congrats you are now a teenager!

On The Contrary, My Dear...

Anon asked: Ommmmmggg I am I’m need of sassy old couple obi-wan x reader in a new hope, maybe from Luke’s point of view or something but I just. Want to grow old and sassy with obi on tatooine I love it like?? Maybe the reader was a Jedi too Idk whatever I like you’re stories a lot good job congrats keep working and improving friend you go

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I haven’t written a snarky old couple before, but I’m loving this idea!)

Plot Summary: You and Obi-Wan have known eachother since your teenage years, training side by side as padawans underneath your respective masters. After his battle against Anakin, he took a heavy toll on his shoulders, both physically and mentally. Now, together in exile on Tatooine, you both follow the Jedi Code to some extent. I mean, two Jedis aren’t supposed to get married and grow old and sassy together, right?

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“Darling, how’s training with Luke? Any hints of his father?” You asked, brushing a few strands of gray hair behind your ear.

“On the contrary, my dear, he’s not much like his father. There is Light within him.”

“I do hope so. You’re getting too old for fighting.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? I’m still as sprightly as when we were in the Academy!” 

You chuckled, pressing a chaste hiss to his cheek. “But of course, dear.”

“Luke, you can stop now.” You outstretched your hand and placed it on the young boy’s shoulders.

“What are you doing? He still has much to learn.” Obi-Wan walked to your side.

“The boy needs a break, he’s getting there, but he needs to recharge his energy.” Luke removed his helmet, smiling up at the two of you.

“Thank you, Y/N.” He sighed and collapsed into his seat.

“Oh, alright, but don’t think that I’ll go easy on you next time, Luke. You’re only taking the first steps to becoming a Jedi.”

“Says the man that always became too flustered during our sparring sessions at the academy.” You muttered.

“I heard that, darling!” Obi-Wan yelled from the doorway.

“I love you too!” You yelled back, sarcastically.

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hahahaha ok i’m sorry but allura being confirmed a teenager and making antis who ship shallura get uncomfortable is like. poetic justice. like congrats your ship is now also “underage” and “abusive” lmao how’s it feel to have a taste of your own medicine

(@ Y’ALL WHY DON’T YOU GET THAT 18 AND 19 ARE STILL TEENAGE AGES LIKE???? it boggles my mind that y’all feel the need to make them all 16 and below for some reason. i’m so done with this needless discourse plus allura is literally thousands of years old anyway)

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I remember this a long time ago you made a post saying you were glad that you were no longer out partying and going to a rave every other day and waking up in stranger's houses or something to that effect. I used to think it was odd you felt and thought that way cause I thought that would be a kind of apex of teenage life. I'm 21 now and I've been partying for one whole year straight and I'm finally pulling the brakes and its been 18 days of complete sobriety and now I know what you meant.

First off just wanna say congrats on your sobriety dude 👍🏾🤘🏾✌🏾

Also I want to clarify by saying it was my experience going through my mid-late teens going balls to the wall and entering my early 20’s where my priorities shifted dramatically and I decided that lifestyle was not conducive to my growth as a person or how I wanted to spend my time

You get older and you realize the party doesn’t have to be excess all the time and you can have boundaries for what you will and will not do and still have a good time

It’s also solely depends on the individual of course but I grew tired of the hard partying lifestyle around my early 20’s for some people it’s later and life and for some people it’s never

I don’t judge there is no one right way to experience your life or youth it’s not black and white

If you feel better now it’s essentially the world and your body letting you know you want to move forward doing other things or you need to take a clean break and reestablish your priorities

The party is only fun when you’re enjoying it genuinely when you are at a point in your life that you feel you have to be partying because that’s “what people do” in their 20’s you’ve lost your sense of balance

Either way hope this sober portion in your life is giving you a new and fresh perspective

Day 4

Favorite shoujo anime:

If you thought outlining shounen in black and white was an exercise in futility, then go ahead and come up with a one-liner defining shoujo that is clearer than mud. I think by now we all know that “shoujo” in Japanese means “girl” (and, if you didn’t, congrats - now you do). The school of thought on shoujo anime, then, would be anime geared towards girls of the same ages, roughly 8-18(ish). And, there are those who will call it that and leave it at that. But shoujo can also mean any anime that is considered more emotional in content. If that’s not ambiguous enough, though, there’s also josei, which is deeper content meant to appeal to  young adult women, but… yep, you guessed it, still shoujo. To recap - shounen is action anime geared towards boys and teenage guys. So is shoujo action? Yup. Think Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona), or - the most obvious one, even though I contend the animation is as much for guys as anyone - Sailor Moon. But shoujo is also rom-com, like Toradora! or Fruits Basket. It’s somehow also serious and profound, like Nana or Usagi Drop, one of which ties your heart in knots as you absorb the character’s pain, the other inflates that same heart with so much love you’re afraid it will float away like a balloon, two completely different ends of the spectrum, but are still what? Exactly. So, yeah, like I said - good luck putting a simplistic label on the term.

