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Training With Bucky - A series of connected one shots of what’s like to train with Bucky Barnes based off these headcanons here - Part 1

Ficmas - A series of christmas drabbles - Masterlist

Daddy Drabbles - A series of drabbles which detail the adventures of our favourite characters as fathers - Masterlist

100 Kinks - 100 kinky drabbles to celebrate Bucky’s 100th birthday (smut)

Front Line Love - Reader a nurse during WW2 finds herself at the same camp as Bucky. - Part 1, Part 2 (smut)

Riding in cars with boys - A smutty drabble series featuring all our favourite Sebastian Stan characters in cars, so come along for the ride. - Part 1: Carter

Bucky x Reader- Prompt drabbles

“I’m tired of being your secret”/“Sometimes, there is nothing better than some good old-fashioned, no string attached fucking” (SMUT)

“Will you just tell me the truth?”

“You don’t need to protect me”/“Didn’t realise I needed your permission”

“I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”

“I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror..”

Bucky + knives + dirty talk (SMUT)

Under the table at black tie gala (SMUT")

“It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”

“Welcome to fatherhood”

“Stop being so cute”

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

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Fat people deserve body positivity

Thin people deserve body positivity

Curvy people deserve body positivity

Thick people deserve body positivity

Petite people deserve body positivity

Fit people deserve body positivity

Disabled people deserve body positivity

Mentally ill people deserve body positivity

PoC deserve body positivity

Queer people deserve body positivity

Trans people deserve body positivity

Non-binary people deserve body positivity

Do you have a body? Congratulations, you deserve body positivity!

Trump’s Civil War

Trump’s unwillingness to denounce the white supremacists who came to Charlottesville last weekend bent on violence has been part of his political strategy from the start.

Remember, weeks after he began his campaign by alleging that Mexican immigrants were criminals and rapists, two brothers in Boston beat up and urinated on a 58-year-old homeless Mexican national, subsequently telling police “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported.”

Instead of condemning the brutality, Trump excused it by saying “people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and they want this country to be great again.”

During campaign rallies Trump repeatedly excused brutality toward protesters. “You know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this? They’d be carried out on a stretcher, folks.”

After white supporters punched and attempted to choke a Black Lives Matter protester, Trump said “maybe he should have been roughed up.”

Trump was even reluctant to distance himself from David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan.  

Since becoming president, Trump’s instigations have continued. As Representative Mark Sanford, a Republican from South Carolina, told the Washington Post, “the president has unearthed some demons.”

In May, Trump congratulated body-slamming businessman Greg Gianforte on his special election win in Montana, making no mention of the victor’s attack on a reporter the night before.

Weeks ago Trump even tweeted a video clip of himself in a WWE professional wrestling match slamming a CNN avatar to the ground and pounding him with punches and elbows to the head.

Hateful violence is hardly new to America. But never before has a president licensed it as a political strategy or considered haters part of his political base.

In his second week as president, Trump called Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association to the White House.

Soon thereafter, LaPierre told gun owners they should fear “leftists” and the “national media machine” that were “an enemy utterly dedicated to destroy not just our country, but also Western civilization.”

Since then the NRA has run ads with the same theme, concluding “the only way we stop this, the only way we save our country and our freedom, is to fight this violence of lies with a clenched fist of truth.”

It’s almost as if someone had declared a new civil war. But who? And for what purpose?

One clue came earlier last week in a memo from Rich Higgins, who had been director for strategic planning in Trump’s National Security Council.

Entitled “POTUS & Political Warfare,” Higgins wrote the seven-page document in May, which was recently leaked to Foreign Policy Magazine.

In it Higgins charges that a cabal of leftist “deep state” government workers, “globalists,” bankers, adherents to Islamic fundamentalism and establishment Republicans want to impose cultural Marxism in the United States. “Recognizing in candidate Trump an existential threat to cultural Marxist memes that dominate the prevailing cultural narrative, those that benefit recognize the threat he poses and seek his destruction.”

There you have it. Trump’s goal has never been to promote guns or white supremacy or to fuel attacks on the press and the left. These may be means, but the goal has been to build and fortify his power. And keep him in power even if it’s found that he colluded with Russia to get power.

Trump and his consigliere Steve Bannon have been quietly encouraging a civil war between Trump’s base of support – mostly white and worried – and everyone who’s not.

It’s built on economic stresses and racial resentments. It’s fueled by paranoia. And it’s conveyed by Trump’s winks and nods to haters, and his deafening silence in the face of their violence.

