congratulations on your face: a series

What happens in Vegas... - Tom Holland

Word count: 2448

Summery: You wake up after a night in Las Vegas, only to discover you married the one and only Tom Holland 

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4  | Part 5 | Part 6 | Epilogue

A/N: I really hope this makes up for the weekend! I was inspired by Carrie Underwood’s “Last Name”. Please, let me know what you think! It would really mean a lot! If the interest is there, I might make it into a series, so just let me know if you want a part 2! 

I know the ending is lacking a little, but i’m reallly tired, so i’ll just make it a cliffhanger! 

You woke to the sun shining on your face through the window. Your throat was drier than Sahara, and your head was pounding. You fumbled for your phone, and when you looked at the time, you also saw the notifications on your phone.

Your twitter and Instagram had blown up overnight. Like really blown up. There had never been this amount of notifications before. How the hell did this happen?

I don’t know what happened, but there’s a legal document stating that we’re married!” You heard a voice say outside the door. You frowned your brows. When you looked down at your hand, to find a slim golden ring, that you were sure hadn’t been there yesterday. What the shit happened last night?

I did what?” His voice continued. You opened twitter, and quickly gave up on figuring something out based on your notifications. Instead you found a couple of news articles, and several screenshots of a tweet.

“Just married the love of my life, @y/t” and a photo of you in a white dress, kissing the guy who you assumed sent out the tweet. Did you seriously get married to some stranger last night? And apparently someone famous too! At least you got the wild Vegas trip you wanted, you just didn’t expect to get married.

With a sore body, you left the bed. You were only in your underwear, the white dress laying on the floor, and your other clothes were nowhere to be found. You didn’t really feel like wear a wedding dress, so you searched the rest of the floor, and found a white T-shirt, that you quickly put on.

As you walked out of the bedroom, you found the guy standing shirtless, leaning against the kitchen counter. He eyed you, as you walked to him. You spotted the matching ring on his finger, and sighed internally.

“Haz, I gotta go. I’ll call you later” He hung up the phone, and sent you an awkward smile. “Hi. Ehm. So. We got married last night. It was a mistake, uh. I was very drunk, and I’m guessing that you were as well. I think we might have slept together, but I’m not sure, and this is going to sound really bad, but I don’t remember your name”

“it’s y/n. I didn’t plan on getting married to a stranger, yet alone a famous one, so there’s that. What do we do? Can’t we just get an annulment? Or a divorce or something?” You asked. You knew your parents was going to be so mad if they found out that you got married in Vegas.

“About that. I kinda told the whole world we got married, and my agent thinks it would be bad for my reputation to get a divorce. It would apparently be, and I quote “a PR nightmare”, and I don’t want that” He explained, and you were a bit shocked.

“You want us to stay married? Are you serious?” You couldn’t believe it. Why would you want to do that? “Yes. Just for a couple of months! Maybe a year. It’s my agents idea, and I thinks it’s kinda stupid, but Marvel don’t really like the idea of damaging my reputation if we can help it. So yeah. Sorry” He apologized, and you could feel yourself getting angry. Who the hell was he to think, that he could decide that?

“I don’t want to be married to you! I don’t know you! Hell, I don’t even know my own last name right now. I’m not going to stay married to you, just to help your career! Who exactly do you think you are?” You were definitely angry now. He was about to say something, as your phone rang. Before he could speak, you answered the phone.

“Y/n! I just got off the phone with Tom Holland’s manager. He told me what happened. How you got married in Vegas, congratulations on that by the way” He told you. You prayed that he could help you out with the divorce part.

“Oh thank god! I don’t want to be married, to that arrogant prick. So please, tell you can get an annulment!” You watched the annoyed expression on Tom’s face, but you just rolled your eyes at him.

“Yeah, I don’t think we should do that. Netflix just offered you a role in a new series. Mostly because of the news of you getting married. It would be great for your career!” No-no-no-no-no! This could not be happening!

“Are you kidding me? Why on earth would I want to do that?!” you yelled into the phone. “Well, look at it as an opportunity! Mr. Holland is a very international name, and being with him, could mean you get your big break”

“And before you say anything, Ellen wants you on her show. Don’t turn it down. This might be your only chance” You manager continued, and you just wanted to smash something.

“You can tell Holland’s manager that I want a contract, if we’re staying married” You said before hanging up. You glared at your new husband. This couldn’t possibly end well.

“So I’m guessing we’re married. Look at it positively. You’ll get famous quite fast now” He smirked, and you just wanted to slap the smile of his face.

“Oh please. This is strictly business, okay? I don’t care if we slept together last night, but I won’t happen again. I’ll play the part in public, but other than that I don’t care about you” You said coldly. You didn’t like him. He seemed so arrogant. Who gave him the right to think he was so much better than you?

“That goes both ways. Maybe we should get to know each other, and maybe agree on what we’re telling the public. Do we pretend that we know everything about each other, and that we just kept our relationship hidden? Or do we play it off as a love at first sight thing?” His voice was, is possible, colder than yours.

“Love at first sight. Then I don’t have to spend that much time getting to know you. At least not right now” You glared at him, really wishing you weren’t wearing his shirt. It just seemed wrong, and if he claimed It back, you would feel very exposed.

“Great! If you just give me my shirt back, I’ll leave. I don’t really want to be here anyway” You took the shirt off, and almost instantly the annoyed look in his eyes disappeared. His eyes went down your body, up again, only to go down once more, and then stop at your bra.

“Hey jerk. My eyes are up here” You threw the shirt in his face, and you turned on your hell and walked towards the bedroom again. It gave you some satisfaction, knowing he was staring. At least in this way you were better than him, and you were going to let him know. It didn’t take long before you heard the door slam shut.


A couple of days had passed. You had been so busy with phone calls, from your family, your friends and even journalists too. You had gotten the script for your new role, so when you hadn’t been on the phone, you had been learning your lines. For short moments, you had happily forgotten you had to play the role of Tom Holland’s wife as well. You sat down on the couch, mentally preparing for the interview. This was your first real interview.

“So, we’re here with Tom Holland and y/n y/l/n! Or do you prefer Holland?” The host asked, and you quickly looked over at Tom, who was casually sitting with his arm around you. “Both actually. As an actor, I want to be my own person, so there I prefer just my own name. But in every other situation, I very much prefer Holland” You gave the biggest smile you could, and looked back at the host.

“That’s so sweet. So let’s get right to the question everyone’s been asking. How long have you been together?” The host leaned forward a little, and you looked at Tom as he started to answer.

“Well, Darling. How long have we been married?” He looked at you, and your faces was suddenly so close to each other, and you forced a giggle. “4 days” You said, keeping your eyes locked on his, until he looked back at the host. “We’ve known each other for 4 days” He said, still smiling wide.

“What?! This is unexpected news! So you guys didn’t know each other before getting married?” The host looked at you with wide eyes, and a slightly open mouth.

“Kind of. We ran into each other in the afternoon. I had just gotten the part in the new series, and I wanted to celebrate. Then I met Tom” You glanced at him again, trying to seem in love. “He spilled a glass of water on me, and when I looked into his eyes, I just couldn’t look away” You continued.

“I’ve never been the type, to just fall in love, but there was just this instant connection. Everything just felt so right. It was really spontaneous, we can both admit that” He laughed, and you decided to continue.

“There was just something so beautiful about the love. I think we both wanted to have it to ourselves, just for a minute. We didn’t tell our family, we didn’t tell our friends. We got a dress, a suit. Then we got married” You carefully bit your lip nervously. “You didn’t tell your family?” The host asked, a bit astonished.

“No. It was some very awkward phone calls the following day. I think the word stupid was used a couple of times” Tom answered. The interview went on with you talking about the wedding, and just a bit about your new projects.


You were already hating this day. The interview was hard getting through, but now you still had to go on a date with Tom. You had to be seen out in public, preferably kissing. As you stood in front of the mirror, applying your favourite lipstick, you thought about how you were going to survive tonight.

You looked at the time. He was going to be here in 2 minutes, so in your opinion he should’ve been here 3 minutes ago. You absolutely hated when people were late, but you wouldn’t be surprised if he was. He was rude, and arrogant, so he was probably also late.

There was a knock on the door, and you were actually a bit surprised. You went to open the door, to find him leaning against the doorframe, looking at his phone. Impatient could be added to list as well. He looked up at you, and once again his eyes scanned you, causing you to smirk.

“As annoying as you are, you are still hot. So as long as you keep your mouth shut, I might actually survive tonight” He smiled, and you rolled your eyes, as you walked out to lock the door to your apartment.

“You’re just so charming, I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have married you” You said, you voice dripping with sarcasm. You followed him to the car, and he quickly started driving to the cinema. You were going to see one of your movies. Well, it wasn’t your movie, but you did have a minor role in it. It was a dancing movie, and you were a backup dancer. You were on screen a lot, but you didn’t really have any lines.

As you got to the cinema, you found you seats. Your fingers were intertwined. As soon as the lights dimmed, all physical contact stopped. You didn’t focus much on the movie, instead you looked around to see what everyone else thought. You had seen it a couple of times already, so there was nothing new in it for you.

You reached a scene with a little sexier dance. You weren’t wearing much clothes in the scene. You always looked away in this scene, not because you were embarrassed, but because it was very strange seeing yourself be so sexually powerful.

As you glanced at Tom, you saw him smiling, and he started biting his lips. He didn’t realize you were staring, which make you smirk. The scene was definitely turning him on, and you couldn’t help laughing to yourself. He was such a jerk, but apparently all it took was a dance. This could definitely be used as torture. It was going to be some long months, so you might as well find something to entertain yourself with.

After the movie ended, and you walked out of the cinema, there were a lot of paparazzi. This was it, now was the time for your grand kiss. He was holding your hand, leading you to the car. He opened the door for you, and before you could prepare, he put his lips on yours.

You wanted to push him away, but you also knew you had to make it seem real. You put your hands behind his neck, and deepened the kiss a bit. You tried to imagine him as some other actor, but none of your tries really worked. After a while he pulled back, and you got in the car. He got in on the other side, and started driving.

“some of the paparazzi followed us, so if it okay with you, I’ll come up with you. I’ll sleep on the couch. I’ll be gone, before you’re up tomorrow” He said awkwardly, as he looked at you.

“Sure, I don’t care” You shrugged your shoulders, and in silence you walked up to the apartment. “Do you think we should move in together? To make it more believable. I got 2 bedrooms, so it wouldn’t be a problem” He stated, and you were once again rolling your eyes.

“So do i. We could just as well move here” You answered, as you opened the door. “Maybe we should talk about this some other day. I’m tired, and I really don’t have the energy to argue with you” He sat on the couch, and you mentally cursed at him. The moron didn’t take off his shoes.

“Since you’re here, do mind unzipping my dress? And taking your shoes off” You smiled ironically, as you walked towards him, turning your back against him.

“Sure” He sighed, slowly unzipping your dress, letting it fall down. You could’ve done it yourself, but you liked teasing him. He could be as mean as he wanted, but he couldn’t take his eyes off your matching black bra and panties.

You love him, but he loves her.

You stood from a distance, your heart skipping a beat when you saw him. You bit your lip, thinking about everything that could have been. Harry had been your closest friend since you met when you both were just five years old. The two of you grew up together, shared baths and had sleepovers. He was your best mate, from start to finish. His fame never pulled him away, never for too long at least, and he had always been there for you no matter what. When his career with the boys had really taken off, Harry did all he could to keep you close. You’d been introduced to his band mates early on, forming life long bonds with them as well. You could think back to the first time you had really opened up to them, when Louis had caught a look in your eye when Harry had mentioned another girl. Harry of course was oblivious, and probably always would be. “What’s up your butt?” Louis asked, as Harry had exited the bus to make a phone call. Your face turned a lovely shade of red, as all eyes were on you. “Nothing?” You question, worried Harry would return any second. Louis pressed further of course, and with the boy’s curiosity growing, you mumble a quick, “I think I like him, I don’t know.” and they all go silent for a moment. “You should tell him.” Louis urged, but you never did. Now, almost five years later, you were dolled up for Harry’s birthday party, your heart racing just at the sight of him.

“You alright?” Louis appeared next to you, his hands shoved into his pockets as if he knew just how you were feeling. “Mhm.” You shoot him a small half smile and let your eyes float back to Harry. Louis and you had become tremendously close over the years. You told him everything, you opened up to him completely. For the past five years, Louis was your shoulder to cry on, and the only person to encourage you to tell Harry the truth. You and Louis found the table were the rest of the boys sat, a drink in each of their hands. “Here ya go, love.” Niall hands you a full glass of champagne. You take a seat next to him, and open your mouth to ask the lads how they all are, but something stops you. Cheering was heard and an applause followed, and slowly you turn to see what all the commotion was for. You watched as Harry stood back a distance from the leggy blonde, who was proudly showing off a large diamond ring. Your heart drops…

“Y/N?” Niall asks, his innocent voice so full of concern. His words fall on deaf ears as your senses begin to fade. You can’t hear anyone, all you can focus on is the sight in front of you. The boys stare at you, eyes wide. “I-I’ve got to go.” Your voice is barley audible, but they shout for you as you stand up from the table and head for the front of Harry’s place. Tears burned your eyes, and you quickly wiped them away, not wanting to cause a scene. You had waited too long, your chance was over. Harry was happy, and who were you to ruin that for him. “Hey, where you goin’?” His voice calls out for you, as you try to sneak past him. Harry steps away from his fiance, who is still showing off her new ring. You grip the handle of his front door, tears streaming down your cheeks. You couldn’t face him. “Y/N? What’s wrong? Why are you leaving?” Hurt was evident in his voice, it broke your heart. You smile, and face him, his brows furrowing in concern when he meets your eyes.

“Congratulations, H.”

This is part one of a three part series. Lemme know what you think. 


Like an Angel ~ An Oh Sehun Series

An Oh Sehun We Got Married series

Not Requested

Genre: Romance // Angst // Smut (later on)

Summary: (of this series) Two idols, one show, one marriage. Can you and Sehun fake your marriage for the fans? Or will that fake marriage start something between the two of you?

Word Count: 3,500 words

A/N: Yay you guys correctly guessed the member! Like an Angel takes place in the same universe as Strangers, but Yixing’s version does not. Yixing’s version (which is coming soon) is in its own universe.

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter four, coming soon}

You look down at the very first mission card.

Your husband’s favorite colors are white and black. Make sure to dress in those colors!

Your eyes move to look at your choice of wardrobe. Everything they gave to you was either black, white, or both. Not caring about what you wear, you settle on a pure white blouse with black leggings. Looking at the shoes, you randomly pick up a pair of mary jane heels.

It was time. It was finally the time you got to find out who your husband was going to be for the next few months of filming. Well, fake husband. You had wondered about this show long enough. Was the hand holding real? Were the hugs real? Was the affection itself real? People had different opinions, yet you yourself had never really had one. Some people said everything was scripted, and others said everything was real. But what if it was in the middle? What if it was both scripted and real? You wanted to find out for yourself. So, after pestering your agent and manager begging them to get you a part in this show, they finally caved.

Keep reading

Naruhina video message event!

To congratulate our beloved OTP and our favorite series of 15 years, I had the cute idea to get everyone do a video message then a compilation just like the anime. Never thought many people would support it and so guess we’ll make it come true! THIS WILL BE OUR WEDDING GIFT TO THEM AND FOR OUR FINAL MISSION! 

The rules are as follows:

- Film a short video of yourself congratulating Naruhina or thanking the series overall. (You can include how Naruhina affected you, your favorite moments, your final thoughts on the series.) 

- Each video cannot be over 30 seconds. It doesn’t matter how short your message, even a thank you would be cute. 

- You can film the video in groups.

- Mention of other ships are welcome as long as you stick to the time limit. 

- You can record your video via Phone, computer, camera. As long as its able to transfer into PC and edit on Windows movie maker. 

- If you are mute, deaf or camera shy, you can hide your face or show your message on paper, any other ways to show your message is also welcome. 

- Send your videos to my email. and link your Tumblr so i can credit you. 

- Deadline is 15th April, GMT + 8 hours. Video will be done in about a week after. 

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Konohamaru will do the filming so everyone is welcome to take part! I hope it turns out cute or even more than the anime. 

Message me on @tasuke101 for any enquires

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Can we have a special Ben X reader fic for his birthday 😊❤️

A/N: okay I don’t usually do this but since it’s Benedict’s birthday I will 😁 so here’s a special birthday Ben X reader ficlet 😊 Happy birthday Benedict! 😄🎉


“He likes you, you know…” You slowly looked up to Amanda who had a Cheshire Cat like grin on her face. You rolled your eyes and playfully jabbed her side and she flinched on the spot laughing.

“No he doesn’t, and anyway we’re friends and he seems happy with that,” you told her in a matter of fact voice. You were standing with her on the set of Sherlock, you had been casted as Mrs Hudson’s granddaughter back in 2010 and had been on a few episodes since then as well as other acting jobs. Amanda loved to tease you by constantly telling you that Ben liked you.

She looked at you with a questioning glare “Are you?” Amanda asked and her question whirled around in your head.

You didn’t have time to answer her as the director shouted “Places!” And you and Amanda rushed to get into character. “Alright everybody! Action!”

You watched Martin and Ben work, their acting was flawless and almost effortless. Well flawless most of the time, as soon as the thought went into your head Ben burst out laughing at ‘Johns’ witty remark.

You couldn’t help but giggle and Ben looked up over to you with a small smile on his face “Alright is everyone ready?” The director asked and Ben nodded, quickly apologising for his outburst before continuing with the scene.

You stood waiting with Rupert at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the flat, ready for the director to shout action. “I’m going to feel like the third wheel,” he lightly chuckled and you furrowed your brow.

“What do you mean? You asked, fixing your costume a little.

Rupert shrugged “Well when you two have a scene together it’s like you both enter a world of your own…” He trailed off and you looked ahead, composing your thoughts. Did that really happen? If it did you didn’t notice it.

“Everybody ready? 3…2…1…action!”

You ran up the stairs with Rupert “Morning Sherlock,” you chirped with a smile “I found Greg on the stairs.”

“Who?” ‘Sherlock’ asked.

You rolled your eyes “Lestrade!” Both you and ‘Greg’ said at the same time. You continued on with the scene perfectly, subconsciously trying to find this ‘world’ Rupert was talking about.

The next scene you were shooting was with Andrew, where ‘Jim’ had kidnapped you and ‘John’ and ‘Sherlock’ would have to save you. “A little bird told me that you’ve auditioned to be Cleopatra in the Globe theatres production of 'Antony and Cleopatra’.” Andrew looked at you with a smile on his face, a far cry from his almost petrifying Moriarty expressions.

“Uh yeah I’m waiting to hear back from them. Apparently they might be casting David as Antony.”

“Tennant?” Andrew clarified and you nodded.

“Yeah but I’ll have to wait and see if I get the part first.”

“I know some of the production managers there, I’ll give them a call and sort you out,” Andrew winked and you gasped, instantly bringing him in for a hug.

“Thanks Andrew that would be amazing!” You let go of him and prepared yourself for the scene. You had to wait for 'John’ and 'Sherlock’ to untie you from a chair that was in front of a loaded gun with a timer. You got into character and the scene began. Your character had their eyes shut and you cried some fake tears, your eyes opened when you felt hands fumble with the rope around you.

“Sh-Sherlock?” You sobbed out and watched as Ben avoided looking you in the eye. You wanted to furrow your brows but did your best not to break character. 'Sherlock’ untied you before pushing you to the ground as the gun went off.

“Cut! Perfect take guys!” The director shouted.

You barely heard him though, you were too entranced with Benedict hovering over you. Ben snapped back into reality and out of the trance he was being pulled into with your eyes “So-sorry Y/N…” He stuttered out and helped you up before quickly going to prepare for his next take.

You let out a small sigh and returned to your trailer just as you received a call “Hello?”

“Y/N! You got the part of Cleopatra!”


About a month later Sherlock was wrapping up filming and all the cast and some of the crew gathered around on set to celebrate “So Y/N…” Mark trailed off with a knowing smirk “Or should I call you Queen of Egypt?” You couldn’t help but smile and let out a giggle as the rest of the cast gasped with surprise.

“You got it?!” Louise asked with a delighted squeal before pulling you in for a hug.

“Yeah all thanks to Andrew!” You smiled at the Irish actor.

“Oh nonsense! You got it because you’re the best bloody actor in the country! Come give me a cuddle” you walked over to him and embraced him in a tight hug “Congratulations.”

You stepped back and found yourself looking into Ben’s eyes “Congratulations Y/N,” you wrapped your arms around him tightly, inhaling his goosebump inducing scent.

“Thank you…Sorcerer Supreme…” You teasingly whispered in his ear with a smile before pulling back, only to be still held in his arms. You smiled at his surprised face, he never told anyone, or at least couldn’t remember if he told anyone “A little bird,” you told him and he clicked on. That little bird was always Amanda.

You went back to your trailer for the last time in the series to collect your things when the door opened “Ben! Hey!” You smiled and put down a box of your belongings.

“Hi…” He slowly drawled out “Uh I just wanted to say well done again for getting the part of Cleopatra.”

“Thank you,” you bashfully smiled “Congratulations to you too! Dr Strange?! That’s amazing! I loved those comics. Marvel are very lucky to have you. When do you start filming?” You asked.

“I head out to Nepal tomorrow then Atlanta after that…” He trailed off with a sad tone and you gulped.

“For how long?” You asked in a whisper.

Ben burned his gaze into the ground “Five months.”

You felt your heart shatter, you wouldn’t be able to see him in person for five months. It would be the longest you would have been away from him. “Oh,” was all you could mutter out before you put on a fake smile “Well I’m sure it will be an amazing experience!”

“Yeah,” he sent you a half smile “Who has been cast for Antony?” He asked raising a suspicious brow.

“David Tennant was cast, I’m looking forward to working with him!” You smiled.

“Yeah…lucky sod gets to kiss you…” He mumbled so quietly that you didn’t hear him. “I’ll come and see you before the production finishes, I promise.” He smiled and leaned forward, pressing a chaste kiss on your cheek. It lingered for what felt like hours “Goodbye Y/N.”

“Bye Ben…”


Three months later you found yourself on the stage bowing for the final time as the crowd cheered and gave a standing ovation. You scanned your eyes across the crowd looking for a certain face but he wasn’t there. You tried not to let your disappointment shine through as you smiled and waved whist the curtain closed.

All the Sherlock cast had visited you, all except Ben. You sat in your dressing room that night, still in costume, looking at a photo from way back in 2010 at a young, fresh faced, Sherlock cast. You smiled and traced you fingertips over Benedict’s face with a sad smile. In the photo he had his arm around your shoulders with a large smile on his face. You both looked so young.

Your face had an even bigger smile on in. Sherlock was your first proper acting gig and from that your career propelled. A knock on the door snapped your from your thoughts and you hollered the person on the other side to come in. “Miss Y/L/N?”

You turned around seeing it was a backstage assistant “Um everyone has gone home but there is a person waiting for you on stage.” They smiled and left you utterly confused.

You walked to the stage, still in costume, and found no one there. That was until you heard a voice echoing through the empty theatre “I am dying, Egypt, dying; only
I here importune death awhile, until
Of many thousand kisses the poor last
I lay up thy lips.”

You flawlessly began to recite your lines as Cleopatra, quickly getting into character with a smile hearing his voice. “I dare not, dear,–
Dear my lord, pardon,–I dare not,
Lest I be taken: not the imperious show
Of the full-fortuned Caesar ever shall
Be brooch’d with me; if knife, drugs,
serpents, have
Edge, sting, or operation, I am safe:
Your wife Octavia, with her modest eyes
And still conclusion, shall acquire no honour
Demuring upon me. But come, come, Antony,–
Help me, my women,–we must draw thee up:
Assist, good friends.”

“O, quick, or I am gone.” You saw Benedict stepping out of the shadows in the most bizarre costume, quoting Antony. You couldn’t help but laugh at his attire and perfectly designed facial hair.

“What are you wearing?!” You laughed, clutching your stomach.

Ben smiled “Stay in character!” He told you and you managed to calm your giggles.

“It’s going to be hard when you look like that,” you waved your hand up and down in front of him as he joined you on stage “But alright.” You cleared your throat and composed yourself before continuing with your lines “Here’s sport indeed! How heavy weighs my lord!
Our strength is all gone into heaviness,
That makes the weight: had I great Juno’s power,
The strong-wing’d Mercury should fetch thee up,
And set thee by Jove’s side. Yet come a little,–
Wishes were ever fools,–O, come, come, come;”
Your breath hitch feeling Benedict’s hands soothingly rub up and down your forearms. You continued speaking with a trembling voice as the strangely dressed actor in front of you made your mind spiral out of control with nerves. “And welcome, welcome! die where thou hast lived:
Quicken with kissing: had my lips that power,
Thus would I wear them out…”

Your voice was nothing but a whisper as you finished your line “You came…” You trailed off.

“I tried to come sooner, I wanted to see you. We’re filming in London for a few days, I’m sorry I broke my promise.” Ben’s gaze fell to the ground and you were quick to place a finger under his chin, drawing his attention back to you.

“You’re here now,” you smiled “Dr Strange…” You teasingly smirked and ran your fingers over his costume.

Benedict let out a bashful chuckle “Yeah…” He drew out “I came straight from filming. I arrived in London yesterday and we started filming straight away. I’m so sorry Y/N.”

You smiled and propped yourself up on your tiptoes to kiss his cheek “You’re here now, that’s all that matters…and you got a private show.” Ben felt his cheeks burn when your lips left his skin and especially when you winked at him after the words 'private show’ left your mouth.

“You look beautiful,” he whispered and moved closer to you.

You look down to your outfit and shrugged, lacing the delicate fabric between your fingers. “We have very talented costume desig-”

“No,” Ben cut you off “You look beautiful…” He trailed off and cupped your face with his scared hands, which you knew was special effect makeup. “Always…” He leaned forward and passionately crashed his mouth to yours. You couldn’t help but moan as he intertwined his fingers with your hair. He pulled back leaving your lips slightly swollen and tingling “How was that kiss?” He asked with a small smirk, pressing his forehead to yours.

“Amazing…I’ve wanted that for so long,” you softly whispered and peppered your lips across his own.

“Better than kissing David Tennant?” He asked, standing up straight with a serious look on his face.

“Much better,” you hummed.

“Good,” Benedict sent you a half smirk “I may have lightly threatened him not to kiss you that good.”

“Ben!” You burst out laughing and playfully slapped his chest. He laughed along with you and wrapped his arms around you.

“Do you want to come back to mine for dinner?” He asked with eyes full of hope.

“I’d love that.”


“Benedict! Y/N! Benedict! Over here!” A hoard of paparazzi and press kept calling your name.

“They’re going to have a field day with us…” You gritted out with a smile directed in the direction of the cameras.

“I know,” Ben spoke to you in the same fashion “Spend five minutes with them then I’ll get you back to the hotel to get that dress off you…” He seductively trailed off.

“Ben…” You warned with a smirk.

It had been a few years since Ben kissed you back in the globe theatre and since then you both had been inseparable. You talked to a few journalists while Ben stood next to you, talking to others. “Firstly Y/N congratulations on your Olivier award for your role as Cleopatra in Antony and Cleopatra, secondly how are you enjoying the D23 Expo?”

You smiled and answered “Thank you so much! It’s absolutely amazing being here! I’ve loved meeting everyone and of course watching the Infinity War trailer. I’ve asked Ben countless of times for spoilers but he never tells me!” You laughed.

“You’re a big fan of Doctor Strange aren’t you?” The interviewer asked and you nodded “What other roles did you enjoy Benedict in?”

“Oh The Hobbit and obviously Sherlock. I love watching him work, it’s such an honour.” You smiled adoringly at the blue eyed man by your side.

“Does he attempt to deduce things when he’s not playing Sherlock?”

You let out a laugh and Ben glanced over to you with a gushing smile. “No!” You replied “Thankfully not! I mean he can barely say the word penguin so-”

“Hey!” He cut you off and placed both hands on your side making you jump “You said you’d never bring that up…” He sent a fake pout in your direction, one that you couldn’t help but laugh at.

“Sorry!” You defensively held your hands up “Sorry darling!”

The interviewer laughed “So are you planning on making Y/N Mrs Cumberbatch anytime soon?” The interviewer pressed.

You and Ben both let out nervous chuckles before you were both cut off by a voice “No! She’s becoming Mrs Robert Downey Jr!” Robert called from behind the both of you and you all burst out laughing.

“No she’s not!” Chris hollered “She’s going to be called Mrs Evans and we’ve already agreed to adopt Tom Holland!”

“No we haven’t! Plus I think Ben wants to adopt him!” You shouted back with a laugh. You felt Ben’s hand come around and gently brush across your stomach.

“I don’t think we’d have the space, love.” You smiled hearing the soft, whispering tone that lingered around your ear. “Sorry folks!” Ben waved “we’ve got to go!”

You walked off with him to a car “How long do you think it will take them to figure out we married in secret Mr Cumberbatch?”

“I’d give it a few months,” he let out a snort of laughter and pressed a kiss to your temple “Mrs Cumberbatch.”

Dean Ambrose | No Defense |

Smut or Fluff

Warnings: The #undersiege attack?

Requested: yes by anon  | Prompts: its possible can you do “Shh, you’re safe. I won’t let you go.” and “No, no–it’s alright, come here.” with Dean pretty pretty please with sugar on top

You were simply celebrating your win to become the Raw Women’s Team Captain for Survivor Series when the #undersiege attack from Smackdown Live! Happened. You were ambushed with no defense. You wake up to a familiar face helping you.

It happened when you least expected it. You were backstage with Sasha, Mickie and Bayley when you heard all the commotion echoing from down the hallway. You had just finished your match with Alicia Fox for your qualifying position at Survivor Series and the girls were congratulating you when you noticed Zack Ryder and the New Day coming down the hall leading a group of Smackdown Live wrestlers. You glanced at the women next to you before pushing your shoulders back, tense as they all began to hoot and holler at you.

               “Look what we have here, the Raw Women’s Captain for Survivor Series,” Xavier boosted, and the group of men parted. Out came Becky, Nattie, Tamina and Carmella who squared up.

               You rushed forward, ready to take the fight to them but Tamina immediately speared you the ground, fists flying at your face and chest. She smashed your head into the concrete and you felt a way of dizzy turns as she gripped your collar. When she was finished with her attack, feeling that it was sufficient, she dropped your lifeless body to the ground, your head making a thump as it bounced off the ground.

               You woke up to hands on your face and immediately trying to throw a weak swing. “Shh,” the voice tried to calm you. A scream escaped your lips as you swung again, connecting with the jawbone. The hands released you and when your vision focused, you saw black clothes, scruffy beard. Dean.

               You stared up at him in shock, the aftermath and the bruises that began to form on your face stung. Your eyes became watery and you sniffled as you wrapped your arms under your knees with a rocking. “Dean, I’m so-,”

               He shook his head and knelt closer to you with his long arms open, “No, no–it’s alright, come here,” his arms welcomed you as you gripped at his black tee shirt. “Are you okay?”

               “No,” you whispered honestly, sniffling into the soft material. Around you, the girls were moving to their feet, Sasha was being held up by Karl Anderson and Bayley was gripping onto Seth’s arm. Luke Gallows lifted Mickie and carried her off.  “I don’t understand what happened.”

               “We were ‘Under Siege’,” Dean explained, helping you to your feet but you whimpered slightly as his hand pressed firmly against your hip. You lifted your merch shirt to reveal a boot sized bruise and sighed. “I was coming to congratulate you when we saw the Smackdown team coming rushing through the doors.  Seth jumped up on top of them, like a cat. You should’ve seen him. I came as soon as I could feel my legs,” he pressed a kiss to your temple as you moved to the medic’s center. “Do you want me to stay?” he asked as he placed you gently down on the bed for you to be checked out.

               “I don’t think I can be alone right now,” you explained without looking up at him, embarrassed. You were Raw Women’s Team Captain, you shouldn’t have been so vulnerable.

               “Hey, it happened to all of us, don’t be so hard on yourself,” Dean said, lifting your chin to look you in the eyes. “No one saw it coming. But you’re safe. I won’t let you go.”

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 Hope you enjoyed <3

Baby Blue Eyes // Simon Minter Imagine

Requested: Yes by @blueminter 

“Heyy, was wondering if you could write me a Simon imagine where you tell him you’re pregnant?? Xx”

Warnings: Fluff and a little swearing

A/N: Hi everyone, this is my first sdmn related imagine so plz don’t be too harsh. Sorry if it seems too long. I revised and removed as much as needed. Feedback is always wanted and I thank you for taking time out to read it. 

Enjoy :))

Perfect. A complete understatement to describe this day; better known as your twenty-sixth birthday. You made Simon promise not to go over the top for you and he listened for the most part but in the end, Simon still bought you whatever he could get his hands on. So, you didn’t mind when he happily pulled out his vlogging camera and recorded when you were doubled over in laughter after he told you a terrible joke or smiling until your cheeks began to hurt as you overlooked the gorgeous city on the London Eye. Your heart soared and your stomach fluttered every time Simon gazed at you with those glimmering blue eyes of his.

The months leading up to this day have been hectic for you and you were sure it has been for Simon as well. All within seven months, you were engaged to Simon and were moving from the US to England to be with him. You of course visited London several times before, considering you and Simon had been together for four years so you’re not completely nervous about the move but it’s still a big step. Thankfully, you have someone as amazing as Simon to help you with the big move.

There was no day that you didn’t thank God for having him and the little one growing in your stomach in your life. Being only nine weeks along and already anxious as hell to spill the beans to Simon, you decided not to and bite your tongue until later.

Hours later, you were at your soon to be home with Simon and the rest of the gang, aka the sidemen, the girlfriends, both Cals and Sarah. You wanted a small party to celebrate amongst the people whom you most cared about. Simon continued to not so secretly record videos of you here and there of you as you laughed at one of JJ’s inappropriate jokes or when you blew out the candles on your cake after you made a wish. Before you could beg Simon to put the camera down, he lifted you in the air as he pressed a tender kiss to your lips.

Just like the first day you and Simon met, he made your heart stop and took your breath away as he always did. Your lips melded perfectly with his as they moved together to the pulsing beat of your heart. It beat so loud, you thought it’d jump out of your chest from every movement of his lips but it only seems to fill with your ever-growing love for a dorky and amazing fiancé. You hadn’t realized the whistles and coo’s until you heard Freezy tell you and Simon to stop before you both made a baby in front of everyone.

Giggling like the love-sick puppy you were, you unlocked your lips from his as you blushed profusely. “Oh shut up CalFridge.” You teased back, smiling happily.

“I will forever, hate that Cards Against Humanity video. Everyone called me that on Twitter for a week.” Cal groaned as he took a sip of his drink.

“It’s just bants innit?” With a teasing smile, Simon piped up.

“Yeah, I’ll show you bants.” Cal said before he jokingly tackled Simon to the ground of which you just face palmed and shook your head.

“Don’t kill each other please? It’d really ruin my day and I’d hate to have to find another fiancé because mine is physically unable to please me.” You chuckled as you looked down at the tumbling mess of lanky arms on the ground.

“But isn’t he already like that?” Cal joked, earning laughs around the room as he sat on Simon while he held Simon’s arms behind his back.

“Fuck you Cal.” Simon yelled from underneath him.

Shaking your head, you said, “Just make sure his all of his limbs still work because I want to take a photo of us when I come back and I’d hate to have to kill you.”

Your lips curve into a smile when you hear a quick shout from Cal as you walk out of the room. “You got it Mrs. Minter.”

You hurry up the stairs to you and Simon’s room and into your suitcase. The butterflies in your stomach can’t help but to flutter around, making you more nervous and nauseous than you want to be considering the morning sickness you’ve had recently. You grabbed the covered sign and hurried back downstairs.

As you walk into the room, you hold the sign behind your back and rush over to the sofa where Simon left his vlogging camera and grab it. With shaky legs and a racing heart, you stand in the middle of the living room and call everyone to attention.

“Hey guys, I have a surprise for you all, mostly Simon but you guys will enjoy it too and when you see it, don’t say anything until Simon sees. Okay?” You plead with a partial shaky voice. Everyone shrugs their shoulders and agrees as they look at me quizzically.

You walk over to Freya and give her the vlogging camera and whisper, “Can you pretend you’re taking a picture but actually have it on record please?”

She agrees without a single second passed and turns it on. You were thankful that she never questioned your motives and instead agreed even though she had no clue what was going on. Just as no one else did. Scurrying back over to the center of the room with the sign still gripped tightly in your hand. By now, Cal has finally stopped using Simon as a chair and he is now standing beside me. A wide smile stretches across your lips as you turn to Simon and ask him to hold the sign for you. He of course questions why until you reply to him telling him to just hold it and look at the camera.

“On three…” Freya calls us to attention and we turn to face her. You securely grip the thick translucent paper covering the words you drew on the sign; ready to rip it off. “Three …Two … One …” As you hear the last the number, you rip off the covering and finally feel yourself breathe again.

You watch everyone’s eyes light up and widen to the size of saucers. Several gasps and hands covering the smiles on everyone’s faces fill the room. You can’t help but to chuckle a little before turning to a confused Simon standing beside you.

“What? What’s everyone looking at?” Eyebrows raised in a puzzled manner, Simon looks from everyone to me.

“Look at the sign.” You tell him as his eyebrows scrunch together even more confused than before but does as you you’ve told.

The sign read: “You’re not just my daddy anymore” written in blue and pink bold letters with your ultrasound under the words and your September 9th due date at the bottom.

You gaze at him as you watch a series of expressions change on his face. Confused to baffled to opened mouthed shock. In a flash, Simon turned to face you, mouth still wide in disbelief. “No fucking way! Are you really?” He says in a low deep voice, frozen in place.

Smiling brightly, you nodded your head, confirming your little bundle of joy. Simon quickly hands the sign over to Josh, smiling brightly before sweeping me off my feet and into his arms. Your laughter becomes lost in the sea of cheers and shouts of congratulations from your friends. You wrap your arms around his neck and his snug around your waist as he holds you close.

Time feels like it has begun to move again when he slowly lowers you to the ground and stares down at you. The dimpled smile you’ve always loved seemed to grow, causing yours to do the same as you gaze up at him.

“I love you and my little one so much; even though I only found out less than five minutes ago.” Filled with as much love and happiness as you had, he pressed his hand against your tiny bump while his eyes never left yours.

“We love you too Si. Forever and always.” You tell him, smiling probably the happiest you’ve ever been. A warm feeling wafts over you when Simon’s tender pink lips touch yours and you know indefinitely, you had the be the luckiest person on earth.

anonymous asked:

I know what to request finally! So how about kise wanting to marry his s/o and proposing to her extravagantly, with all the sparkly lights and fireworks and in front of all their close family and friends? I hope it's ok this time (≧◡≦)

Gender neutral instead of the requested Fem!Reader. I hope you enjoy nevertheless (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

It was a delightful dinner you had with him, and at a fancy place too, where you had to dress up and do your hair differently. Kise was absolutely charming, though that was not a surprise for you, having dated him for a number of years now. The night isn’t over yet, according to Kise, so here you are with a hand in his as you sit on the porch in front of his house, as if you were still high school students.

He is being very sweet, telling you stories of the early stages of your relationship. How it felt pining for each other for a long time before finally confessing, that time when you went for a trip together. You watch him as he talk, beautiful like when you first met, and the nostalgic memories you both talk about certainly sends warmth to your heart.

“I can’t believe it’s almost been five years with you, Ryouta,” you murmur, smiling a little, “time flies by so fast.”

“Mmm,” he hums back, looking at his own thumb drawing circles on the back of your hand. “That’s a long time, huh.”


“But it doesn’t feel like it for me,” he adds softly, “because I have so much fun whenever I’m with you.”

“Me too, Ryouta.”

That’s when the porch ceiling suddenly lights up, making you gasp out in surprise. The two of you are now bathed in yellow light from the string lights hidden meticulously in between wooden bars up above, twinkling in a way that reminds you of Christmas. Your eyes wide, you look up to the porch ceiling and back at Kise—

—only to see him on one knee in front of you.

You have a hand cupping your mouth in shock—is this really happening?—as the night makes an unexpected turn. Kise looks at you, nothing but earnestness, love, and a bit of nervousness in his eyes. The normally playful boyfriend is suddenly solemn, dare you say, as he holds one of your hands in his.



“I can’t be more grateful to have you in my life, but after having you by my side for so long, I realize that I can’t continue without you in it. I promise that I’ll always treat you right, and that I’ll love you.”

Kise pauses, sighs, and shakes his head, while you wait with emotions a mix of confusion, anticipation, and unshed tears.

“I really can’t,” he finally says, looking down at his feet. Before you can ask what’s wrong (is he having second thoughts? Does he not want to marry ou?), he takes out a velvet box from inside his suit jacket, opening it in front of you. A brilliant ring sits inside, shining under the twinkling lights, and it looks as if it’s calling you to wear it. 

“I can’t love again if it’s not with you, _________-cchi. You’re the only one for me—and I really hope that I am the one for you, too—so will you… will you please be mine forever?”

He looks at you, a tear falling down your cheek as you try to hold back a sob. The sound of blood rushing and the rapid beat of his heart almost deafens his ears, but despite this he stills hear the choked ‘yes’ you whisper to him.

“Yes,” you repeat again, louder. If only your eyes weren’t so blurry from the tears, you would notice how Kise visibly relaxes at your answer, a smile on his face as he wipes your wet cheek. You blink a few times until you see the ring slipping on your finger—cold and heavy, but strangely makes you feel warmer and lighter at heart. In fact, you feel faint, so you place a hand on Kise’s shoulder for support.

Instead, he pulls you up by the waist, the two of you now standing, before he proceeds to kiss you. He cups your face, and at that moment everything in the world seems right and you feel as if you could hear metaphorical fireworks in your ears in celebration of the moment.

When you pull away, slowly opening your eyes, the sound of fireworks sound too real and something flashily colorful catches your attention.


Jaw slack, you look at the sky from the front porch as a firework shoots up into the dark, only to burst its redness into a heart shape. You are, once again, flabbergasted, but this time Kise has a smug look on his face when he sees your reaction. You are enthralled and hypnotized, and the moment seems too perfect to be true—maybe you passed out and this is just a dream, but when you feel Kise hugging your waist from behind, planting a kiss against your neck, it feels so real.

A loud slam of the door makes you jump even in Kise’s embrace, and the next thing you know is a chorus of “Surprise!!” and shiny colors blinding your vision. You feel the confetti on your nose and hair, and the vibrations in Kise’s chest as he laughs. When your eyes open, it’s everyone: your family, your friends, his friends from basketball with peculiar hair colors, his sisters, crowding the small porch of the house. 

The tears that you thought were dry immediately resurface and you have to bury your face in your hands to hide them, triggering a series of ‘aww’s from your friends. Kise lovingly strokes your hair, slowly prying your hands away to reveal your reddened face.

“Congratulations on your engagement, _________!”  

“You guys, thank you so much!” You say before rushing over to hug everybody. Kise’s friends are patting him on the back, congratulating him for a job well done and of course your newfound relationship. Kise looks over to you, making eye contact as he asks you to come over.

“Show them the ring,” he says, loud enough to catch everyone’s attention. You shyly hold up your left hand, half-hiding behind Kise as praises are given. 

“Looks really good on you.”

“Thank you,” you say, offering a shy smile. “Still, everyone… I can’t believe you all took part in this.” That earns an honest chuckle from the crowd, especially from Kise’s sisters, who steals you from their sibling’s grasp to lead you to the backyard.

“We prepared dinner!”

“That’s very kind of you, but we just ate—”

“Oh, sorry about that, _________—the dinner is for us, your job is just to drink, dance, and be cute with Ryouta, okay?”

So that’s exactly what you do. The backyard is lit with lights similar to that on the porch ceiling, illuminating the modest area. Kise arranged several nice tables and food for the partaking crowd while he sits next to you for the whole affair, whispering sweet nothings in your ear as he pours wine for you while drinking plenty himself, until some of your friends teasingly suggest that you dance. 

“This is sort of embarrassing,” you chuckle, hiding your face in the crook of his neck. Maybe you drank too much.

“Come on, _________-cchi,” he replies, hands enveloping yours. Just feeling the bump of the diamond ring on your finger makes his heart skip a beat or two. “Look at me.” His lithe fingers lightly bring your chin up, urging eye contact. Kise seems pleased at the extremity of your blush and presses a kiss against your pink ear. 

“If you’re already so shy here, how are you going to survive the wedding ceremony, darling?”

“Oh, Ryouta…”         


A/N: First of the 900 Follower Celebration! I’m happy to share with you a Merlin drabble. Featuring the once and future king: Arthur Pendragon. Thank you @yourtropegirl for giving me this, it the only non-star trek which is not a surprise. But it’s good to have.

A/N pt2 : I love Merlin. I’m going back through the series now. And my GOD I love this man. He such a handsome and soft boy. Arthur Pendragon is a treasure.

Prompt: Congratulations on 900 followers!! So awesome!!! Youll be at 1000 in no time!!! Could I have 14 with Arthur Pendragon? (14: Can I have this dance?)