With the exception of Sailor Moon, which I have never been able to get into, I have seen and really like all of the ones I mentioned above. But, to name one that hits all of that and does it well, Ouran High School Host Club comes to mind before I even have to stop and think. It’s romantic, it’s light-hearted in some places and a bit of a downer in others, it’s downright zany as hell, even though is total a riot has some very adult themes and content, and just about everyone who’s ever seen it - female or male - ends up loving it. Ouran High School Host Club is just a good time. There’s romance, comedy, sad parts, happy parts, even though is very funny it really is abounding in adult themes, and is a tongue-in-cheek rom-com that takes an unexpected and maybe even somewhat awkward story and makes it nothing less than pure gold.


Happy birthday to Shailene Woodley… you were on that show “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”… that was a terrible show, but it hasn’t seemed to destroy your career! Congrats!

okay but gavin fucking free man

he’s been doing slow-motion work since he was eighteen, has worked on various movies, tv shows, and music videos, directed a season of RvB when he was twenty-twenty one, helped make achievement hunter what it is today in his early twenties, has made a fortune off of slo-mo guys for the past couple years, and now at twenty seven years old is the new creative director of roosterteeth.

gavin’s managed to go from being a teenager waiting for the next RvB episode to come out to being one of the higher ups at the company he dreamed of working for all before hitting thirty.

100 - Donnie started teaching himself medical training after their first encounter with the Shredder over the fear of not being able to save his brothers.

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This is crazy! We’ve hit 100 posts already! I feel so completely honoured that this blog has taken off like it has. And now it will be even better now that I have another person on the team with me, who is absolutely perfect, might I add! We’re even almost at 300 followers, too! Thank you all so much, and please, continue to send in your headcanons. <3 

Birthday gift for M-Angela! ^^ Inspired by her Christmas EdWin: { x }

Sooo, Angie. 20 years is a significant date, but you know how much I suck at giving congrats, so instead of blabbering about happiness-good-health-success-etc I just wanna wish you one thing you want more than anything: forever stay a teenager at heart, as you are now <3 And big thanks for staying with me, really. It was one awesome year of chatting, laughing and crying over fandoms, and drawing epic things in :D And our decision to create Tumblr blogs - the best idea we ever came up with, huh? ;D You’re plain awesome girl, and never let anyone say otherwise. *hugs*

Happy Birthday!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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The title of your book (congrats on that, btw! It must be so exciting!) is "All I Know Now", and I was just thinking the other day how that's part of a line from "Impossible", which you did a cover of a while ago. Is that where the title comes from?


I’ve actually answered this before so you’re not the only one to notice but no, it’s not from the song. It’s simply that the book is about All I Know Now compared to when I was a teenager and thought I knew everything! :P


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so you don't want to have to be held accountable for your decision? you know it as well as i do that girl's a bully and the anon that messaged her isn't wrong, we could use one less of those so.... but i get it you only answer when it fits ur elite standards. Maybe you ARE the problematics ones

I –


I –

what –

I — 

Hold on.


You won.

You got me to bite.

You did.

You got me to bite. 

I was gonna not post your vitriol because you don’t deserve the attention, and my God, you really don’t, but you did it. You got me to bite.

Because you just came into my inbox and actually said these words: “you know it as well as i do that girl’s a bully and the anon that messaged her isn’t wrong, we could use one less of those so….” about an actual real live person. A teenager. A real, actual flesh and blood teenager, and you just came into my inbox and said WE COULD USE ONE LESS OF HER AND THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TELLING HER TO KILL HERSELF ARE NOT WRONG????


You, sir or madam.

You. YOU? Are a bully. And YOU are a terrible human being if you can ever, under any circumstances, say that someone telling another person – of any age – but a teenager no less – to kill themselves is NOT WRONG.





You can feel however you want about the person in question, I can’t stop you from doing that, but don’t you dare, don’t you EVER, don’t you EVER come into my inbox and say filth like that as if it’s something that decent people should say or think or have to read or put up with.

Don’t you EVER come into my inbox and try to say that *I* am problematic when you just advocated ENCOURAGING SUICIDE TO A TEENAGER.

You? You, anon? You can fuck the hell off.

And you can sit back right now, and you can feel very pleased that you finally, finally found the button that will actually make me lose my goddamn mind and unleash my temper. Yes. You found it. Saying that WE COULD USE ONE LESS OF a teenager, no matter the reason, there it is you guys, there is the ALLISON IS ABOUT TO GO NUCLEAR button. 

Congrats to you, sir or madam. 


And now, because you have FUCKING EARNED IT, you are going to get every angry gif I have.

Fairy Tail 428 reactions

Oh Romeo, you are now a teenager and your father, well… Just cut the long hair sweetie…

Don’t worry Wendy, one day you will have huge boobs also (or not). You won’t be alone in this department.

That’s my boy! 

Gray, I swear to God I will get your ass kicked! How dare you?!

Thanks Lucy!

Hello Sweetheart, see your ass later… Gray, why did you have your eyes shut?

Remorse? Is it possible that he’s possessed by this little shit?

Guess who’s back… And in the Council… Congrats to all people who thought about the possibility!

So both of you, how is it to have sex in Council offices, hum ;-)?

Belno would be so proud of you Gajeel…