The Apt. 8-i Pug

I’m the Curator of Apt8i, 5eyeddog and Femen8.
I live in Apt. 8-i with my Pug Pinky-Winky.

On this particular day, I had bought Winky a new dog toy from Fat Cat Dog Toys. It’s a large canvas chicken, painted in very bright colors. It’s a psychology toy for dogs.

In this photo, Winky is sitting on the sofa studying her new toy on the floor. She’s in deep thought, you can tell by looking at her.
She sat there for about ½ hour just studying and thinking about her new toy while she watched it.

I couldn’t resist taking the photo, because of the way she was sitting. Winky is a very spoiled Pug. She’s my little Angel.
Thank God for little creatures!

Col Connor - Apt8i