two months. They would do anything to make sure Tae had everything perfect, and offer any suggestions they could give. Taehyung didn’t need any of their words of advice, but he still felt grateful for a supportive group of brothers.

You would wake up one morning to a dog licking your face. You would jump up and see Tae carrying a smile as he leaned against the doorway. Your expression was enough to completely swoon him more, if that was even possible. Tae would smile and stand back for a bit as you seemed to be the happiest you had ever been. Once he decided to step in, he changed his mind about the happiest he had ever seen you.

He would instruct you to open the note attached to the dogs collar, in which would instantly bring the biggest smile to your face. Taehyung would laugh at your expression as you read his handwriting, covering your mouth with your hand. In the note, he would explain why he loved you, and he even mentioned that he didn’t know all of the reasons. He just loved you because you were you.

The last sentence was cut off, and when you looked up to ask what it was about, Tae was standing in front of you holding a small box, its contents being a proposal ring. You would be utterly shocked, as Tae finished up the letter for you vocally. When he would pop the question, you wouldn’t wait one second before saying yes.


Kookie’s would be the most planned out. He would be shaking from nerves, but when you asked him why, he calmed down. He saw the worry in your face as you questioned him, and that was enough to ease his worries. He would latch onto your hand, which always helped him. A smile would be on his face as the two of you walked through the decorated forest that the boys had all pulled together. Jungkook simply had to say what he dreamed of, and the other members put it all together for you guys.

Kookie would hum to himself as you gushed over how beautiful the scenery was. You loved everything about the spot, and Jungkook could see it in your eyes. He was definitely going to have to thank the boys, and he knew that he would do the same for them if they were in his shoes. He wanted the proposal to be an entire surprise, which explained why you two were dressed so casually.

Once you reached the top of the mountain together, Jungkook would turn to you with a smile. Then he would express his bunny feelings, explaining how the best day of his life was the day he met you. He wouldn’t allow you to interrupt, jokingly scolding you whenever you did. Your cheeks would be red from all of the compliments he gave you, and he would be a smiling mess. He had no doubts in his head when it came to you.

Once he asked you to marry him, you jumped in his arms. Startling Jungkook, he stumbled back a bit, chuckling. He hadn’t even pulled out the ring yet, but the answer was clear. You squeezed onto him for dear life, his arms wrapping around your waist. You would laugh, nodding. He would feel your beating heart in your chest sync up with his, and he knew that he wanted to never forget those few minutes.


Film, Lit, & TV References: Sherlock (Updated 1/22/18)

A Continuing Work In Progress - Most of this is relevant to S4, but it does go back into the previous seasons.

Related to Gatiss and Mycroft’s Love of Old Films (especially psych thrillers and film noir)

German Expressionism Modernized in Sherlock ( x ) (Includes some meta linked below).

Stay Explains Lighting, Editing, Twins, Flat Emotions, etc ( x ) The Original Meta ( x ) + Stay Review Explains Enough - Including the “Rug Pull” ( x ) (Also linked at bottom of this page)

The Lady From Shanghai & Swimming With Sharks ( x )

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Sherlock S2-S4 ( x )

Billy Wilder’s The Lost Weekend and John ( x )

Bank Holiday as a Sherlock Intertext ( x ) by @devoursjohnlock

Granada The Devil’s Foot, Sherlock S4 Imagery, and Moriarty or Mortimer ( x )

A Glimpse Into Granada’s Eligible Bachelor ( x ) by @ebaeschnbliah

The Woman in Green (x)

Terror By Night, Trains, and Sherlock ( x )

The Voice of Terror ( x ) by @finalproblem

The House of Fear ( x ) by @welovethebeekeeper

Kingsmen: The Secret Service, AGRA, & Sherlock ( x )

S4 and Casablanca Continues ( x )

Clue Umbrella and Cane ( x ) The Hat ( x )

Sherlock Holmes in New York ( x ) by @ebaeschnbliah

Faith Eurus & Culverton Smith as Keyser Söze from The Usual Suspects ( x )

