Congratulations: Reprise (Angelica-x-Jefferson)

“Congratulations: Reprise”
Series: Hamilton: An American Musical
Genre: Angst, [light] Romance (ish)
Couple: Jefferson/Angelica
Rating: T
Summary: Jefferson has to answer to Angelica for what he knew, and what he did.
First Published: 2/20/2017 at 2:21 PM on Tumblr
Written by: Brittany R./FoxieSango/Rikareena

A/N: In celebration of #Reneeappreciation week.  My first Angelica/Thomas fic!  I want to do another that I hope I can crank out later today.  But in the meantime, enjoy!  Rated T for language (as the entire play is).

For this piece, I imagine that Angelica and John Baker (if you want to still acknowledge him) have had a divorce.  So she’s reeling from that, and has to come home and deal with what Ham has done to her sister because of Jefferson (just to add to the angst).

So, there ya go!

              “MY GOD!  You are the most ridiculously frustrating, ego-centric, high-maintenance, obnoxious, pretentious man I’ve had the honorable DISPLEASURE of meeting in my ENTIRE life!”

               “Aw, I love you too, princess,” Jefferson said, with a smirk.  He had his legs propped up on his desk, crossed at the ankles.  He was leaning back in his spinning, rolling chair with his elbow on one of the arm rests and his chin lightly propped on the back of his hand.  Angelica stood in front of his desk, clenching her fists at her sides in fury, and bit back a low growl.

               “Ugh!  You’re infuriatingly impossible!  No one told you to…to goad Hamilton into…into…”

               “Ruining his political career?”

               “DESTROYING HIS FAMILY!” she shouted, tears welling up. Jefferson’s own eyes bucked wide.

               Oh shi—

              He swung his legs down from his desk and sat up straight.

               “A-ange…Ange wait—”

               “Damn-it, you…you knew!  You knew he wouldn’t back down from a threat and you exacerbated the situation!  Did you even THINK about the repercussions?!  Of course you didn’t; you never think about anyone but yourself!” she said, knocking some papers off his desk.  “Well if you wanted to rip apart a loving family…MY family, then CONGRATULATIONS!  You succeeded!  I hope you’re proud of yourself!” She turned and immediately made her way for the door when he stood up and made his way in front of her, grabbing her by the arms.

               “Hey! Hey-hey-hey, hold on!  Now that’s not fair, Ange!  Hey!  Now listen, no one.  Told. Hamilton, to break his loyalty to your sister.  Okay?”

               “Oh, shut the hell up, Jefferson,” she struggled against his hold. “I’m not an idiot!  I already chewed Hamilton out for breaking my sister’s heart, but infidelity is not a foreign concept in this day and age.  What they DIDN’T need is for their names to be dragged through the mud and to be scorned by society BECAUSE of the scandal.  It just inflamed everything, and THAT I blame solely on you! You set everything in motion!”

               “N-now, now hang on!  We didn’t know about the affair, alright?!  We just suspected pecuniary speculation.  HE told us about the affair of his own free will.  HE was the one who was so insecure that he felt the need to defend himself by exposing everything.  We let it all go WAY before he did that!  C’mon, do you really think I’d do anything to hurt you on purpose?!”

               “That doesn’t make it fucking better, Thomas! You’ve been out to ruin his credibility since day one and you succeeded FAR beyond your expectations!  That’s why you’ve been so smug for weeks!  You didn’t even CARE about what the speculation charge would do to his family, to MY SISTER!  MY NIECES AND NEPHEWS!  And when you found out that the charge was much WORSE, OH-HO-BOY did you rub salt in the wound!  You basked in his demise!  You’re a fucking asshole, and you-you’re no better than he is!” she cried smacking his arms away.  

               That stung.

               There was an ache in his chest at seeing the seething despair overtaking her.  Hot tears flowing freely down her face, teeth clenched, a vein clearly visible on her forehead, arms folded tightly against her chest.  She was crumbling before him….he couldn’t take it.


               “Just…leave me alone…I must tend to my sister,” she tried to move past him.  It had been her in duties to try to pick up the fragile pieces of her dear Eliza’s heart while trying, and failing, to keep her own from shattering.  But Jefferson wrapped his arms around her from behind.

               “Damn-it, let GO of me, Jefferson!  Don’t TOUCH me!”

