My mind is absolutely blown away that some people are so desperate for Louis to be this party boy, bro not concerned about bigger issues caricature that they are so will to strip him of any intelligence, any concerns for societal wrongs, and any political stances. That they are willing to throw any action away as conincidence. That they are so desperate that they look at this lyric video which is a strong political statement on a number of fronts and immediately take that from him by screaming that he didn’t know what he was doing and that he couldn’t possibly care about these issues. Why would any person not want to be a fan of someone who is politically clued in and is willing to take a stance? In what world is that a negative?

I shouldn’t be surprised but I am.

Many thoughts on :re 123

I wonder if Yoriko actually expected Mutsuki? Because her reaction does imply that she’s been expecting somebody. If she had a date with Bujin I’d expect her to already show a surprised reaction upon hearing the voice/before she turned around since I’m pretty sure Mutsuki’s voice is quite different from Bujin’s. Since Mutsuki said to Bujin that she might know Touka it’s very much possible that Mutsuki directly talked to Yoriko or wanted to meet her in person to help her find her friend. It’d easy for her to gain Yoriko’s trust and lure her to some place so she could attack her…

The hand doesn’t mean that she’s dead yet. She might very well still be alive. I see two possibilities here: 1)Mutsuki killed Yoriko (maybe even in Torso style since apparently she now also hates women and since Yoriko is the best friend of the woman that stole her man, all the more reason to brutally murder her). Also because the dead don’t speak. It might be troublesome if she’s still alive and someone somehow manages to rescue her. 2)Yoriko is purposely kept alive so she can be used to threaten Touka. You know Touka would pretty much do anything to save Yoriko… oh boi…
Which one is more likely? You tell me.

(btw, taking a closer look at the hand, it seems like a bone is sticking out..? Seems like Mutsuki’s definitely wasn’t too careful handling Yoriko…)

(also, stay strong, Bujin. AND SAVE YOUR WAIFU! ugh, this gets so much to me bc Yoriko is the sweetest cinnamon roll in TG. If there’s one person that never did anything bad it’d be her. How the fck could you do this to such a kind person??? )

Now let’s talk about Mutsuki. At the beginning we see her being super happy n emotional, tearing up, clenching Kaneki’s shirt and begging him to come back. I won’t call this all just being an act Mutsuki put up. There’s no denying that she was happy and emotional and really wanted him back (it was sad really, the panel where she holds the end of his shirt and begging him to come back actually got to me).

But at the same time she came with a fully thought out plan and she most likely knew how he’d react and what to expect. She acted super innocent but we know she wasn’t shocked or anything when she saw fake Kaneki getting beheaded (like pls, she seen and done worse than that). But  although she knew what to expect she still tried, still took the chance and when she got her answer(or so she thinks) you could see the hurt on her face nonetheless.

(^ that’s some Furuta style acting, Mucchan…)

What’s Mutsuki’s perception of Kaneki/Haise atm? The official statement of the CCG is that Haise betrayed them and killed Arima. There are some doubters and Urie is one of them. But not Mutsuki. She wouldn’t care much about why/how this really went down as long as he came back. It’s not about the CCG. But what might be interesting to point out here is that she did not only mention herself but also briefly mentions others (Suzuya, Itou and the Qs). I have wondered about this a long time ago: Aside from Haise, what are her feelings towards others, how are their relationships, how important are the others to her?

(putting the rest under the cut bc this gonna be long bc I’m just putting everything in one post muhahaha)

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Okay I cannot express how hard I've been looking for these two fics: one was the one where Tyler and josh were in HS and they started having dreams that were coninciding with each other and they were trying to kill blurryface with this big huge tree and Tyler comes out as Asexual and Josh has a crush on him. The other is the one where they are both in this religious camp to fight off the devil to save their towns from demons and josh has a bat skull and they are paired to fight the Devil. Ty ❤️

I’m pretty sure these are the ones you are looking for - Christie

Someone Else’s Dreams by SpookySad (31/? | 137,653 | Mature)

Josh has a great life, but that doesn’t mean he’s happy. He spends all his time working at Guitar Center, being a loner at school, and pining for the unattainable Tyler Joseph who probably doesn’t even know Josh exists.
Except that, unbeknownst to either of them, they’ve started sharing dreams.

Get the tissues. We’re going to face our issues.

(Work in progress)

//suicide //depression //anxiety //suicide attempt //implied/referenced self-harm

Neptune Rising by chess_boxing (13/? | 21,414 | Mature)

They’re calling it the end of days.

