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@akemihughesh requested: imagine grant gustin X reader, grant propose her and in the end is super fluffy and smut, please love your imagines

A/N: Congrats to my little chicken nugget grant, I hope he’s happy because he deserves it since he’s one of my favorite peanuts other than chris colfer. I don’t write smut though I’m afraid, it gets kind of weird for me to write it even if it was for one my otps so you just get fluff. I hope you still like it, it might be a bit cheesy, corny, or whatever you wanna call it. I hope someday, I get married but I don’t have the best of luck with love. And I’m happy to hear that you love my imagines! Y/I/N is your Instagram name by the way! Ships are closed for the time being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!


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                              » Relationship(s): Grant Gustin/Reader «

You were enjoying your time with Grant after he finished filming a scene for his new movie, The Last Full Measure as you petted Nora, one of his dogs as she plopped herself onto your lap while waiting for Grant to come back from filming. You didn’t want to go see due to the war scenes, kind of always made you tear up. You loved watching the Flash while you and Grant were apart. Sometimes the Flash’s director would let you watch like when you came to surprise him during the Music Meister episode with your mutual friend, Darren Criss. You jump a little when Jett, the other one besides Nora began barking a little and running as fast as his little legs could go. Nora just whined a little and shifted into your lap again as your handsome boyfriend came up with Jett now in his arms, wagging his tail.

“Hey Y/N, looks like I’m finished filming so now we can spend some time together. .well, and these two dorks too of course after lunch.” The brown haired male pointed at the two white pups as you came over to give you a kiss on the temple. “You certainly could use lunch since I made you wait for so long.” He added as you peered him over your sunglasses from sitting outside, your E/C showing as he just gave you a grin.

“You’re hopeless Grant, just hopeless. But you’re paying for my food mister since you promised to be back here like an hour and a half ago.” You say, you would’ve gotten lunch but you wanted to spend time with him since you both had been busy because of your schedules conflicting. Grant gave you a quick sorry before giving you an actual kiss before Jett decided to join as you scrunched your nose with a laugh as your boyfriend made an ‘eww’ sound before setting him inside as Nora joined her brother. You grabbed your things before leaving with Grant off the set.

You always enjoyed when you two spent time together from just watching movies and eating ice cream to going on the carpet to give your support and help promote each other’s projects on film or TV. You were a very admired voice actress whom worked with many celebrated voice actors such as Tara Strong to Greg Cripes and much more. You also were a voice for a character on Vixen so you helped Grant and Stephen get into the voice acting part of it which was a lot of fun. Grant felt lucky to have you in his life despite that you both have seen each other’s worst moments from fighting which ended up in a bad screaming match before you stormed off. Candice and Tom helped you both out to fix it even when it meant you two took a break before apologizing so much to each other.

But you have seen each other’s best times from Grant winning the Teen Choice’s award last year and you getting a few of your own. That’s what made him think that you could be the one, you’ve both saw each at your lowest points to your highest. As Grant pulled you toward him after you were looking at dress in a window shop while you turned to see your boyfriend on one knee before clapping your mouth shut.

“Y/N, I know this might not be the ideal way to propose to you but I need to get off my chest. I remember when I first met you at Comic Con in your voice acting panel in 2014, didn’t think much of it until Carlos noticed me staring at you. I remember when we had that really bad moment in our relationship that was all over the place, man that was a mess. But here we are, still together after all of that. From supporting each other on stage to now. I can’t make any promises because I don’t want to break any since I know how you hate broken promises. But I want to come running home to you. Y/N L/N, will you marry me for the dork that I am? You know like be my Lois Lane to Superman?” He asks as he pulled out a simple ring that had your favorite stone instead of diamonds since you said you never wanted a diamond ring if you got proposed to.

You fan your face a little and noticed some people staring at you for your answer, nodding your head as you smiled. “Oh Grant, my Superman. Of course I will be your Lois as you long as you don’t wear that spandex to bed with you.” You say with a slight laugh as you leaned down to give him a kiss while he put the ring on your finger. Later that night Grant took a picture with you and your ring showing before posting on Instagram with a very simple caption on it.

‘ Found my Lois Lane to my Superman even though I can’t wear spandex to bed she says. @Y/I/N. ’