Mycroft’s Umbrellagun ( x )

Replicating Neues vom wixxer and Norbury Scene ( x )


Related to Gatiss and John Watson’s Love of Horror & Bond Films

Batman and Sherlock Holmes ( x )

Take the Bloody Shot ( x ) by @devoursjohnlock

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Argento’s Demons in HoB ( x ) by @isitandwonder​ and Suspiria as TFP ( x )

TRF, TEH, and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans ( x )

John Rug Pull, TFP, and Saw ( x )

The Ring, Inception, Silence of the Lambs, Saw, Orphan, Shutter Island, Paranormal Activity 2, It, Morgan, Yellowbeard, Skyfall, Spectre, Sinister, Neues Vom Wixxer ( x ) by @goodmythicalmail

Yellowbeard ( x ) @princess-of-fireflies

Parade Scene from Spectre and Gatiss/Abbington SDCC 2016 ( x )


Literary, Religious, and Psychiatric References (Not Shakespeare)

S4, Freud, and Vampires  ( x )

Goethe and Sherlock ( x ) (mini meta w/S4, Freud, and Vampires)

Why is John a Balloon? Because…Freud ( x )

TFP, The Uncanny, and Freud’s Influence ( x ) by @the-blue-carbuncle

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Dr. Who/Torchwood/Sherlock/Dr. Strange Overlaps

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Dr. Who, Snowmen, and TAB ( x ) by @heartofdeduction

Dr. Who Dreamlord, TLD, and the Nyte Inspiration ( x ) (I added on.)

Dr. Who, Pilot Fish, and Sherlock ( x )

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Moffat 207 to 702 ( x ) (Two pre-existing metas about Moffat reusing these numbers.)


Why would Sherlock be close enough to hear John at the cemetery, yet not be visible to a Moriarty accomplice? ( x )

Meta Remaining…(May add to list, later)

S3 and 4 Are Resurrected Info - Lazarus Is Go ( x )

AHS: Murder House, The Exorcist, The Omen, Rosemary’s Baby, The Amityville Horror (1979), The Shining, Carriers, The Devils, Hammer House versions of Child’s Play (1984) and The Two Faces of Evil, The Third Man (1949), The Stranger (1946)

Stay-The Naomi Watts Connection (goes with The Ring, Mulholland Drive, and Sleepwalkers metas)

“Buried” (Chapter Eleven)

Long Chapter guys! Pushing 4000 words this time as they try to figure out what the hell to do with each other now that they have talked things out. Hint: they get handsy. Heads up for a little bit of NSFW.


Enjoy :)


Waking up to Tony’s head on his chest was… all kinds of perfect, and Steve hated that he had had to move.

But nature had called and wow did he need a shower so he had regretfully left a nearly comatose Tony in his bed and made his way down the hall to see about a bath.

The sweet lady– Palita?– had offered to help him wash, or at least that’s what Steve thought she was offering judging by that hand motion, but he waved her off anyway, and tried to clean himself as best he could, at least getting the dirt from under his nails, running a rough washcloth over everything else until he didn’t smell like jungle anymore.

His beard was starting to look messy, but there wasn’t a whole lot he could do about that, so he splashed some water over it and his hair as well as he could with one arm, and grabbed a towel.

“Clothes.” Palita reappeared with his clothes looking much cleaner and thankfully dry.

“Thank you.” Steve said awkwardly, having no idea how to say it in a way she would understand, so he simply grinned and bent to kiss her hand, laughing when she burst into giggles and waved him away.

“You charming Palita?” Tony was awake when he got back to the room, already dressed in jeans and packing his bag with his extra change of clothes. “I could hear her giggling from– from-” Tony swallowed hard when he turned around and saw Steve, still damp and with a towel wrapped snugly around his hips. “Shit.”

Steve was rotating his arm, trying to keep it from getting stiff, twisting and reaching, and looked up in time to see Tony snap his head around to look away.

