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My first time I played DnD

The character I played was an elven rogue who was a notorius prankster who was raised by a dragon and was obsessed with their culture. Her father the Dragon gave her a magic crate (like an infinite space box, like hermione’s purse) filled with a bunch of minorly enchanted items. Aria (the elf) decided that she would use these items to become the best pranker in the world (cue evil laughter). Since it was my first time playing, it was just me and the DM with his character, a demonic warrior looking for his master.

Extra context: we are fighting a blue dragon. I’m dying, he’s still ok on health.

Me: okay I’m gonna grab an item from my box

Dm: what are you looking for?

Me: a ring of healing? Idk something to heal me

DM’s little bro(not playing, just watching): Is a ring of healing an engagement ring?

Me: …if you want it to?

DM: (evil snicker) okay roll a d20

Me: shit, 5

DM: So you pull out a ring of healing but before you can use the enchantment, the dragon notices the ring and thinks you’re about to propose.

Me: shit NO Aria may love dragons but NO

DM: roll charisma

Me: *nat20* WHAT

DM: Congrats, you’re now engaged to a dragon.

“Rum & Coconuts” - h.s. Part 2

Part 1



You could see Charlie’s large sun hat before you saw her face once you landed in the airport. Though Harry had attempted to roll both yours and his suitcase in a chivalrous way, you had given him a look as if to say, “Really?” before lugging your own behind you as Harry led you and Savie through the airport.

“Charlie!” you called, waving your arm frantically as you attempted to catch her attention. She turned, her long, luxurious and silky hair swishing around her as a large smile overcame her face and she waved back, jogging to meet up with you. 

“Y/N!” she cried and nearly sprinted into your arms. “Oh it’s been so long! When Harry called I nearly thought he was joking saying you’d be visiting! It’s so good to see you!”

You and Savie had known Charlie since university. She’d been the Armenian girl down the hall whose grandmother always sent her nice treats. You’d gone with her on her first trip to her home country when her parents had asked if she wanted to spend the summer there. Her answer was yes, and that she wanted to bring friends. 

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emptyinkbottle  asked:

I've been here since the bowl/cup (boup?cowl?) incident. When I'm having a rough day I like to watch ur funny videos bc they always make me laugh until there's happy tears in my eyes and I just wanted to thank u for it. You and Ducky bring a lot of joy to people, I hope y'all know that! Thanks for existing and being so great. I hope y'all have a suPER DUPER AMAZING week and such. (Congrats on the engagement also <3)

Okay so you know that prompt that’s like “we pretend to be engaged because this bakery/shop is doing free wedding cake tastings for couples and I love free cake”? Well I’ve yet to see it done for Andreil which I don’t get because like y’all know that Andrew would never say no to free cake! So as such, please now enjoy my ramblings…. 

  • So it goes like this:
  • Andrew and Neil are casually strolling down Main Street with all the shops and restaurants and stuff
  • Matt’s birthday is coming up or something and Neil has to find the ultimate best bro gift
  • And he drags Andrew along
  • So they’re going from shop to shop and Neil sucks at buying gifts so he is StrugglingTM
  • And as they walk to the next shop, they pass this bakery with a sign out front that says “Getting married? Come in for a free wedding cake tasting!”
  • And Andrew is like free cake? Fuck yeah
  • So he takes Neil’s hand in his and pulls him into the bakery
  • And Neil is a bit dazed and confused because he’s not used to hand holding in public like this??? PDA??? What is happening???
  • But he follows Andrew anyways

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Dear Eric Stirpe

To our favourite dork, @stirpicus - Eric Stirpe, creative writer of Minecraft: Story Mode, Overlord of the Cube Kids,

I guess we - myself and those who contributed with the fanart displayed in the above collages (they will be credited with the full art under a cut) - want to thank you for helping bring MCSM to life. You have truly done the game justice and helped blow minds. The game you helped create has brought joy and laughter and tears and anger.

You have done so much to contribute to the game and the fandom - you have reblogged fanart, answered the questions you could answer and given some a role model. To thank you, we decided to make you these collages.

The fact that you got engaged shortly beforehand was a complete coincidence - and I can only say we’re so happy for you! If you wish, take this as a gift for the engagement. We’ve been working on this for over two weeks and we’re proud of the result.

All I did was create the collages which, admittedly, could have been done better - of course, it was the artists who did the most. I gave them a two week (and four days) deadline and look at all they’ve achieved! Three of them were even able to contribute two pieces of art!

