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I don’t actually own Overwatch (I still think TF2 is better lol) but I’ve played the free weekends and holy hot hell do I love Mercy. I can’t think of a good segue here but I did spent about six hours on this, which is a lot compared to usual.

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Fat people deserve body positivity

Thin people deserve body positivity

Curvy people deserve body positivity

Thick people deserve body positivity

Petite people deserve body positivity

Fit people deserve body positivity

Disabled people deserve body positivity

Mentally ill people deserve body positivity

PoC deserve body positivity

Queer people deserve body positivity

Trans people deserve body positivity

Non-binary people deserve body positivity

Do you have a body? Congratulations, you deserve body positivity!

If I meet God, I hope she’s female. I’m touched by the power of women. I’m married to a feminist. And I’m troubled by the fact that women in our culture are congratulated most for losing weight.
—  Leonard Nimoy, The Full Body Project
  • Group-Chat Yuri's Puddles
  • Minami: [12.49] Finally got the body pillow of Yuri!
  • Phichit: [12.53] Congratulations!
  • Yurio: [13.00] I want one with Otabek...
  • Victor: [13.01] I have also one!
  • Yurio: [13.01] Do you really need something like that, Victor?
  • Victor: [13.02] Why not? I mean, Yuri is the biggest fanboy of mine and has three body pillows with my face on it.
  • Phichit: [13.03] I know!
  • Phichit: [13.03] Hey, Yurio...
  • Yurio: [13.05] Hn?
  • Phichit: [13.06] Otabek has just posted a pic with him and a Yurio body pillow. ^^
  • Yurio: [13.06] I know. It's a present from me for him.
  • Victor: [13.07] Naww~

Request:Do you think you would be able to write a scenario similar to the yoongi one you just wrote but with taehyung instead?^^ like the gf has the same body type but she’s not insecure she just find loose clothes comfy and one day they go clubbing and the gf gets hit on a lot??? If its too similar to your last one i completely understand,, thank u

Genre: Fluff

Member: Taehyung

Word Count: 1,304

a/n: Again, I am posting this SUPER late and I’m so truly sorry!!…. I hope it satisfies what you imagined anon… HUGE thanks to @mino-ism for helping me finish this!

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You welcomed Taehyung with arms wide open. Pressing a kiss to his lips as his damp fringe stuck to his forehead and sweaty clothes stuck to his body. You pulled away and congratulated the rest of the group on winning an award for their comeback excitedly. Staff hugged the members and clapped, cheering and whistling. Tae hugged you from beside you and you could feel his hand trembling, making you glance up at him and give his side a light squeeze. He met your gaze and raised his eyebrows, a cheeky grin across his lips. You grinned back and realized he was probably a lot more thrilled and happy than he was able to express. The adrenaline of winning the award and the dance still running through his veins and doing little to help the immense satisfaction his body was not able to show.

“We should go out and celebrate” one of their managers suggested, making you and Taehyung break away from each others gaze. The members cheered in agreement and quickly the stylists urged them to change out of their stage outfits and into more comfortable clothes. You followed Taehyung to a corner of the room which was secluded and surrounded by a curtain. “I’m so happy right now” he said, removing his shirt which ruffled up his hair. You took his stage outfit into your arms and smiled, “You deserve to be happy right now, you all do” you said, making Taehyung nod and continue to change.

When he was done and was told that the celebration would be at a club, the two of you departed together to your apartment so you could change as well. Once in your bedroom, you changed out of your clothes and Taehyung’s eyes wandered in your direction. You searched through your closet for something to wear and stumbled upon a dress you remembered only wearing once. You scrunched up your nose at the memory but before you could hang it back, Taehyung spoke, “Wear that one! You look hot in it” he said, making you turn to him as he winked.

You snorted and took another look at the dress. It was short, and tight, and it sparkled. You liked it, but after wearing it that one time, you could only remember how it felt like wearing it, not why you hadn’t worn it again. You shrugged and nodded “Okay” you replied, quickly bringing it over your head. When you were wearing it, you looked at yourself in the mirror and chuckled, “Oh wow I forgot how tight and short it was” you said. Taehyung watched you from behind and grinned, “I like… short and tight” he said, wriggling his eyebrows and making you guffaw.

The two of you and the group lingered around the VIP booth that had been reserved. The music blasted loudly through the venue, bouncing off the walls and rumbling in your chest. Staff and the members danced and laughed, including Taehyung and you. However Taehyung seemed to be too caught up with Jungkook, the sound of their laughter barely audible over the crowd and the music.

