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Carl Hagelin #2

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You have never, in your life, ran down a flight of stairs faster than you’re running now. At some point, you’re probably going to fall flat on your face but who cares about that right now? The moment you heard the final buzzer sound, you sped through the thousands of bodies and rushed down to the ice.

Carl Hagelin, superstar boyfriend, Swedish cinnamon roll, and certified Pittsburgh Penguin is, once again, a Stanley Cup Champion.

To hell if you don’t get your victory hug and kiss!

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Enzo Amore - Rumors (14)

This chapter of the story is gonna be little bitty blurbs about each month through the pregnancy with some tweet and Instagram descriptions. 

Month 3: (The month you two find out your expecting a blessing.)

“Oh my gosh sweetheart… Why are you crying??” Eric climbed into your shared bed and pulled you two his bare chest as you sobbed. “I… I woke up… And… And you were gone… And I just started crying…” You explained through sobs as he tucked your head under his chin. “I just went to take a piss babe.” Eric rubbed your back trying to calm you. “I know but I just don’t know what’s wrong with me.” You wipe your eyes and sigh leaning heavily on him. “Babe… You’re making a human.” Eric chuckled laying back in the bed with you half on top of him. 

You sling your phone into the air chair across the living room. “What the hell babe??” Eric snaps his head from the tv to you. “I don’t know.” You huff falling to your side on the couch. “Did someone say something to you??” Eric went to run his hand over your bare legs. “Don’t touch me.” You order covering your face with a pillow as he gives you a weary look. He turns his attention back to the tv giving you some space as you are clearly upset about something. After a few minutes you slink your legs over his lap and he adverts his eyes over to you as you sit up wrapping your arms around his neck. “What are you…” Eric begins as you perch yourself in his lap. “Shut up and kiss me.” You capture his unexpecting lips in a kiss. His hands fly up to your waist as you deepen the kiss and scoot your hips closer to him. He groans as you bite his lip. You pull away from the kiss to trail your lips over his neck. “These mood swings are gonna give me whip lash baby.” He mutters as he sucks in a sharp breath as you work his sweet spot. “It’s not like I do it on purp…” Your sentence was interrupted with a wince and jerk away as he touched your boobs. “What I do??” Eric holds his hands up as if someone had a gun pointed at him. “My boobs are so sensitive…” You whine in both disappointment and pain. “I’m sorry baby.” Eric placed a kiss on your forehead. You collapse in frustration against him as he snuggles close to you. “It’s gonna be worth it babe.” He rubs his hand over your non showing stomach. 

Eric tweets: “@Y/N Did you unfollow me??” 

You tweet back: “@wweeaallday21 yes I did and until you learn how to FREAKING USE A COSTER ITS GONNA REMAIN THAT WAY”

Month 4: 

“I’m not going.” You stomp down the stairs to find Eric dressed and ready in the kitchen. “Whoa why not?? You feeling sick??” Eric jumped to his feet searching your face answers. “No. I feel fine.” You grit your teeth. “Then what baby?? You’ve been looking forward to this party for a week.” He tilts your chin up to look in your eyes. “Everything makes me look fat.” You fight back tears. “No baby. They don’t make you look fat.” Eric smiles as you glare at him. “Yes they do. All my cute dresses are tighter and my jeans won’t button.” Eric wipes a tear from your cheek. “You don’t look fat in anything. You look like a beautiful glowing mother to be…” Eric kissed your forehead and takes your hand. “Come on.” 

“What is that smell??” You clasped your hand over your mouth swallowing hard. “I don’t smell anything babe.” Eric answered watching your reaction. “I… I think…” You scramble out of your chair at the dining room table and bolt for the bathroom. Eric drops the dishes in his hands and follows after you only to find you had locked the door behind you. “Babe open up.” His plead was answered by the sound of you emptying your stomach. Eric waits at the door until you finally open the door. He gives you a sad smile as he sees your pale face. He scoops you up in his arms and carries you to bed. “Get some rest okay??” Eric tucks you in bed as you cover your face with the covers in embarrassment. 

Eric tweets a picture of you in a sports bra: “Slowly but surely the little G is making an appearance. #proudpapa #sexymama #babyg”

On instagram you post a picture of Eric asleep on the couch his head on your stomach: “Fell asleep telling us a story.” 

Month 5:

It was double date night for you Eric, Leah and Bill. It was yours and Eric’s turn to host so in your living room everyone sat around the coffee table on the floor playing Cards Against Humanity. “I’m gonna go get some more chips and I am taking my cards with me this time.” Eric shot Leah a dark glare as she and you giggled. “I was just trying to help out my team.” Leah fought back more laughter. “When you and (Y/n) are on a team it never ends well.” Eric shared a knowing look with Bill. Once Eric was in the kitchen Leah wrapped her arm around your shoulder. “Soooo when do we find out what we are having??” She smiles rubbing her hand over your small extended stomach. “Next visit we should find out.” You smile taking a sip of your juice (since you can’t have wine anymore). “You said that last month.” Bill commented stretching his long legs out in front of him. “Yeah but the little g is being shy.” Eric answered for you as he now joined the crew with more chips. You smile rubbing your stomach as Eric explained the last trip to the doctor. All eyes shot over to you as you let out a yelp. “Are you okay??” Eric clumsily tries to stand as he bangs his knee on the underside of the coffee table. “Yeah yeah I’m fine… It’s just… Oh my gosh the baby kicked me.” You looked down at your stomach in disbelief. “Kicked??” Eric smiled like an idiot and stepped over Leah paying no attention to her protest to his butt in her face. Eric places his hands on your stomach and the room feel silent for a long while. You let out another yelp and Eric jumps. “The baby kicked me…” Eric whispered as he and you shared an excited look. “Congratulations to you both now will you please get your butt out of my face!!” Leah laughed as she pinched Eric on the back of the leg. 