“You alright?” He asked, reaching for his own pants, and from his position facing the wall, Tony nodded quickly.

“Yeah. Sure. Just anxious to get on the road.” Tony’s voice was a little too high to be normal and Steve caught it, hiding a pleased smile.

“Yeah.” Steve stepped into his jeans, having to do an entirely unmanly wiggle to get them up to his waist with only one hand. “You and me both. Palita’s husband found us a truck to use so we can head out as soon as we can get a few supplies.”

“Awesome.” Tony turned back around–too soon oh shit look away damn it–and was treated to the sight of Steve running a hand through his hair, shaking water out of it, the muscles in his chest and stomach shifting as he tried to stretch, his jeans loose around his waist, button and fly undone and if Tony looked close enough he could definitely see where a line of darker-than-blonde hair began, leading down into the jeans and—

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anonymous asked:

Would you be willing to share some of your thoughts about Yuri's motivation over the rings, at least? I'd be curious to read your thoughts especially since that scene in particular has a lot of cultural terminology and background that doesn't translate perfectly for International audiences to begin with.

This is a hard one because, as you wrote, I think there are cultural differences especially regarding the concept of “omamori” (protective charms).

First of all it would be very useful to read this interesting and complete post about “omamori”. Although regarding the part about the rings being round and that symbolizing a bond I’m not sure, I think that might be reading too deeply. At the end there’s also my comment on the meaning of the word “omajinai”, which is also not that easy to translate…

This said, the rest under the cut. Of course this is just my personal interpretation based on the Japanese dialogues in the anime and partly on interviews (I think it doesn’t even clash with the “soulmates” thing in the interview from CREA). All quotes from the dialogues are translated by me and do not use the English sub/dub. I am translating “omamori” as “protective charm”.

Warning: it’s kind of long and has pictures because if I don’t explain it thoroughly it might be hard to get my point across.

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Swing Away

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1,484

Summary: Steve goes for a batting lesson and you’re his instructor.

Warnings: idk man cursing. I might rewrite this someday but here’s this so :)

The building seeming deserted except for one lone girl who is inside one of the cages, setting up the machine for its next lesson. Not exactly sure what to do Steve made his way over to the girl, still unable to see her face through the chain link fence that separated them.

Upon hearing footsteps you look up and see one of the most popular boys in your high school. Eyes widening you stand up an exit the cage, watching him watch you as you walk over to him. “Steve Harrington?” You ask while reaching back and tightening your ponytail. Tilting your head to the side as you take in his appearance, his attire making it seem as though he was there for a lesson.

“Hey,” Steve responds, recognizing you now that you were closer. You were Y/N from his chemistry class, also his frequent lab partner (for some reason the teacher loves pairing the two of you together). Not sure what to say, or how to explain his presence he quickly breathes the words “I’m here for a lesson.” His cheeks flushing with embarrassment.

You giggle lightly and walk to the counter to check the book for any appoints, sure enough written in bold letter is ‘Steve Harrington: 3:15.’ Satisfied with what see you see you look back to Steve and find him looking around the batting cages with wonder. “It says you’re here for batting.” You confirm, walking over to the case of bats.

He nods and walks over to the case, silently following your lead. Grabbing a random bat Steve immediately tries to swing, but you quickly reach up and stop the bat with your hands. “Woah, there Slugger!” You laugh, easily tugging the bat out of his hands. “No swinging when you can hit me.” You gesture to the very small space between the two you. “Also this is a terrible bat for you.” You place the wood back. “It’s too short, you need a bat that is at least as long as your arm.” You reach for one that is long enough for him.

“Oh, uh sorry Y/N.” He apologizes. Already embarrassed enough by the fact that the cute girl form his chemistry class was giving him a batting lesson. Taking the newly selected bat from your hands, he resists the childlike urge to try and swing again. Following you once again, into one the cages. Stepping under the net and into the rectangular structure, Steve takes in the foreign surroundings. From the large, almost scary metal box standing several feet away from his; to the tee placed on the faux home plate.

“Okay, so show me your swing and we’ll go from there.” You instruct him, except he doesn’t move.

Going rigid Steve looks up at you with wide eyes. “Wait- You’re my instructor? Aren’t you my age?” He questions, not seeming to believe that some one so young could be qualified.

“Yes, and I’ve been playing since I was six, so don’t worry I know what I’m doing.” You explain lightly while looking into the brown haired boy’s eyes. Used to hearing the same question from parent’s of little league players. “Now show me your swing.”

It was about five minutes into the lesson when Y/N realized just how much work Steve needed.

“Okay so I guess to start, let’s look at your foot placement yeah?” You slip into the role of teacher as you begin to explain to Steve the importance of keeping his feet apart and planted to the ground when he swings. Steve, however, zoned out almost instantaneously. Most of your words going in one ear and out the other as he found himself staring at your lips. Trying to regain focus, he tunes in just in time to hear you say ‘give that a try.’

Dumbfounded, and significantly embarrassed once again, he just stares at you and shy utters out a quiet “What?”

Laughing you come and stand next to Steve, commanding him to get into his natural stance. Following your instructions he squats slightly, his elbow far in the air and his hands choking up way to far on the bat, this doesn’t even mention a series of other problems that would have to be addressed as well.

Standing back for a moment you asses which part of stance to take on first. “Okay, Steve umm. Make it so that your legs are shoulder length apart- yes that’s it.” You commend him, trying not to notice how damn cute he looks when a small smile graces his face at your words.

“Now stop squatting so low, you should never have to go that low to get a ball. Just bend your knees slightly so that you’re comfortable.” You tell him gently. Impressed by his quick learning and ability to easily follow directions, since most guys your age would have laughed in your gm face by now.

Making a few more tweaks you finally decide it’s time for Steve to try and hit a ball. Setting up the hitting tee, you place a ball on top an ask him to take a swing.

Feeling the urge to impress you, Steve let’s himself be cocky as he takes a large, uneven swing at the ball. Losing his balance as he missed the target completely and almost trips.

Biting back a smile at the y’all boy’s clumsiness, you take a second bat from the wall and step up to the tee yourself. “Here watch me, I move the bat to the ball and keep my eyes on it the whole time. You don’t move your feet out of place.” Lining the bat up with the ball, you lean back and take a swing with full force, knocking it all the way to the back of the net as it lands with a satisfying thump.

Turning back to Steve, he is once again entranced, and not that he would admit it but also slightly aroused. “That was sick!” He exclaims, unable to bite back his excitement.

Picking up his own bat he returns the tee, eager to try again. Unfortunately this time goes about the same as the first. The bat whistling through the air as it misses it’s target, the momentum sending Steve stumbling forward.

Groaning in frustration Steve takes a few steps back and hits the bat against his hands, slowly losing faith in his ability to do this.

“Alright I have another idea, here gimme your bat.” You try not to smirk as you formulate a plan, this one aimed more towards being flirty than actually improving Steve’s hitting.

Standing where he was infringe of the plate, with his bat in hand you reset the tee before revealing your idea. “Come stand behind me, and place your hands over mine on the bat. We’ll try it together.”

Not sure how or if he wanted to say no, Steve mutters out something that sounds like ‘okay.’ And wraps himself around you. Suddenly finding it very hard to think, as you fill his senses.

With your body flush against his own, your able to feel his heart begin to race, your own matching it’s frantic pace. Suddenly overcome with nerves and butterflies, very aware of your closeness to him.

With a shaky voice you tell Steve to practice his stance, your body conforming to fit against his. Together you both wordlessly move and swing the bat in one fluid motion. Smashing the ball into the back of the net with a perfect swing. Filled with pride of yours and his accomplishment, you pry your self away from him and turn around with a huge smile on your face as you exclaim “See! That’s it!”

