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How poverty affects the brain
An unprecedented study in Bangladesh could reveal how malnutrition, poor sanitation and other challenges make their mark on child development.

In the late 1960s, a team of researchers began doling out a nutritional supplement to families with young children in rural Guatemala. They were testing the assumption that providing enough protein in the first few years of life would reduce the incidence of stunted growth.

It did. Children who got supplements grew 1 to 2 centimetres taller than those in a control group. But the benefits didn’t stop there. The children who received added nutrition went on to score higher on reading and knowledge tests as adolescents, and when researchers returned in the early 2000s, women who had received the supplements in the first three years of life completed more years of schooling and men had higher incomes1.

Since the Guatemalan research, studies around the world — in Brazil, Peru, Jamaica, the Philippines, Kenya and Zimbabwe — have all associated poor or stunted growth in young children with lower cognitive test scores and worse school achievement.A picture slowly emerged that being too short early in life is a sign of adverse conditions — such as poor diet and regular bouts of diarrhoeal disease — and a predictor for intellectual deficits and mortality. But not all stunted growth, which affects an estimated 160 million children worldwide, is connected with these bad outcomes. Now, researchers are trying to untangle the links between growth and neurological development. Is bad nutrition alone the culprit? What about emotional neglect, infectious disease or other challenges?

The GOP cares not about this research, or any other research for that matter that does not increase profits. Human suffering is just not their problem.

The Statesmen and the Ice man

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“Now Moonshine don’t get your panties in a twist just because Champagne didn’t tell you ‘bout the whole Golden Circle deal,” Whiskey tries to defend as he’s hot on your heels, “It was pretty spur of the moment.”

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a place to belong

day one of @wondertrevnet drabble-athon 

a place to belong

When Steve suddenly found himself thrust into the year 2017, nearly 100 years in the future from the last time he remembered being alive, it took a while for him to regain his bearings. Everything was different from his day and age. Information moved at speeds that were unheard of. Worldwide connectivity was on a scale that was impossible to fathom. Even things like breakfast and dinner were massively enhanced.

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I was hoping I could get some info on where I might go to start/join an actual separatist colony. There doesn’t really seem to be much info online save for some vague articles. Is this not a thing anymore? Have lesbians stopped doing this? Thanks –CJ

 First, really happy you’re looking for lesbian-only places. I’m also looking for them and hopefully I’ll be able to move there soon.

I recommend you two resources in particular. I’m quite sure these are the best source about woman-only and lesbian-only lands. Unfortunately theses are only for US and I don’t know any resource for the rest of the world. The 6th edition of Shewolf’s Directory of Wimmin’s Lands and Lesbian Communities. It’s maybe the best directory with 96 pages, and it only costs 16 USD. It’s very complete. They send it in 3-5 days but only to US. The second one is Maize Magazine A lesbian Country Magazine published by Jae Haggard. You can buy the 2015 Maize Connections & resources Directory .The prices depend on your country and income but you can buy the PDF for only 12 USD.


I agree with everything Toro says, Maize and Shewolf are excellent resources. I would like to add that you can get “Lesbian Connection” which is available worldwide for free and delivered to your door, suggested donation is $7 per issue. This is a more general magazine, but sometimes features Womyn’s Land as well!

- Wrath

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“Are you seriously crying in front of me right now? Oh, how pathetic.” She said laughing softly at the lady who was cowering as she waved the gun around in the bank. She didn’t even bother to cover her face, as she had connections worldwide that can blur any image of her. They were here for a bank heist. Her demon boyfriend would do all the robbing and she would do the scaring.


“Ocean in trouble? There’s an app for that.”

Have you ever been sitting in your Uber, scrolling through the day’s Snapchat filters while dismissing your GrubHub notifications and thought: “Hmm, I wonder if there are any apps that overcome obstacles to sustainable fishing and fish-farming in the developing world?”

Well, thanks to the third annual Fishackathon, there will soon be a few more in an app store near you.

A delicious mix of fish and chips

From April 22 to 24, nearly 50 ocean-minded binary buffs hungry for codefish joined us for the U.S. State Department’s third Fishackathon. With talents in data science, software coding, design and marine science, each came prepared to execute a marathon of software solutions to vexing fisheries problems. 

When the Aquarium participated in the first Fishackathon in 2014, we were one of five locations across the United States. This year, teams working at the Aquarium were among hundreds of hackathon participants in 40 cities on six continents.

For 42 hours over Earth Day weekend, they were part of an international effort using tools and talents to craft elegant technological solutions to help safeguard the health of marine life—and the billions of people that look to the sea for their next meal.


With the Aquarium all to themselves and a steady supply of snacks, soda and sights, participants spread throughout the building in search of fish-nspiration. Sleeping bags at the ready and plush otters doubling as clutch pillows, teams worked into the night, our living exhibits doubling as energy shots of inspiration. 

