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Congratulations on finally debuting, angel!! ❤️

  • Cas: Where am I? I remember going through the portal and then blinding pain and-
  • Elder!Angel: Congratulations Castiel. You have made it to the Grey Space. A place outside time and space where only the pure of hea-
  • Cas: Where's Dean?
  • Elder!Angel: He is still in the mortal coil. Come Castiel we have much to do
  • Cas: All I wanna do is Dean
  • Elder!Angel: You are past mortals concerns now, come
  • Cas: That's exactly what I wanna do, with DEAN

Congratulations to our new Defense Secretary General Mattis (Marine Corps Retired)! A proud moment in American history. -
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me getting coffee with my good friend andrew garfield: a fanfic

me: oh hey andrew i’m so sorry i’m late the TTC was running behind schedule and my train went out of service at st. clair west so we all had to haul off out of the train and wait on the platform for - 

andrew: oh!! don’t worry about it! i already picked up your order.

me: a raspberry white chocolate frappuccino with extra whip? andrew, you shouldn’t have!

andrew: oh… it’s nothing… 

me: no i mean you really shouldn’t have… i have the starbucks rewards app so i get points every time i buy starbucks and i was kinda counting on getting us both coffee and sandwiches and maybe pastries so i could rack up some starbucks points

andrew: oh! i’m so sorry. next time.

me: yes! next time.

andrew: terrific. how are you? how have you been? that’s a darling sweatshirt.

me: thanks! it’s valentino.

andrew: what? no! really?

me: it is! i found it in a thrift shop in kensington market! fifty bucks!

andrew: wow! great find!

me: thanks. it’s a favourite. anyway, i’m doing well these days. just finished my first manuscript. working on book two.

andrew: oh that’s wonderful news! congratulations!

me: uh, congratulations to YOU! for angels! i saw it at yonge-dundas and you just killed it. you made every other prior walter look like dog shit.

andrew: you’re too kind… you’re too kind… it’s a great honour to play the part but at the end of the day i’m just another -

me: no. andrew. listen to me. you? are valid.

andrew: no, YOU’RE valid.

me: no, YOU’RE valid.

andrew: no, YOU’RE valid.

me: no, YOU’RE valid. 

andrew: no, YOU’RE v -

starbucks employee: hi! can i interest you in an octopus cookie? they’re seasonal!

me: oh yes please

andrew: thank you so much these look lovely

me: look at the little icing on its tentacles that’s so cute

andrew: okay. okay. let’s do what we came here to do and get back to validating the living shit out of each other

me: absolutely yes

*i take out my guitar and strum D, B minor, G, E minor*

me and andrew: *harmonizing, tune of ‘palisades, palisades’* validate, validate

Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers

11 – Pay attention to repetitive thoughts and ideas, as they are answers to your prayers. This number also signifies a highly creative person who needs to avoid addictive behaviors.

111 – An energetic gateway has opened for you, rapidly manifesting your thoughts into reality. Choose your thoughts wisely at this time, ensuring that they match your desires. Don’t put any energy into thinking about fears at all, lest you manifest them.

22 – Your deep conviction manifests miracles and wonderful new opportunities. Keep the faith!

222 – Have faith. Everything is going to be all right. Don’t worry about anything as this situation is resolving itself beautifully for everyone involved.

33 – Many ascended masters surround you and assist you in all ways. They’ve come to help you with your mission and to answer your prayers. Tune to them now and ask them any questions you wish.

333 – You have merged with the ascended masters and they’re working with you day and night – on many levels. They love, guide and protect you in all ways.

44 – Many angels are with you now. You can ask these angels to help you with anything that brings peace to you and your loved ones. Don’t tell the angels how to fix the situation; just ask them to fix it. The Divine and infinite wisdom of the Creator guides you (through the angels) to a wonderfully ingenious solution.

444 – Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you. You have a very strong and clear connection with the angelic realm, and are an earth angel yourself. You have nothing to fear – all is well.

55 – Buckle your seat belt! You’re going through (or about to go through) a major positive life change. It’s time to let go of that which is no longer working, and allow it to be healed or replaced with something better.

555 – Major changes and significant transformations are here for you. You have an opportunity to break out of chrysalis and uncover the amazing life you truly deserve.

66 – Keep your thoughts focused Heavenward during this time, and avoid excessive worry or obsession with materiality.

666 – It’s time to focus on Spirit to balance and heal your life. Tell Heaven about any fears you have concerning material supply. Be open to receiving help from both humans and the angels. 

