jealous kylo drabble (reylo)

For: @reyloart​ (congrats on finishing college! :D)

Prompt: jealous kylo :3 dis shit so fluff
Rating: T
AO3: link

“Rey?” Ben looked around frantically for his childhood friend. They were two small dots amongst the sea of students roaming the grounds at the University of Takodana open day. Even though they had agreed on sticking together, Ben lost sight of the smaller girl the moment they stepped onto the bustling courtyard.

Ben should have known better.

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Congrats on 1000 bb!!! If you're into it, could you write something involving mermaids?? Like. Anything you wanna write about but with mermaids LOL

have some mermaid kylo headcanons because i’m a slut for kylo and fuckin love mermaids. also, this song totally gives me mermaid!kylo vibes

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  • kylo, as a merman, would probably have the most beautiful tail, yet its not perfect. his scales used to be blue, but when he went to the dark side they began to shift into a dark black with some red accents. when the sun hits the sea right, you can still seem some blue undertones beneath, though
  • the end of his tail wouldn’t be smooth; it’s look tattered, similar to canon kylo’s cowl, as it moved through the seas
  • kylo is judged by the other merfolk because he’s a force user. they sneer at him for exhibiting powers normally held by sirens, who are the reason the merfolk get such a bad reputation 
  • kylo lives away from the other merfolk after he destroyed an entire colony
  • with his force abilities, kylo is able to see you on the shore for extended periods of time and even allow you to briefly visit him beneath the surface
  • his favorite place to hang out is this dark cave where the light can’t come in - the air is cold but the water is warm
  • kylo is surprised when some human finds his cave, but you’re undeniably beautiful and kylo knows he has to have you
  • once he’s got you in the water, he’s truly enchanted by you - the way the water glistens against your skin, even in the dark, and the way your hair looks slicked back and wet. kylo tells you that you belong with him in the sea
  • kylo studying the force further with one of the sea witches, snoke, to try to find a way to turn you into a mermaid so you can be with him 

130529 Shinhwa winning 1st place on MBC Show Champion, This Love, BTS cuts


Good morning. Hehez yung feeling na may good news galing sa kanya, pag tingin ko pinerfect nya lang yung exam sa isang subject. Gahd grabe ka bb ha, napaka android ng utak mo hahaha so ayern worth it ang puyat, Congrats bb. Number 1 fan here. Iloveyouuuu 😘😚

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I came out as trans to one of my co workers today. He's the first person I've told besides my partner. I just really wanted to tell someone the good news 😊

I’m so happy for you!!! Congrats bb!!!! You are so brave for doing so. Thank you for sharing the good news! I hope you have more good to come! Have a lovely rest of your day <3