Sat alone in a quiet part of the castle, Barty’s gaze had been fixated on the worn pages of a book pertaining ancient runes  - until he was interrupted, or distracted, rather, by loud approaching footsteps, the sudden disturbance to his solitude irking him to no end. “You know, someone really ought to teach you the finer art of sneaking up on people, the Slytherin muttered to himself, before sighing and looking up to see whom had intruded upon him. 

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im so... upset... everyone thinks dan agreeing that he's an "experienced boy" means he's gay and i just whERE DOES IT CONNEC T

Experienced boy could also mean experienced with relationships (which is true because of past gf, and age, and yeah….just sex).


Erik and Josephine matched on Tinder. The only issue? They were long-lost siblings.

When their parents split in 1999, siblings Erik de Vries and Josephine Egberts were broken apart. De Vries, along with his twin brother Maarten, moved with their father to Belgium, while his little sister remained in the Dutch city of Breda. De Vries, now 24, eventually moved back to the Netherlands for school, and in March, like any other young adult, joined Tinder and started swiping. His match with Josephine started out (awkwardly) like any other.

“I— it's— connec— bad— ca— hear— saying. Hel— oh? Hel— ohhhh?” Asher quickly disconnected the call after putting on a pretty good “bad connection impression”, if he had to say so himself. After forty minutes of listening to this client say the same things over and over again, he really couldn’t see any reason to hang around and listen to it being repeated for the umpteenth time. They clearly weren’t satisfied, and they clearly weren’t going to be either, no matter what Asher tried to throw at them. Running a hand through his hair, he shoved his phone back in his pocket and exhaled a sigh, just as he caught a glimpse of someone a couple of feet away from him. “Hey, you— you know what I could use right now? A drink.” He nodded, “—and then you say ”oh, how fun, me too!“ And we laugh at the coincidence and then we go have drinks, come on, let’s go.” He waved them along with him, hoping they would follow. Drinking was more fun when in good company after all.