congrats on your birthday!


I just first and foremost wanted to say a HUGE “Happy Birthday” to the one and only @markiplier Congrats on your 28 years of life, I hope you’re super happy with where you are now and what your life has been so far :) So here I have a compilation of some of my favorite gifs that I’ve made of Mark before.

On that note: here’s my sappy thoughts. 

I’ve been in the Markiplier fandom for almost 3 years now, since a little before the first FNAF video was posted. Around then was the start of me actually watching YouTubers on the regular, and since then I’ve gone through phases of which YouTubers I watch most often, but Mark has consistently been one that I can always watch.

If you’re reading this Mark, I think you’re a wonderful human being. You are just this genuinely nice and caring person and it resonates in your videos. I got to go to see you in Indianapolis and that was the first time I ever got the chance to see you in person. You’ve never really interacted with my stuff before, and sometimes that gets me discouraged, but I know you still get the idea of what I post from other people who express the same love and respect everyday, so I don’t mind that much. You have tons of fans and I get it an dI know you make such amazing efforts to get to be there for all of us, even when it’s really not possible and that alone means a lot to me, and all of us <3

Anyways, here’s to another awesome year of your life. Hope you guys get to do the fall, and maybe even winter tours that you want to do. I’m really hoping I’ll get to go again to another tour spot, as I can’t make it to any of the cons you go to. Here’s to more amazing sketch videos and let’s plays and charity livestreams. Give Chica tons of hugs for all of us, we’re so happy to see you have such an amazing group of people who care about you everyday, because they’re awesome and you guys all deserve the best and to have such a good group of people to surround yourself with.

Sorry I rambled on! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK <3

-The Squirrel King



Happy birthday to you~ 진진형 22번째 생일을진심으로 축하해요🎉🎉 착하고 장난도 잘받아주고 리더쉽있는?ㅎㅎ진진형 귀염댕이 아스트로 잘부탁드려요
#생일선물 #나 #HappyJINJINDay


Happy birthday to you~ JINJIN hyung congrats on your 22nd birthday🎉🎉 the easy leader? Who is so nice and accept our tease well haha. Cutie JinJin hyung. Please take care of Astro
#TheBirthDayPresentIs #Me #HappyJINJINDay

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Thank you guys so much for your patience! Got stuck at work longer than expected, but I’m here and I’ve got the results of the contest for ya. Before we jump into it, I wanna say I loved each and every one of the entries I received, and it wasn’t easy at all to pick — I’m gonna have a little blurb on each, and everyone reading, please, please be sure to follow them and shoot them some love for their work! Everyone did fantastic and I love the results.

Firstly, anyone not selected in the winner results below, please still e-mail me at — you will be receiving a notecard drawing of Sam and some stickers for your participation in the contest! Just let me know who you are, your entry, and your address, if you’re comfortable with that. 

The winner of the contest for the prize of the comic prompt is @withthedemonblood! Please e-mail me and we can get your unique Sam-centric comic started for you, your eyes only! Unless you wanna post it when you get it. Y’know. Whatevs.

The two winners for the fanfiction category is @brothersapart and @womanoflettersinthebunker ! The two winners for fan art is @sketchydean and @fioreitaliano (which is not letting me ping you, what a butthead tumblr is). The two winners for fan edits are @samprincesschester and @jaredbottoms!  Let me know if you would like The Little Golden Hunter’s Book or a grayscale copy of Ask Sam Stuff Volumes 1 or 2. If you would like to wait, you can request to have grayscale Volume 3 when it is completed! If you would rather have a drawn piece that is SPN-related, let me know, we can work something out that is non-book-related.  

(IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE LIST BELOW, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I will add you and you will still be able to get a gift for partaking for your hard work — a Sam notecard of thanks and stickers! Apologies to the helpful notes left on the previous post before this one; I was at work so I couldn’t respond. :’))


Metal by @waytoomuchanalysis : A fantastic continuation of the bend the spoon entry, it dives into the potential of Sam stil having his powers! Look out for the warnings, and enjoy a dose of hurt!Sam, too! I love me some hurt!Sam.

The Long Road Home by @brothersapart : A wonderfully well-written ‘novelization’ of here and here, where Dean died as a child in the fire with their mother. Really awesome to tackle this one, and you did a great job conveying additional things in the narrative!

I’m Okay by @ultimatefandomtrash61 : A gritty and heavy covering of the entry involving Sam’s feelings after Toni’s deceit in 12x02; heed the warnings at the start! It’s a tough subject for sure, but it’s done very well!

As Dreamer’s Do by @withthedemonblood : Really wonderful descriptions and details as this goes, this takes what is a pretty silly entry and adds a lot of personality and weight to it; I love me some weechester stuff, and there’s even a little hurt!Dean in there for you guys who like fairness in torment, haha.

Manoir de Mes Reves by @captain-sodapop : I gotta say, I didn’t even remotely consider the twister entry on Sam’s Birthday bash would end up as an entry! Great humor and a fun concept, check this one out.

I Love You, Too by @manuscript-or : Based on Sam's addiction to coffee (dude sometimes there’s such a thing as too much), this AU of the pilot episode is pretty cute and full of Jess and Sam goodness! And y'all know I’m a sucker for Jess and Sam. Check this out!

