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The Answer’s In The Air: A Miles/Phoenix Mix

Yes. It happened. I’ve been replaying the Ace Attorney games and now here it is. A mix for these nerds. This mix is actually really chronological and the songs are a mix of their separate point of views, so I’d really suggest checking out my annotations to see which stage of the relationship each one refers to/whose POV it is.

This is my first fanmix that has been published to Playmoss first and my first mix about like…solely guys I’ve ever made. Period. SO CONGRATS YOU TWO YOU MUST BE SOMETHING SPECIAL. Also yes there’s an Ace Attorney font you can download and I used it for the graphic.

1. Enough to Go By| Vienna Teng//2. Given It All| Haley Kiyoko//3.An Act of Kindness| Bastille//4. Stray Italian Greyhound| Vienna Teng//5. INSIGHT (English Cover)| Y. Chang and Sapphire//6. Enemy| Jesca Hoop//7. Phoenix Burn| Alpha Rev//8. Hurts Like Hell| Fleurie//9. In My Veins| Andrew Belle//10. Vindicated| Dashboard Confessional//11. Count on Me| Bruno Mars//12. Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai (I Think It’s Gotta Be You) (English Cover)| Y. Chang//13. Freeze You Out| Marina Kaye//14. I Try to Talk to You| Hercules & Love Affair ft. John Grant//15. Some Guy| Anthony Rapp//16. I Do It All For You| SoMo

Play on Playmoss.

Detailed chronological annotation plus lyrics under the cut:

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I’ve counted how many times the Inazuma Japan members have scored

Notes: This includes only the official FFI international matches (against Big Waves, Desert Lion, Fire Dragon, Knights of Queen, The Empire, Unicorn, Orpheus, The Kingdom and Little Gigant) and also combination hissatsu.

Kabeyama: 1 

Someoka: 1

Sakuma: 1

Fudou: 1

Endou: 1

Tsunami: 2

Hijikata: 2

Kidou: 2

Kazemaru: 3

Fubuki: 6

Hiroto: 7

Toramaru: 8

Gouenji: 10

Gouenji is the ace striker! (but we already know)

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Caleb: So you got married huh ?

Brant: Yes dad we did…

Arata: Well congratulations again boys we are so happy for both of you :)

Caleb: One would think that child would invite their own parents on it’s wedding but apparently that’s too much to ask…

Ross: Well we didn’t exactly had a wedding…

Brant: Yeah,we got married in our bedroom while being only in boxers *chuckles*

Arata: Oh don’t you two pay intention to him,he has become a grumpy pants lately…

Caleb: I’m not…

Arata:: Yes you are but i still love you *flirty eyes*

Brant: Dads please…

Caleb: Well i guess i have overreacted a bit,me and your dad had a private wedding as well so i don’t have any right to be mad.Well congrats and wish you two all the best.

Ross: Thank you

Brant: Thanks dad :)

Brant: Well anyway there is also another reason we had come.

Arata: And what that reason might be ?

Brant: Well we were thinking to go on honeymoon and…

Arata: And you were thinking to leave Cali here with us right ?

Brant: Uhh yeah ? Wo…..

Caleb and Arata: We agree :D

Brant and Ross: You do ?

Caleb : Well of course we do,we can’t wait to spend some time with our precious granddaughter.

Brant: Thank you so much :)

Caleb: So did you decide where will you go ?

Ross: No not yet actually…

Arata: Hey i have idea ! We can ask Jin and Naomi to let them be on their island ,they are not using it much anyway…

Caleb: That’s great idea i’m sure they will agree…

Brant: Ummm who are Jin and Naomi ???

Arata: Well they are my great parents so that’s make them your great great grand parents :)

Brant: I have great great grandparents ? And they have an island ? Why i didn’t know about that ?!?!

Arata: Well  guess  forget to mention it…

Arata: Well what do you say would you like to spend your honeymoon on private island ?

Brant : That would be great if they say yes of course.

