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Will they relaunch catwoman as well ? Do you think they can like cancel catwoman ? I really hope they'll make her justice if they're starting everything again, i also really hope that they won't cancel it, she's been there since forever

Ok so at this point what they’re saying about DC relaunch/rebooting their titles is still in the rumor phase. It was first “reported” by Bleeding Cool which is more of a rumor mill than a reliable news source, however since their report of DC’s money troubles awhile ago was by all accounts true there may be something there.DC has so far only released their soliticitations up to April. The relaunch is reportedly happening in June; June is after May. May will be the release of the 52nd and what would be the last issue of every on-going first released when New 52 debuted. This is not a conincidence. 

I don’t want to sound negative but the cold hard truth is Catwoman’s series is in serious trouble right now and quite frankly was doomed from day one. After a controversial first issue, shuffling around a bunch of creative teams, mishandling her origin story, and alienating a ton of fans and readers alike sales for her series are no longer sustainable and the title will probably be cancelled within the year if sales don’t increase. The truth is DC has no idea what to do with Catwoman. They’re just throwing everything at the wall and trying to see what sticks. There’s not a shred of consistency not in tone and not in characterization, and they’ve failed to make any long term plans for her. 

Granted Diamond Distributor sales estimates are not one-hundred percent accurate and we have no idea what digital sales look like but from the numbers that we do have access to Catwoman sales for last month were right where Batwoman sales where when that series got cancelled (ranked #166, 15,038 copies). This was the lowest selling issue to date. Now sales tend to be unpredictable so last month could’ve just been a low selling month and sales may very well pick up again this month, but if sales don’t increase there is no way the series will continue to get published. Even though I stopped reading awhile ago I don’t want Catwoman’s series to get cancelled. 

Catwoman has the benefit of being in the Batman department which is why I suspect they haven’t given up on the series just yet. I was surprised to hear they got a new creative team when the ‘Catwoman runs the mob’ angle didn’t bring in the numbers they were probably hoping for after Ann Nocenti’s diasterous run. In this case they actually listened to the fans when they weren’t responding to the mob thing and hired a new writer, so there’s that. When her last series got cancelled they found something for her to do but what that would be today is anyone’s guess. But then again Batwoman and Supergirl both got completely and utterly screwed over after their series got cancelled soooo…

If the rumors are true, that DC is going line up their comics with their movies and tv shows, there is no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a huge diaster. We really need to wait until the publishers make an official announcement and reveal what exactly their plans are before we can make a fair assesment. Everything comes down to execution but it begs the question of where characters that don’t have upcoming film or tv appearances will fit it in. As of right now what will happen to Catwoman in the future is very unclear.

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Not sure if is conincidence or not but I totally relate to the anon, the most radical feminist bloggers I reblog, the most porn blogs following me, just this part of the week I blocked like 5 :s i thought it was nothing but apparently it is??

Isn’t it funny how we actually met at Atl, like a brief conversation out of a conincidence and then 4 months later we’d end up meeting for real and getting together? Now there’s a good chance I’m going to see you at Atl again and the closer it gets the harder it is. Atleast it wasn’t Neck Deep tho


sometimes things happen that make you question if it is just a conincidence or not. like getting stuck in a snowbank in the middle of colorado for an hour and a half at 7:00 pm. and then you and your friends end up having to stay with one of your friend’s ~*friend*~ that she had really been wanting to see. and that wouldn’t have happened without the snowbank. makes you wonder.

The power when heart and mind connects

The first time i dreamed of someone i’ve never met before. I knew her by voice, and a simple profile portrait. And i was imagining a event with her, standing infront of me, talking; only able to imagine her in side way, with predicted height. I guess subconciously my heart is telling my mind how desperate i’d want to see you in person. For the first time, i felt the power when heart and mind connected. How desperate i am, when i myself dont even realize that. i hope reality wont disappoint me. Well even it would will, well, i guess i am just go to your place, pretend thats just a conincidence. Not a phychopath tho, it’s curiosity, and to find out why would i fall for such a stranger. -overwhelmed of power of my heart and mind

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how could you not want to bang anyone? there are hotties around

Ok true, but rule number 1 is don’t put your dick in a crazy. I can’t imagine relationships with like the vast majority of these “hotties” as being anything other than abusive in some capacity. Also what kind of weird conincidence is it that literally all of ya’ll are super conventionally attractive?