77 – Congratulations! You’re on the right path mentally and physically. Stick to your intentions and stand your ground.

777 – Congratulations! You’ve listened well to your Divine guidance and have put that wisdom into fruitful action. You’re now reaping the rewards. Your success is inspiring and helping others, so please keep up the good work.

88 – Great abundance is yours. Prosperity is flowing to you in ever-increasing amounts. Feel grateful and be sure to pass along the flow to others as you feel guided.

888 – The universe is abundant and generous and you’ve learned how to step into the shower of it’s ever-present flow. Great financial prosperity is yours, now and in the future.

99 – Get to work Light worker! Your divine life mission is needed now more than ever, and any contribution you can make toward bringing more light and love to your world is imperative. The preparation for your life’s work is complete for now.

999 – Get to work Light worker! The world needs your Divine life purpose right now. Fully embark upon your sacred mission without delay or hesitation.

NCT 127′s reaction to you debuting in a girl group of SM

Request: “Sorry if I’m saying something wrong, I don’t speak English very well… Can you do a react about Nct127 girlfriend in a new girl group of SM, please?”

A/N: me -> (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ♡ ╰(◡‿◡✿╰) <- ten


This angel would congratulate you and start giving you advices and tips as he tells you about his own experience while debuting. He haven’t been an idol for too long but would try his best to show a nice image to the public so you can learn from him.

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He wouldn’t think much about the future of your career in that moment. Unlike Taeil, he wouldn’t give you much tips or advices and would prefer you to live those experiences yourself. But he would be crazy proud of you, and once you told him that you were debuting he would give you the best reactions like carrying you in his arms and start screaming, lol.

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Taeyong would be on disbelief when you tell him about the news, but once he comes back to reallity he wouldn’t stop hugging you and congratulatulating you non stop before asking you everything the company has planned for your group’s debut. He would not say much after that more than just giving you a few useful advices and reminding you that he’s always there for you if things get hard.

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Yuta would be a mix of all the members. When you tell him that you’re going to debut he would congratule you and eventually create a really deep conversation that would imply everything. From every detail of your debut, from every detail of his debut, from lots of advices and reminders, to everything. And he would always be your by your side, always ready to fight any hater. <3

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SO protective. Protective of fans, haters, of other idols, some of the staff members… of everything basically. Of course his first reaction would be to tell you how proud he is of you and support you and your group in any way he cans, but besides that, he would give you lots of advices and would make sure that you’re always healthy and safe.

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Once you told him he would take you to a date right away to talk abut it more comfortably and celebrate it. You would notice some changes in him after that day, like the fact that he would be a lot more affectionate and attentive with you, even if he denies it. This sudden change would be because, internally, he would be slightly nervous for the things that the future has for you. He knows that being an idol is not easy, and because of that he would try to remind you in every way he cans that he loves you and that you’ll always have him supporting you.

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Sicheng would be pretty similar to Johnny, he wouldn’t talk much about his own experience or wouldn’t give you much advice because he would want you to feel every moment of this never ending journey by yourself. But his main goal would be to deconcentrate you from any hate that you’re receiving and remind you every day how talented you are and how proud he is of you.

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As soon as you tell him that you’re debuting, like Sicheng, he would propose himself lots of things. He would always make sure that you’re healthy, motivated and that you’re not overworking yourself. He show a even more caring and attentive side of him to you which would make your feel capable of dealing with any hard times that this job can give you.

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I feel like his reaction would be a mix of Johnny and Taeyong. At first he would want to focus in the present, so he would talk about what the SM has planned for your group’s debut more than anything else. Also, you would notice him being around you a lot more, helping you in anything he cans and reminding you constantly about your talent.

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legal-lolita  asked:

I finally decided what path I want to take! I'm going to be a green witch of sexuality and animals! The main deity I'm going to be focusing in is Aphrodite, I haven't found another deity yet but for now I'm going to be focusing on the lovely Aphrodite! And I started my grimoire with the moon phases and an Aphrodite symbol on the cover!

😻 this is beautiful! so so beautiful!! i’m so happy for you, that is such a lovely combination of things, and i would be just as excited. :,) ♡ congratulations angel, i hope that your path takes you marvelous, magickal places and that it allows you to experience so much love and inner growth! 🌿💫💕


Candice Swanepoel got engaged to beautiful Hermann Nicoli, after ten years of love!.Congrats on the Engagement baby 😍😍😍