You tweet Eric while he is on tour: “Your child won’t stop kicking me… #cantsleep”

Eric tweets back: “Sorry baby the kid is a born athlete. #wishiwaswithyou”

Month 6:

You and Eric lay on the couch together. You lay in between his legs back rested against his chest his hands wrapped around your middle. He gently raises your shirt to pool up on top of your big stomach as his hands roam the smooth skin. “I am such a blessed man.” Eric smiles to himself you hum in contentment in his arms. “I have a beautiful woman to call mine and our child on the way.” Eric sighs as you eyes slowly begin to shut as your are lulled by his low voice. “(Y/N) (S/N) I love you. I am here now and forever to provide everything for you and this child of ours.” He shifts on the couch so you are now laying in front of him on your side using his arm as a pillow and his other arm sprawled protectively over your stomach. 

“Son of a bitch I would kill for a freaking tomato right now…” You huff sitting at the breakfast bar in your kitchen. “You hate tomatoes though…” Eric raised his eyebrow. “I know… But your child wants one… Even though they are disgusting.” You prop your elbows on the counter and rest your hands on your fists. “Want me to slice one up for you??” Eric hesitantly asked. “Yeah sure… I’ll give it a shot.” You shrug. Eric slices up a tomato for you and places the plate in front of you. You pick up a piece and take a bite gagging a bit at the taste. Eric goes to take the plate away from you but you stop him. “Wait… I know something that will make this better.” You ease off the bar stool and walk to the cupboard. Eric watches you intently wondering what the hell you are doing. You grab what you are looking for and perch back at the breakfast bar. “Marshmallow fluff??” Eric’s mouth is agape as you spread some of the fluff on a tomato slice. You take a bite and sigh. “Delicious.” You smile in satisfaction at fulfilling your craving. “You one crazy mama…” Eric laughs shaking his head. 

You post a picture on Instagram of Eric holding up an ultrasound picture his face in a pout. “Baby Amore still won’t let us know anything more than the fact that we are having a healthy baby.” 

Month 7:

You and Eric walked hand and hand into the doctors office. Eric signs you into the front desk as you gingerly take a seat. “What was the bet again??” Eric takes the seat next to you. “Which one?? The one where Bill think we wont find out again or the one where Leah thinks we are having a girl??” You smirk as you think back to how excited the god-parents of your kids are. “I personally don’t care what we are having… But I hope Leah is right so Bill has to wear pink in the ring next week.” Eric grins. “Yeah right… You want a girl… I saw you looking at pink leopard print curtains yesterday.” You smirk as Eric blushes a bit. “Shut up. I love spoiling you so having another in the princes would be nice… But having a son would be great too.” Eric defends himself. You two are finally called back to the doctors office. “How have you all been??” The doctor smiles as he spreads the cold jelly on your stomach. “Great.” You smile as the doctor studies the squiggles on the screen. He scrunches up his nose and squints hard at the screen. “Oh dear what do we have here??” He tilts his head to side as you squeeze Eric’s hand your blood running cold. “What’s wrong??”

Eric tweets out a picture of your baby belly with two leopard print onesies laid on top of it. “What do we got here?? A cuppa babies?? #doubletrouble”

You tweet out a picture of Bill and Leah looking surprised: “Broke the news to the god-parents. Looks like both of them were right. #minime #minizo #doubletrouble”

Leah Tweets out: “Twin Amores?? #LORDhelpus #doubletrouble” 

Bill Tweets out: “Hope they turn out like (Y/N). #notanotherenzo #pleasenottwoenzos #doubletrouble”

Month 8:

You blushed like mad as you stepped into your surprise baby shower. “Eric…” You giggle as he hugs you from the side. “Hey it wasn’t my plan it was all Leah… I just had to keep my mouth shut and make sure you got here on time.” He kissed you on top of your head. You hug Leah as tight as you can with your large baby belly. “Girl you’re way too much.” You sigh. “Nothing is too much for my god-kids. Do we get to know their names soon?? Please?? This is killing me.” She bats her eyelashes at you. You look to Eric who just shrugs. “Yeah sure. Might as well since pretty much everyone I know is here…” You gasp looking around the room. “How the hell did you do that??” You start tear up as you notice your family and childhood friends were even there. “Don’t question my magic touch girl.” Leah giggles linking arms with you to usher you around the room to show you everything. 

Eric raised a glass at the baby shower as Bill got everyone’s attention. “My beautiful girlfriend and I have an announcement.” Eric wrapped his arm around your shoulders and place your hands on your tummy. “First off we wanna thank everyone who came today and all the love and support you give us. And a huge thank you to Leah and Bill who spoil us to much with everything they do for us.” Everyone claps for Leah and Bill who smile and share a kiss. “As a thank you to them and everyone else we are gonna relieve the names we picked out for the twins.” Eric looked down at you with a smile. “For the girl we picked out Zoey Faith Arndt and for the boy Jordan Anthony Arndt.” You smile as everyone claps again and gush about how they love the names. You and Eric share a kiss as you are both filled with happiness as your own little family is celebrated. 

Eric tweets out a picture of you cuddling with a leopard body pillow: “Looks like I have been replaced…”

You answer back with: “Aint my fault you’re a space heater… #hotmama #toohotpapa” 

Month 9 coming soon… ;)

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… i know this is really different but i didnt want to do a lot of individual parts for the pregnancy… I wanna say a big thank you to @designrwriterchic for helping me out with everything over the past week and brain storming with me… Couldn’t do this without her… please let me know what you think about this part and the series… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING