Wanted to do a picture to congratulate @soranoiro for getting to 777 followers! I’m a couple days late but I had a lot of other stuff to deal with like my phone not working and going to a job interview but finally finished it. I definitely still need a lot more work with hands and everything but I tried my best and hopefully my next one will be even better but for now Congratulations soranoiro I hope to be as good an artist as you one day :)

  • what she says: i'm not here for you
  • what she means: congratulations. you have invented a new kind of stupid. a damage you can never undo, kinda stupid. and open all the cages in the zoo, kinda stupid. truly, you didn't think this through? let's review. you took a rumor a few maybe two people knew and refuted it by sharing and affair of which no one has accused you. i begged you to take a break you refused to. so scared of what your enemies will do to you, you're the only enemy you ever seem to lose to. you know why jefferson can do what he wants? he doesn't dignify schoolyard taunts with a response. so yeah, congratulations.