You drank with Namjoon and their manager, joking and swaying to the songs surrounding you. The club was packed and you didn’t know how long it had been but you definitely felt buzzed. You danced slightly more clumsily which made you a bit dizzy. You felt a hand on your waist and you turned your head in the direction of its owner, suddenly your surroundings spun and you leaned into Taehyung’s chest.

He held onto your waist tightly and buried his face in the crook of your neck. You held onto his shoulders as he swayed the two of you slowly. “We should go!” you managed, but doubted Taehyung heard what you said. You felt him place a kiss to your neck and another up your jaw, bringing you closer to him and wrapping his arms around your waist.

You pulled away with a puzzled expression but smiled nonetheless. When you met his gaze, you were taken back by the glare he held. Your smile faltered as you mouthed a ’what’s wrong?’. Taehyung crashed his lips into yours so suddenly, you had to take a hold of his shirt to prevent you from stumbling back. His kiss completely stole your breath away, but it was so unlike Tae you felt a bit of concern rising in your chest.

When he finally pulled away, his gaze wasn’t as intense as before. You asked again, this time audibly and quite loudly to make sure he heard, “Tae, what’s wrong?” He didn’t answer and instead laughed teasingly as he grabbed your hands and put them around his neck, bringing you dangerously close to him. You took this as a signal that he had one too many drinks, so you clutched his hand tightly and began weaving your way out of the crowd, Tae stumbling behind you.

“No babe, let’s stay a little longer” you heard Taehyung exclaim over your shoulder, but you kept pushing your way out of the crowd until you reached a more secluded area of the club. “No Tae, I think it’s time to go home. You’re drunk” you stated defiantly, but immediately regretted using such a stern tone when you saw his face. Tae looked at you with eyes full of worry, the playful look that adorned his face just a couple minutes ago completely vanished. He let go of your hand and brought a hand to his hair, brushing out of his face before hugging you again. This time though, his hug was soft. He rested his neck on your shoulder and rubbed your back. “I’m uh- not drunk, just… never mind. You’re right, let’s go home” he whispered into your ear.

At this point, you were lost and genuinely confused at your boyfriend for behaving so strangely, but regardless you said your goodbyes to the group and climbed into a taxi. The car ride was silent, the atmosphere stiff, and while you knew something was wrong with Tae you decided to wait until you went home to talk about it.

Settled into bed, you rested against Taehyung, your head settled on his chest. You could feel him tense up beneath you yet he held you closer than he did on other nights. “I’m sorry I was acting so weird earlier. I probably ruined the night didn’t I?” he asked, finally breaking the silence. “You didn’t, but what was that about? You’re never like that” you replied. He sighed deeply before replying “It’s just, you looked so nice, and I was with Jungkook being dumb, and I left you with Namjoon and you should’ve seen, the way he was looking at you”. You stared at Taehyung, dumbfounded for a few seconds before bursting out into a fit of laughter.

Taehyung sat up and narrowed his eyes at you, “Why are you laughing? It’s not a laughing matter!” he scolded, but you only managed to snort and press your lips tightly into a thin line. “Sorry” you squeaked, and Taehyung covered his face as you sat up next to him, “I thought you liked me in revealing dresses?” you asked teasingly.

Taehyung grunted, “I do! But clearly so does Namjoon” he blurted and you grinned. “Yea well, I don’t like Namjoon so, nothing to worry about there” you countered, lying back down as Tae did the same. “It still sucks that other guys look at you that way…” Taehyung commented, making you turn to him, “Hey, first of all, Namjoon was drunk, and second of all, you’re my boyfriend and the one I’m interested in, so stop thinking about it” you replied.

“So now spoon me because I want to fall asleep already” you added and Taehyung gladly did so with a chuckle.

Imagine telling The Doctor you are getting married... and him getting quite upset because he has never met the man.... or has he?

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“So what shall we do tomorrow? I heard that on the planet of….”

“Doctor.” You cut him short, you just couldn’t keep the secret any longer, “The only adventure I will be making tomorrow is the one to the chapel.”

“Well why on Earth would you be going there? The chapel is a alien meeting hall, and why I am aware they are probably going to have a meeting there I couldn’t see you attending.”

“No Doctor.I mean a chapel on Earth.”

