congratulations on the first show you little shits

Congrats (JB)

Request: You and Jaebum graduated college. His and your parents had a little party for the both of you, then JB came in your room to check you and ended up making out for the first time.
Length: 1,086 words
Genre: Fluff/Suggestive

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being in japan with calum would include

- “But babe its a giant pikatchu why can’t we buy it?!”

- “No Calum Im not going to make you eat the sushi.”

- “And no its not going to eat you either.”

- Him hugging you from behind when your walking down the street

- Having to keep all the boys under control

- “I can’t read that either I don’t speck Japanese.”

- Being at sound check with him before the first show

- Having to comfort Calum because he was nervous something would go wrong before the show

- Giving him a huge hug when he got off stage to congratulate him

- “Babe I did it!” 

- After show sex

- “Michael you little shit since when can you play the piano”

- Calum getting really jealous that Michael met doge

- And he gets jealous when you say the picture of him with a dog is cute so he shows you all the pictures he has with gizmo