Arata: I’m sure they will.actually i’ll go and call Jin right away to ask him…

10 minutes later

Arata: He said yes,Unfortunately he and Naomi won’t be able to meet you since they are in Paris but they will send a private helicopter to pick you up tomorrow night so you better be ready.

Brant: Oh we will thank you again so much and please say thank to my great great grandparents from both of us.

Ross: Yes thank you we really appreciate it.

Arata: Oh it’s nothing really


Prompt: Carter Baizen, illegitimate child with reader. Saw a half finished fic like this and it’s driving me crazy.

Word Count: 1100-ish

Warnings: Birth

Author’s Note: Ok, so I know that Carter is kind of a dbag but it’s my personal headcanon that a baby would kind of soften him up a bit. Also, I’ve never given birth and just kind of heard the stories so some of this might not be factual from an actual birthday standpoint. Sorry.

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Some Carry On AUs / headcanons:

  • AU where when Simon finally confronts the Humdrum, he ends up merging with/becoming the Humdrum when he feeds it his magic.
  • Baz and Simon get a cat and name it Garlic. This is very important.
  • Baz ties his hair up sometimes (in a bun or a ponytail) (and Simon really really likes it) (and I do too)
  • AU with Simon and Baz as Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee 
  • Penny might be Fiona
  • who knows
  • Simon has this ridiculous bed head when he wakes up, and it gets worse if he tries to brush it
  • I kind of really want a singer/actor/model/entertainment industry AU
  • because imagine
  • k pop Baz
  • that is all
  • AU where Simon ends up marrying Agatha and gets his happy ending but he always feels just a little empty inside
  • Simon’s tail is prehensile 
  • harry potter AU 
  • because yes Simon is going to be a freaking dragon animagus and I don’t care if that’s impossible it’ll just work
  • and of course Baz is in Slytherin, and Penny is Ravenclaw, and Simon is Gryffindor though really all of them could be Gryffindor
  • Agatha… I’m not sure. Gryffindor, too?
  • imagine if after a really long time, (maybe 5 to 10 years after the book ends), Simon and Baz or Penny and Micah get married (or maybe both!) and at the wedding Agatha shows up in the very back and Simon or Baz or Penny spots her but by the time the ceremony’s over she’s gone
  • I also really like the idea of an AU where Simon and Baz are both princes who meet eachother while trying to rescue a princess (Agatha) and on the way there they have this whole rivalry because each of them want to win but of course in the end they just fall for eachother and Agatha really wasn’t kidnapped or in danger and just ran away because she was sick of being a princess
  • oh wait that sounds kind of like Carry On
  • oops
  • I think I’ve typed too much
  • ok last one
  • one day when Simon is half asleep or drunk or something he talks to Baz about all those lists he’d made in his head
  • and then of course he brings up the one about Baz and starts listing off every single thing that he wanted or still wants to do to him
  • and well
  • you can fill in what happens after that
  • ok i’m done now
  • really
If the boys had kids! What would their first child(ren) be?

NATSUKI: A daughter.
TOKIYA: Twins! One boy, one girl.
CECIL: A son.
REN: A daughter.
OTOYA: A son.
SYO: A son.
MASATO: A daughter.
REJI: A son.
RANMARU: A daughter.
AI: A son. (I don’t know how you managed to mate with a robot but you did. Congrats you get two gold stars.)
CAMUS: A daughter.