A smaller version of the civil war extends even into the White House, where Bannon and his protégés are doing battle with leveler heads.

National security advisor Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster fired Higgins. Reportedly, Trump was furious at the firing.

McMaster was quick to term the Charlottesville violence “terrorism.” Ivanka Trump denounced “racism, white supremacy and neo-nazis.” Reportedly, chief of staff John Kelly pushed Trump to condemn the haters who descended on Charlottesville.

Let’s hope the leveler heads win the civil war in the White House. Let’s pray the leveler heads in our society prevent the civil war Trump and Bannon want to instigate in America.  

How to empty mind meditate

Prep stages:

1) Take a shower/bath and get all dried off. Put on comfortable loose clothes.

2) Clean your room where you are going to sit. Or go outside to a fairly tidy spot and sit. 

3) Do a basic relaxation exercise like starting with your neck and moving down to your feet of tensing and releasing each muscle group. OR do shaking tree practice to shake tensions out of all your muscles.

4) Make sure you are sitting supported and comfortably. In a chair with your feet slightly raised on a couple books or cross legged on a cushion, or sitting loosely cross legged or kneeling comfortably are all fine.

Actual meditation:

1) Sit for as long as you can. Let your mind run. Don’t indulge it exactly, like don’t start planning a novel, but just sit and let your thoughts come and go as they will. You are literally just letting your mind empty, its full and it has to let all its thoughts out so it can get empty. Do not pursue any of your thoughts. Just let them think and fizzle out.

2) Sit still as you can, but that’s not the main focus. If you have an itch cross your eyes and look right to left. If you still are itching, then scratch and get back to sitting still. If your position you are sitting in hurts, rearrange. If you twitch or can’t keep your hands straight let them fiddle but don’t focus on them. Counting beads like mala beads or a rosary can be good for keeping fidgeting fingers busy.

3) When you are done, like you can’t stand it anymore for whatever reason or you ran out of free time. Get up and congratulate yourself for meditating. This is really all it is, you meditated if you sat still and let your thoughts run.

4) Repeat often. At some point your mind will probably run out of thoughts for a bit. To me it feels like a warm dark tingle and I realize all the sudden that I wasn’t thinking about anything. There is no way to know how long you weren’t thinking. Congratulate yourself and then let all the thoughts about how you finally got empty mind go–don’t exactly indulge them, but don’t police them either. You might not get there again for a while because you are pursuing it to hard, but after a time it becomes natural.


1) If you fell asleep don’t get upset, it probably means you got to empty mind and your body checked out because of exhaustion. Congratulate yourself, get more sleep, and try again another day at another time of day when you are less tired.

2) If you have visions and spirits contacting you, take note of them and if you want to plan to focus on them later. But return to just letting things happen don’t particularly indulge them unless you feel it must be handled then. Take notes afterwards of anything that came up that you need to address.

3) Once you have achieved empty mind a few times, take note of how it feels and experiment with just remembering the feeling and see if it comes to you faster.

4) Take note of how meditating helps your stress levels and try to include it in your daily habits because it is very beneficial. Just doing it, not whether you achieve empty mind or not, is what makes it successful.

5) Meditation is a modern expression of traditional witchcraft because our fore bearers had more times to sit and relax than we do sometimes while working like when watching the sheep, plowing, or weaving. So we cultivate it in modern life where it just occurred within the normal day to day customs in the past. However, some time was ritually set aside for meditation practices like incubation in caves and mounds. So once you have gotten good at the practice see if you can bring it into some of your day to day tasks so that you can experience it more like our ancestors did.

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

If you identify as a girl, then you are a girl. 

That’s how simple it is. You think of yourself as a girl? Congratulations, you passed the test! You’re a real girl! 

No matter how your body looks like, no matter how your genitalia look like, no matter which surgeries you had or not, want to have or not, no matter if you have a uterus or not, no matter how you dress, no matter if you wear make-up or not, no matter who you date or not, no matter who you sleep with or not, no matter if you’ve always felt like a girl or not - You’re a girl. 

If “I’m a girl” feels right, well, then it is right. No further discussion necessary. You don’t need to fulfill any other criteria to be “girl enough” or to qualify as a “real girl”. 

You are a real girl. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

What’s Bred in the Bone: Part I

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Jaal x Sara Ryder

A 600 year nap and a 2.5 million light-year journey to find out the answer: are humans and angara genetically compatible?

Rated M for strong language, some sexuality and violence. Alien-human pregnancy fic.

Spoilers for Jaal’s romance and loyalty mission, and end of game.

