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their debut mv (why not) gained one million views in less than a month - for a girl group coming from a tiny company, this is a huge deal and i’m so so proud of our girls for doing well in such a cut throat industry. there have been so many kpop debuts this year and so many new groups end up disbanding because of a lack of attention (kimi was a former member of a girl group called scarlet that unfortunately disbanded after only two releases) so the fact that they’re getting to perform on music shows, getting views and garnering interest is so, so important and completely fantastic.

bulldok, congratulations, and may you have many more successes

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Um, hi...I'm thinking established!sterek with their zoo of children? Haha thanks! Congrats on the 1000 bb! 🎊🎊

So, I originally interpreted this as like established!sterek going to the zoo with a small horde of children? I went back and realized but I kinda like the going to the zoo thing so I went with it. I hope you like your fic and thanks for following!!

“Before we go in, some ground rules -” Derek pauses to grab the back collar of Zack’s shirt and pull him back before he can dash off into the street, “No running off.” Zack huffs, but moves back to his alpha’s side so his shirt will be released.

“No flashing your eyes to provoke the animals,” Stiles adds, sending a look to Sara who grins sheepishly while ducking her head.

“And hopefully you won’t try to dive in with the fishies, missy,” Derek huffs as he lifts Mimi from her carseat while she babbles happily as she’s deposited into the stroller Stiles unfolds from the trunk. While Derek recites the eyeshot not earshot rule, Stiles mentally checks off his list - diaper bag, stroller, extra snacks, sunscreen, the twins are wearing their hats, sunglasses for he and Derek, Mimi’s fish, Jamie’s book- wait.

“Where’s Jamie?” He voices, looking around the car for his eight year old.

“He’s still in the car, reading,” Sara tells him, pointing to the back window where you can just make out Jamie’s messy mop of hair. He leaves the stroller to Derek before climbing back into through the sliding van door and turn to find Jamie with a book in his small hands.

“Hey, kiddo, the car has stopped.” Jamie hums, turning his page and and continuing to read, “We’re at the zoo, don’t you wanna go see some animals?”

“I mean, I guess?” Jamie shrugs, closing his book slowly but still not looking convinced.

“Well, what’s up buddy? Is something wrong?” Stiles hears Derek talk to the twins and have them tell him about what they did earlier this morning when he had been gone to check in at the station before his day off. Something about the attic and finding a lizard in the backyard.

“It’s just, isn’t it kinda mean to put the animals in cages?” Jamies eyes finally meet his and Stiles’ heart melts. He remembers meeting the six year old version of those eyes at Mother Martha’s Home for Lost Children and knowing he would be the next Hale pack pup.

“Oh no, I know it’s easy to think that way but I promise the animals are happy. This is what people call a ‘rescue zoo’, that means the animals here were six or in danger so the zoo helps them get better. Sometimes the animals even get released back home.” Jamie seems to perk up at that, eyes brightening with the idea.

“So, people like Uncle Scott help the animals here?” After a little bit more talk about vets and animals, Jamie is jumping out of the car and revving to go.

“Way to go, Dad, you’ve got a way with words,” Derek tells him, knocking their shoulders together as the family makes their way to the front gates.

“Just doing what I do best, Poppa.” Stiles smiles back, feeling Jamie’s hand slip into his own.

“You are the best,” the reply comes, soft and sweet and with a gentle nudge to his temple from Derek’s nose as a subtle scenting making Stiles’ stomach flutter.

“Can we see the pandas firs-”

“No, we have to see the snakes-”

“But the pandas are from a different country, and snakes are gro-”

“But they have a Brazilian python, you know from Brazil-”

“Hold your horse there,” Stiles calls over the din, waving his hands a bit and trusting Derek would make a grab for the stroller and take up Mimi duty, “I have a map and a nicely laid out path so we can see everything.” He holds up said map as proof, pointing to the clearly marked red path that would optimize their visit.

“You planned the route?” Derek asks, looking incredulous and impressed of his husband all at once making Stiles want to preen.

“What did you think I was doing up until midnight most of this week?”

“Web design,” Derek says slowly and then even slower, “your job.” Stiles waves him off while the children laugh before pointing the family in the right direction. Who needs to actually work when you’re planning the best family outing ever? No one, that’s who.

The rest of the day is perfect. Well, perfect by Stilinski-Hale standards. There’s an incident at the monkey exhibit with Jamie getting scared by one of the Howler monkeys and growling on reflex next to a little girl who screamed and ran for her parents. There was the whole issue with the bird tunnel where you walk through the enclosure, but the birds, sensing predators, refused to go anywhere near them making Sara upset. Let’s not even get into the whole Great Mimi Escape in the aquarium and Derek looked ready to full shift and join the wolf exhibit if the kids didn’t hurry up and decide what they wanted for lunch.

Sure there was some bickering, a little chaos and some silent thank yous to Stiles’ dad for putting up with him for so long, but it was all around a very nice day. Zack got a panda to wave at him and Sara was allowed to hold Emerald Tree Boa on the tour through the snake exhibits. Jamie even got to see the giraffes that he had been reading about for weeks. Mimi probably actually communicated with the seals to some degree, but he and Derek were content to just record the adorable babbling of their two year old selkie on their phone and call it good.

Any day that ended in a car full of snoring pups was a good, successful day in Stiles’ books. When they finally got home after rousing the kids for a quick dinner along the way, Derek lifted the twins while Stiles got Jamie and put them down in their beds, knowing how cool it’ll be to magically wake up home in the morning. Derek checked the house while Stiles got Mimi from her carseat. When he finally clicked their youngest’s door shut, he turned to find the adoring eyes of his husband, tired and wrinkled in the corners - a testament to years worth of smiles - and Stiles couldn’t help but lean in and kiss pliant lips.

It was a good life in the Stilinski-Hale house, a truly good life.