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I can’t help but love you
Even though I try not to
I can’t help but want you
I know that I’d die without you

Stay with me a little longer
I will wait for you
Shadows creep
And want grows stronger
Deeper than the truth 

for @chloe-bourgeois-cesaire

pike starts out a stranger.  he’s just another authority figure jim’s got no use for, someone else to prove wrong, another set of expectations to deal with. sure, he’s solemn when he turns up at pike’s office after his first and only attempt to drop out of the academy two weeks in – he’s something sad and vulnerable, a little bit broken and unsure where to turn; he doesn’t want to go back, going forward might not be great either but it’s better than going back.  anything’s better than that. 

sure, pike serves as his academic advisor. there’s occasional meetings and discussions about him: how classes are, how he’s doing.  small talk type stuff that jim hates because it somehow feels hollow. because he’s still not one hundred percent sure why this guy acts like he gives a damn when jim feels like a commodity: a statistic on the recruiting quota for pike to brag about, a trophy.

somewhere along the line, though, that all changes.  somewhere along the way, he realizes christopher pike isn’t just saving face.  he realizes chris pike is one man in a very short line of people who actually do give a damn about him, of people who want to see him thrive and succeed.  i don’t know whether it was a conversation had after an issue in class or yet another demerit ( a demerit nearing one too many ) for a fight or a prank or breaking curfew, something in which chess was used to get him to lower his defenses enough to talk, or reaching out in a last ditch effort to see if the older man could pick him up, bloodied and bruised and drunk, after a night out when there was no one else, or the shift in expression and attitude when asked what his plans were for thanksgiving break ( there’s nothing more than a shrug, ‘cadet uhura’s mom is in town, they invited a few of us to dinner.’ ‘are you going?’ ‘no.’ [quiet, and then] ‘it’s a family thing. my mom’s deployed. i don’t have anyone to go with.’ [more quiet] ‘well, if you need a plus one…’ he shows up with pike. ), but it does happen. and jim settles into cultivating another healthy relationship.

so much so that he’s twenty three, it’s the end of fall semester, exams are over, and he’s wound up sick – worked to the bone, finally stress-free enough that illness can take hold.  and it’s enough ( it’s bad. some strain of flu. ) to earn himself a stay in the hospital. it lasts a week. pike visits more than once.  it happens on one of the earlier visits – early enough that he’s still delirious, dehydrated, exhausted, miserable, more asleep than awake ( restless though that sleep may be ). he doesn’t remember a whole lot from those first few days and, drugged up, this doesn’t make the cut.  but there’s a cool hand on his head, his flushed cheeks. fever-bright blue eyes open briefly enough to just make out his visitor.

he shifts, stretches, squirms in discomfort with a face contorted in a grimace. he relaxes, boneless, into the thin mattress and strewn blankets and then, quietly, breathes out “dad” in a sigh.

he’s out again after that.


Tony and Peter sharing the same sentiment on why they do what they do, they both blame themselves for not doing enough, and feel the responsibility to do more and better, to protect the people and the world they love and care about
(inspired by @knightinironarmor [x])

The question is not ‘if we argue’ but ‘how do we argue?’ In relationships, romantic and otherwise, we must not see the person as the opponent, but, rather, the problem as the opponent. We must fight together to resolve it - from the same side. We must not hold grudges. And we must stop seeing each other as easily expendable. For life is full of compatible people, but there will be disagreements with all of them. It is in forging the bonds stronger than these disagreements that we find a deeper connection.
—  How do you fight? / Just for thought

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You have no idea how much my family fucking suffered, how much we fucking lost to Stalin. You're a genuinely horrible fucking person and I wholeheartedly sincerely hope you get cancer and die.

I’m just legitimately never going to have sympathy for people who “suffered” under Stalin. I know this is like not relatable for new communists but decades of studying Soviet history and hearing case after case and it always ends up being a “we threw the jade in the river” situation or “my poor grandpa was just trying to get by that’s why he hoarded goods to sell at outrageous prices I can’t believe we had to flee :’(”. Sometimes its “my dad was a contra” like ana Navarro lol

We’re actually suffering under capitalism and the capitalists keep telling everyone how evil Stalin was so that we won’t get any ideas. Sorry I’m not here for it. Whatever antisocial shit your family did to be punished, they deserved it, and random exiles can’t ever stand up to our heroes

(Besides if you really did want to stand up to the “red menace” you’d come off anon and tell us what your grandpa did)

Dear Strange Man on the Train,

At 11 o’clock at night, you moved across the train car to sit far too close to two girls about half your age so you could interrupt our conversation to tell us how pretty we are. We said thank you, have a good night, and went back to our conversation.

