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I just gave you a prompt but: that Tumblr post where a superhero and a villain are roommates by day and enemies by night and the roommates slowly fall in love. And every day they have to lie to the other about how they get injured as they nurse each others wounds back to health. Who will connect the dots first?? Lol

A huge thank you to whoever sent this in. It gave me an excuse to write the Marvel crossover I always wanted to do.

That being said, I deviated quite a lot from the original prompt, mostly because the elements of that prompt would seem more fitting for a full-fledged fic. I had a tough enough time trying to condense this thing down.

I do hope that this is still a prompt fill you enjoy, anon!

As a side note, I haven’t watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, so I can only make a best guess as to how this would fit into the MCU timeline based solely on the movies.

All I Had (Preview) 

Ryan threw the bathroom door open.

Droplets of inky blood led to the edge of the bathtub where Shane quivered over the rim. His hand shook as it held what was once a white towel, turned crimson, against his side. Though his amber eyes remained hard, he visibly swallowed as Ryan stormed towards him.

The taller man ripped the rag from Shane’s fingers. There, a small wound - a grazing tear from one of his bullets, Jesus Christ - poured blood alongside his torso.

Ryan’s fingers gingerly touched the flesh around the injury as he visibly inspected the damage he unwittingly caused. “It’s not as bad as it looks,” he determined with a growl. “But, you’ll need stitches.”

With a hoarse voice, Shane refused, “I’m not going to the hospital.”

“You don’t have a fucking choice.”

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Okay but a fic I’d love to read would be
Marinette’s family going on vacation to like American or something
And as ladybug she tells Chat that she’s gonna be gone for a week or so
And after that time she comes home and Marinette has like a crazy hair color change like maybe a red tinted black or something
and when she goes on patrol and Adrien noticed
So he, as Chat, asks about it
And Ladybug is just like oh what? Do you like it?
And Chat/Adrien starts connecting the dots (lol puns) the next day at school when Marinette walks in and what? Her hair looks the exact same as Lady’s??
Ayla asks about why Mari and Lady have the same hair color now??
And Mari is just like We actually planned it lol
And Ayla is like okay right
No one but Adrien realizes
And he’s just sitting there like holy cow my lady is marinette???
And Ayla asks what Adrien thinks of Mari’s hair
Causing him to get flustered and stuttering out a “It’s really pretty”
And Ayla and Nino laugh while the other two are flustered af and kinda sorta staring at each other
(And Chloe is just upset bc why is Mari getting Adrien’s attention omg)
and then chat visits Mari and is like your hair sure is pretty, princess

And she’s just like thanks I got it done while in America And he’s just like it’s really similar to Lady’s And she just blushes and he’s like must really be a fan, but it looks great on you And Chat visits every so often and flirts and casually kisses her (like butterfly kisses while she does homework or just a small peck on the check as he leaves) every now and again (Surprising she becomes accustomed to it) All the while Adrien is getting Mari to get out of her shell around him And after a few months, Adrian and Mari become super close, as well as Chat and Mari And then while hang out in her room, Adrien is like “/Princess/, would you mind if I kissed you right now?” And boom!! Now Mari knows he’s Chat and he probably knows she’s Ladybug

i’m still in awe that

a) oliver can call felicity without looking at his phone

b) it’s basically his instinct to go to her when he’s in an extremely vulnerable position, although she can’t do the heavy saving part aka physical defense or medical training (never forget in 1x14, he waited for her inside her car when he was shot instead of calling diggle)

c) no, seriously, felicity had no idea what the fuck was going on without sara spelling out cause she knew slade before. how oliver thought it was a good idea is beyond me, but the guy is biased and smitten, so we let it go and be grateful that his future wife was at the lair with sara and she could connect the dots lol  

What is Zendaya looking for in a boyfriend Pt. 2

A. “They have to be… funny.” Yeah girl we gotchu.

B. “They have to be, like, genuine.”

Oh! What a coincidence that Val said, “… smooth, charming and all that. I can’t even look at that season anymore …” (I know this wasn’t at the same time lol, just tryna connect some dots.)

C. “They have to be… a gentleman.”

Babygirl, do you remember what you said?

(x) Watch the whole interview… Queen Z never fails to make me laugh.

so I’m feeling at this point that mari and adrien will discover each other as lady and chat after the hawkmoth is revealed to be adrien’s father

it will go something like hawkmoth being like “yo I’m gabriel agreste” and chat being like “oh shit dad” and lady connecting the dots (lol dots like a ladybug haha get it) and being like “oh shit adrien” 

*confusion and angst and confessions ensues*

*hopefully with some kissing too*