Part I of ??? - Part II - Part III - Part IV

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Bad Blood

Modern AU - Vampire!Ivar x Hunter!Reader

Notes: Remember when I said there would be a vampire au? Probably not bc it’s been a long time. But it’s finally here!

Rating: Explicit

Summary: You want to make Ivar pay for what he did to you years ago, but he shows you that you need him alive.

Warnings: Smut, blood, killing, biting,ingestion of blood, light knife play

Tagging: @ivartrash @brightlycoloredteacups

Everything around you was silent, but you knew you weren’t alone. The pale moonlight didn’t do the best job in illuminating the way, but the darkness was not a problem. The venom in your sistem improved all your senses, and it was the only good thing this unnatural substance could provide. Only the memory of its strong, bitter taste was capable of make your face writhe in a disgusted grimace.

Your fingers, half covered by leather, were cold and wet with sweat as you held the cossbow in front of your face. The weapon was like a extension of your body, as well as the dagger imbued in vervain inside your boot. You could dark shadows moving around as the other hunters worked to surround the industrial shed.

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anonymous asked:

I know this is an Undertale askblog but- *deep breath* -DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS ABOUT DOOMFIST!?!?!?



A Man of Means Feat. Getthicker

“Size is intimidating and fitting for a man.”

           I said this to Jacob one night after we met. I hadn’t expected him to grow on me as much as he had, but I guess that’s what happens when you stop expecting things to just happen.

           At first, I didn’t like the idea of being fat. Frankly, I just hated being skinny. It’s weird: in today’s society, where everything is wrapped around being skinny and who weighs less, to actually hate yourself for being skinny. Sure, you can wear more form fitting clothes and you are more attractive to a larger population, rather than being attractive to a smaller chunk of people for being a bigger portion of man.

           What caused my inner self-hatred was high school. I was bullied pretty harsh, and not for being a dork. I was actually a little popular. I was handsome, made people laugh, played some sports here and there. It was my size that got me picked on. Being close to six feet and weighing one hundred forty-five pounds made it easy for certain jocks to target me. I had no meat on my bones whatsoever, which meant I was all skin wrapped tightly over my exposed ribs, no ass, and absolutely no muscle. I would go home, broken and bruised, confused as to why I was being picked on. Bobby was chunky and had stretchmarks. Why wasn’t he picked on for being overweight? Why wasn’t Henry ridiculed for taking steroids and shrinking his balls? Why was skinny bad?

           After years of torment, I went to college, which opened up a brand-new door for me: body acceptance. While it wasn’t perfect, I saw men and women of all shapes and sizes, owning their bodies and saying, “fuck you” to anyone who tried to make them think differently. At this point, I wasn’t seeking a larger frame. That came years down the road when I graduated and started working in an office up in Manhattan. After two years of working there, we got a new coworker who I unfortunately had to work close with: Bobby from gym class. While the years hadn’t changed me at all, they certainly had changed him. He had only been chunky in school, what with his round belly and soft chest, thick thighs and round ass, but now he was simply fat. Somehow, he managed to squeeze his huge gut into a suit and tie, without bursting any buttons. We took one look at each other, me remembering years of torment in the locker room, and him laughing in my face.

           “Holy shit, is that you Slenderman? Haven’t you gained any weight yet?”

           At home that night I made myself a vow: I needed to be bigger. I couldn’t be skinny any longer.

           After doing some hours of research, I found the perfect diet. If I had it correct, I had to eat a lot of protein, rice and breads, snack during meals, and overdue it on meals. It couldn’t be too hard to gain weight.

           After a few weeks, I managed to gain three pounds. The added weight was hardly any difference to my body. I was already pushing myself to eat more at dinner, snack periodically through work days and at home, and upped my junk food intake. What would it take?

           That’s when Trent showed up. He was a new client at work, and his good looks made him the envy of every man and the desire of every woman. Luckily for me, he was gay. Trent was very muscular, having worked out five days a week for several years. The sleeves of his dress shirts were always being tested by the size of his arms, his chest threatening to pop out of his shirt. And don’t even get me started on his perfect chiseled ass.

           We hit it off well, and while none of us were looking for a relationship, that doesn’t mean we didn’t spend a lot of time in bed.

           One night, while I was eating out his perfect ass, he said to me,

           “You know, we could get some meat on you yet.”

           Lifting my face from his cheeks, I questioned what he meant.

           “I do know a guy. He’s how I managed to get this big. Through a better diet and some chest and arm exercises, we could easily get you swoll.

