conjunx endura

i just realized something...

so…that’s (apparently) something only conjunx endurae do. 

and we have kind of a proof for that:

if that’s the case, i would like to direct your attention to this

now, i’m not saying that proves anything. i’m just saying i’m really glad our huge gay mess of a co-captain finally has his husband back


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obfuscobble  asked:

HEADCANONS Conjunx Endura occurs in Prime too. Knockout used to be a flyer. Soundwave is a woman. Shockwave is a woman. Red Alert, Inferno, and Firestar are a trine. If FIRRIB were humans, they'd totally be greasers with pompadours. Starscream is NOT promiscuous. Drift used to be a druggie. Megatron has space madness. Orion and Optimus are separate characters.

Yesssss yes these are pretty much mine too. :D I’m especially excited to write me some Conjunx Enduras into Prime

“I better ask you to be my conjunx endura right now, and forever, ‘cause I sure as scrap ain’t lettin’ you get away.”

Sao was feelin’ blue so I asked Tez what might be something to cheer her up, and she sent me a snippet from an old scene. These two were already conjunx but I think they were just humoring Tailgate. I couldn’t leave out mock-retching Rodimus.

Gosh there’s a lot of blushing smols on my blog. :I PLS FEEL BETTER SAO!

I think the reason I love Cygate so much is because we’ve literally watched their relationship develop right from the start.

Like, yes I love Chromedome and Rewind, but they were already conjunx endura when we come to realise (ALTHOUGH IT WAS IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY THANKS JRO).

But cygate. oh man cygate. Cyclonus couldn’t stand Tailgate when they first met, like he literally told him to drop dead. Now he is saying he’d tear apart a planet and rip a hole in the goddamn sky to protect him.

Cyclonus loves Tailgate so fucking much.