This Congressman just showed everyone the exact right way to support transgender people 

On Wednesday, California Congressman Mike Honda did his part to combat the often difficult reality many transgender people face by expressing a sweet message of love and support for his own grandchild.

The tweet was sent in the wake of recent, encouraging political action on behalf of trans individuals. A new law could be on the horizon.

“Yes, we are all very disgusted that Scott DeJarlais, a “pro-life” Republican Tea Party Congressman and doctor, slept with a patient, got her pregnant and then pushed her to have an abortion. Pro-life! Except when a pregnancy is inconvenient for him personally." READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE - "Wait you mean pro-life politicians think they can control women’s reproductive choices?”

Oh, the irony: Congressman who voted against increasing minimum wage complained about not getting a raise 

 A $174,000 salary is just not enough for some people — namely Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb.).

Terry has the gall to oppose increasing the minimum wage while complaining that his salary hasn’t risen since a pay freeze in 2008, according to ThinkProgress.

He has refused to sign a measure to cut Congress’ pay by 10%. Follow micdotcom

Buffett tells congressman he paid $6.9 mln taxes

By Ben BerkowitzOct 12 (Reuters) - Warren Buffett paid $6.9 million in federal income taxes in 2010, the billionaire investor said in a letter to a Kansas congressman that adds fuel to the debate over his proposal for higher taxes on the rich.The figure represent 17.4 percent of his $39.8 million in taxable income, a percentage he has repeatedly said is too low compared to what his own staff pays.Buffett caused an uproar in August when he said the wealthy should be subject to a higher rate of tax. The White House has co-opted his call into a “Buffett Rule” that would raise levies on the richest people.Following Buffett’s suggestion, Republican congressman Tim Huelskamp of Kansas sent the “Oracle of Omaha” a letter in late September calling on him to release his tax returns.Huelskamp sent Buffett a second letter reiterating the request earlier this month, and promising to release his own returns if Buffett would as well.Buffett, the chief executive of the conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway , responded in kind on Tuesday, according to a copy of the letter his assistant provided to Reuters on Wednesday.Buffett reiterated what he saw as the inequality of his paying a rate in the teens when most people who work for him end up paying a rate in the 30 percent range.But what he told Huelskamp he also wanted was for other ultra-wealthy Americans to release their own returns – in full, rather than the limited data Buffett himself shared.“If you could get other ultra rich Americans to publish their returns along with mine, that would be very useful to the tax dialogue and intelligent reform,” Buffett said. “I stand ready and willing - indeed eager - to participate in this exercise."Buffett went on to suggest a method to get reticent moguls to release their returns, among them Rupert Murdoch, whom he has repeatedly challenged on the subject."Having the ‘favored 400’ make their tax returns public - even if only code letters were attached to the various returns - would be a big step in informing legislators and the public of what needs to be done,” Buffett wrote.A spokeswoman for Huelskamp said he would issue a statement later on Wednesday.

Watch: GOP congressman threatens to “break [reporter] in half” 

Apparently, there are some things you just shouldn’t ask New York Representative Michael Grimm. As NY1 reporter Mike Scotto found out last night, that includes a question on Grimm’s campaign finances. And be warned: if you ask him something he doesn’t like, Grimm will “break you in half.”

Watch the video

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This Sunday is Flag Day.

Here Congressman Jerry Ford unfurls a replica of the flag that flew over Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland, providing the inspiration for Francis Scott Key to write “The Star Spangled Banner.“ It was one of the notable flags in our nation’s past that he highlighted while discussing the history of Flag Day in this 1955 film for his constituents in Michigan’s Fifth District. 

Celebrated annually on June 14, Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States by the Second Continental Congress on that day in 1777.

Gerald R. Ford Discusses Flag Day, 1955. (Ford Congressional Film AV85-001-085)


Alcee Hastings

After being asked about Alaska’s high suicide rate, Young responded that suicide is a result of a “lack of support from family” and a “lack of support from friends,” according to school principal Amy Spargo.

