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when i saw 5sos yesterday i said oh funk like 800 times I SAY THAT SO MUCH i'm always thinking about oh funk i wanna get my conk SUNKED


im gonna say that so many times at my show

Nice, the power is finally back on in my house so I can post this ;7;

A gift for @x-i-l-verify , Shiro and Tadashi and their daemons! Shiro has a Pyrenees Mountain dog, while Tadashi has a St. Bernard (thanks for typing him for me, I really love what you came up with <3)

They’re having fun chatting and sharing funny stories about their families :’)

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I imagine JR almost never sleeping. Like he'll go days on end w/o sleep until suddenly his body does the shutting down for him and he crashes somewhere in a light sleep. The OW team quickly learns that theres a reason why JR has no time-of-day specific greetings and just always goes with "G'day!". After some of the crew getting annoyed by JR being conked out in weird places and trying to move him they also learn that a v effective way at pissing off RH is to disturb JR's precious scarce sleep.

Yeeeessssssss~~~ On the road ‘Rat is use to getting little sleep cause you’ve always gotta stay alert, but he ironically sleeps more when travelling compared to being stationary. Cause stationary equals time to work on projects!!
And he is SO USE to having to cram that time into a short period cause usually he just has to keep moving right along, but once he is at OW HQ he just starts doing experiments and working all the time.

Which means NO SLEEP. And ‘Hog has come to expect this in degrees from being with him for so long, but not to this extreme! So yes! Like Newton from Pacific Rim he just stays awake for days and days on end until the caffeine makes him jittery so much he can’t hold his instruments straight xD 
Just asleep everywhere though! 

And Lucio or like Mei or someone walks into their room and turns on the light and JR is just sprawled across the bed. And they freeze and are like “…….uh……” And the lights wake JR up a bit and he opens his eyes and stares back and they both have this silent like WTF moment. 
Cause JR is squinting and like doesn’t remember where he is or who this person is or what is going on. And his sleepy brain is like “who is in my room??????????”
And the owner of the room is like “?????????? why is Junkrat in my bed???????”

And they just have this showdown until JR is like “what’re you doin’ ‘ere?”
And someone has to go get ‘Hog cause ‘Rat is too sleepy to understand logic and is fighting this person now xD (or trying to).

Weeping Polypore
(Oak Bracket, Warted Oak Polypore, Weeping Conk)
Inonotus dryadeus

Inedible.  An uncommon sight (in my experience), stumbled upon by happenstance whilst pursuing morels.

The weeping polypore is a parasitic saprobic fungus.  The spores enter the wounds of the host tree (typically oak; this specimen was discovered on a long-lived maple) and manifest their unwholesome appetite on the trunk of the tree, closest to the earth. 

I didn’t deign to smell the amber ooze.  I’ve read that this fungus has an unpleasant odor that shall remain enchained in the realm of my imagination – for now.

I was playing Overwatch while I was very tired and I conked out for a bit but was eventually jolted awake to see I had died. I watched the Killcam and you just see this widowmaker zoomed in on me repeatedly meleeing the air until she finally shot me.

Then things got really weird when I woke up in bed and it turned out I was never playing Overwatch at all it was all a dream brain plz

Ask thingy

It is 3 am and I want ice cream
But I also want sleep
So naturally, I fill out this tagged list
*finger guns* That’s logic for ya

1. Last movie you saw?
Finding Dory, she was very adorable
*whispers* she loves playing hide and seek

2. Last song you listened to?
Oh gee, I think it was… Delilah by Florence and the Machine, if by listening you mean actively singing along with the lyrics and stuff, most of the time I put on hour long ‘Best Of’ or Glee playlists on YouTube while I work so I don’t really hear them

3. Last show you watched?
Game of Thrones

4. Last book you read?
Book on engine diagnosis

5. Last thing you ate?
Oranges…oh, and a shot of Jameson whiskey

6. If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?
Mmm…A very special someone I’d love to feel in my arms

7. Which decade would I like to live in?
Depends, assuming I’ll live and die as generally expected, I’d probably go back to say…Goryeo Dynasty(900-1300ish) in Korea and become a Buddhist nun. *shrugs* Their teachings never repelled me, and their monasteries are breathtaking. Lmao tbh though I probably don’t have the discipline

8. If you won the lottery and got millions in cash, what would you do first?
Uhm…tend to immediate financial needs of family and friends, set up a retirement account and probably go back to university, travel around the world, oh…oh lol they asked first thing-in that case, I would fly to my girlfriend and do whatever she wanted, make her so damn happy

9. What fictional character would you hang out with for a day?
Pearl. In a tux, no this is very important she must be in a tux and singing

10. What was the most recent fandom you joined?
The elsanna fandom, most likely.

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As always, when inclination and time concur :)

thecrimsonmonster thecrimsonmonster “They’re probably fucking.”…

Chinhands. “Why /shouldn’t/ it be?” The drink has made him bold.

her-loyalty replied to your post“Squints at the anons. Grabs Greed and wraps herself around him. “No.”…”


         “ Well last night was fun. ”

I would love if Belle were dreaming and what she’s dreaming about is the time she was confronted by Hook on The Jolly Roger during season 2 when she conked him on the head. Only this time she listens to him about what Rumple did to Milah and files it away for when she wakes up and leaves Rumple for good. And if there’s a sword fight, let’s hope it’s Killian actually taking out Rumple with Belle’s help. I know it won’t happen, but I have dreams, too.