           Before I could question his questionable methods, he reached behind, grabbed my head, and placed my face back between the globes of his ass. He did want me to eat after all.

           While I cannot say what his methods were, I can say they were effective. Armed with one hell of a protein shake three times a day (sometimes sneaking a fourth), I managed to pack on some serious weight. Within a year and a half, of dieting the right way, and lifting weights and boxing, I had developed strong arms, and big chest, and surprisingly not-regrettable, a nice ample belly. When Bobby took his eyes off his internet porn to notice my transformation, he was astounded, and didn’t even say anything to me. I was definitely a man of bigger means. I loved how big my everything was, and even my ass seemed to grow too. While I was sad that Trent found himself a man who wasn’t me, I continued to work on my body with the tips and training he had given me.

           One night, a few friends and I were at a local bar, and I was knocking the beers away (beer is good for the belly too, just an FYI), when a few guys from high school wandered in with Bobby, who was pissed that he had gotten fired and I took his spot in the company. And like any cliché bar scene, it ended with them ganging up on me, and a massive bar fight ensued. I found myself running towards the subway, my fist throbbing and Bobby’s blood on my shirt. All I did was break his nose, but the whole scene made me sick and I took off. Much to my dismay, being bigger didn’t help the scrawny kid in me be any tougher or manlier.

           It was that night on the subway, drunk and in pain, that I met Jacob. He was, and still is a nurse, and offered to bandage me up and walk me to my apartment. Funny enough, we also lived in the same apartment building!

           We talked for the next several weeks, including me telling about my recent transformation. Jacob himself was a smaller guy, only five-seven and one hundred fifty pounds. He congratulated me on my new body, and helped me see that I didn’t need to be big to be masculine or anything.

           Surprisingly, eating at different restaurants a lot and quitting the gym made me gain even more weight. My arms and chest fleshed out with the new pounds, and my belly grew also, while growing outward and developing love handles, my belly also began to drift south with the new girth.

           One night, I was pretty drunk and Jacob and I began to get frisky on his couch. My shirt came off, revealing a tight-fitting tank top, with my gut almost fully secured in its material and my nipples, hard and sensitive poking through. While I was a bit too drunk to move, his hands rubbed up and down my soft body, pulling my tank over my head and kissing all my fat and teasing my stretchmarks.

           “I just love your body babe,” he said between kisses to my tummy. My pants soon peeled off onto the floor and he sat on his kneed in front of my engorged cock. As he grasped it with one hand and lowered his lips to my head, he looked up at me. In those few seconds, it seemed he was drinking in my chubby body, examining every roll, my patch of dark hair between my chubby man tits, and my belly.

           He slowly licked up my shaft.

           “Grow for me,” he said.

           In my drunken daze, I asked confusedly, “What?”

           He licked again, teasing the area right at the underside of my dick head, “Grow for me. Be bigger for me.”

           He repeated this several times until the idea of overpowering him washed over me and I shot on his adoring face.

           From then on, I was an eating machine. I would snack on McDonald’s and Burger King instead of on chips and nuts. I would eat two, if not three or sometimes four extra helpings at dinner. My shakes began to increase in volume and consistency throughout the days. After weeks of this, I was convinced I could feel the fat being poured into my body. My gut and tits grew immensely, making me look like a macho ex-jock. Jacob loved to pull down my shorts and rim my fatter ass no matter where in the apartment we were. He loved the challenge of finding my hole between my round cheeks.

           In bed, I was a fucking beast. While I couldn’t find my own power when it came to my bullies, man did I put it to good use on him. I love being the bigger of us two, me being able to easily overpower him with my girth. My whole body shakes and jiggles while I fuck my tiny man, and I love watching his thin frame ride me. He will grab onto my chest with both hands while he slams down onto me, loving all of my body with his smaller one.

           One day, I hope to have a gut big and round enough so when I get him on all fours and pound him, but belly will rest on his back while I give him everything I have.

           It’s true that size is intimidating and fitting for a man. And I finally am beginning to feel like the man I was supposed to be.

Three's a crowd

This week’s fic comes to you for the FRIENDS quote challenge hosted by @impalaimagining

I loved this show growing up so of course I jumped at the chance to join this challenge. I chose (from one of my favourite episodes no less) “That’s easy for you to say, I don’t see three kids coming out of your vagina!”

Word count: 1,253

Characters: Reader (Y/N Singer) x Dean, Sam, Jody, Claire, Alex, 3 OC’s  (the triplets), mentions of Garth and Bobby

Warnings: mentions of labour and childbirth, brief threats of violence

Never again.

