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Straight Shooter

From @dancingalone21​ for my 500 Followers Celebration: “Congrats, sweetheart!!! I’d like to request a Dean AU where he’s a photographer and the reader is a model. She hears that he’s gay so she strips down in front of him at a photo shoot. He doesn’t correct her at first and then she finds out he’s straight and it’s not good for Dean haha. Thank you!!”

Word Count: no one really cares, but about 2300, give or take

Warnings: language, maybe, mentions of nudity

Comments/feedback is always appreciated!

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You were nervous but you don’t know why. You have had a hundred photo shoots before today. Was it because this was a new photographer? Maybe. But you had been photographed by dozens of photographers, male and female. Maybe you were just in awe of his work.  

You had never worked with Dean Winchester before, but you had certainly seen his work. It was alluring, stunning even hauntingly beautiful and you hoped he had the same outcome with your shots today. Your manager had told you Dean Winchester was the consummate professional, never ever caught with one of his clients, and he had photographed the most beautiful women in the world.  It had lead to countless rumors in your industry that he was gay. This did not bother you in the least, especially today, when you had planned your first ‘sexy’ shoot today. It took off an enormous amount of pressure you had already been feeling.

“Come on, girl” you told yourself calmly as you entered his studio. “You got this.”

The lobby of “Exposed” was very modern. All clean, straight lines. Very sterile, you thought to yourself. The receptionist created you and lead you back to your dressing room. This was anything but sterile. The room was cozy, warm, calming even. 

Your wardrobe had arrived and was neatly hung on the rack hugging the far wall. The vanity table was small but well organized with all of your supplies. You glanced at the time, you had a full hour before the shoot began. You started with your hair, piling it loosely on top of you head, letting random tendrils fall around your face. 

You had already had a friend, who happened to be a make-up artist, do your make-up before you headed into the studio. You didn’t like travelling with a crew, it only served to make you more nervous. She had given you plenty of tips over the years that you knew how to freshen and reapply if necessary.

Walking over to your wardrobe rack, you choose the first outfit; a black baby doll camisole with white lace detail over the high waist and breasts, that had a halter top. It was truly beautiful. You slipped it over your head, taking care not to mess your hair. Turning to examine the effect in the three-way mirror in the corner you smiled ear to ear, quite satisfied. You pulled your robe on, securing it around your waist, slipped on a pair of matching heeled slippers just as the knock sounded at your dressing room door. 

“Y/N, hello. I’m Dean Winchester, photographer extraordinaire and owner of ‘Exposed.’ It is a pleasure and a privilege to be shooting you today.” He reached out for your hand, shaking it slowly, gently. 

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Keenan, I got such a high score on my psychology test that my professor picked me to lead a study group!! I'm sorry I'm just so happy!!! Also I love you and I hope you're having a wonderful day! 💖💖💖

omg!!! congrats sweetheart i’m so proud of u!! 💕💕💕 you’ll be the most amazing lead for the study group that they can find !!! i hope ur day was filled with love & sunshine & satisfaction ily!!!! 💖💖


“Action and comedy attract me, but my mind is always working with whoever makes me a better actor. I practiced a lot of sports as a kid and I noticed that I always improved a lot when I was playing against someone who had more experience or was better than me ; I needed to work hard. So, if I can at least have contact with the real talents in the industry and absorb what they have to offer me, it will be worth it.”

Happy 34th Birthday, Jensen Ross Ackles! ♥