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More modern!Ashi Reincarnation AU

Ashi allows the weirdo who claims to be from the past to stay in her Tokyo apartment after he saves her life (and because he’s a good cook). 
Jack is referring to the happier times before Ashi fade-dies in the wedding. With her long hair and Jack’s rebuilt home in the finale, I’d like to assume they had a few good times lmao.

correction: my shoulder’s*

Uta no Prince Sama: Maji Love Legend Star Vol. 6

Quiz no Prince Sama: STARISH [end] / Batsu Game (1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8)

As soon as religion and ritual become more about policing others than giving yourself and your life self-control and structure and purpose and fulfillment (policing yourself, essentially), it’s not religion; it’s a prison. So I’ll say it every time: people need to mind their own fucking observance and not comment on how other people follow their own path. I try to remind myself of this often but I think people in general need to remember that when you’re judging others your opinions don’t sound nearly as as intellectual and experienced as you think they do. I don’t care how much you think you’re more knowledgeable than another person, you aren’t G-d and you don’t get to judge. Fuck right off and mind your own observance because you’ve got a lot of work to do with that attitude.

Art Raffle : And the winners are ...

1st place : @bdvlnrchara !!! You won a full painting !! Congratulations !!!

2nd place : @alphalilly !!! You won a ‘flat shadows’ drawing !! Yay !!!

3rd place : @sweet-yellow-orange (I can’t mention you ?) !!! You won a ‘flat colors’ drawing !! Congrats !!!

4th place : @z-artblog !!! You won a sketch !! Bravo !!!

I will PM all the winners so you can tell me what you want me to draw for your price ! If you don’t answer after 5 days, another random participant will take your place (sorry about that, but if I don’t do that I won’t be able to do all the prices in time ^^’)

And thanks a lot to all the people who participated (102 entries WOW), to all my followers, and to all the people who like my art and posts in general ! Thank to you I keep going !!!