You sat on your shared bed, looking at him.

A smile so big that it hurt your cheeks was plastered across your face, staring down at your boyfriend who was snoring into the pillows. Today was a very special day; his special day. Throughout the years of spending his birthday with him, you couldn’t help but become so excited just for the fact that you had an excuse to spoil him. Despite the constant arguments on how he insists that you should do anything ( “Nothing special about my birthday, love. No need to waste your energy on it,” he’d say, every year), but of course you never listened, and you always find ways to shower him with unconditional love and care. 

This year, you thought, would blow all the other birthday gifts out of the water. 

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Anti-otherkin: otherkin r stupid! you are not htis animal! u r HOOMAN. HOoMAn BEi NG 

Otherkin: No, wait, you’re just misinformed. Let me help clarify. Otherkinity is not necessarily identifying physically as an animal, we know we have human bodies, it actually is quite often (but not always) simply having a profound or spiritual connec– 

Anti-otherkin: H OOMAn b EinG


ok this gmt bunny is going to sleep but i just wanted y’all to know ily and i love this rp like i feel super at home for the first time in ages !!!!! and i’m still up for plots and connecs w clover and maria, especially maria so hmu

love u long time

Protect You

*Can I request something for The Originals? You get hurt somehow because of Klaus and he comes to your rescue and fucks up the people who hurt you:3*

I take requests for The Originals now since I finally watched it! (LOVE it btw)This is the first time I've written anything violent/action-ish, so don’t be too harsh? xx

Warnings: Violence and hints of sexual activity.

I had been hearing noises outside for weeks now.

Of course, hearing commotion outside and through the wall wasn’t uncommon in the least. My neighbors were always having parties, fights or sex; naturally I just assumed it was them and continued making my popcorn for movie night. I couldn’t shake the weirdness of how constant the odd noises had been currently, though I forced myself to just forget about it. 

I heard a loud bang just as my microwave beeped, making me jump. It was definitely the loudest noise I’d heard in my apartment building thus far. It made me somewhat nervous, causing me to walk to the window with caution. What I saw made my eyes widen.

The outdoor lights were out; every one. Moonlight was the only thing helping me see. I squinted into the night, confusion taking over my features. In front of my building were two women talking. When another woman came up to talk to them, they simply put their hands to her and watched as she dropped to the ground in pain, grabbing at her head. 


I quickly backed away, pressing myself tightly against the wall. Who they were here for and how long they’d been planning this swirled around my mind. I didn’t have any time to ponder the answers before my front door was flying open, the hinges ripping clean off of the wooden door frame. 

Two women sauntered in unannounced as a man stayed by the door. 

“(Y/n)?” The first women questioned coldly. 

“Yes?” I answered, backing away until I felt the back of my legs come in contact with my couch. 

She lifted her hands, her magic ramming my body against the wall. 

“What the hell?!” I choked out, sliding down the wall to the floor as I rubbed my back. 

“What is your connection to Klaus?" 

"Connec- I don’t have a connection to Klaus!" 

"Don’t lie to us. You’ll be in much worse pain if you do.” She stated, both women walking toward me. 

“I’m not lying! I was at the bar, he sat next to me and we talked for a while. That was it!” I shouted exasperatedly.

“I guess that it doesn’t matter much what you think because for some reason, you mean something to him; a little human.” The second woman deadpanned.

I had never been more confused in my entire existence. I was positive my face reflected that as the first woman, who had been doing most of the talking, furrowed her brows before rolling her eyes. Her eyes then looked from me to my living room window and back.

I was suddenly rethinking my decision to live on the second floor. 

She tossed me through the window with ease, her laughter echoing through the night along with my scream. I landed on the grass out back, all of the air from my lungs escaping me as I hit the ground with a thump. I felt a liquid running down my left arm, soon realizing it was actually blood from a gash cutting diagonally on my forearm, no doubt caused by the window. I began trying to lift my body from the ground, finding it increasingly difficult. 

