Kevin Rose, of Digg fame, is thinking about the fourth wall of blogging: we can’t know very much about the author behind the post. With Tiny, a prototype blog platform, he is experimenting with showing the reader what’s happening in real-time at the author’s laptop, via video stream.

Actually fairly creepy.

However, I’m interested in related ideas, like a system where readers’ and authors’ interests – as determined by AI – lead to creation of tiny, human scale, thematic communities. 

For example, recent posts of mine relevant to the ‘new aesthetics’ (like glitch art, blurred people in architecture project drawings, drones, robots) would be pulled into such a community, and I would learn who is interested in such topics, and we could all would learn the reasoning behind anyone’s inclusion in the community, based on the AI bots’ analysis and the thematic autobotically-generated bio for each 'coincident’.

This would be what I am going to codename Coincidents: a spectrum of identities, a constellation of communities, and an AI-based replacement of following. Maybe Kevin Rose, in his new gig at Google Ventures, ought to fund that idea.

We could all use an increase in coincidensity.