I’m honestly not sure where I’m going with this - I’ve tried to remain formal but I’m just so giddy with excitement that we finally got this done. Nights and days I’ve spent panicking the project would flop or that you’d somehow find out but it’s been done. I really appreciate all the work everyone’s done for this - we all stuck through hard times (lack of Internet connection for some, feuds, stress) and got this done. I’m proud.

But yeah, thanks for the game, well done on the engagement and please appreciate this collage we made for you. Don’t stop being a dork. finger guns, dabs

Some of the artists have messages for you!

Virumya: I want y'all to know that I posed in front of my mirrow and took photos with my nintendo camera for drawing references. And I used an enderman-plushie as a sword.

AngelicCubes: Hey Eric! I just wanted to say that you’re a massive inspiration to me, and that one day I want to work in the Game Industry because of you and all the amazing staff at Telltale! You’re such an epic person and I hope that you’re having a nice week! x3 (Congratulations on your Engagement as well!)

nukeypookie: Hey hey hey, Eric! I’ve already told you many times that I love what you do and that we love you, so I’ll just go ahead and say this: the hand on your butt (on the drawing) is accidental. please do not judge me. bahah. In all seriousness, I hope you love what we did for you just as much as what you do for us! Also, episode 3 is gonna be awesooome and I’m super excited for it. Anyways, I wish only good things for you and the game, and of course the entire team that works on MCSM as well. You guys rock.

Chuck: Hello Eric! Thank you for giving us a swell game and good times! I hope you’ll also have good and awesome times in the future with us! :oD
Vines On Cubes: Hey Eric!! I know it’s a little old-looking but I hope you like my art- (a little update for ya soon :3 haha) and may I just say I really appreciate all the stuff you do for us fans- you’re involved in just the right ways and we love it! I live for Minecraft Story Mode, so thank you!! And congrats my dude!

charlie: hi eric, theres nothing else to say than what i’ve already told you in messages before, but again from the bottom of my heart, thank you and the mcsm team for this wonderful game and community. huge congratulations on the engagement as well! i only wish the best of the best for you in the years to come!

Sketch: hi eric!! just wanted to thank you for writing this wonderful game and filling it with plenty of characters to love! this game means a ton to me and i’m so glad that you’re the one writing it!! i wish you luck with life and can’t wait for more of your work to come through in this game!!

valarauco-6: hi eric, i just want to thank you for this awesome game, you and the rest of the team are doing an absolutely amazing job with it, i hope you know that! it holds a special place in my heart and i’m glad you’re the one making it, i wish you good luck in life, and also congrats on getting engaged!

Kiwi: Hey there, Eric! I would just like to start off by thanking you so much for everything you do. You’re freaking amazing and I look up to you for a lot of things. I hope you enjoy the collage and all the wonderful art!! (Congrats on the engagement by the way!)

Under the cut will be the full art with credit. Likes < Reblogs!

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M is for Marriage

According to the laws of England, you must be married a full year before you can file for divorce.

Harry’s well aware of this, as is Eggsy, because it comes up during their briefing several times, offered up as a point of contention if Eggsy so wishes to protest against this ludicrous mission.

“It’s a full year of being legally married,” Merlin warns, “under your real names.”

Eggsy shrugs. “It’s just on paper, yeah? It’s not like it’s going to change anything important.”

“Of course not,” Harry says, and the words are cold and sour on his tongue.

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Can you do another “Dating Tom Holland?”


Rainy days always being a plus one

❣ “Come on Tom, let’s dance!” You say, the rain matting the hair to your face.

❣ “Darling it’s too cold.” Tom whined.

❣ You pout and continue dancing alone, turning your back onto him.

❣ You feel strong arms wrap around you, slowly rocking you side to side.

❣ “I’m messing up my hair for you.” He whispers in you ear.

❣ “You care more about your hair than me.” You pout, getting away from his grip.

❣ He grabs your wrist and twirls you into a slow dance position.

❣ You stare into his eyes, water trickling down his hair and falling onto your face. He smiles at you.

❣ “The hair is for you Love.” He says, bringing you in for a kiss.

Tom being drained from work

🌸 “Love I’m home!” You hear Tom shout and the front door closing.

🌸 You come out of your guys’ room, wearing his button up and boy shorts.

🌸 He smiles at you, lifting you up as he hugs you.