Pairing: Fem!reader/ Arthur Pendragon

Warnings: None

Word count: about 1000 

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Dreams || Alicia Clark Imagine

FANDOM: Fear The Walking Dead
PROMPT: ‘Congratulations! One of your dreams has finally come true. Let me give you a big hug and wow, you’re warm…’
NSFW: not really
WARNINGS: Language, suggestive

A/N: This took a lil bit of a dirtier turn than I wanted but I hope it’s enjoyed anyway x


You snorted as Alycia toyed with the knife in her hands, fumbling the blade until it clattered to the floor in a series of harsh clangs. You clapped sarcastically to which she rolled her eyes and flipped you off, a smirk forming on your face.

“Don’t you have anything better to do?” she whined, picking up the small dagger, again moving it carefully within her palm. You shook your head and smirked, raising an eyebrow as you teased the brunette further.

“Why Alicia? Don’t want me here? I’ll go cry to your mother, you’d get a great lecture from her.” The taunt made Alicia grumble a ‘fuck you’ under her breath. You grinned in response.

“Maybe if you asked nicely!” You chuckled as the knife once again dropped and Alicia was beet red, scowling at you. You pouted and traced a rolling tear down the side of your face with your finger. 

You stretched, closing your eyes, failing to notice the girl bring the once dropped knife to your throat.

“This isn’t a game, Y/N. You can’t be a sarcastic asshole all the time with crude humour, dirty jokes and no sense of responsibility. We live in an apocalypse for crying out loud.” She moved the blade from your slightly shocked face, luckily  she failed to notice the blush and dilated eyes that adorned your features as you shook yourself, replying with a cocked eyebrow, laying confidently across the bench on deck, arms behind your head.

“Actually pretty girl, I think I can be, because I am. You don’t scare me, I feel like I’m threatened by a puppy the size of my hand. Stick to what you know. I can fight with a knife, you know this, you saw me, so I’m not as useless as you make me seem.” Alycia narrowed her eyes.

“It is my fucking dream to get you on your back.” Your eyes widened comically as she realised her mistake, stumbling to fix it.

“I mean, getting you on your back caused I’ve kicked your ass in a knife fight. Not, like that. You felt a bit sorry for the other girl and you stood, grabbing your own blade from your back pocket and flicking the blade out.

“Alright then.” You started, “we’ll train, have fights as often as you want, until you’re good enough to beat me. Which will probably never happen by the way.” 

She gaped at you and cocked her head. “Seriously?” She questioned, trying to hid her grin as you nodded again and she walked past you to get inside.

“You’re not as badass as you think, y’know?” She dared to tease, this time you flipping her off as she laughed, walking away with a mocking salute.


You and Alicia trained everyday, currently at the two week mark and it was starting to take a toll on you, in mainly two ways.

Firstly, the physical side. Since getting away from the living dead you’d had a pretty relaxing time, and now frequent vigorous exercise had you sore, muscles straining and complaining against your movements, tiredness constantly a part of you.

Secondly, the most damaging effect was that of Alicia herself. You were spending more and more time with her, sometimes after training talking until dark and you felt the familiar pull of emotion towards her and you swore. You couldn’t help noticing the faint outline of abs, or the sweat dripping down her neck. It kept you up most nights but the worst part was the glances she shot you, similar pining and licking her lips.


It was raining. Yet, Alycia still pulled on your arm to go outside and you groaned, feeling your legs protest. She laughed at your grumbling and moved her hand to yours and you instantly flushed, unable to do anything for a few moments just let the girl drag you.

When you finally stood opposite her, knives in hand you felt the air shift, something change as Alicia motioned with a finger to come closer. You grinned again, spinning the knife in your hand as you began circling, Alicia following.

The fight that followed was the most intense either of you had participated in. Sparks crackled between the two of you as you swiped and danced. This seemed to go on for a while before your tiredness got the better of you, your eyes fluttered and Alicia moved faster than lightning. She ran to you using her foot to trip you onto your back, pinning your hands, and the knife above your head. 

You felt yourself heat as she had her knees each side of your hips, her face close to yours and it took a lot of self control not to glance down her shirt. You both were frozen, Alicia glancing at your lips before back to your eyes, coughing as she stood and helped you up. 

As soon as you were standing you began to laugh and try and ease the electricity you felt all over your body, the rain seeping into both of your clothes, making your hair stick your scalp, shivers and goosebumps prickling your skin. 

You made your way to her awkwardly.

“Congratulations! One of your dreams has finally come true. Let me give you a big hug and wow, you’re warm…“ Your arms wrapped around her and your body instantly flared, able to feel the instant increase of her heartbeat and the catch of breath in her throat. 

She mumbled a ‘yeah’, her arms cautiously moving to wrap around your waist and her hands settle at the base of your spine. 

“Alicia..” You murmured, looking up to find her piercing emerald eyes igniting your skin even further, your eyes locking as she moved her head forward slightly, stopping just before she couldn’t anymore. You felt yourself lick your lips and you tilt your head just so, and your lips grazed softly with yours. 

A loud shout of ‘Dinner!’ made the two of you jump apart, your arm rubbing the back of your neck.

“So… do you possibly have feelings for this sarcastic asshole after all?” After you got no reply, confidence flowed back into you as you leant forward and whispered in her ear.

“Because if you have, it’s my dream to be on my back for you more often.” 

Run Away

Write A Thon Day 2
(Femslash! Day)

Intolerable Series Part 3
Words: 983

well hey hello good morning.

i’m under a lot of stress right now so i don’t have a lot to say but enjoy this! the series is officially over!

love you all. requests are open, see you tomorrow for lit day!



As the weeks flew by, your wedding with John creeped up on you more and more. However, John was not the person you loved. He was kind, and had his family’s money, but he never returned home. He was always off fighting, or out with his friends. This left you with a lot of time to think, and all your thoughts were focused on her…

Angelica Schuyler had left her home a long time ago. She had travelled across the sea to England with her husband, John Barker Church. They had married a few months before, not long after you had left Eliza’s engagement party with John.

It often brought tears to your eyes when you thought about her. As you tossed and turned every night, you could see her captivating eyes haunting your dreams. Her soft whispers of “I love you” that had left you speechless now made you sob. You often woke up in the middle of the night, tears drifting down your cheeks.

As you whimpered, he would wrap his arms around you. It reminded you that could not love a woman, especially a married one. You would never be able to hold her or press your lips to hers. She had grown intolerable of men… and you.

When the night before your wedding arrived, you hadn’t expected much. Eliza was busy caring for Alexander’s needs. She was nonstop when it came to him. She would do anything for him, only to get little to nothing back. It hurt you to watch.

An invitation had been sent to Angelica, but as the dawn approached, you realised that even if she had received it, the odds of her showing up were lower than your expectations for John as a husband.

He had gone out, as usual, to celebrate the night before your wedding, leaving you to clean the house and prepare for the banquet that would take place after the celebration.

A knock at the door woke you from your currently dazed state. You stood up, rubbing your eyes slightly. It was probably John. He often lost his keys when he was drunk… and you convinced yourself that there was nothing wrong with that.

You opened the door, your eyes widening when Angelica’s figure cast a shadow into your house. “A-Angie…” You whispered, a small smile creeping on your face. “I didn’t expect-“

“I know. I preferred that you didn’t know I was coming. Do you mind if I step inside? I’d like to put my bags down,” she asked. Your eyes met hers and you felt your heart speed up.

Loose strands of hair framed her face perfectly. You could tell they had fallen when she ran her fingers through her hair… she used to do that a lot when she was worried. The only thing that had changed about her was her eyes.

The brown eyes that used to be filled with love had been replaced with sadness. The shine that been there before was long gone. You hoped that it wasn’t your fault, but deep down you knew it was.

“O-Of course. Will you be staying here?” You asked, opening the door wider and letting her inside. Angelica picked up her suitcases again, walking in and putting them down near your door.

“Unfortunately, I have other business to attend to here. And besides, you’re moving to South Carolina once you and John are hitched. We wouldn’t have much time alone together. And I don’t want to burden you the night before your wedding,” Angelica stated, taking a seat in one of your lounge chairs. She let out a soft sigh, pushing the loose strands off her face.