You didn’t care who got the snip, you or Dean, but someone was having it done.

“Did you know you could be in the first stage of labour for up to 19 hours?”

Gritting your teeth as another contraction finally ends, you turn to the source of this delightful information.

“Claire? Not helping.” 

You’ve been pregnant for what has felt like an absolute age (well 8 months but long enough). The guys had stopped hunting but a desperate and in trouble Garth had dragged them out from their ‘paternity leave’ (yes, even Sam). You’d gotten them to drop you off at Jody’s, and of course this is when your body decides it’s time for you to go into labour.

“You’re doing so well, sweetie!” Jody’s by your side, kindly letting you squash her hand as you wait to get to the point where you can get some drugs. As another contraction starts up, Alex walks back into the room.

“OK I finally got in touch with them! They should be here in two hours, hour and a half at best?”

“What?! How? The hunt was only 4 hours away and Dean said this morning they’d be leaving soon! They should be 2 minutes away, not 2 hours!!” you’re screaming by the end of your rant, but Alex takes in all in her stride.

“Construction work on some bridge forced them to take an hour detour. And they had just gotten back onto the road after lunch when they answered. Seems they left their phones in the car.”

“Left their….oh cheers! Not like I’m 8 months pregnant with your spawn or anything Dean! And Sam too? Oh I’m going to hit them. I’m going to hit them so hard.”

“Maybe if you hadn’t let Dean hit it so hard, you wouldn’t be in this situation.”

“Shut up Claire!” This time both you and Jody speak up.

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A Deal with the Cipher

William was done, his band just kicked him out because of some bullshits about his too much aggressive behavior, Dethklok is a death metal or not? Anyway, he was drinking his booze, when suddenly, his booze brightened and a kind of genie came out of it. It was a yellow triangle with an eye, a black top hat and a bowtie.

“Heeyah, heyo, hello mortal! Drowning your sorrows, aren’t you?” Said the genie.

“What the fuck are you supposed to be?” William spitted at the genie.

“Very well, my name is Bill Cipher and I am THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS, BRINGER OF PAIN AND DESOLATION, also I like floating tea party sometime. I’m here to give you an opportunity that you cannot miss.” Announced Bill, even if he had no mouth to talk with.

William brushed his eyes, thinking that it was just a hallucination, but he seemed to be real. “So… What’s that opportunity?”  

“The opportunity of a new life, with a band that accept you, so much more people loving you for who you are!” Bill informed me, with sparkles in his eyes.

“Where’s the shit?” William asked.

Bill blinked for a moment before giggling. “There’s nothing wrong with this! An opportunity for you and me. Plus, your life does seem to be depression direction. Deal?”

William thought before replying. “Deal.”

“Peeeeerfect! First, I need you to sign this contract.”  

Bill gave William a contract and a feather to sign even though he was drunk. However, when he grabbed the feather, he pricked his finger and a droplet of blood fell on the contract.

“Hahahahahaha… I mean, sorry for the quill.”  

All of a sudden, the contract sucked William and Bill into a wormhole as their visions faded. When William woke up, he saw that the landscape was weird, 3D crap or something like this.

“Yes, it worked. Welcome to the real world, William Murderface!” Bill announced.

William thought that it was some kind of virtual reality or a weird dream, but it seemeed so realistic. However, when he tried to grab a beer on the ground, his hand just passed through it.

Looking at himself, William noticed that he was now kind of translucent. “Wh-what the fuck is happening?!”

“Oh yes. See the only reason that we could go into this world is because we didn’t believe in anything into our previous universe. The emptiness into our two souls was so strong that when you signed this contract, we were freed! Our reality was an illusion, but this world is real. Sadly, even though we broke the fourth wall, we’re still fictional and don’t exist in this world.”

“Then, what are we supposed to do? Watching people piss in the streets?!”

“Hahahihihehe… Don’t worry. This is where the fun begins. Look at this hottie here. Let’s follow him.”

The pair of fictional characters followed the man to his house, it was a bigass mansion. The guy was so rich that he started to undress even though he was still outside.

When he was finally inside, Bill whispered to me. “Psst, psst.”

“Why are you whispering? They cannot hear us.”

“I know, just wanted to mess with you, haha!… You saw this piece of meat? You could like to be him, right?” Bill said as William nodded. “Then, just rush toward him and possess his body!”

William was astonished, him, who was nothing but a ton of ugliness, could be this handsome guy? Thinking no more, William ran toward the man, closing his eyes when he touched him. But, nothing happened and was now lying on the floor, still translucent, as Bill laughed at him.