Happy Halloween by @womanoflettersinthebunker : Based on the halloween post about Abby the little sassy cowgirl with read hair and freckles! I really love the alternate route this took, and it gave Sam a fun little adventure to boot — love the details of Sam naming trick-or-treaters in this head! Fantastic work. ♥

Proud Defense by @my-pen-is-my-sword : Very, very neat — an expansion of this strange creature from a pre-series comic! I’m impressed with the attempt to tackle this one, since it was one of the more vague and mysterious comics I’ve thrown out there, but it ended up being a really great piece! Excellent job.

Scars by @samsexualdeancurious :  A short but sweet Jess/Sam entry, exploring a panel in this entry a bit more. Did I mention I’m a sucker for Jessica and Sam? Because I am. Great job on expanding on that entry, and great writing.

A Long Night (Part 1 | Part 2) by @borrowedtimeandspace : A lovely write-up of a section of the Ask Lil’ Sam Stuff plotline; I really loved doing that story, and I’m tickled to see that it was chosen to be done for the entry! They’ve done a really good job adding little narrative touches to this, and it’s a nice addition to the bitty!Sam collection!

Fan art:

BANANA SAM by @fioreitaliano : Based on this. I cannot believe my eyes. A+ banana!Sam. I’m so happy to have laid eyes on him in all his wonder.

No but Really, Call Me, Cont’d by @saintedsam : The cutest little continuation of Max Banes and Sam Winchester, from my entry of Max hitting on an oblivious Sam. And here he is, continuing to be oblivious! What a cute art style, I love it! (And that shirt, Max.)

The Purple Dog Shirt, Pt. II by @sketchydean : What a great follow-up to the purple dog shirt comic! It can be tough to whip up comics, but this is done extremely well and feels like such a solid continuation, I love it. Now - where the heck did that shirt go!!

Dean, I Made You More Pie by @h3dgehogjohn : Isn’t this so cute? A picture of little Sam from this entry making more 'pie’ for his brother! I love them in their little socks; great job, and a+ freckles. ;)

It was a long night by @dovesdanceatdusk  Banana!Sam strikes again!! This time with some backstory! I love the way Sam’s drawn in this, what an excellent style, and — yeah, it was a long night.

I’m Gonna Rip Your Lungs Out! by @nisaki-chan : Oh man, protective!Dean, weechesters, and the threat of lung-ripping. Our favorite! Great art style and an excellent choice in topic. I approve.

Take Care of Yourself! by @dozmuffinxc : Look at this cute entry! A Sam swathed in blankets! A really adorable art style, and a good point to keep in mind for everyone, especially over-working little Sam.

Samulet? … Deanmulet? by @sakurinn : Based on this post, sakurinn made an excellent video of Sam getting his own personal samulet! A Deanulet? A wonderful shout-out to you for making a video entry!! This is her first post on tumblr, so please be sure to send lovely wishes and a welcome to the community! ♥


Lack of Agency by @jaredbottoms : An excellent study in gif-form of some of the lack of agency in Sam’s life, based on this post — it’s crazy to see it all laid out, and important to remember. Great selections for a strong gifset.

Cute-o-Meter by @samprincesschester : Something a little less serious — a good ol’ cracky screencap comic, based on this cracky lovefest of a post! I love the humor in this, and I love the team effort going into reminding everyone what a cutie-patootie Sam is. Thanks a ton, Team Freely Loving Sam Winchester.

Once again, give everyone a hand and some reblogs/notes/follows, they’re all super awesome and I’m so happy to have seen their work! Again, if you have an entry that isn’t here because I’m a dipstick and missed it, or I lost it while pasting together this monstrosity (so much linking, so much writing, ieieeeiee), message me and let me know! You’ll certainly still get yourself some stickers. ;)

Until the next contest??? Maybe??? 

I’ll just see you next entry, haha.

— Ashlee

P.S. Happy birthday, Sam. Congrats on being alive somehow in your canon!


hi guys! I got something today!

i thought about this a lot
Leon is my best character but i don’t know his bday and he is 40 now.

So I decided to celebrate his birthday every month. well i have wanted this for a long time. why not

i prepared with my heart all of this. hope you do not use for any purposes.

and here you go :)

Happy Birthday in January♥

Congrats on your 40th birthday Leon!

you are my best character ever. i’m really happy to know about you.

remember always safe driving and more careful with your beautiful hair.

i’ll always be here for support you. hope a great year.♥ :)

(pls eat your cake sir)

Anything for that smile (Clint Barton x reader)

A/N: This idea came to meet at 5 am, but now it is the next day and I still think it’s cute. Maybe you’ll like it, too.

Warnings: None why would you even think that

Originally posted by hawkeyesnest

“I wouldn’t do that.” You hummed not looking up from your comic.

“Do what?” Clint played dumb as he continued to sneak his hands closer.

“That.” He did it anyway though. His hands latched to your sides and he began furiously tickling you. It was seconds before you couldn’t hold back and the electricity zapped from you into the foolish man. You almost couldn’t stop as his hands were frozen at your sides in shock, but thinking about his safety you were able to stop giggling long enough to extradite yourself from his grip.

“I’m going to admit that one hurt.” He gasped in between heavy pants.

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A3 Birthday Messages

So on your birthday, each of the boys have a special birthday message for you! I’ve translated the lines from all the boys I have, so I apologize if some are missing OTL If there are any glaring mistakes, please let me know and I’ll fix them right away!

Also, there was only so many ways I could translate happy birthday, so I’m sorry if it gets a little repetitive ;;;

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