               “NO!  Listen, Y-you’re right…okay?  I’m an idiot. I’m a moronic idiot and I only think about myself. …But…but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you.”  His voice was breathless, as if he was trying to grasp onto…something…anything.  There was a pause.  He turned her around again and softly pressed her head to his chest, wrapping his other arm around her waist.  She was stiff in his arms and pushed against him.

               “You—you mean the world to me, Ange.  I’d…never intentionally hurt you, or your family.  You…have to know that, right?!” he asked.  After about a minute, he leaned back a bit and cupped her face in his palm, thumb gently wiping away her tears.  Her hands rested lightly against his chest, drained from her attempts to push him away.

               “Thomas…” her voice was wound tight.  He kissed her forehead,

               “I-I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.  This…it shouldn’t have gone this far.  We just…” he sighed, “the Federalist Party has been so…obstinate lately because of Hamilton and we haven’t been able to get anything done.  We couldn’t take it anymore; the administration was on the verge of imploding,” he said.  She frowned,

               “A weak excuse… ”

               “I know I…” he sighed and tightened his grip around her.  “Politics…are…a necessary evil…” he said.  There was a beat before he heard the tiniest of giggles escape her and she shook a bit in his arms, trying to stifle her laughter.  She buried her face in his shirt and a small smile played at his lips.

               “Damn it, Thomas.  That’s not the quote and you know it!”

               “Well, you would know.  I wouldn’t expect anyone who didn’t avidly dabble in Paine’s work to get it.  …It’s one of the things I love most about you,” he said.  

               “…Words can be empty, Jefferson.” she said.  There was a pause and he sighed, knowing she meant it in more ways than one—not only in him showing his genuine feelings for her, but also in his supposed support for what she stood for, what she believed in.

               “Besides, it sounds to me more like men just letting their petty pride and ambitions get in the way of diplomacy.”

              “…Heh.  I-I don’t know…if the world is yet ready for the powerful minds of women like you,” he said. And she frowned at the audacity of him to allude to another topic he’d been adamantly avoiding for months now.

               “But that doesn’t mean I won’t stop fighting for your voice, Ange.  Yours and your sisters,” he said, meaning her sisterhood, not just her family.  He placed his hand on the back of her head again, tucking her smaller figure just under his chin.

               “After all, your opinion is the one I hold in the highest regard; and the only one I really care about.” She tsked,

              “….You’re still an asshole.”

               “I know.”

               “But, maybe you’re not..entirely hopeless…” she said, absently fiddling with the ruffles at his neck.  “I’m still furious with you.”

               “I know.”

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Sooo I just watched 7x10 (I couldn’t see it live bc of our connection…. ugh) and I have some thoughts….

-first of all: Melissa McfuckingBride oh my god. When she opened the door and saw Daryl… She deserves so much more credit for her acting than she gets..

-I am not going to lie; the episode was a bit underwhelming for me. We were promised plenty of Caryl time, and it turned out to be what, 5 minutes? Don’t get me wrong, what we got was amazing, but to me, it just feels like Gimple is afraid to make caryl happen or something? He probably thinks if he gives just enough ambigious Caryl per season, he will keep us content while also keeping the haters hooked. All while patting himself on the back for being such a genius.

-Enough negativity; Carol’s ‘shut up’ was the cutest I have ever heard?? Everything, the sobbing the relief the adorable smile… again so well acted by melissa.

-Carzekiel is ??? I am starting to believe the people shipping this are just plain trolls

-Daryl threathening Richard was very well done, and also not that ambigious! When I read the spoilers, I thought this was going to play out very lowkey, but they actually showed his reaction and stuff… nice

-These couple of caryl minutes pretty much ruined me.. i need a life

-What did norman say on TTD? Everyone seems to be angry at him. You know what, I don’t even want to know, his comments are always based on nothing anyway.

So that was it… now i can go back to thinking about if we will get something caryl on 7x16  studying

Take care carylers (:

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When people who aren't even CC fans see what's stupid and see thru and not working... should tell the team something.

Right?  I mean they are the ones they are trying to convince. It has never been us they were trying to fool. We are too smart and too observant and they know it. 

So when the miarrens start seeing through the lies, time for a direction change. 

And here’s a novel idea, just let Darren be DARREN.  He’s  a pretty amazing guy all by himself. And the person he really loves just bolsters his image, because he’s just as amazing.