Teenagers selected for a week of tuition at Camp Wormwood are trained to protect their hometowns against the worsening rise in demonic attacks. On the final night, pairs of students are each sent to an isolated cabin in the forest for a final trial where, after sunset, the Devil will come for them.

Tyler and Josh must resist him until the sun rises.

//homophobia //abuse //body horror //bloodletting //self harm

Honestly rebecca has a scan and her care breaks down so Aaron tells robert to take her to the hospital. She’s packing her hospital bag the day robert says he might be leaving and all of a sudden her car breaks down as she goes into labour? Yeah that’s not a conincidence. That’s a fucking game and she’s playing everyone.

lahatmahal  asked:

saw your birthday post for kenn (yay!) and i saw the bullet point for kenn and maeno being super close and im like a total beginner when it comes to seiyuus so could you share more about them? lol when i read kenns interviews he mentions maeno alot so i got curious :3

Hi there! First of all, welcome to the seiyuu fandom and I’d love to tell you all about these lovebirds besties ^^

Kenn and Maeno got close through the VitaminZ series, which is an otome game produced by D3P that was released back 2009. The two voice the main posterboys for the series, Ten and Sen, and so they had a radio show which ran from 2009 to 2011. That’s pretty much where their whole ‘relationship’ started cause before that they knew of each other but had never really talked to each other much. Up to that point Maeno called him ‘Kenn-san’ and in the first episode asked if he could call him ’-kun’ which he found embarrassing, but Kenn replied he doesn’t particularly mind how people call him and so they started calling each other by ’-kun’.

That’s also the episode where they established their nicknames for each other which are now pretty much universally used by fans. Kenn already had the nickname ‘Kennu/けんぬ’ from his musical days, and so when they were trying to think of a nickname for Maeno, Kenn immediately suggested ‘Maenu/まえぬ’ and now it’s stuck really hard lol. If you search either of their nicknames in google or twitter you’re pretty much guaranteed to get the other’s name pop up immediately after XD

So yeah, that radio show is heaps of fun and I highly recommend you listen to it if you’re a fan of either Kenn or Maeno, since they generally act like dorks the entire time and after even the first few episodes you can feel them getting super close to each other. Nowadays when they’re asked about how they got close they normally say it’s because of that radio show, and they found out they both have similar hobbies - well, mainly video games XD

Throughout the VitaminZ events the cast was always teasing them for being close and acting like they were dating as well LOL. Like, they’d tell stories about how they were always seen together and meeting up like they were going on dates, and lending each other stuff. And so the audience loved to shout ’Congratulations!!’ to them d(ゝω・´)

Even after VitaminZ they continue to be super close and mention each other in radio or at events even when the other isn’t present or even in that series to begin with. For instance, in Tsukiuta their characters are the representatives for the month in which the other’s birthday is in (Kenn’s character Aoi is for May and Maeno’s character Haru is for March) and so in the cast interviews when asked about what was an important event which stood out in those months they answered each other’s birthday was important and how they gave each other birthday presents that year. In the cast comment of the first Ten Count drama CD, Maeno said that the only seiyuu who’s visited his house is an ikemen seiyuu whose name has four letters and starts with K. Maeno also admits to being a bit mysophobic but the only person who he’s okay with letting them go to the toilet at his place or sharing food with is Kenn. And finally (cause if I list every other time they’ve mentioned each other this post will be double the length it already is), in Starmyu radio when asked what he liked about Maeno, Kenn said that Maeno’s image is pretty serious but he also has a lot of cute sides to him as well (人´∀`*)

They’re so close now that fans always look out for their interactions and even other seiyuu/kouhais comment on it. Like last year in Arslan Senki radio Hanae Natsuki randomly brought up Maeno and said, “Do you love Maeno-san?” to which Kenn got embarrassed and said, “Well, it’s not like I hate him!” and Hanae-kun replied, “But you’re ALWAYS going Maenu, Maenu!” LMAO. Also, sometimes it now feels like they get cast in certain characters because they’re known to be close in real life - I find it in no way a conincidence that Maeno plays Kuga Shuu who’s one of the main characters in Starmyu and Kenn just so happens to be cast as Toraishi Izumi who is Shuu’s childhood friend.

tl;dr Kenn and Maeno have been super close for a long time now, to the point where it’s not even just a running joke or a fan thing, they’re actually married besties. I’ve noticed that people who are biased to one of them tend to also be biased to the other, cause whenever they’re around each other they end up bringing out the best in each other and being even more precious and adorable than normal ^^

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Hey, so I've been stalking your TW Meta's recently and I was wondering if anyone thinks Danny has anything to do with the benefactor? like from his reveal to knowing about the supernatural at the end of 3b to his ominous absence from 4 to the fact he's clearly A+ with computer& it was 100% answered as to who was behind the benefactor technical stuff? it's probably a stretch and most likely wrong but it seems like it could've been a good plot idea and idk I'm slightly curious??

