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Dear WWE Creative, we are all so so tired of seeing the same match between Sasha and Charlotte. The first few times it was great we loved it, the two women have an amazing connection in the ring. They are both extremely talented Superstars, but there are also many other talented women on the roster. Alicia Fox for example. Use the talent you have, write a new story line. Use the talent of ALL the women on the roster. Please do something. We're all tired of seeing Sasha verses Charlotte every week on Raw. Sincerely, the WWE universe.

I don’t know if everyone feels this way but I’ve seen many post that agree with my feelings.


Joan of Arc’s Ring, 15th Century AD

The ring is unusual for its type in having text rather than an image of saints on its faceted bezel. It matches the description Joan gave at her trial of the ring given to her by her parents, and is inscribed ‘I M’ for ‘Jesus Maria’. This ring sold at auction for £297,600.00.

The ring’s connection to St. Joan, who was burnt at the stake in 1431 for heresy, has been documented for over a century, and was published by F.A. Harman Oates in his privately printed catalogue of 1917. It was kept in an oak reliquary casket and was sold with a book of excerpts from national newspapers in Britain and France, as well as research notes compiled by Cyril Bunt in the 1940s, the BBC features on the ring and exhibition catalogues.

A deep, heartache red string connects Marinette to Adrien, ring finger to ring finger.

Her favorite shade of pink connects her to Alya, thumb to thumb. 

The warmest yellow is wrapped around her pinky to Nino, as if a promise of always friendship.

Black trails from her middle finger but fades to the calm blue Chloé’s index. 

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Where would you suggest putting one of your charms if you couldn't hang it on your phone? I really want one and I'm trying to convince myself I'll have somewhere to put it!

HMM usually I just hang up charms I buy in my room, but what you can get is a headphone jack plug!! I was gonna buy complimentary ones for you guys but I COMPLETELY FORGOT SOBS IM SORRY;;; 

I have a rubber headphone plug that came with a charm I bought a long time ago so I just reused it to attach my gon/killua fishing charm to my phone!! You kinda just tie the strap onto a ring connected to the plug, and you can just insert it into the headphone jack on your phone! I did a quick google search and found these on etsy so you can see what I mean! HERE and HERE

Heres what it looks like on my phone!:

Imagine being betrothed to another lord, but Ramsay insists on being with you

prompt number ten requested by anonymous


Your name: submit What is this?

You pursed your lips and looked at the jewelry laying before you. You had been staring at three necklaces, trying to decide which one you liked best. After a moment you pointed to the one on the left.

“Ah, a good choice, Lady Y/N.” the old jewelry maker said,  “Four chains connected by one red ring. Wise to pick the sigil of House Umber for your wedding.” You just nodded and smiled. Something you seemed to be doing a lot lately, it seemed.

You heard the door creak open from behind you, then a firm voice from the doorway, “Leave us.” The old jewelry maker nodded, “At once, Lord Ramsay.” 

You whipped around, and butterflies flew in your stomach as you faced Ramsay Bolton, Castellan of The Dreadfort and the man you were in love with. He took long strides to you, quickly closing the gap between the two of you in a hard, passionate kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. After what felt like hours you let go.


“Don’t say a word, Y/N.”

“Ramsay, you know I’m betrothed-”

“– to Lord Umber, yes, but I don’t care, Y/N.”

You kissed again, harder than before, but again it was broken.

“Y/N, I don’t care if you’re to be married to the King himself, I want you.” Ramsay muttered. And with that Ramsay pressed his lips into yours so hard your back got pushed against the wall, with Ramsay mumbling over and over into your skin, “I want you.”

Drabble #334

VIII: character finds what they were looking for BUT it’s damaged

Clearing out the portacabin is a gloomy affair. Mostly, they work in silence, collecting their possessions - things they thought would always be here, waiting for them.

Douglas pulls his desk back from the wall to dislodge the things that have fallen behind it, and gives a start when he notices a tiny metal aeroplane, lying on the floor. Once, it had been a keyring - a treasured present from Verity, thought lost forever. The connecting ring is gone, and the chain’s snapped, but he scoops it up quickly and cradles it in his palm, immeasurably glad that it’s back.

what if every book has its own planet. what if somewhere, right now, in another galaxy, on another planet lord of the rings is happening, harry potter is happening on another and so on. and what if they believe in “someone they have never seen but heard stories about” called “ jrr tolkien” or “ jk rowling” and some characters have faith, some don’t. so now, what if we are an actual book written by a guy named “god” who has lived happily somewhere, had an idea about a place called Earth with creatures named humans and boom! here we are. and all of the stories are connected somehow. i mean frodo could have been our worshipped one but he missed his chance

‘Orion’ first artwork from the Aeon series.Created after morning meditation on the nature this artwork reflects frosty beauty and depth of space and bring you energy of timeless light of stars and power of Universal harmony.Special amulet on her neck helps to achieve goals, gives wisdom, and spiritual transformation,protects from misfortune. It represents the perpetual motion of the universe, its energy that feeds every life.It is a symbol of balance associated with the forces of nature and their influence on the destiny of man.Three segments symbolizes fire, water and air, and the inner ring that connecting them - land.
Print can be found here


“do you remember me?” 

an au situation where both person a and b died but person a remembers but person b doesnt have any idea who person a is

kylo, a free lance artist, who struggled to live after running away from home. everyone around him has found their soulmate with a ring that connected them to their previous life. due to his ownership of the ring, he remembers hux and is constantly searching for his lover. but once reunited, kylo discovered that hux has no clue who he is AND hes married WITH children. can kylo make hux fall in love with him again?

