congrats on the haircut

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Bless Baby Beast Chae!! Her new haircut looks amazing! Congrats to them on winning another and as always seeing them cry while giving a speech or performing makes me so teary eyed lol. Also I just saw the video of them introducing Twicecoaster in english for the first time and OH MY GOD!!!! Minas english speaking voice is so adorable! I need so much more of that (and just more Mina in general lol)

right?? RIGHT??? Chaeng looks so good her badass level got raised by so much with that haircut it’s off the charts 😍😍😍 and same! it doesn’t matter how many times they win, every time they cry during an acceptance/encore I get all :’) I’m so proud of them they deserve everything they won.

yAS twice speaking english is so important to me. Mina’s and Jihyo’s english speaking voice is the cutest thing. And!! I also really love Chaeng and Nayeon singing Gravity, that was amazing ☺️


“It is a nice haircut!!”

Congrats on the 8 million subs!!
I also loved the Tales from the Borderlands playthrough, I can’t wait to see more of it!!!

Dan’s YouNow // 25.8.15

Phil was meant to upload the fnaf4 video but couldn’t as Dan was in Sweden and Dan wanted to add in his comic sans and “trashy editing”

He loved Sweden and wished he didn’t have to leave

“Look at me with my Ribena, ready to go”

*Talking about his favourite interviews* “Nick Jonas… We bonded. We sat on the sofa next to each other for an hour talking about life. It was deep.”

“Sorry for the awful photo I tweeted. I thought, haven’t instagrammed in a while… Took my selfie, feeling snazzy… It looked good from [far away] but the closer you look the more horrific it was. Wow. The replies. I’m so sorry to everyone and myself.”

“Cuz I’m a hipster”

Q: How was your day? A: “It was a good day… Got a haircut… Got rained on” *laughs*

*Someone said congrats to Dan on 5 million* “Thank you.. That happened. Obviously I’m very happy and proud about that.” [Not the kind of person to upload a 5mil thank you video] “I dunno… Too sarcastic. Too cynical. I find it, like, I don’t want to draw too much attention to myself.” 

“But yeah… I am incredibly appreciative” [for 5 million subscribers]

*On the topic of synesthesia* No, I’m not. I don’t think so. I guess sometimes when I think of a number in my head it’s a colour. I feel 36 = Times New Roman in green.”

*On the topic of getting a dog* “I would love to get a dog but I don’t intend to… because I’m not a functional person and I can’t look after myself let alone a dog.”

Q: 2nd favourite type of dog breed? A: “I haven’t really thought about that. I kinda just decided Shiba Inu is my favourite.”

“Yeah. Caspar Lee hit 5 million subscribers. He made a thank you video… I love Caspar. I think he’s really great.”

Q: Any advice for starting college? A: “Be shockingly more social than you think you’re capable of.”

“I never did a single piece of homework in my whole life.”

“I am an optimist and I am amazing and forgiving and kind…”

“The Walking Dead is amazing…and sometimes boring”

“Radiohead speaks to me in an emotional way, like, I don’t get sad, but Radiohead goes right to my soul.”

Dan and Phil are live on the radio next Monday at 9pm

Dan isn’t doing a liveshow next week because he and Phil and “a few other guys” are going on a “spontaneous holiday” because of the book and the tour etc.