congress bundestag

I had my first conference call with CBYX last night.

It was very… interesting.

The first 20 minutes simply consisted of taking attendance. And it was the worst thing ever. The guy made the mistake of saying “Okay, say your name if your last names begins with a letter A through K”.

Thankfully I’m an N. But still, it was so awkward to listen to. So many people talking over each other and apologizing and just…. awkwardness. 

After attendance, the leader of the call went over the agenda and explained all the details about the main stuff that’s going to go down between now and September. That took about an hour. Then he had people ask questions.

Are we allowed to drive in Germany? Nope

Can we drink alcohol? Nope. 

Can we travel alone to a friend far away? Nope. 

Can we visit friends we know that live in Germany? Not within the first 3 months and last month of the program, (there can be exceptions).

But yeah. Those are the some of the restrictions, but I can live with it! Not visiting friends is going to VERY difficult though :(