Students took offense, given the recent death. When one shouted back that depression is a mental illness, Young reportedly said, “Well, what, do you just go to the doctor and get diagnosed with suicide?”
—  Dear Rep. Don Young (R, Alaska), when talking to high schoolers try to avoid profanity, suicide shaming and bull sex

Stop the law that will censor the internet!

Ever since I got on tumblr I’ve discovered whole new channels for protest and activist organizing, opinion sharing and an overall political space where i’ve learn of so many erased individual perspectives. So much that i’ve dedicating my senior research topic on researching the internet, political organizing, & online protest.

This bill is just another example of how the laws are changing as society is finding new or innovative ways to come together and pass along the truths and information that “that man” would rather we not discuss.

I’m glad tumblr nearly shut down my entire dashboard to make me aware of this… If you have no idea what i’m talking about, see the new “protect the net” section on tumblr - there you can find the resources necessary to email/call your representatives and tell them what’s on your mind before its too late!
Congressman Says Bombings Reveal Danger Of Immigration Bill: ‘Radical Islamists…Are Trained To Act Hispanic’

During an appearance on CSPAN’s Washington Journal on Wednesday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) claimed that this week’s bombings of the Boston Marathon should give pause to immigration reform advocates who seek to reform the system. “We have seen this in Israel,” Gohmert said of the Boston attacks and recalled visiting areas that had been struck […]

Just when I thought Lamar Smith was at the top of The Pendejo’s list. In comes this racist xenophobe asshole. Thank you Louie Gohmert for taking the new number one spot.


This idea of no racial profiling, I’ve seen the video. It looks to me like you don’t need to bother with that particular factor because they all appear to be of a single, you know, of a single origin, I should say, a continental origin might be the way to phrase that.
Thanks to Snowden, we now know the NSA:
  • Had James Clapper lie under oath to us - on camera - to Congress to hide the domestic spying programs Occured in March, revealed in June.

  • Warrantlessly accesses records of every phone call that routes through the US thousands of times a day JuneSeptember

  • Steals your private data from every major web company (Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, et al) via PRISMJune and pays them millions for it August

  • Pays major US telecommunications providers (AT&T, Verizon, et al) between $278,000,000-$394,000,000 annually to provide secret access to all US fiber and cellular networks (in violation of the 4th amendment). August

  • Intentionally weakened the encryption standards we rely on, put backdoors into critical software, and break the crypto on our private communications September

  • NSA employees use these powers to spy on their US citizen lovers via LOVEINT, and only get caught if they self-confess. Though this is a felony, none were ever been charged with a crime.August

  • Lied to us again just ten days ago, claiming they never perform economic espionage (whoops!) before a new leak revealed that they do all the time. September

  • Made over fifteen thousand false certifications to the secret FISA court, leading a judge to rule they “frequently and systemically violated” court orders in a manner “directly contrary to the sworn attestations of several executive branch officials,” that 90% of their searches were unlawful, and that they “repeatedly misled the court." September September

  • Has programs that collect data on US Supreme Court Justices and elected officials, and they secretly provide it to Israel regulated only by an honor system. September

And they spend $75,000,000,000.00 of your tax money each year to do this to you. I’m not putting up with this any longer.

Congress just got back into session: call your Congressmen once a day until these programs end. I am, and they encourage it, because it gives them a platform to fight on. Find yours HERE, save it to your phone, and make it a 30 second call… just give your information and tell them they need to vote to end these programs immediately so they can report your opposition and the passion of your opposition (the daily call) in their metrics.

We just prevented a war in Syria by calling Congress: calling works. We can win again here. 2014 is an election year so they are wanting to make us happy. 30 seconds, once a day. Just call: you will end these policies.
Congressman Saw NATO Forces Behead Libyans

Walter Fauntroy, Feared Dead in Libya, Returns Home—Guess Who He Saw Doing the Killing “We want Africa to be the breadbasket of the world,” he said. “Currently, all the major roads in every country throughout Africa lead to ports that take its natural resources and wealth outside the continent to be sold to the European markets.”