A hand gripped my throat, dragging me up and pinning me against the brick wall of the building. My breaths were labored and struggling, decreasing by the second. 

Thrashing in the person’s grip and clawing at their hand, I saw it was the guy who was standing by my door; a vampire. It now made sense why he didn’t just walk in as the women had.

I began to have tunnel vision, feeling my life slip away slowly. I then saw his fangs and knew exactly what was going to happen to me. With what energy I had left, I aimed to kick him in his groin. I succeeded, thrashing around more in hopes of getting him to drop me.

In a blur, the man was gone and I fell to the ground once more. Sucking in a much needed breath between coughs, I rubbed at the raw skin on my throat as I looked around rapidly for the man. I didn’t need to look hard before a heart dropped in the grass a few feet from me; a body following not long after. I sat against the wall, still catching my breath as two more bodies fell to the ground by the first one. 

“Are you alright, Love?” Klaus asked, standing in front of me now as he glanced down at me.

“As alright as I can be.” I replied, a small smile gracing my lips through the pain. I didn’t care how he knew to help me or why he even had an interest in me. I was just glad to be alive.

Picking myself up, I tried taking a single step forward before I felt my body collapsing. His strong arms caught me quickly and easily, hugging me bridal style to his chest.

“Whoa now, don’t wear out what little energy you still have. I’m here now; there’s no need to worry anymore.”

Fin! I hoped this was good, seeing as I haven’t written in a while and am probably a little rusty. On a different note, I hit 100 followers! Thank you to everyone who follows me and likes/reblogs my posts. It really means a lot<3

Fix my heart

Paring: Baekyeol
Rating: PG
Word count: 3.7k
Genre: fluff with a sprinkle of cheese 
Summary: Baekhyun goes to the Apple Store to get his Mac fixed and gets his heart fixed along with it.

For Hingis, who inspired me to make a kpop blog ;;; im sorry if its shit

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Erik and Josephine matched on Tinder. The only issue? They were long-lost siblings.

When their parents split in 1999, siblings Erik de Vries and Josephine Egberts were broken apart. De Vries, along with his twin brother Maarten, moved with their father to Belgium, while his little sister remained in the Dutch city of Breda. De Vries, now 24, eventually moved back to the Netherlands for school, and in March, like any other young adult, joined Tinder and started swiping. His match with Josephine started out (awkwardly) like any other.

Mor was currently stretched out along the edge of a stream deep in Red Creek’s forest, a spot which she had come to visit regularly since moving to the small town, when she heard someone - or something - approaching. Her interest peaked but she didn’t look up from her book, instead taking another drag from her cigarette. “-If you’re here to kill me, can you at least wait until I finish this chapter…”

CONFESSION:  I feel really bad. People get so attached to Leandra and so upset over her death, but I never do. It was shocking when the scene came up, and I was sad, but not for Leandra, I was sad Hawke was suddenly so alone. If Hawke still had Bethany or Carver, I really wouldn’t have felt much of anything for Leandra’s death. She had just been too mean to her own child and seemed to be too stuck in the past for me to connec

“I— it's— connec— bad— ca— hear— saying. Hel— oh? Hel— ohhhh?” Asher quickly disconnected the call after putting on a pretty good “bad connection impression”, if he had to say so himself. After forty minutes of listening to this client say the same things over and over again, he really couldn’t see any reason to hang around and listen to it being repeated for the umpteenth time. They clearly weren’t satisfied, and they clearly weren’t going to be either, no matter what Asher tried to throw at them. Running a hand through his hair, he shoved his phone back in his pocket and exhaled a sigh, just as he caught a glimpse of someone a couple of feet away from him. “Hey, you— you know what I could use right now? A drink.” He nodded, “—and then you say ”oh, how fun, me too!“ And we laugh at the coincidence and then we go have drinks, come on, let’s go.” He waved them along with him, hoping they would follow. Drinking was more fun when in good company after all.