As the planet spun ‘round a second time, the morning sun fell over a stunning haul of fisheries apps caught in the coders’ internets. New to the world and ready for appraisal were an app enabling fishermen to steer clear of protected areas that are off limits to fishing, another for tracking abandoned fishing gear that could still be killing ocean life, and even one optimizing collection and management data about fish species being caught and sold in the marketplace.

There’s apparently no limit to the yield of sustainable app development!

Putting “protect” in Marine Protected Areas: Fish Ops

A local team from California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) came up with the winning application from the Aquarium’s event: Fish Ops, a method to help the thousands of independent small-boat fishermen in the Philippines identify and avoid protected areas – and a way for the government to pinpoint hotspots where they might need extra resources to enforce no-fishing zones. As a bonus, the Fish Ops smartphone app alerts fishermen to potential storms or other hazardous weather! 

The CSUMB team will now compete for the top international honor, which carries a $10,000 cash prize as well as support from the State Department in bringing their vision to reality. And the competition from the other venues is stiff!

One team came up with a concept for wearable tech that would log RFID tags on lobster traps to help track and recover lost gear. Another designed an elegant user interface for identifying different types of fishing nets, one that uses universally-understandable images, rather than words, to describe many varieties of nets. The winning app with be announced June 5, in celebration of World Ocean Day.

You have one new notification: The future of sustainable seafood is now!

This year’s Fishackathon was a perfect example of what can be accomplished when we focus our skills and technology on a project for the planet. While we all enjoy the apps that assist, entertain and connect, these worldwide events have created apps that will feed, protect and empower, helping us live ocean-healthy lives for generations to come.  

We’re honored to have hosted these masters of Sea-SS—and can’t wait to see some of the fruits of these marine protection apps in action. Cheers to all involved in Fishackathon 2016!

PaleyFest 2014 Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

For more than 30 years, PaleyFest has held panel sessions and screenings that connect the worldwide community of television fans with the casts and creators of their favorite TV shows.  One of the panels was to celebrate the ABC television series Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with its cast and creative team.  Collider was there to attend the panel, and we’ve compiled some of the highlights.

During the presentation, executive producers Jeph Loeb, Jeffrey BellJed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, along with actors Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen, talked about how this show originally evolved, how they conceived the characters that make up this team, already knowing how Season 2 and Season 3 will end, how Agent Coulson on the TV show is different from Agent Coulson in the movies, the show’s jaw-dropping surprises, that there are seven episodes left, that the events in Captain America: The Winter Solider will affect things in the April 8th episode, that Rocket Racoon and Scarlett Witch are welcome on the plane, that Bill Paxton’s Agent Garrett will return this season, whether some of the S.H.I.E.L.D. cast could appear in the upcoming Netflix series, and how there’s still no official pick-up yet for Season 2.  Check out what they had to say after the jump.

Jeph, how did you originally get the idea to bring Agent Coulson from the big screen to the small screen?

JEPH LOEB:  Luck had a great deal to do with it.  All of this started largely because of [Clark Gregg].  Clark Gregg so embodied, and continues to embody, what makes the Marvel Universe special.  It is a place grounded in reality.  We don’t come from another planet, although some of us do.  And what Clark brought to Agent Coulson was a humanity that these gigantic feature films not only needed, but were elevated by.  His performance was something that everybody fell in love with.  So, when the opportunity arose for us to talk about how we were going to do Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., my first conversation was with Joss Whedon and we talked about one thing, which was, “How do we get Clark?”  And it was really hard.  We asked him.

CLARK GREGG:  I found myself suddenly free.

Jed and Maurissa, how did you conceive of the characters that make up this team?

JED WHEDON:  In our first sit-down with Joss, it was only about an hour and a half before we had a general map of who the characters would be.

MAURISSA TANCHAROEN:  We had the general map of the six characters, or at least the five that surround Coulson.  Just as far as how things have changed, originally Agent May was Agent Rice, and then we cast Ming-Na Wen, and I was like, “Maybe not so much with the Agent Rice anymore.”  Or we could have just leaned in to all of that and made it the running joke.  That would have been great.  As far as Fitz-Simmons go, they were based on Casey Affleck and Scott Caan in Ocean’s Eleven.  We wanted the pair of friends who grew up together and bicker all the time, but there’s a pure bro-love there.  And then, before we knew it, Ms. Henstridge came in and stole it away. 

WHEDON:  They both took their parts.  They both came in and said, “I’ll have this, thank you very much.”  And there wasn’t much discussion amongst all of us, once we saw them both play it.  That’s actually true of everybody.  There was no arguing amongst us, in terms of casting. 

TANCHAROEN:  And we scoured the globe.  We looked everywhere, and looked at everyone.

Jeff, how far in advance do you see where this story is going?

