Here are the WINNERS of my Coloring Contest! 🎉 I’m so blown away by all the entries you lovelies have no idea how hard it was to choose 😭💕 Thank you for participating and putting so much love into all your entries. I am so excited to share @mydeardolores coloring of my drawing “Queen Bee”. So sparkly and pink and pretty! I love glitter so much and how she made this her own style so this pic really tugged at my heart ✨💖 And feast your eyes on this unique coloring of my Spirited Away inspired drawing “Spirited” by Nancy Compton. Wow wow wow how cute and original. Thank you both for your amazing work! I’ll email ya and then I’ll send you an original drawing as a prize. And because I can’t help myself I wanted to do a special mention of @viree for her coloring of my Queen Bee and @breezyfosheezy123zy for her lovely coloring of Chiro & Haku! I’ll send you cuties a PDF of my monthly Patreon sketches as a prize! Super big hugs lovelies and again thank you for amazing entries! Big hugs and squishes!


(171114) MONSTA X winning on The Show 🏆

Finally got around to drawing the dapper boi.

also congrats on 17 million subs thats awesome!!!

Congratulations to  5 years on YouTube to the loudest man in the world @therealjacksepticeye! <3
thank you for bringing joy and laughter to our lives.
Here’s my attempt to paint his Instagram picture (it’s the first decent painting I made with watercolour pencils)

Cheers to another 5 years!