William glared at him while Bill spoke. “You should have read the contract, you cannot possess this body… But I can!”

Then, Bill waited for the guy to took off his pants and as he leant to untie his shoelaces, Bill floated and dived into his briefs, shoving his triangle form in his ass. The man yelped with a surprised and girly voice when he felt this.

“Shit, that guy has a tight ass!” Bill announced.

Whatever, Bill kept pushing while the man was moaning and trashing around his mansion. He grabbed his butt cheeks, stretching them but Cipher was still shoving himself inside him.  

“Oh merde! Something is stuck in my ass?!” The man complained, trying to call 911.

‘Shit, he was French, the ladies loved that.’ Thought William. Nonetheless, this feeling was too much overwhelming and he could not dial the numbers. Bill was soon under the guy’s abs. However, Bill was lost and he looked at a map to find his way.

“Hmm, so the third eye anja chakra is around the forehead. Let’s take over this delicious puppet!”

Bill was having fun, using his triangle form to sting the inside his body as he was scared and confused.

“No! What’s happening to me?!” The man screamed for help.

Then, Billy was in the guy’s throat and when he yelled, William could see Bill in his mouth as he winked to William from inside the guy. Climbing to the brain, Bill drawn on the guy’s forehead a triangle before inserting himself on it.

“Arrggh! Ma tête! Nooo, UNNNGGGG!” The guy kneeled before collapsing.

All of a sudden, a third eye appeared on the guy forehead. His two others eyes were still close but the guy was now standing up, looking at his body.

“Dear God, look at this, I’m colossal!” The man said without moving his mouth and with Bill’s voice.

“Huh, Bill, is that you?” William inquired.

“Of course, it’s me! What do you…” Bill said, checking himself in the mirror. “Not bad, but I need to be more discreet with this.”  

Consequently, the man’s third eye closed and he took a deep breath, before opening his real eyes and smirking at William.

“Hey.” Said Bill, perfectly mimicking the guy’s hot baritone. “Damn, this vessel has an arousing voice, I’m already use to it. And this body, yummy yummy… Bonjour, je suis Paul Delaqueue, enchanté de vous connaitre.”

Billy caressed his body, licking his hairy arms and biceps. Then he pinched his nipples and moaned, bouncing his pecs. A devilish smile crossed on his angelic face as he started to tickle his abs and thighs.

“Hahaha! Even his laugh is virile, hohohaha!”

William watched the body that he thought was his, astonished and clenching his fists.

“You bastard! Where is my body?”

Bill looked annoyed, raising an eyebrow on his handsome face. Something wrong was on his mind and William could see this, even on a stunning beauty face like this.

“Willy-boy, don’t worry. Your body would be easy to find. This succulent host’s bratty spoiled daughter will go to an event where is your future vessel. Unfortunately, I think that she needs to be grounded for interrupting so much of my affairs by harassing so much on the phone… Oh yeah, I can feel it, this one is a manwhore, a real stallion. He fucked so much pussies. Haha, I don’t know if I can make his life even more fucked up, but it will be a pleasure to try!” Billy laughed as he headed to his closet. “Yesss, these clothes will suit this mouthwatering figure better!”

Bill arrived in front of the mirror, touching his tanned borrowed skin while dressing himself up and making sexy faces in the mirror. “Hmm, what a stud, yeah you are such a slut aren’t you? Ruining your wedding by cheating with your future wife’s sister, yeah daddy, you delectable prick. You deserve to be slapped to death.” Bill started to slap himself until his cheeks were red.

“Hey weirdo! We have to go!”

“You’re not fun… I’m not done with you.” Bill winked at his reflection as William rolled his eyes.

Bill took a fancy sport car and drove us to the sought destination. It was a concert.

“Wait, you’re telling me that I will possess a music bitch?” William asked, thrilled.

“I already told you that you would be a part of a band, haven’t I? Now, follow me, we, or rather this body has backstage pass”

We walked away from the crowd and screeching fangirls before going behind the scene. There was a lodge but, ironically, a bodyguard was guarding the body that I was supposed to take.

“Sorry man, Payne canno… *Bam!* ” Bill punched the bodyguard and flexed his gun.

“Holy cow, this body is so strong!” Bill congratulated himself before blocking William. “Wait! Why not possessing this guy during the concert? When he is singing in front of this foolish crowd?!”  

“Then, why knocking out the bodyguard?” William questioned.

“Why? Why? Because I wanted to punch someone with this mountain of muscles, haha!”

