バイバイ YESTERDAYAnsatsu Kyoushitsu S2 OP2


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Face studies part 2, this time featuring Kisame

Like with Zabuza I have serious trouble with drawing Kisame. The worst part is that Kisame is the character with the least consistent facial features in Naruto. I’m serious. If you’re asking questions like “what shape are his eyes” or “which gill is the biggest” you can get two very different answers in between two sequential panels. Also are his eyelids black? I don’t know! Even after this exercise I’m still not 100% happy with how my Kisames look. I have this ferocious sharkman in my head that I can’t quite get right and I at least partially blame Lpilz for it. Unlike Zabuza I prefer using Kisame’s Part 2 manga self as a reference. It’s the… least inconsistent.

Observations (what IS consistent):

  • He has a jaw like a brick and a chin like a brick. You can narrow his chin but the jaw needs to be bold
  • His eyebrows are thin and generally in a straight line.
  • His gills are diagonally away from his eyes. Not behind them, not directly below them, diagonal. 
  • His nose is wide set and triangular with a very slight curve to the slope of it. It’s one of his sharklike features that I really like.
  • Unlike Zabuza his hair is simple: it’s just your average fauxhawk.


  • As long as you get Kisame’s eyes and gills right, you can pretty much do whatever you want for the rest of his face and it’ll still “read’ as Kisame.
  • I don’t like drawing fauxhawks.

Next up is my favorite character that no one else likes, Raiga.