JEFFREY BELL:  The characters were there, the bus was there, and everything was there.  Anytime you arc out a show, whether it’s super-serialized or just a little bit, we all sit around for as long as they will pay us to do so, and we bring in other smart writers to help us, and we build tentpoles.  We knew where we wanted to go with this season.  We know where we’d like Season 2 to end.  And we know where we’d like Season 3 to end.  But, that’s ambitious.  And we know which character will still be alive.  This is, in fact, a Joss Whedon Joint.  And we know who will be kissing, too. 

Clark, is playing Agent Coulson on the show different from playing him in the films?

GREGG:  He’s a little different.  When he was in the movies, he was alive, and then he was dead.  And then, suddenly, he was alive again.  When I was dying, I was like, “Hey, this sucks!  I really liked being this guy.  He gets fun stuff to do.”  And then, I was dead, and I was really dead.  It was very clear.  There was a lot of blood.  And I was like, “But you can bring me back.  It’s the comics!”  So, Joss and Jeff called and said, “Look, you might not be so dead.”  Joss’ pitch was simply the pilot, which was, “Coulson went to Tahiti.  It was a close call.  He had a massage therapist and some Mai Tais and he got better, but it has to be a secret.  And then, he walks away and they say, ‘He can never know the truth.’”  And I was in.  Being a fan of Joss, I was like, “Wow, that’s amazing!”  And that really fantastic set-up has been evolved by this amazing collection of writers, all season.  The real dilemma has been Coulson starting to feel both physically, the way that a lot of trauma survivors do, and experientially in the world around him, that he doesn’t feel that same.  It raises a lot of questions.  I only know so much about Agent Coulson from his life before this.  There were tidbits revealed when each new writer/director team got him for a different movie.  And then, Joss came in and I was like, “I knew I was a fanboy.”  So, there’s definitely been a deeper exploration of that kind of existential crisis for this guy.  I love it.  How can you work for an organization that traffics in secrets and not have secrets kept from you?  The experience of doing the show has been the strangest, most intense and really beautiful life imitating art experience.  Suddenly, I was alive again, surrounded by a new team of people that I didn’t have a lot of experience with, and that was true of both Coulson and Clark.  This season has been this incredible journey of that, and of getting to know these incredible actors, and watching them step up at different moments and shine.  Our life has become this wild adventure where everything is up for grabs.  We went to see a certain movie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) together recently and went, “Woah!” 

Ming-Na, are you surprised about where Melinda May is going?

MING-NA WEN:  This whole season has been one of jaw-dropping surprises.  The writers don’t tell us anything.  Marvel is S.H.I.E.L.D.  We’re living this life in our fantasy pretend world, and in the real world.  They know stuff that we try to get out of them, and they won’t tell us until we get the next script.  I want Skye to be the love child of May and Thor, and then they have to flashback to those scenes.  But the secrets are constantly a major surprise for me, and I’m sure all of us.  We call each other and text each other and go, “Did you just read that?!”  It’s nice because we’re all such geeks at heart that, if we’re reacting this way to the script, we just feel our audience is going to react that way, as well.  That excites us because that is the world these characters live in.  If you don’t have these twists and turns, I don’t think it makes for the same type of show that we’re trying to evolve and become.  I just love how it all ties in with the bigger Marvel universe.

How many episodes are left in the season?

LOEB:  There are seven.  We start on April 1st.  Then on April 4th, in theaters near you, is a movie called Captain America: The Winter Solider.  And then, we’re back again on April 8th, for an episode we wouldn’t want you to miss.  And then, it’s a bullet shot, all the way to the season finale.  There will be seven episodes in a row, where the seventh is the season finale.

So, are there going to be any tie-ins from Captain America that will directly affect the show?

LOEB:  It’s the Marvel universe.  We started out in the Marvel universe.  We would not have a show unless Agent Coulson was the gift that was given to us through Marvel’s The Avengers.  We had Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif on the show.  We had an episode after Thor: The Dark World, where they were cleaning up in London, after what happened in that movie.  So, it would certainly not surprise anyone, if things that happened in that movie were to suddenly happen in the show that we’re talking about.

BELL:  The truth is that there are hundreds of people who make this show.  We have a tremendous production crew, and a tremendous post team and visual effects team.  Whenever you see planes flying and landing, that’s all magic that they do.  We’re a team, and that’s the only way we can make the show. 

GREGG:  One of the funnest things about working for Marvel, in the films, on the TV show, and in the new thing that’s in the middle somewhere, is the fans.  Marvel has this really unique relationship with the fans, and it’s a great part of it. 

What other Marvel universe stories would you like to see woven into the series?

GREGG:  As a fan, I wouldn’t mind opening the door to the plane and seeing Rocket Raccoon on there, or Scarlett Witch.  I’m not picky. 