William sighed as they both waited for the singer to come. However, William saw nobody that could be his vessel. “Where is he?”

“Willy, can’t you see? He’s right there!” Bill scowled him as he pointed someone singing.

“You piece of shit! You want me to possess this faggot?!” William screamed, pissed off.

“Hey, relax, Liam Payne got some muscle on his bones, plus he would be great on this hard boner I’m right now.” Bill taunted William, thrusting his ethereal body.

“No way, you’re a fucking queer?” William interrogated Bill.

“I’m everything that I want, the only things that I want is fun and chaos. So, if fucking Liam Payne’s vagina ruin these fangirls’ dreams, heck yeah I’m gonna do this.” Bill announced, madness having took over his handsome face.

“Fuck you, I prefer cutting off my own dick rather than doing some gay shit.” William refused.

“Boohoohoo… Too bad, Liam is the only body you can possess, written on the contract my dear. Plus, if you don’t possess someone, you will soon disappear and cease to exist.” Bill told William, grinning like a maniac.

William sighed, looking at Liam’s smaller and younger body before rushing to him. Liam, ignoring the spirit’s presence, was still singing.

“…only you can dance with me. So, put your hands on my bodyyyyy! AHHHH!” Liam yelled as William pushed himself on his back, forcing his bigger body inside him.

Medics came and brought Liam to his lodge, he was convulsing, fighting for control. After a moment, Liam stopped to move and opened his eyes.

“Liam, are you okay?” The medic asked.

Liam’s innocent face soon turned into an annoyed one as he answered. “Fuck off.” His voice was still the same but it seemed like he was trying to have a deeper tone.

Then, the concert was cancelled and Liam did not want to talk with anyone. People thought that he was acting weird. All he wanted to do was to work out.

“Fuck, this faggot better gains more beef or I’ll kill myself.” William complained.

“Really? It would be such a shame to waste this bottom slut potential.” Snickered a familiar voice.

The person was Billy, he was lifting much heavier weights. The fucker even tattooed his stolen body!

Bill was taunting William, he was stuck in that weak body while Bill possessed a Greek Demigod.

“Liking my tattoo? I was thinking about you when I put this blooming flower bud on his beefy bicep.” Bill mocked William.

“Go fuck yourself.” His victim answered.

“Already did, several time.” Bill licked the sweat on his toned arm before savouring his lips. “You know, my ex-wife asked me why I went to a One Direction concert. I told her that it was for banging your sweet twink butt. And you know, I don’t want to lie to her.”

Bill caressed William’s hand but he quickly pushed him.

“Listen gay bitch, I will become more muscular. Then I will beat your ass, understand?” William threatened Bill, but he was unfazed.

“Whatever you want sweetie.”

As the days passed, William hated his new life more and more. Cheesy ass songs were stuck in his mind and irritating fangirls were following him every time. However, he could not deny that his new body was not that bad. For a young shit, he had a bigger cock than his previous body and the workout started to took effects. One time he was singing and his guns were bulging!

It was hard to say but William started to accept his new life. In spite of, he decided that Liam was now HIS body and HIS life, so why he should endure this rainbow unicorn shit every day? Soon, “Liam” dumped One Direction, changed his name for “L-Pain”, became hairier and tattooed his body. Despite of this, the fangirls loved his bad boy persona and William was not annoyed. He could have sex with so much chicks. For the first time, women were telling him that he was handsome!

Now, a death metal singer, Liam was walking to his trailer but he heard someone in. He fell the perfume of soap. But William hated soap because of gay shit tricks. He walked into his trailer bathroom, hearing someone snoring. Then, he saw Bill, sleeping in his bathtub.

“Oh, bonsoir. Want to join me, cutie?” Bill/Paul flirted with me.

“I’m not into this fag crap, get the fuck out of my bathtub!”

“Let me fulfill your wish, mon amour.” Paul winked at William before standing up, revealing the giant monster between his legs. It was probably 13 inches!

Paul grinned, caressing Liam’s neck, blowing foam at him.

William was trying to resist. “I won’t…”

“Shhh.” Paul put a finger on his lips. “Let me show you why French are the best lovers.”

Paul kneeled and gently lapped with his tongue Liam’s balls before licking the peak of his rod. Grasping his penis, Paul laughed.  

“Cute little wiener.”

“Fuck you Bill.”

Paul smirked before returning to his licking, then he lightly touched with his teeth the stiff before swallowing and gorging it. Liam moaned while Paul’s strong lips were moving back and forth on his dick.

