Last night at our friend’s debut celebration, there were helium balloons all over. I kept saying how badly I wanted one so he grabbed the nearest balloon that he saw and tied it to my wrist, boy scout style. So much for treating me like a child.🎈#COnicles

10/03. Remember those times when all that ever bothered me was human ana and all we ever did in the library was talk? Now kay mag race natag tuon. Or if matawag syang tuon kay magtabi raman diay gihapon. Hahahaha oh well papel. Sorry busy na si oks. :* Bucketlist: Graduate MedTech and be MDs together! ♡

#COuntdownto1010 #COnicles

I know this ain’t your thing about me posting kilig whatevs online but I am buluyagon so I’m going to do it anyway. Instagram ra bitaw. :)) Babs, this is for you! HAHAHAHA #COuntdownto1010 CHAAAR KAAYO SA. Welp. Here I go.

10/01. I firmly believe that you’re the boy equivalent to my girl scout soul. ♡ Bucketlist: Some scouting activity together. Wee! #COnicles