Hey guys, do you remember those seven boys. Yes, those seven who hilariously filmed a show in America for us and thought they were kidnapped; those boys who weren’t afraid to get out of their comfort zone to try new things; those boys who initially couldn’t afford even one car to get around in by now are holding concerts in some of the biggest venues of the world. 

Those boys. Look at them standing on that stage right now

Each and everytime I think about Bangtan winning Artist of the Year, my heart simply soars because our boys have finally done it. They wished for it with all their hearts, worked their asses off and continued to somehow give their audience a better performance each and every time! And it’s not just their stage performance - they give us beautifully shot videos, create concepts that are out of this world, are not afraid to be dorky and “ruin their image”, are real - but it’s in everything they do, they want to ensure they’re presenting their 200% (and we all know how hard their choreo is; the early/late hours they go into shooting…we see the blood sweat and tears they’ve all poured in).

But do you know what gets me the most? These boys are so humble. In all their speeches, they never fail to say thank you to fans - us! And I can’t help myself but want to swoop in and give them all a giant hug because no, it’s not just because of us! It’s you too! We couldn’t have gotten here today as a fandom without 

Namjoon’s wise leadership 

Seokjin’s strong perseverance

Yoongi’s solid determination

Hoseok’s continual goal for perfection

Jimin’s quiet but ever-present attitude

Taehyung’s infectious energy 

and Jungkook’s neverending support for his hyungs.

we wouldn’t have any of this without all seven of you.

So I’m not going to say something like, “These boys deserve it” because each and every artist that promoted this year deserve an award. Yet I can confidently shout and proclaim that they’ve definitely earned it. They’ve further solidified their spot as a global group.

Boys, we ARMYs are so proud of you! We can’t wait to see what 2017 brings us! We can’t wait to continue to help you attain your dreams; we want to fly together with you forever.

Congrats on this epic movie hits $1B worldwide!
So happy about it !!!!! 
also can’t wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray’s coming out 2morrow !!!!!