However, your word are not met with the same excitement from Steve, he just looks at you while he try’s to collect himself mentally before whispering “Fuck it.” And pulling you back to him, crashing your lips against his own.

You stay still for a moment, your body frozen with shock before it recognizes exactly what’s happening. Naturally you begin to move your lips with his. Your hands finding their way to his hair and tangling themselves in his long, soft locks.

Gently pulling on the ends you elicit a soft moan from him, causing his to tighten his hands on your waist and pull you closer.

Unfortunately you pull away first with the need for air. Resting your forehead against his as you both take a moment to catch your breath. Just as your about to lean in once more the bell above connected to the door rings out with an entrance. Both you Steve immediately snap your head towards the door and find the one and only Sheriff Hopper, standing bewildered in the door way.

“I send you here to get a swing and you get a girlfriend.”


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read the headcanon for this here

Person A finds a ring at an antique shop and puts it on, only to find they can’t get it off, so they buy it, a little embarrassed they got it stuck. But that night they still can’t get it off, and they have a weird dream where they meet a stranger, Person B, who promises to find them and protect them. Person A wakes up and forgets the weird dream, until they come into their bedroom the next evening to find Person B sitting in their open bedroom window. Person B is the demon connected to the ring, and now that Person A put it on, Person A must marry Person B.

French Mistake

Past Sam x Reader; mention of Matt Cohen x ofc!Reader (It’ll make sense when you read it lol)

Word Count: 1,666

Warnings: language, angst, Sammy heartbreak…hehehe

Requested by Anon: Could you write an imagine set during the French Mistake where Sam sees the actress who plays his dead girlfriend and it turns out she’s dating someone (like Matt Cohen or KJ Apa or something) so he gets really upset because he can’t even kiss her or anything.

A/N: I kinda changed it up a bit…it’s not set in the actual episode but the boys do get sent back to that universe so it’s kinda the same. Shout out to @mamapeterson for the beta and feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

Originally posted by sammyseyebrows

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Working for Roman Roman Godfrey x Reader

Roman Godfrey x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Roman hires you and takes an interest in you

Warnings: Hint of sexual themes (this is Hemlock grove what do you expect?)

Note: Enjoy!

Originally posted by p-s-y-c-h-o-therapy

Originally posted by kudokawa

You sighed as you once again were stuck in your stupid ass job making coffee for the people of Hemlock Grove. As in not so nice people who apparently thought it was a good idea to verbally abuse and insult the cashier for making them repeat their god damn order of a white chocolate mocha latte with extra extra cream, only a tea spoon of sugar, a cup of almond milk, and extra foam with a caramel heart on top.

I mean, c'mon people working at a coffee shop for hours upon hours on end was bad enough now you gotta make it more difficult by spewing out your order 10 words per second?

You sighed once again really wishing you could just quit and find a better job. You loved to clean and stuff so maybe you could find a job where you’d clean up stuff like a maid or a janitor. 

You heard the bell connected to the door ring so you sighed and rubbed your face but put a smile on anyways. You saw your customer was a really hot looking dude wearing elegant suits.

 You had to push down your anger since customers like that would criticize you for looking like you hadn’t showered or slept for 3 days straight.

Which is sort of true.

“Hey there how may i help you?” You asked.

The boy looked at the menu then at you and you couldn’t help but feel your throat tighten looking into his piercing green-blue eyes.

“Just a regular iced coffee with almond milk.” He replied.

“Okay and who am I making this for?”

“Roman Godfrey. My number is-”

“Sorry sir but I don’t need your number.” You interuppted.

“Really now? Cuz most girls would be dying to get my number.”

“Yeah well im not most girls. Sorry.” You said before walking away to make his drink.

You couldn’t help but notice every time you looked over your shoulder he was there grinning.

Fucking creep.

You made his coffee and shook it so the sugar would mix before handing it to him.

“Have a good day.” You said before walking away.

“I’ll be back later.” The man told you with a flirtatious wink before heading out the door.

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White String of Fate || Peter Parker x Reader

I swear I get the inspiration to write for Peter at the most random moments. Why do I love this dude so much w h y

warnings: none; although lets be real Peter would do something like this bc he’s such a nerd (/ω\)

**i apologize for any errors, since I wrote this all on my phone. I’ll fix any mistakes later once I post this**

**dont plagiarize/repost this story lmao it’s not all that great anyways


It was late at night, and you had just completed your evening classes when you began your trek back to your dorm. Feeling too tired to eat anything, you figured you could just treat yourself to a hearty breakfast in the morning.

All you wanted to do was sleep now.

While you were walking, you didn’t think your left ring finger would get caught in a spider’s web, momentarily catching you off guard. You groan and try to free your finger, only to fail miserably. You couldn’t deny the resistance you felt when you tried to pull your finger out of the white material, “What on earth, how??”

Looking down at your left hand, you watch as the durable webbing remained stuck against the back of your finger, already knowing who it was that caught you. With a sigh, you follow the long trail of synthetic webbing and look up to see Peter Parker, your boyfriend of 5 years, settled on top of a tree.

He whistles, tugging at the webbing that connected your ring finger to the webshooter on his wrist, “Would you look at that, the white string of fate has brought us together. We’re soulmates, [Name].”

You smile at your boyfriend’s antics, lovingly caressing at the makeshift string before responding, “You goof, it’s called the red string of fate, not white.”

Peter rolls his eyes and shrugs, “Eh, same difference.” Peter drops down in front of you, jostling the web that still remained on your ring finger. “Regardless, the fact that we’re connected by this string of fate means that we belong together.”

“Peter, you’re so silly.” You ruffle his messy locks of hair with a look of complete adoration in your eyes, “I don’t need a silly string of fate to know that I’m yours. I’m yours because I love you.”

Peter sighs, and you notice the blush that paints his cheeks when he tears his thin web off of your finger, “Then I guess I’ll just need to put something else on your finger that shows that you belong to me.”

You open your mouth, about to question him when you saw Peter get down on one knee. All of the words you wanted to say dies against your throat as a gasp escaped from your lips when Peter tells you, “[Full Name], you are the kindest and most beautiful woman I had ever met. My life with you in it has been made so much better, and I feel like I can do anything as long as you are here beside me.”

You watch with happy tears welling within your eyes when Peter pulls out a black velvet box, showing you the simple yet elegant diamond ring settled within it, “I want to love and protect you for the rest of my life, so [Name], will you marry me?”

“Oh, God- Peter! Yes! Of course I’ll marry you, you lovable nerd!” Your boyfriend (now fiancé) stands up, taking the ring out of the confines of its box before sliding it on your ring finger.

It was the perfect fit.

“Thank you so much, [Name]. You’ve made me the happiest man in the world.” Peter places a gentle kiss against the finger that wore his ring, making your heart swell with even more love for the man standing in front of you.

You laugh as the tears streamed from your eyes, hanging on to Peter when he suddenly picked you up to twirl you around. After a few cycles, Peter stops spinning you around and keeps holding you in his arms bridal style. You felt the droplet of your tears land against his sweater before resting your head against his forehead, absolutely adoring the gentle shade of his brown eyes, “And you have made me the happiest girl in the world.”

Peter kisses the tip of your nose before murmuring the words that made you tremble with immense joy. “Let’s get you home, Mrs. Parker.”


The Demon Fic

Alright @danielhowell. You said you were down. I’m just “giving the people what they want.” So, here it is. Below the cut. You. Chained to a demon. By a nose ring. While naked. Enjoy. 

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anonymous asked:

Okay! So I'm doing a ton of research for a story of mine. I'm planning to have most of it on my phone/paper at the moment because I'm having trouble with my laptop. How can I stay organized (I have a lot of trouble with this, I'm an extremely messy person)

This will likely take a lot of effort on your part because getting organized (even just for writing) isn’t an isolated moment. You use the word “stay” so you might recognize this, but part of it is learning discipline that tips can’t directly help with.

