Anonymous declares cyber war on Congress over indefinite detention act

Hacktivists are continuing their mission to take on politicians causing the collapse of constitutional rights in America, with operatives from the online collective Anonymous keeping up a campaign against the signers of controversial legislation.

As RT reported on Thursday, members of Anonymous began a campaign this week to expose information on the lawmakers who voted in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, a bill that will allow for the indefinite detention of American citizens, the reinstating of torture methods and the creation of the United States as a battlefield. Despite the implications of the act, the Senate allowed for the bill to leave Capitol Hill on Thursday, leaving only the inking of President Barack Obama’s name as the final step for ratification.

President Obama had earlier insisted on vetoing the bill, but the White House retracted that statement in the days before it cleared Congress. Before the final draft left the Senate yesterday, Sen. Carl Levin asked that a statement from the administration be added to the record in which the president’s press secretary, Jay Carney, said that the president will not be advised to strike down the bill.

On Thursday, Anonymous hacktivists launched a campaign against Senator Robert Portman, a Republican from Ohio. Not only did Portland vote in favor of NDAA FY2012, he received $272,853 from special interest groups that also backed the bill.

“Robert J. Portman, we plan to make an example of you,” an Anonymous operative posted to the Internet on Thursday. Along with the warning was personal information pertaining to the senator, including his home address and phone number.

Anonymous members are using the trending topic #OpAccountable on Twitter to spread the campaign against the congressman involved in the legislation. On Friday, one hacktivist tweeted that the topic is even being used by known members of the Tea Party movement.

“Goes to show this year’s outrage is far stretching,“ adds the operative.


començar al Congrès dels Diputats un nou ple. El president Mariano Rajoy explciarà els continugts de la cimera europea de la setmana passada. Després Rajoy i el seu govern afrontaran la seva primera sessió de control. Cr.Albert Lopez

Friends for Craig Schley for Congress on the Democratic line

I agreed to be the Congressional Campaign Manager for Craig Schley.  Craig is a wonderful, dynamic, thoughtful and charismatic individual- I am incredibly excited to handle his marketing and help him eliminate Charlie Rangel (D).  I’ve grown up in a family that has always loved the energy of campaigns- Craig understands that it takes passion, consistency, drive, time, energy and love to make it happen- and we will do it in 2012.

If you would like to interview Craig, please reach out.  He will be documented by CNN and Fox News next year, and we invite you to join us on our version of the “Real World”

Congrès d'hiver.

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Jesse Jackson Jr. is a really big Bruce Lee fan, if you weren't aware
  • $750k the amount that Jesse Jackson Jr., the troubled former Congressman from Illinois, has been charged with improperly spending from his campaign fund.
  • $10k of that was reportedly spent on Bruce Lee memorabilia.
  • $20k of that was reportedly spent on Michael Jackson memorabilia.
  • $40k of that was spent on a Rolex watch. By the way, have we mentioned that Jackson plans to plead guilty? source
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Une date de plus pour le Béjart Ballet Lausanne qui fêtera non pas 4 mais 5 soirs à Paris au Palais des Congrès ses 25 ans d'excellence. Au menu, le célèbre Boléro, l'Aria et Dionysos (ces deux dernières inédites à Paris). C'est du 03 au 07 avril 2012, à réserver d'urgence