“Oh oh OH! Faster!” Urged Liam as precum leaked.

Paul smiled as he grabbed Liam’s athletic legs and stood up. Paul made Liam span his head to the ground, holding Liam’s rod with his mouth. Paul snatched Liam’s butt cheeks, slapping them and sucking like a vacuum under steroids. Suddenly, he stopped sucking.

“What are you doing faggot? Deepthroat me!” William complained.

“Then, beg for daddy.” Bill prompted William.


“If you want more, beg for daddy to suck your tiny dick!”

“Ung… Please Daddy! Suck my small tiny dick!”

Paul grinned as he opened wide his mouth and stuff Liam’s whole dick inside, chewing it.

“OOOHHH SHIT! Dad, I’m gonna cuuuum!”

Jizz erupted and overflowed into Paul’s mouth before he let Liam fall into the bathub. Next, he also jumped in the bath and french kissed Liam, thus, they were both tasting his sugar semen.

“Do you want more, little man?” Paul asked Liam while he was beating his neck. “ Do you want to know how it feels to have a real man fucking your tight cunt?”

“Yes, Daddy, please, make me feel this!” Liam pleaded.

Suddenly, Paul lifted Liam before pulling him to his hard wood. Thrusting his entire member into Liam’s virgin hole.

“AHHH! This feel so good, daddy!”

Paul used his brawny hips to push his dick deeper into Liam’s boypussy, digging to the last inch as they both moaned and groaned. Paul’s meaty pecs inflated with his biceps flexing as he fucking his boytoy. Consequently, Liam gave all of his body to the gorillalike man, behaving like a bottom bitch.  

“UNNG! You like this you faggot?” Paul taunted his partner.

“Ooh, yye-yess! MORE!” Liam tried not to faint while talking.

Paul’s huge balls grew bigger with the cum gathering inside them. Liam caressed Paul’s manly beard, tickling his fingers before groping his Herculean arms. Jesus, they were flexing at every thrusting! His hole was even more stretched as Liam leaned closer to Paul’s chiseled torso, licking his hard nipples and pawing his pecs. Liam pressed Paul’s orgasm buttons as he cummed and shot loads of sperm inside Liam.

“OOOH FUCK!” Roared Paul whereas Liam was panting and could not even scream.

Paul hugged Liam with his powerful arms, releasing more semen in his asshole before they both relaxed. Liam was resting his head Paul’s pec as they decided to sleep into their testosterone bath.

“What happened to your tattoo?” Asked Liam

“I removed it, now that I fucked your rosebud I don’t need it anymore… It was a heck of a pain but this bastard deserved it.” Replied Paul.

“Hey, I heard that you liked fun and chaos. What do you think about fucking this whole word, together?”

“Only if it’s involve having sex every seconds.”



Imagine telling The Doctor you are getting married... and him getting quite upset because he has never met the man.... or has he?

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“So what shall we do tomorrow? I heard that on the planet of….”

“Doctor.” You cut him short, you just couldn’t keep the secret any longer, “The only adventure I will be making tomorrow is the one to the chapel.”

“Well why on Earth would you be going there? The chapel is a alien meeting hall, and why I am aware they are probably going to have a meeting there I couldn’t see you attending.”

“No Doctor.I mean a chapel on Earth.”

“Since when have you been religious?” He asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“Since I got engaged.” You answered, slowly taking the ring out of it’s hiding place.

“Congratulations!” He exclaimed as his arms wrapped around you tightly, your body stiffing at the unexpected reaction, however the hug soon ended, “Wait a moment, Who the Dalek are you marrying?” 

“And there is the reaction I expected.” You smiled as you looked at him and began walking around the control panel. 

“[Y/N]…. who are you marrying?”

“It is a surprise Doctor.” You teased as you watched the upset start to form

“Do I at least know the man?”

“Probably not, however he does know many people so maybe you do.”

“Well why have I not definatly met him yet?” He snapped as you smiled

“Well because I don’t want to scare him, not yet at least. See I haven’t quite explained to him yet that his future bride travels space and time with a fez wearing, bow tie lovering, doctor who has two hearts, regenerates and has a time traveling police box that can take them all over space and time. And that is what I have been doing when I say I am working at Torchwood. However you are invited to the wedding, where I will introduce him to you properly.”

“Can I at least know his name.”


“What is his last name?”

“Guess you will just have to show up tomorrow to find out.” You smirked as he let out an annoyed sigh.

“Well will I like this Jack fellow?”

“I think you will.” You smiled at the thought of the old friends meeting again…

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