Anonymous said: Why do you think that Claire still wears the wedding ring of Frank even after he has passed away?

Great question, Anon (and perfect considering “The Wedding” live-group-watch-and-chat was last night).

Claire has a very special connection with her wedding rings. They very much symbolize the competing forces pulling at her - past and future, Frank and Jamie, logic and emotion. I think the show did a fantastic job of demonstrating how torn she is with the rings in “The Wedding” and the changes they made from the book. In the book, she doesn’t remove the gold band from Frank during the ceremony and Jamie uses a ring that was his father’s for ceremonial purposes, replacing it with a commissioned ring when they return to Leoch. In the show, the scene where she removes Frank’s ring and tucks it down the front of her dress before entering the church is her first major step to setting thoughts of Frank aside. During the wedding night, she becomes much more engrossed in Jamie and getting to know him so that when she shakes out the dress the next morning and Frank’s ring falls to the floor, it’s almost shocking to her - watching her retrieve and put his ring back on is like watching her realize that she’d succeeded in not only setting thoughts of Frank aside for the moment, but that she’d actually forgotten him and seeing her with both rings on is the first we see her consciously aware of being torn between the two men. 

Since the rest deals with spoilers for Dragonfly in AutumnVoyager, Drums of Autumn, and The Fiery Cross, so it’s going under the cut. 

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Home epilogue for 4x01

She closes the door after saying good bye to Hank and let’s the weight of her back fall against it. She’s tired of thinking. That’s all she’s done the last few days. Analyze every angle, every possible outcome trying to stay out of the traps while finding a way to keep Hank from going down the tubes. She can’t reconcile what he did. But she owed him. And now it’s done.

She pushes off the door and makes her way back to the kitchen, pushing thoughts of how broken he looked from her head. Her heart breaks for him, she misses Justin so much she can’t imagine his pain but her sympathy is ever tempered by her disappointment in him. Her phone catches her attention on the island, reminding her of what she was about to do when the knock came on her door. Without pause she picks it up and dials his number. It connects on the first ring.

“Hey,” she whispers when he answers.

“Hey,” he smiles into the phone.

“Are you busy?”

“No.” He hears something in her voice that has him already getting up off the couch and grabbing his keys from the table.

“Come over?” She asks, shyly.

“I’ll be there in 10,” he answers.


He lets himself in because she doesn’t answer when he knocks. As he comes down the hall he can hear the shower running. He makes his way to the kitchen to grab a beer while he waits for her to emerge from the bathroom. Her laptop is set up on the island, a picture of the townhouse he sent her displayed on the screen. A soft smile spreads across his face and he lets a bit of hope rise up. She’s at least looking at the pictures. That’s good right?

He turns when he hears her feet softly padding across the floor towards him.
“Didn’t think I was going to hear back from you tonight,” he greets her.

“Hank stopped by,” she offers by way of explanation.

Jay raises an eyebrow in interest but waits for her to continue.

“It’s done,” she says on deep sigh.

Confusion clouds his face.

“We’re even,” she looks Jay square in the eye. “I don’t owe him anymore.”

The significance of this statement, and what it means for him, for his vision of a future with her, hangs between them as they hold each other’s gaze. Erin’s eyes eventually drift to the open computer and the picture she knows Jay saw.

“Were you being serious?” she asks.

Jay nods. He’d never been more sincere.

“I’d want to see it first,” she offers. She looks so tired. Her voice devoid of any real emotion. She’s been through the ringer this last week and it’s showing now.

“Of course. I’ll call the agent in the morning,” he say awkwardly. His heart rate quickens at the realization that she’s just agreed to move in with him but he’d pictured this moment differently. He’d at least hoped to see her smile.

Erin’s eyes dart back to Jay’s face. He isn’t sure what he sees there. Sadness, fear, exhaustion, hope?

“I love you,” She blurts out. “You’re the only person I truly trust.”

Her raw vulnerability makes his breath hitch, he’s not seen her this open before. He wasn’t expecting her confession, but he catches himself quickly when he sees regret start to cloud her features. He steps forward, sliding his palm against her cheek.

“I love you too, so damn much,” he says, voice cracking with emotion. Surely she must know this by now?

Erin nods and steps into him, leaning her forehead against his shoulder. “Will you stay tonight?”

“Erin, I’m pretty sure I just promised you I’d be staying every night from now on.” He can’t help but let the happiness he feels creep into his voice. The weight on his chest since he sprung his question on her in the break room finally lifting.

Erin’s arms snake around to his back and she turns her face into his neck. He feels the smile spread across her face as she nuzzles closer. She exhales deeply.

He feels it, the shift. The unnameable change that’s happened between them on her exhale. He feels her weight lean into him and his arms automatically tighten around her. His eyes close and he rests his chin on her head. Her breath tickles his neck and a single word comes to his mind.


Since yesterday was our last issue with Dave Cockrum (um, until #145) I thought I’d post three of his guides for drawing three of his most iconic mutants. 

First up, Storm!

Storm’s cape is more of a poncho than a cape. It’s connected to her at four points! At the gem in front, the two wrist bands, and in back.

The halter and pants of this outfit are connected by a metal ring

Storm is approximately 5′10″ - but with heels and hair may sometimes appear much taller. 

The design in back is where the cape connects to the rest of the costume.

not sure whether anyone else has pointed this out but the spark is not just coming from barry’s ring finger, it also connects with iris’ ring finger.

Take a closer look. It’s her left hand and the spark moves past her pinky is there a better word for this finger, her ring finger is also directly above his. *raises eyebrows suggestively*