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*fangirling* HOLY FUCK CONGRATS! Sooo? Whos the lucky guy? Does he squish your adorable face? Tell me everything

The guy running that love blog about me. He holds me when i’m scared. I jump into his arms and junk, and he just is a great cuddler. :3

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baekhyun ✩

“send me a name of a kpop idol with a ✩ next to it and i’ll tell you his body part which is my favourite”

y’all say his hands but have you looked at those baby cheeks

literal baby cheeks, he has always had that lil chub cherub face!!!!

oh god yes lemme squeeze them wow so smol so pure so adorbs congrats on your face m’love

this lil fella knows what’s up y’all

Mark Ruffalo is the dark horse of the sexy marvel men. You never EVER think about it until you see this “ hey girl, lemme explain the effects of climate change on the developing world while I give you a shoulder massage.” expression, and then he becomes all there freaking is.

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I'm sorry people aren't being cool to you. You are v kind and wonderful and I am a better person for having followed you. You deserve more respect from others. At the very least on a basic level. Also, PS: you are cute. Congrats on your face 💯


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Two characters of your choice with food poisoning. One is really needy and the other is really irritated, and the latter ends up snapping at the former. Guilt and comfort ensue. Congrats on your first 300!!

As he buried his face in Kuroko’s chest, a trembling rocking through his frame, Kise’s back hitched with another hiccup.

“Kurokocchi… I’m dying, aren’t I?”

Heaving a long-suffering sigh, Kuroko patted the blond’s head. “I’m sure we’ll both be fine, Kise-kun.”

“Oh no,” Kise breezed on as if he hadn’t heard a word Kuroko said. “If I’m dying and you’re sick too, what if that means we’re both dying?”

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uM HI FRIEND this is a 'congrats on your face' message; i thought i was following you for the words but wow!! also cute. i hope i'm not overstepping! have a fabulous day and also like. you have the kindest eyes.


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Hello love! Just thought I'd drop by and quite awkwardly tell you how much I love your blog. And your face, you're very cute. And congrats on going to your first pride!

AHHH thank you!!!!

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Your face is A+ 10/10 would recommend, congrats on that

I honestly don’t feel like I’m there yet, but I won’t lie reading this made me smile like a dork! So thanks ☺️