My first pre-actual-tips-tip is keep everything in the SAME spot. “Phone/paper” is not a good idea if you know you’re naturally disorganized. Choose one or the other, but paper is typically better for large pieces of information. Phones are great for reading things but lack ease of access for large databases. 

It’s okay to take note of ideas using your phone, since it’s easy to access when out of the house, but you have to move those ideas to the place you keep everything else as soon as possible.

1. Get a binder. With dividers. And lots of paper.

Every writer has a different method of organizing that suits their own needs, but my binder tabs read “Storytelling”, “Writing”, “Characters”, and “Research”.

“Storytelling” has the kind of tips I typically post on Sundays, like “Three Signs That Mean You’re Telling, Not Showing” and other stuff that’s unique to stories as opposed to essays or other writings. 

“Writing” has more technical things, like grammar rules that I occasionally mix up or lines from other books that stood out to me and why they stood out. I use this tab for some critiquing elements. 

“Characters” has my character concepts and backgrounds, plus an area for unused characters and names that might come in handy later.

“Research” has the information I’ve collected about things that matter to my story, like medical definitions, scientific backgrounds, even simple things like different types of shirt collars.

It’s really up to you how you organize, and my method tends to be confusing for people since a lot of the tabs have overlap. It works for me, so I use it. You might need to go through some trial-and-error to find what works for you. 

2. Organize within the tabs, too.

Some of my research extends beyond one page, and when that happens, I paperclip the related work together even if it’s all already connected to the binder rings. Don’t just write the ideas/research down, give them headers and page numbers so if the paperclip gets lost, you still know what belongs together.

Come up with a basic outline for all your research and stick to it. Use the same basic format for each bit of research you conduct.

Also, date your work! I typically write the time span it took me to complete (11/2-11/5) but some people prefer to just write the date it was completed. I’d be careful about just writing the date you start it, because you may think you’ve completed it when you really haven’t.

3. The front of your binder could have a list of things you need to add.

You don’t always have the time to start working on something immediately, but avoid forgetting about it by having a list of “future research ideas” as the very first page of the binder. Cross things off as you complete them. My list is short right now and is more related to the story than the research, currently saying “Point out role of media in life during ch1″, “Review inn scene for mood, pg 152″, and various other things I want to remind myself to address. 

4. Colors can help, but don’t let them take precedence.

I typically write my research with 3 colored pens: black, blue, and purple. Black is for the information, blue for the headers, and purple for anything that’s extra relevant to why I’m doing the research in the first place.

Attach these pens to the binder!! (Or any other specific-color writing utensil you use.)

5. Never let yourself have a “junk drawer”.

Some people can manage this because they know they’ll fix it, but if you’re someone who naturally moves toward disorganization then you have to be vigilant. Never leave anything unlabled or not in a specific tab. Never leave anything outside of your binder. If you have to, set alarms to remind yourself to move whatever is on your phone to paper. 

6. The binder is only for your writing!

Don’t put anything else in there. Not even for “temporary storage”. The only time it’s okay to do that is if you know you can deal with it without causing any issues. There’s an unrelated business card in mine, but I know it’s not a problem for me.  

7. Keep the binder in the same spot and upkeep it.

You can’t lose it if it’s always in the same spot, though it can get buried from time-to-time. Still, easy fix compared to tearing your room apart.

When you do get your laptop fixed, I’ve heard pretty good thing about Scrivener and other writing software. But part of using those well requires consistent and easy access to electronics, so if you commonly have laptop problems then it’s not the best solution. (It does have an iOS app though!)

Good luck with your organization

Just Teasing - Part Two

Pairing: Dave Hodgman x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3583

Author’s Note: Here is part two that @mf-despair-queen has requested! It’s cute, angsty, and smutty all in one, so I hope you guys like it! She also proofread this for me cause she’s amazing af. <3

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