conjunx endura


So I just finished MTMTE TPB #4. 

I know sometimes people get spoiled on places like tumblr, but I went in reading the first four TPBs knowing absolutely nothing except what some characters looked like. So yeah… like WOW. 

I was thinking it would be really neat if the data slug that Rewind gave Chromedome was modded to create a small version of himself, posable and then touched up to be actual Rewind colors. But then I thought about that again, and then I got sad


i like to think that the concept of “Conjunx Endura,” is similar to bonding, but doesn’t involve any kind of spark-bond between the pair. My headcanon with bonding is that when one dies, the other one dies as well, and that bonding is still something that happens on Cybertron, it’s just not something that many do/it’s considered almost like a taboo because of the risks involved. So, the idea of an Endura is similar to a bond, but without the risk of dying with your partner.

It’s a very intimate event, usually just a little ceremony between the couple.