conlan press

Just two months shy of 5 years, my order and issue with Conlan Press (re: The Last Unicorn comic that I preordered all six issues of, only received two in a timely fashion and then had to wait more than a year for the rest) has finally been resolved and my promised item is on its way (or so says the tracking number I received).

It’s a print… Though, I have no idea of what because the original picture was never completed. I and others were offered a choice between a signed copy of the graphic novel to replace our ordered issues or wait for the issues and get an exclusive print. I opted for the latter. Communication from them was VERY spotty and it was only in the beginning of this year (when I reachef out to them for the fifth time) did I get a response that was helpful and seemed sincere.

I don’t know if I will ever give them my money again. There is one item I may stil buy (a cell from an original film reel since I can’t get that elsewhere) but I think I am done with them unless this new move spawns better reactions from their customers.

If anyone was in the same spot I was and is waiting on this print, email them.