congrats angel!

Can you imagine?

Loving your little minor ship, one that should have died with the canonical death of one half of your pairing eight years ago; but through the strength of fandom and your close knit community of fellow smaller ship shippers, it still lives on in fanon. Only to (eight years later) see the writers canonically bring that character back AND make his first positive interaction with another character be the one you ship him with?

As a Destiel shipper, I canโ€™t, right? My ship has only been separated by death in short, handful of episodes lengths of time. So I canโ€™t even begin to comprehend the level of celebration among the Sabriel shippers, but I gotta say, Iโ€™m super fucking happy for you guys.

This is your canonical reunion. THIS:

Embrace it, enjoy it, bask in the glory that you got one of the best fanfiction tropes as your canonical reunion.

A Hero Appears

       Among-st the fog of doubt, uncertainty, and sadness appears a hero one only knows as the goofball that is Markiplier. I look up to Mark as a wonderful human being with similar ideals to my own about how to live life and give back. This is my way of giving back to him and the community. I want people who look at my art to feel that they can be safe, welcomed, and happy here. I want to put a smile on their face just like he does. 

     I want to be one of the millions of lights that has entered into his life through YouTube and guide others to better days. I want to thank Mark for giving me this opportunity to shine and I want to thank all of those that support me each day so I don’t coming falling down across the sky.

Keep shining and leading new stars to greater heights @markiplier 

We are a community, we are a family, we are all HEROES! 

Thank you for this wonderful event @caustic-synishade​ :D

geeai  asked:

Clione mermaid ! Love ur art thank you for existing & sharing your talent with us ! โค

aw thank you have a clione merm <3

Did you all see how Taemin approached Jimin and sweetly brushed the confetti of Jimin’s hair? I love this friendship💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Batboys Headcanon-S/O Falling Asleep During A Movie

Requested by @arsenal-hood​: CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN MY LOVE!💕 I’M SO PROUD OF YOU! For my headcannons, could I please have all 4 batboys reacting to the reader falling asleep while watching a movie with them? I just think that would be so cute and funny! Again congrats sweet angel and i hope you always have an awesome day! 💕

Thank you so much, my dear! I’m sorry this took so long, I hope you like it! ♥



  • You love movie nights with Dick.
  • They always involve cuddling, cause, hello! This is Dick we’re talking about.
  • He probably builds a blanket fort, tbh.
  • You totally watch Disney movies.
  • When you fall asleep, Dick just finds it so adorable.
  • The way your hair falls into your eyes, how you instinctively snuggle into his chest.
  • He’ll pull you closer and drift off to sleep himself.


  • Movie nights are rare with this boy.
  • He’s always on a mission of some sort, so you take advantage of whatever time you get with him.
  • You probably watch cheesy romance movies. *Cough*Jason’s idea*Cough*
  • Jason sees your eyes drooping halfway through the movie.
  • Smiling to himself, he’ll wrap a blanket around you.
  • You don’t really need it since the body heat he puts out is frickin’ insane. But the gesture is appreciated.
  • Once you’re asleep, Jason presses a gentle kiss to your head.


  • You have to drag this boy to the couch and confiscate his devices.
  • You are going to have a nice evening with your boyfriend even if it kills you.
  • Or him. Whichever comes first.
  • Honestly, you can’t even remember what movie you watched? Probably a mystery movie or something.
  • Tim was surprised when he looked over and saw you drifting off.
  • Usually he’s the one that falls asleep during a movie.
  • He’ll gently pull you to him and wrap his arms around you, resting his chin on your head.

Damian (Aged up):

  • He’s not really one for movies.
  • But you insisted on it, so he couldn’t really say ‘no’ without feeling bad.
  • You’d picked out an animal documentary so he wouldn’t be completely bored.
  • Halfway through the movie, you’d sprawled out on the couch, your head on Damian’s lap.
  • When he saw you yawn, he couldn’t help but play with your hair. He knew how much you loved it when he did.
  • After that, you were asleep within minutes.
  • As the movie credits roll, he presses a kiss to your lips.

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500+ Milestone Headcanons-Closed


Alex and his mother, My, at the  69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (September 17, 2017, Los Angeles).

Congrats, Alex, on your Emmy win for  Best Supporting Actor in a limited series or a television movie!  ❤️

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