“Since when have you been religious?” He asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“Since I got engaged.” You answered, slowly taking the ring out of it’s hiding place.

“Congratulations!” He exclaimed as his arms wrapped around you tightly, your body stiffing at the unexpected reaction, however the hug soon ended, “Wait a moment, Who the Dalek are you marrying?” 

“And there is the reaction I expected.” You smiled as you looked at him and began walking around the control panel. 

“[Y/N]…. who are you marrying?”

“It is a surprise Doctor.” You teased as you watched the upset start to form

“Do I at least know the man?”

“Probably not, however he does know many people so maybe you do.”

“Well why have I not definatly met him yet?” He snapped as you smiled

“Well because I don’t want to scare him, not yet at least. See I haven’t quite explained to him yet that his future bride travels space and time with a fez wearing, bow tie lovering, doctor who has two hearts, regenerates and has a time traveling police box that can take them all over space and time. And that is what I have been doing when I say I am working at Torchwood. However you are invited to the wedding, where I will introduce him to you properly.”

“Can I at least know his name.”


“What is his last name?”

“Guess you will just have to show up tomorrow to find out.” You smirked as he let out an annoyed sigh.

“Well will I like this Jack fellow?”

“I think you will.” You smiled at the thought of the old friends meeting again…

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You Survived

“You Survived”

You survived another day of torture.
Of hair-pulling; Of pain.
You survived another day of people,
Driving you insane.

You survived another day of harmonies,
Out of sync with your song.
Where the slightest bit of uncertainty,
Means anything could go wrong.

You survived another day of gunfire.
Of bloodshed; of nonsense.
Of people crossing over,
Past your picket fence.

You survived another day,
Of making it through this life,
Doing whatever means neccessary,
To ensure you stay alive.

You survived another day of travesty.
Of hardships; Of malice.
This calls for a celebration,
Raise your golden chalice.

You survived another day,
And if you don’t mind, then I must say:
Congratulations are in order,
For choosing to stay another day.

And to those who didn’t:
To those who chose to die,
To those who allowed vultures,
To eat their bodies alive,
To those who wanted out,
In exhange for a new body and mind,
Congratulations to them also.
I hope they are happier in their next life,

And to those who’s lives,
Tragically come to an end,
Not by their own doing,
By through another’s hands,
I offer my sincerest condolences.
May the afterlife have mercy on their souls,
Life is just too complicated,
For anyone to figure out whole.

  • The Female Body: Congratulations on not being pregnant this month. To reward you, here's half a stone in weight to put on, a tiny demon clawing at your uterus, a belly that looks 3 months pregnant, a high sex drive but you can't have sex, a roaring appetite and a break out. Congratulations and good luck for next month. Xox


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It was a lost love from the beginning
But at least we tried” I sang the last words to my latest single.
“Thank you london for coming tonight!! You were amazing, have a good night!!” I blew a kiss and walked backstage. The adrenaline from just performing in front of thousands of people was still racing through my body, while my crew congratulates me on the show tonight.
Walking back to my dressing room thinking about how lucky I am to be living my dream. I’m startled from my thoughts by my phone vibrating in my pocket.
Sitting down on the couch I look at my phone. It’s a twitter notification from my friend mahogany. Mahogany is one of my closest friends. We were destined to be friends seeing as our moms were too we basically grew up together. Sadly I don’t see her that often anymore. We just both got so busy, me with my first stadium tour and she with magcon. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m eternally great full for the life I’m living right now, it’s just sometimes I wish I could be experiencing this with her by my side.
I open my twitter app and see what she had send me.

I laugh and favorite the tweet.
A few second later I get a skype call from mahogany.
“Hiiiiiiiii”: she screams trying to get over the background noises of screaming teenage boys. She stands up, mouthing: “hang on”. There’s some movement and the sound of a door closing, blocking the noises from inside the room. “Thats better.” I laugh at her and say: “that’s what you get when your traveling with boys” Sighing she looks at me with pleading eyes. “I need more girl power here!” “I miss my babe” pouting my lip I pretend to cry. She laughs loudly making me laugh too. Thats what I miss, laughing about everything and nothing at all. Suddenly she stops laughing making me look up at my screen. “I’ve got an amazing idea! Just join magcon next week.” I look at her surprised not expecting this at all. “I mean we’re both in the same city’s then why not?!” She was right my concerts are all in America next week in almost the same citys she is with magcon. “Mahogany have I ever told you you are brilliant?”: she gives me a smug look and says :“so your Coming?“ Without thinking to long I nod my head excitedly. She screeches jumping up and down. I laugh at her and think about how fun it’s going to be to see my crazy bestfriend again after two months.

