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Dar's anonymous defender here. We need to look closely at this "Real Truth" host. There's a reason that S6E5 almost inexplicably opened with his segment. "Homeland" could be exploring a connection between right-wing media and "deep state," which parallels what is happening in real life to an extent. Dar might be unintentionally helping their cause in his desire to impose sanctions on Iran, but he's not a direct link to Carrie's neighbor and others trying to undermine Keane in a different way.

Hey Dar’s Defender Anon, I’m totally with you on all of this. It is absolutely no coincidence that the episode opened with Brett O’Keefe and, like you, I suspect the alt-right will be somehow tied to the conspiracy. 

I’m wondering who you’re thinking is in this “deep state”? (Fore those unfamiliar with the term, see here). It means different things to different people, as you know. 

Have you watched 6x06? There are a lot more clues in it:

  • Saad tells Conlin that the guy in the picture “Looks like you. He looks government.” Carrie tells Quinn that not even the FBI can ID the guy in the picture, and she calls him a “deep fucking spook.” So we’re getting the finger pointed at deep government, as you suspect.
  • We’ll have to throw the Secret Service or some faction of it into the pool of suspects. The way she’s being sequestered and kept apart from her chief of staff should be raising alarms by now. 
  • This mysterious private tech company, Onyx, that Conlin visits has some kind of big role in the conspiracy. This is the missing piece I’ve been looking for – the private industry piece of the military-industrial complex. Live I’ve been saying, I think big $$ is at stake somehow. 

Like you said, Dar’s all into his little Iran scheme. If he’s somehow looped into the broader conspiracy, it’s unbeknownst to him. 

Come back and share your thoughts after you watch 6x06, Smart Anon. I like how your mind works ;)


To the wonderful cast of Bones: it has been an amazing journey and an experience of a lifetime to be a fan of yours. As a fandom, we have been so so lucky to have witnessed all that you have to offer, and all that can be achieved when you have a group of extremely humble and dedicated actors together. A group of actors who all like each other so much, and who get along so well, and who then form their own makeshift family. “There’s more than one kind of family” - this quote is so, so true for both the characters on Bones as well as their respective real-life counterparts. To say that I’m going to miss Bones so much is an understatement, because, as every true Bones fan knows and understands, it’s not just the show that we will miss - it’s everything. The cast, the crew, the behind-the-scenes action - we will miss it all. And I dare say that our cast is, and will always be, the best cast that has ever existed. Period.

So, to our dearest Emily, David, Michaela, TJ, Tamara, (new) John and (old) John, Eric, Patricia, Michael, Pej, Eugene, Carla, Laura, Ignacio, Joel, Luke, Brian, and to everyone else, especially Hart, Stephen, Kathy, Michael and Jonathan; on behalf of the fandom, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude for everything that you have given us with this beautiful, one-of-a-kind show. Thank you for all the memories, and fun, and joy, and laughter that you have brought into our lives. Thank you for being who you are, and for always acknowledging us as well - it just makes the experience of being YOUR fan all the more fun and awesome. You’ll be in our hearts, always. 

They say that “you can love a lot of people shows in this world, but there’s only one person show that you’ll love the most”. For me, that’s Bones, and that is all thanks to the most amazing cast to ever exist. 


Bones - 12x12 The End In The End
Memories shared by the cast while filming the series finale
Story by: Stephen Nathan
Written by: Michael Peterson, Jonathan Collier, Karine Rosenthal
Directed by: David Boreanaz

When I look back on these past twelve seasons, the thing I will remember most is all of you. Our cast and crew has been professional, dedicated, hard-working, but, most importantly, kind. No matter where our lives take us from here, we have shared something very special together. And I am so grateful for that.” - Emily Deschanel

I just love all the people up here. They respect you, they believe in you. They support each other. And it’s such a great environment to be a part of. I was blessed to meet these people. They’ve got me through lots of stuff in my life. […] We went to war when we started this, and we’re gonna come out with the flag high. […] And I love them all.” - David Boreanaz


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pejvahdat: I’m a proud Iranian American and I love that #Bones is such a big hit in #iran so here’s a little message from us to you. #iranianfans #love #bonesseason12 (x)