Re: the last post I reblogged about trucks.

Reading that post reminded me of something similar with a story my dad told us about, except in this case it was tractors.

My dad is a farm manager and it goes without saying that throughout his career he has had to drive tractors and other farming machinery plenty of times. Sometimes on public road. And because of their limited speed they are not popular to other drivers. Generally, it’s polite to park in a passing point so to let the line through but even so you get dickbags like this one guy.

So my dad is driving a tractor on a main road and this dickbag behind him is flashing his lights, honking his car, shouting out the window, basically doing everything to remind my dad that he’s a fucking douche canoe.

Eventually dad manages to let him pass and they goes on his merry way with dickbag in front of him.

But dickbag wasn’t done. He drives a few feet then as my dad was pulling out FUCKING STOPS FOR A FEW SECONDS JUST AS DAD IS REALLY CLOSE TO HIM and drives off in his dick little car.

Of corse my dad is both terrified and furious but manages to get the license plate and track him to his house. Dickbag’s wife answers the door and dad politely ask if he could speak to him.

Apparently the look she gave him told him this wasn’t the first time dickbag pissed off farmers with tractors.

I wish I could say that this story has a resolve but once dickbag got to the door he just bitched about how he hated farmers and their tractors and how they were always slow blah blah blah no matter how much my dad said not to stop in front of a machine twice the size of a car unless you wanted to die.

Anyway, dickbag was lucky but moral of story DON’T FUCK AROUND WITH TRACTORS AND FARMING MACHINERY.


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