Expectant father! Yoongi

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  • wakes up and immediately rubs your belly bc ‘wow Y/N, it’s getting big I’m gonna be a great father’
  • ‘I dunno, Y/N, I’m pretty sure I hit some magical spots last night ;))))’
  • kicks him out of bed bc it’s too early for his cheesy greasiness
  • you do end up checking with the doctor anyway, just as a regular monthly health checkup, and CONGRATS!! You two are having a baby
  • even though Yoongi always seems to want a baby, you’re not sure about how he’ll respond once he finds out
  • when you two got married, he made you promise not to keep any secrets from him
  • since then, he’s always been like, ‘out with it’ whenever you seemed like something was on your mind
  • and you always did that to him too
  • although sometimes it’d get annoying bc both of you tend to have naturally worried/contemplative faces
  • whenever this happens, you’d say ‘fite me’ and he’d smirk and go ‘ok false alarm, but y’know that idea doesn’t sound half bad’
  • he’d end up tickling you for an eternity and you giggling and
  • actually that’s what happened the day before and led to what happened later that night…
  • so anyway
  • you decided that you’d tell it to him as soon as possible
  • you wait by the couch nervously, dinner already on the table, and Yoongi’s mixtape on the stereo in case you need to play it to calm him down if he gets hysterical
  • so when he comes home with some headphones around his head, mumbling the lyrics to another one of his songs
  • opens the door and tries to look for you immediately (his end-of-the-day ritual)
  • his gummy smile brightens his face when he sees you and he runs toward you with his arms out in a hug
  • what a dork
  • (but also what a cutie, you love him)
  • before he gets any closer, you quickly get up and blurt out ‘I’m pregnant’
  • which he, having headphones on, doesn’t hear and tackles you to the floor, wrapping his arms tightly around you and rolling you on top of him
  • ‘Yoongi did you hear me, i just said that I am pregnant’
  • ‘we’re having pretzels for dinner? Um ok, if that’s cool with you, but I brought chicken’ this boy smh
  • you rip his headphones off and urgently repeat, not so amused anymore, ‘Yoongi, we’re having a baby’
  • he freezes and stares at you
  • and you start to panic again bc he hasn’t been saying anything for a few minutes
  • his voice is hushed: ‘you’re having a baby?or’ he swallows thickly ‘I’m having a baby?’
  • tears are starting to stream down your face ‘I’m having the baby you dork, have you ever taken biology’
  • a huge smile breaks out on his face and he puts a hand in your hair, tugging you forward to pepper kisses all over your face, wiping your tears away with another hand
  • ‘why are you crying?’
  • ‘bc I was worried you idiot I thought you’d get angry at me’
  • he pulls you back to lock eyes with you ‘Y/N, why would I ever get angry? You’ve given me the greatest gift a woman could ever give a man’
  • you smile back at him
  • ‘a vessel to pour my hopes, dreams, and aspirations into and also a really cute mini me who I could teach to hate the things I hate.’
  • you tackle him to the floor and try to tickle him ‘THAT’S NOT WHAT BABIES ARE, YOONGI’
  • And that’s how you two end up arguing the night over what Yoongi can and cannot teach the child to hate, which culminates in the bedroom
  • ‘I knew my magical bean would step up to the job,’ he murmurs as you two fall asleep
  • you try to shove him off the bed, but he cries out that he’s the father of your child
  • next day, he’s already up and rubbing your belly with a grin
  • ‘you can’t stop me y/n you’ve got no excuses I will rub your tummy until little Mirelluna comes out’
  • ‘you’ve already named it?!”
  • ‘her. It’s a her. Her kick is as fiery as yours’ (’it’s literally been a day since I told you, how can it kick?!??!)
  • in the mornings, when he’s on his break from composing new songs, you two go to furniture stores and baby supply stores to buy a crib and some clothes
  • he always lays down on the beds to test them out himself and ends up lowkey falling asleep
  • ‘Yoongi, get off, we need a crib’
  • so he tries crawling into one of those but you stop him
  • Yoongi wants pink everything
  • ‘but what if it’s not a girl????’
