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✨ ❝bad flirting.❞ | auron & vivi.

virote flirts so terribly they speak legends of it !!! @siravron [ source. ]

    「 Did I really just say that? Oh my gosh. Wow. Okay.  」

Good was not the word that he intended on saying. Great job! He facepalmed with both hands… At himself ( all while wanting to slink away from embarrassment ). Virote wasn’t the best at flirting, and Auron didn’t make it any easier. Scooting closer, he looked up at the other with a tilt of the head while removing his hands from his face. 

❝Is MY face good? Half good?❞

RAVENCLAW: “Here’s the thing about connecting dots. You can have all the steps laid out for you, taking whatever next step is easiest and closest and be sure of what you’re getting the whole time. Or, you can try new ways of connecting dots and not know what you’re going to get. Maybe it will be something great, maybe it will fail. And when it fails it will be your fault. But if I am to have faults I would rather they be my own.” –Vi Hart (Doodling in Math Class: Connecting Dots)

The general consensus on the inevitable Gen IV remakes is “we don’t need em” which is true technically speaking, but technically speaking we didn’t need the Gen III remakes either since cross-gen connectivity from Gens III-VI is still possible

In terms of not needing ‘em because Gen IV is more recent, keep in mind they’re about 8 years old, and if the standard wait between remake games is 4-5 years then they’ll be plenty old enough for a remake that long from now

(also: Pokemon R/B were only six years old when FR/LG came out! wowza)

I think that general “we don’t need em” attitude wrt Gen IV remakes comes from the fact that most people running the Pokemon conversation online are like upwards of 14 years old and most of us didn’t play D/P/P as our first pokemon games. I think the response to the Hoenn remakes was so positive because the nostalgic connection is so powerful for a lot of us. That connection to Gen IV is less so for the majority of the people who actively talk about Pokemon online

Believe me there are a lot of people who were 5 or 6 when D/P first came out who will be VERY excited for a remake in 4 or 5 years