Part 2 up, link above
Thanks for reading it’ll get more interesting I promise!!
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I have got to learn to eat a meal in one go as oppose to eating ¼ of it and then the other ¾ later on

A man tried to make his mark and a gentleman strives to leave a mark. A man accepts a favor and a gentleman returns the favor. A man gives orders and a gentleman inspires. A man fits the mold and a gentleman tires to break the mold. The differences are many, but it all comes down to this: a man takes the necessary amount of steps and a gentleman takes the extra step.  Congratulations to all the gentlemen who took the extra step….

~ motion gif by @sfioramiilcuore


Fourth place is


Who will get a character waist up in a circular style and a rough comic style sketch

Third place is


Who will get a simple Chibi and a bust without lineart

Second place is


Who will get a bust up character and a simple Chibi gif



Who will receive a full body character and a waist up character


Make sure to contact me by the 21st or else I will have to pick someone else


Fire was hard, but done without reference however the body was another story, i had about 3 different bartenders siting in my document. with different poses, gestures and uniforms.

This is also in part, a special dedication to my good friend whom passed her reviews. Congrats FRIEND! :D.

However when drawing this guy I had a place holder image over his face, as people watching me draw in public were awkwardly staring. So enjoy the alt face as well.

credit where credit due. ty :)

P.s. I may stop doing UT related work very soon or at least more spaced out. I feel as though my drawing drive has finally lead me to a good point where I can start to be inspired to do my own personal work again. My own characters and other illustrations. Thank you all for being so nice while I experimented in the fanart realm.

  • Alternate Titles of "Hamilton" Songs:
  • The Schuyler Sisters: Only Two of Us Get Storylines
  • Non-Stop: Please Shut The Eff Up For Five Minutes
  • Take A Break: Why It's Important to Have a Work/Life Balance
  • Right-Hand Man: Secretaries Are Lame, Unless You're Washington's
  • Ten Duel Commandments: FORESHADOWING
  • Satisfied: Angelica Schuyler AU Fanfic Where She's Single When She Meets Alexander.
  • Burn: If This Were 2017 They'd Get A Divorce
  • Blow Us All Away: My Teenage Angst Now Has A Body Count
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: Congratulations, You Played Yourself
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Time to Ugly Cry And Get Perspective On Life's Brevity

Eren was leaning against rough brick in the mouth of an alleyway, inwardly congratulating himself for having a body that naturally ran hot while trying not to think longingly of heaters and fire places and piping hot coffee. He wouldn’t survive the cold city nights otherwise. Already being on the streets was starting to show. His tan skin had lost some of it’s glow, cheeks sunken with hunger; he looked both older and younger, eyes huge and wide in his face, hair cut short the way he’d worn it in high school. It’d been little more than a month, and already Eren felt like he’d never get the dirt out from under his nails. It was easy to understand why so many cops had opted out of this mission.

Toying with a lighter he’d stolen off someone passing by, Eren flicked the top on and off while he people watched. Goosebumps prickled up his bare arms. The faded cotton t-shirt that stretched thin across his chest wasn’t meant for winters like this. Eren’s nipples peaked in the cold and men walking by glanced at him and thought about using his body before going home to their wives. Not that Eren was hooking, not really. It was a necessary front, and it would continue to stay a front if Eren had anything to say about it.

He was debating going back to his usual haunt–a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant that occasionally gifted him scraps of tortilla and burnt chicken–when he caught sight of a man he knew like the back of his hand. Not because he’d ever met him, no; but because he’d poured over his file again and again, memorizing what he could, which was next to nothing. the man was practically a ghost.


Logically, Eren knew he’d be short. He’d been privy to at least that much information. But he wasn’t prepared for just how small he looked walking in a crowd. If it wasn’t for the look in his eyes, his gait, the darkness he seemed to carry around himself like a well tailored suit… 

Eren didn’t hesitate. Walking in the opposite direction Levi was coming, tucking his lighter into the back pocket of his skinny jeans, he put himself in Levi’s path and knocked shoulders with him. Eren pretended to stumble, swiping what he could (a packet of cigarettes) before ducking his head and apologizing. Then he kept walking, waiting with bated breath to see if Levi would notice and what he would do.