WHEDON:  Whatever they let us play with, we’ll play with.

We know that the movies affect the universe of the show, but could we ever see Melinda May kicking ass with Tony Stark?

WEN:  I’ll take that! 

TANCHAROEN:  We like the way you think. 

Will we see Bill Paxton as Agent Garrett again this season?

LOEB:  You will be seeing him more, this season. 

And you have Patton Oswalt coming on, too.

LOEB:  There are still a few more surprises that we have yet to shake out of our sleeves.  Stay tuned.

In terms of mutants, is there any chance that you’ll introduce the idea of mutants in the show?

LOEB:  There’s no proof, at the moment, that in the Marvel cinematic universe there are mutants.  That’s all I can say. 

What is the official word on the pick-up for Season 2, and beyond?

TANCHAROEN:  There is no word yet.

How long does it take to do each episode of the show?

BELL:  We have a few weeks to write it.  Then, we shoot it in eight day.  And then, we edit it and finish it anywhere between 20 and 30 days.  It’s fast.  Every eight days, there’s doing a new one.

How long do the fighting scenes take?

WEN:  A long time.  They have to show us the choreography.  Our stunt team is amazing.  They’re very, very meticulous about teaching us the choreography, and then making sure that we can do a lot of the stuff.  It takes awhile.  But then, once we get into it, it’s so much fun. 

GREGG: The fight choreographers are really amazing, in that they really work with you and figure out what your strengths are and your athletic background is, if any, and they gradually push you.  There are a lot more fights coming, and a lot of people get pushed out into that territory.  We have an amazing team, in that way, because everything we do is about a tenth the time that the same thing would happen in a film.  They rehearse it, they give you a video and you’re learning it at home at night, so that you can go in and shoot it in a couple of hours, whereas it would be two days on a movie.       

Will we see some of the S.H.I.E.L.D. cast in some of the shows you’re going to have on Netflix?  Will that all intertwine?

LOEB:  I think we have to get all of that done, and then we’ll see.  But it’s all one universe, so we’ll see what happens. 

Would you like to see that happen

LOEB:  Anything that makes the fans happy, I’m in favor of.

GREGG:  I’m not in the same hot seat that Jeph is in, answering that.  As someone who’s been around, in the building of this, if they were assembling a universe, it’s been amazing, having grown up reading some of those comics, to see the way that Marvel doesn’t leave a lot on the table.  If there’s some way to really make the most out of what the fans want and expect, in my experience, there’s a lot of listening to that. 

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warning; /rant

Ever since I was 11, I’ve participated in some sort of social media outlet. Xanga, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr. For over ten years, I’ve had the trusty ear of the internet to talk to, the sturdy shoulder of the internet cry on. I’ve had the opportunity to tell almost the entire fucking planet my deepest thoughts & emotions, the cool shit that I did (and sometimes the most terribly mundane things that happened to me), or what I looked like from my best angles. I could create this snapshot of who I was as a human for everyone to study and become familiar with. The problem is, how deep should we let the personal fascination go? How detrimental to ourselves is it to not be able to keep any thoughts in, post about every detail of our days and lives? Right now I’m sitting on a plane, not able to connect to wifi, letting myself wonder where the relationship with ourselves has gone. It’s gone to shit. I don’t want to have to rely on internet gratification to make myself feel better. I don’t want to need a certain number of followers, likes, favorites. I’m not running for fucking president, I’m a musician, for gods sake. I think we’ve domesticated ourselves into expecting certain results through “being connected” on social media. Let’s say something amazing happens to you. i.e. You just got into the college of your dreams. What do you do? You post it on Facebook for your 5,000 friends (more than half that you’ve either never met or only met once), before you even call your parents and tell them. There’s something madly wrong with the picture. We do things and go places and wear cool shit so we can get a picture to prove to everyone were doing said things…rather, for personal pride and satisfaction. I’ve pulled similar moves so many times too, please don’t take me as a hypocrite. Being self aware about these things is so fucking difficult because they’ve become engrained in our very being. I want to try and focus on becoming more of my own person. Someone who needs no one’s approval or recognition, someone who is confident in their own mind and actions to live outside of the virtual realm. Focus on the important things, the things that matter, and not in some self-righteous dickhead way. The importance we place on social media and how we “seem” on our personal profiles is fucking frightening. There is no reason any of us need to crave this, no reason to become gluttons for more and more ways to impress people we’ll never even meet. I’m not saying social media is all bad. It keeps me connected with worldwide krew, helps me keep in contact with family, find new music, read the news, etc etc etc. But everything in moderation; everything within bounds. And respect to those who’ve detached themselves from the ever-addicting and life-sucking world of social media. Shoutout to tumblr and twitter and whatever other social media outlet this message is received on. Cheers and luv, all. -yazzy