There’s been a lot of discussion about that, i know we’ve debated it multiple times on meta chat at least. Because where the frick was Danny all season? He clearly didn’t leave otherwise Coach would’ve moaned about it in that scene where he complains about Isaac and Jackson leaving the team. And Jeff Davis has more or less confirmed that we haven’t seen the last of him yet.

Which means Danny was at school even if we didn’t see him. Or he wasn’t at school but had a plaucible explanation that no one drew attention to. He could’ve been sick, but why not just say that?

Let’s examine Danny’s role throughout the seasons:

  • Season 1: Jackson’s friend. The only openly gay character on the show, someone for Stiles to “flirt” with, Traces the text = establishing his tech expertice. Mentioned that he’s got police records because of hacking. Scott dances with him at the Winter formal in order to get to stay. Lacrosse player.
  • Season 2: Jackson’s friend. Recovers the missing footage of Jackson. Is attacked by Jackson at Jungle, paralyzed and hospitalized. Lacrosse player. One of two (the other is Lydia) who manages to snap Jackson out of his Kanima-state.
  • Season 3a: Revealed as aa “gambling man” in coach’s risk and reward class. Revealed as “someone that might be important to Scott” - watched by the alpha pack. Boyfriend with Ethan. Writes report on Telluric Currents. Is poisioned with mistletoe, probably by Jennifer. Plays trumpet in the darach-whammied orchestra when another sacrifice takes place. On the cross-country team.
  • Season 3b: Is back with his ex-boyfriend. Ethan help him set up the rave at Derek’s loft. The oni seem interested in him. He helps wake up Lydia after she was attacked/checked. Watches Lydia curiously when she hears the “fly” in class. Gets tackled by Ethan during training and they kiss. Makes out with Ethan when he’s “fly-whammied”. Points out that Meredith is in the classroom. breaks up with Ethan, reveals he knows about werewolves.
  • Season 4: someone has spotted his lacrosse number on a jersey during a game.

Danny is a side character, but during all of the seasons up until season 4 he’s unwittingly been a part of the plot, or at the very least provided clues or help. And of course a lot of these scenes become extra interesting when we know that he knows about the supernatural :)

Okay, so i can already tell this will get long. The rest of my ramblings under the read more :)

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IS BETHANY ALIVE? AND DOES SHE KNOW EMILY So I was rewatching season 4 when I found something really interesting… while emily is leaving work a girl hands hee what i believe is a paycheck? Not sure. Anyway she says “thanks beth” BETH. Not just “thanks” but “THANKS BETH” its one thing to have the same name as the girl thats mean to be in Alisons grave but to also look alot like Ali and Sara? THERE ARE NO CONINCIDENCES IN ROSEWOOD. First, this scene wasn’t CRUCIAL it didn’t need to be there and second, it could have easily been “thanks” but they had to add the BETH. Also, compare her voice to bethanys on the radley tapes, its uncanny. and no I don’t think that emily knows she is bethany

Hawaii Five 0

So, superpowers were a thing. And not like a ‘rare and beautiful from a distance’ thing. But like a thing thing. A day to day thing. And they were, for the most part, a boring thing.

Not everyone got them, or at least, not everyone discovered them. And not everyone used them. And not even everyone got a useful one. Like, for example, Danny had known a cop in Jersey whose ‘superpower’ had been to detect dogs. Not locate them, just be able to say ‘Ah yes, there is a dog nearby, probably that way, but I could be wrong.’. It had proved useful a grand total of never in their police work.

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I believe that kaisoo/ media play / agency schemes / pr stunts / timings / scandal substitutions / cover ups / busine$$ tactics/ and lgbt idols are all real and exist in this world. I believe ships don't have to be fictional, as most fictions started from and were inspired by facts and truth. Lastly, I don't put faith in conincidences.

Without spits, let me humbly clarify my view points once and for all. For those who disagree, please unfollow and accept that there are diversity in life. Anyone can suggest possibilities without using personal attack or whatever i have no right to set any certain rules. its most natural for people to crowd with those who share similar opinions,

So if you don’t, frankly do NOT stick around, that will only make you upset, feel offended or angry. Unfollowing a blog is not a disgrace, its simply showing you don’t share the same opinions, that you want to gtfo and live your life happily. In which you deserve.