  • ‘whatever, pink is for champions. Besides, I’m pretty sure I squeezed out a girl.’ You slap him for that
  • tries to convince you to put the baby’s crib into his studio in the house so that she’ll learn the beats of great hip hop artists before she can even speak
  • no
  • ‘no??!? B-but it’s her legacy….’
  • grumbles as you end up putting the crib in the spare bedroom (sneaks in a few stereos and decorates the walls with pictures of him at the genius lab and some old bandmates)
  • every day, gives you vitamins, cups of milk, and forces you to eat healthy
  • ‘Y/N, I will whoop your butt (figuratively) if you try to eat that entire bag of cheetos that is NOT good for Mirelluna, here have some celery instead’
  • really nice whenever you want to watch tv, lets you put on romcoms or corny movies that he used to openly hate
  • actually cries during (500) days of summer
  • ‘But Y/N, what if that happens to us???’
  • don’t make me kick you, you dork, I’ll always love you and your sorry butt’
  • kisses all the time
  • in the kitchen when you try to help him cook (insists he cooks bc you’re having a harder time moving about, but ends up buying takeout from his friend Jimin’s restaurant)
  • in the baby’s room while you decorate
  • actually tries to make out with you in public but you get embarrassed and stop him, which makes him sulk the whole way home
  • before you tackle him and make up for it
  • has a countdown calendar for when you’re due, marks off each day with comments about things he loves about you
  • ‘that’s so corny Yoongi when did you get this corny’
  • ‘since I married you, honey pumpkin (*you’re gagging*) deal with it Y/N you’re mine forever and I’ll love you the way I want’
  • it gets better worse each day
  • raps softly to your belly at night (maybe not your agust d mixtape yet? You swear like a thousand times)
  • when you’re finally going into labor, he’s in the kitchen trying to make spaghetti and hears you screaming for him so he rushes into the room
  • scariest he’s ever seen you, also the most swearing he’s ever heard from your kind sweet mouth
  • he’ll forgive you but files it away in case he wants to blackmail you for cuddles in the future
  • absolutely panicking, but calls Jungkook on his cell to get there asap
  • Jungkook happens to be passing by in the neighborhood (about to visit this girl he’s planning to ask out, sheesh kookie perfect timing) helps Yoongi carry you to the car
  • Yoongi drives to the hospital, sweat pouring from his face bc he’s freaking out and you’re still screaming from the backseat as Jungkook’s whimpering ‘pls breath noona’
  • feels helpless as he sits in the waiting room as you give birth, passes the time by writing lyrics onto a napkin
  • ‘she screams my name not once, but twice/while i shout out for help, advice/her cries get weaker by the hour/while i just sit, just wait, just cower’
  • he’s feeling really worried and sad
  • Jungkook, bless him, gets the boys together to come in and cheer him up and keep him company as he waits
  • ‘I brought donuts–‘ ‘NOT a good time, Tae’
  • Yoongi does take a donut but mostly just stares at it
  • Hoseok tries to distract him with stories about their time in BTS
  • ‘remember when Tae drank toilet water?’
  • Yoongi eventually cheers up and ends up laughing so hard he nearly misses he nurse calling his name
  • ‘she’s ready fo-‘ he darts inside as the boys trail behind
  • you’re in the bed, tired but holding a tiny pink infant in your arms
  • gulps, asks, ‘girl. True or false?’
  • you smile and laugh. ‘true’
  • he goes straight for your face and kisses you everywhere from your forehead to your cheeks to your nose to your mouth
  • ‘ew hyung’ Namjoon whispers
  • ‘shut up, she’s my wife, I’ll kiss her wherever I want’
  • trying to come up with names, the other boys are pitching in suggestions
  • ‘whatever it is, she’ll never be golden maknae’
  • ‘ABigail if you get my drift ehehe”  “Jimin, get out”
  • ‘Maria?”   “I actually like that, Jin. So, just Maria?” “um, Super…*whispers*Maria Bros”
  • “Namjinae?” “no”
  • “smiley sunshine?” “hoseok, that’s too corny, no.”
  • “Sia.” “like the singer, Tae?” “like that seaweed I befriended in Thailand” “tAEHYUNG NO WE ARE NOT NAMING OUR DAUGHTER AFTER A PLANT”
  • “Mirelluna. We’ll stick with that.”
  • She has your eyes and Yoongi’s smile~