“You wouldn’t be any more of a burden than my fiancé. Trust me. He’s probably going to be too drunk, or hungover, to get married. But he’s a man, no one’s going to care. However, if I show up with bags under my eyes, people will talk. It’s crazy, don’t you think?” You huffed, sitting across from her.

“You know my thoughts on men’s and women’s rights. Yes, it’s unfair, but there’s not much we can do about it. There’s no hope for us… at least not now. We may as well just relax and continue to be stay at home wives. Women can’t change the world.”

Her words hit you like a slap on the cheek. This couldn’t be the same woman you fell in love with all those months ago. The woman you loved had a fire in her eyes and a kindness in her heart, one that couldn’t be put out. This woman had given up the fight before it had even begun.

You sighed softly. “Do you remember our first kiss?”

Angelica tensed at your sentence, turning her gaze towards the floor. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

You moved closer to her, taking her hands. “You were always the one who wanted to fight… so it hurts me to see you like this. I know that I broke you when I got with John, back then I didn’t think I had a choice. But now, I know that I do have a choice. And I choose you,” You whispered, lifting her chin and looking into her eyes as you spoke to her.

A deafening silence spread through the room for a moment, until her sweet voice filled the four walls.

“Would you say you’ve become intolerable of men?”

A large smile spread across your face. “Yes. That’s exactly it.”

“Well, let me be the first to congratulate you on finding sanity,” She replied, cupping your cheeks with her hands and kissing you.

After a few seconds, you both pulled away. More pieces of untamed hair framed Angelica’s face, and you knew it wasn’t because of stress, but because of love.

“Run away with me for the summer?” Angelica suggested, taking your hands.

“Let’s go upstate.”

I Was Made For Loving You

Previous Parts:

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Part 12 is here~ 

Part 13

Summary: After having your little date night with Yugyeom, everything seemed to go exactly how you were hoping things would turn out. You two confessed your feelings toward each other and at last yugyeom finally asked you to be his. Jackson heard the great news and of course decided to text you to congratulate you. But you didn’t feel like everything was perfect until you had Bambam back as your friend. Jackson just tells you to talk to him so you decided to go talk to Bambam face to face. Yugyeom texts you wondering why you haven’t arrived to the dorm but you let him know what your planning to do. Will you be able to fix things with Bambam?

To Be Continued


I love everyone in the shandom so much seriously like all of us are completely respecting of each other’s headcanons and preferences and opinions and besides most of us tend to have the same collective opinions. I bet one day all of us will just get together and rewrite the series and just make everyone live happily ever after. Congratulations all of your ships are true; that’s right, stannen, larra, murda, just all of them. And every scene makes sense they’re not awfully written. No one is dead except for Destiny because let’s face it that guy is a prick

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Kasai Tomomi's blog posts

*Continue of the series members’ blog about Sayaka’s graduation

(2013-08-23): Sayaka ☆ Tokyo Dome

Yesterday at Tokyo Dome
I appeared as a greaduated member
at Sayaka’s graduation ceremony ♥

I watched at the audience seat until half way ♥

Somehow, watching members dancing on stage from the audience seat
felt so strange (*´ー`*人)

But it was really fun!!

Everytime Sayaka was showing on the monitor
Tomo also scream
just like all the fans (。`・ω・´。)

When Team K’s song Uhho started
I was like “It cameー” (Ha ´ ∀ ` ppy)

Sayaka made me laugh!!

She gave her all even when kidding!!

I wonder if this is also one of the reason why Sayaka is loved so much ♥

Actually I was secretly looking forward to the day
when there will be a girl from next generations
who can heat up the stage
like Sayaka ♥ ♥

Encore was all in Sayaka’s color ♥

I think “Mushi no Ballad” is a famous song that no one but Sayaka can sing ♥

Sayaka’s strenght, dignity, beauty,
and her fraigility…

I have a feeling that
all of them have been shown in her singing voice.

Sayaka has always been good at singing even from the past.
She was always the one who lead vocal in our team.

But you know…

It’s not about skillful at singing or something

It’s because she’s the person that can sing a song that

“resound into your heart”

I always respect her (*´ー`*)

Everytime I listen to Sayaka’s “Mushi no Ballad”
it always comes right to my heart。。

Tomo also have to try my best
So that I can sing a song that “resound into your heart"!!!

Thank you for giving me a lot of motivation until the very end ♥

There’s still one last time at the theater,
But I won’t forget the way Sayaka singing so dignifiedly on the big stage ♥

Congratulation on your graduation ♥

You’re always my precious friend ♥♥♥♥


(2013-08-28): Sayaka (*´ー`*人)

Today I appeared at the graduation stage
 of my same gen member Sayaka (*´ー`*人)♥

I’m so grateful for being able to stand on the theater stage for two consecutive days~♥

But it felt really strange (//x//)

Today I sang two songs together with everybody

Sayaka’s graduation song
"Tsuyosa to yowasa no aida de”

and the song that full of our memories
“Sougen no Kiseki”

Even after graduating, I was still called to member’s graduation like this
I feel like we’re still connected ♥
I feel so happy(*´ー`*人)♪

I’m so happy I can see Sayaka off on her graduation ♥♥♥

Sayaka congratulation on your graduation

We’ll always be friends ♥


(2013-08-29): Saya~ka-chan ♡

At yesterday party、、、♥

Saya~ka-chan and Tomo~mi-chan ♥ lol

Luv u luv u luv u ♥

I really like Sayaka’s mummy crying♥

Sayaka’s crying face is
so passionate right!!

It’s like in those youth dramas!lol

People who can cry in such a way
are so dramatic, I really like it(*´ー`*人)


In the same series:

Noro Kayo | Ohori Megumi | Umeda Ayaka | Matsubara Natsumi | Kasai Tomomi | Masuda Yuka | Kobayashi Kana | Oshima Yuko

anonymous asked:

Hello Petite Madame! I'm really sorry to bother you, but I am strugling with my "art".. I cannot make the faces I draw to look like the person I am drawing.. I tried the tutorials,I am trying to study every piece of their face and still.. I cannot. Getting beoynd desperate. Do you have any advice, does it get better when I continue drawing even if it's not like the person I want to do? I hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you so much for being here! Love you and your art <3

Hi anon ^^

I did a tutorial about drawing Dean Winchester and Bucky Barnes (HERE and HERE) and I explained a bit how to achieve likeness. Basically, you have to simplify the face to a series of construction lines that correspond to the shadows and highlights. The distance between key points of the face is also important (everything is explained in the two post with the links to tuts).

But you know, it doesn’t come in one day! It took me time to actually achieve likeness when I started to draw realistically.

Getting beyond desperate. 

Congratulations, you’re an artist! xD It’s normal to feel frustration and not to obtain what you want immediately (or even after a certain amount of tome)

does it get better when I continue drawing even if it’s not like the person I want to do?

It does get better with practice, of course! Just don’t give up and follow tuts. I’m just gonna post this series of artworks by Ethan Tennier-Stuart he did between age 13 and 18. Look at this!

His take on realistic art is also very interesting and can help you understand what you are doing wrong. Basically, he explains that  “My main epiphany was that the best thing I could do was to start observing in two dimensions. start flattening images in your head and figure out how they truly look. Disassociate any ideas about an object you have and see it as pure visual information. I don’t know if I’m explaining this properly but the key is learning to observe properly. “

You can read more about it on Reddit, the whole thread is very interesting.

Basically, stop to try drawing Sherlock or Dean or Steve…or whoever. Simplify, learn to see shapes and not “a face” when you start sketching, think in 2D and it will make your artist life far better!

Good luck to you anon, you’ll get there! DON’T WORRY!