You interrupted us a second time to say that you didn’t want to bother us, but we needed to hear it, how pretty we are. We said cool, thanks, have a good night, and went back to our conversation.

You interrupted us a third time to say you wouldn’t say anything else, you didn’t want to bother us, you just had to let us know. We said have a good night, and went back to our conversation.

This seemed to perplex you. You came all that way across a train car to bestow upon us this life altering knowledge - the fact we were pretty - and all you got was a polite thank you? You grumbled about gratitude, about how you better not end up on facebook, were we putting you on facebook? Why was my friend looking at her phone? Was she putting you on facebook? All you’d done was tell us we were pretty.

At this point, my friend says, “Sir, we’re trying to have a conversation. Please don’t be disrespectful.”

This was when you got angry. Disrespectful? YOU? For taking the time out of your day to tell us we were pretty? Did we know we were pretty?

“Yes, we knew,” says my friend.

Well, that was the last straw. How dare we know we were pretty! Sure, you were allowed to tell us we were pretty, but we weren’t allowed to think it independently, without your permission! And if we had somehow already known - perhaps some other strange man had informed us earlier in the day - we certainly weren’t allowed to SAY it! Where did we get off, having confidence in ourselves? You wanted us to know we were pretty, sure, but only as a reward for good behavior. We were pretty when you gifted it upon us with your words, and not a moment before! You raged for a minute about how horrible we were for saying we thought we were pretty, how awful we turned out to be.

I took a page out of your book and interrupted you. “Sir, you said you wouldn’t say anything else, and then you kept talking,” I said. “You complimented us, we said thank you, and we don’t owe you anything else. It’s late, you’re a stranger, and I don’t want to talk to you. We’ve tried to disengage multiple times but you keep bothering us.”

At this point, our train pulled into the next stop. My friend suggested we leave, so we got up and went to the door.

Seeing your last chance, you lashed out with the killing blow. “I was wrong!” you shouted at us as we left, “You’re ugly! You’re both REALLY UGLY!”

Fortunately, since our worth as human beings is in no way dependent upon how physically attractive you find us, my friend and I were unharmed and continued on with our night. She walked home; I switched to the next train car and sat down.

So, strange man, I know you’re confused. I don’t know if you’ll think about anything I said to you, but I hope you do learn this: when you give someone something - a gift, a compliment, whatever - with stringent stipulations about how they respond to it, you are not giving anything. You are setting a trap. It is not as nice as you think it is.

But you’ll be happy to know that when I sat down in the next car, a strange man several seats over called, “Hey, pretty girl. Nice guitar. How was your concert?”

“Thanks. Good,” I said, then looked away and put on my headphones, the universal sign for ‘I’d like to be left alone.’

“Wow. Fine. Whatever. Fucking bitch,” he said.

I love how all of my ships are connected.
Like Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman in that Slasher cameo with Katie McGrath

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Which then leads me to supercorp 🌈💙❤️

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Katie McGrath being best friends with Natalie Dormer who is Margaery Tyrell and one half of my Sansaery obsession.

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to Sophie Turner paling around with Haliee Steinfeld after shooting Barely Lethal

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giving me all of the Bechloe feels because Emily is their child..

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Truly, the gay agenda is alive and well my friends..
They Make Connections...

With deep conversations: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Cancer, Leo, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio

With shared interests: Gemini, Aries, Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn


𝕄𝕪 𝕋𝕠𝕡 𝟙𝟘 𝔽𝕖𝕞𝕒𝕝𝕖 𝕊 𝔼 𝕀 𝕐 𝕌 𝕌

  • 𝓣𝓸𝓹 8 - Sawashiro Miyuki
    • 𝐵𝒾𝓇𝓉𝒽𝒹𝒶𝓎: Jun 2, 1985
    • 𝐵𝒾𝓇𝓉𝒽𝓅𝓁𝒶𝒸𝑒: Tokyo, Japan
    • 𝒜𝒻𝒻𝓁𝒾𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃: Aoni Production

‘You Never Walk Alone’ Special Photo Teaser Mobile Wallpaper - Hyung Line | Maknae Line

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