🌸 “How about we order some pizza?” He asks, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. You smile.

🌸"Funny. I had just ordered one.“

🌸 The pizza arrives and you guys eat, Tom talking about what he did.

🌸 You guys plop yourselves onto the couch, Tom laying down on your lap and playing with you fingers. He kisses them occasionally, getting your attention.

🌸 “I love you.” He’ll say every few minutes. You would reply back and his smile would get bigger.

🌸 You smile every time he does that because it melts your heart. You place your hand on his head, slowly scratching it and you feel him let out a small and quiet sigh. You stop and his eyes open back up.

🌸 “Why’d you stop?” He asks, his eyes looking like a puppy. You giggle and continue, earning a smile from him. He closes his eyes again and you scratch his scalp.

🌸 You do this for a while, rubbing you hand softly over his face, giving him a small massage on his temple. He lets out a small moan, meaning he enjoys it.

🌸 You pull back his hair and place a kiss on his forehead. He opens one eye and purses his lips. You roll your eyes and lean down for a kiss.

🌸 You’re about to sit up when he tells you no. You lean back down and he cradles your face.

🌸 “I love you.” He says sleepily. You smile and peck his lips a little longer.

🌸 “I know. I love you too.” You say, going back to scratching his scalp, only to hear him softly snoring in your lap.

You and Tom fighting

⏳ “You promised!” You cry, the tears stinging your eyes. He stared at you, his eyes fuming.

⏳"What exactly did I promise you? My freedom?“ He says, his voice not quite raised.

⏳"You promised to be home before 6!” You shout. He gets angry and pulls his hair.

⏳ “What is with you?!” He groans, walking away into the living room.

⏳"Me?!? I’m not an ignorant person.“ You yell after him. He turned to face you, making you startled.


⏳You’re taken back and the tears come, not even slowly. Full on sobbing occurs. He notices his words and goes to comfort you, but you push him away to sit on the couch.

⏳"L-Love? Come on now… you know I didn’t mean it.“ He coos, placing a hand onto your back as you cried.

⏳ “How could you forget?” You sob.

⏳ “What did I forget?” He asks.

⏳ You look up at him, horrified.

⏳ “Does our anniversary mean nothing?” You ask. His face falls and he looks away.

⏳ “That’s what I thought.” You say getting up.

⏳ “Where are you going?” He asks, following you.

⏳ “I’m going to Nat’s place. I just need some space.” You tell him, grabbing a change of clothes and slamming the front door on him.

Tom making it up

✨ “It was one anniversary.” Harrison says, dipping his fry in some ketchup. You sigh.

✨ “I know Haz but..that was my best one yet.” You say, dipping yours in ranch.

✨ “Why?” He says, a mouthful of burger. You give a small smile.

✨ “It’s the longest one I’ve had. Three years beats a year Haz.” You tell him, passing a napkin over. He thanks you and cleans up his mouth.

✨ “You sure he didn’t forget?” He asks, taking a sip of his drink.

✨ “I wasn’t. But his face said it all.” You say, taking a pickle slice out and eating it.

✨ You notice a big commotion happening outside and you look out the window. A huge crowd had formed and both you and Harrison go outside.

✨ You look up and see a Billboard sign that reads,

“I was an ass. I didn’t completely forget. I remembered. I just didn’t have something to give. Until now. Turn around.”

✨You turn around and see someone in a Spidey suit descend upside down from the building. You look up and see people on the roof, giving you a thumbs up.

✨ “Seems like someone owes you an apology.” Harrison jokes. Spidey turns to him and punches his arm and I laugh.

✨ Someone comes up and hands me a bouquet of roses, along with a huge teddy bear. I had them over to Haz, who groans.

✨” Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, I have been amazed these past three years and honesty, you’ve made me the happiest guy to ever live. I may have not gotten you anything for our anniversary.“ He says.

✨A bigger crowd begins to close in around us as he continues.

✨ “What I’m trying to say is… will you marry me?” He says, tearing the mask off. I blink through the tears and stare back at Tom. I see him pull out a small box and he opens it, still upside down.

✨ It was a beautiful skinny sapphire ring, my birthstone. I cover my mouth and nod, the tears flowing. Everyone cheers around us and he brings me closer, performing the iconic upside down Spiderman kiss.

✨"Congrats on the engagement.. but can we go? This bear weighs a ton.“ Harrison groans.