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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Episode 7: 9021-HO

AJA: such a brat. Is she mad that she’s not all the rave in the competition ? Step your pussy up or sashay away.. & she sashayed away.. it was inevitable 🤷🏻‍♀️

ALEXIS MICHELLE: She isn’t my cup of tea, but at least she has the talent to go with the ego.

FARRAH MOAN: meh… getting bored

NINA BO’NINA BROWN: please stop doubting yourself you slay, okay?

PEPPERMINT: Peppermint is a total mom, she makes me feel good inside . She tried her best to keep these children in check.

SASHA VELOUR: found her funny in the challenge honestly. Still an awesome ass Queen.

SHEA COULEE: Slaying our lives on a weekly basis, just casually.

TRINITY TAYLOR: She is to die for. I love her cunty attitude , she says what’s in everybody’s minds frfr. She is so funny too like does she know she’s hilarious ? It’s kind of like Alyssa’s manic quirks (not to compare queens) congrats on the win mama!

VALENTINA: Her confessionals are the best , she isn’t buying anybody’s shit. Super adorable also !

OKAY! So here are my elimination order Predictions.
Top 3: Valentina , Sasha Velour, Shea Coulee
4- Trinity Taylor
5- Alexis Michelle
6- Nina Bonina Brown
7- Peppermint
8- Farrah Moan
10- Cynthia (correct)
11- Eureka
12- Charlie Hides
13- Kimora blac (correct)
14- Jaymes Mansfields (correct)

Why Ochako Is Actually a Big BadAss

When this past chapter came out, there wasn’t material enough in it for me to really write my thoughts on. To me, it was the class just being adorable and I want to wait til next week to talk about the new Big Three that appeared (also who saw the memes for them? My friend just showed me and I died of laughter.)

Instead, I’ve been rereading the manga (more specifically the sports festival) and the past chapter happened had Ochako’s outburst about the festival and it almost made me upset to see the reactions that were given to it. I remember going through the tag and seeing quite a few people reacting to that outburst as “OMG SHE WAS SOOOO CUTE” or “OMGGGG SO FUNNYTTT”. Of course, I am exaggerating this a lot but the fact there were no more in depth thoughts on it and it kinda made me a bit sad and now that I’m reading that festival stuff again, I just had to put down my thoughts somewhere.

I’ve said this before and I will repeat myself until the day I die: While Ochako’s character is based on her being cute and bubbly and the most adorable gal in the entire universe, she’s so much more than that. She’s more complex than the fandom makes her out to be and I wish more people saw that.

Now, in my Why Ochako is Actually A Complex Character post, I talked about this complexity a bit with how she handles her emotions and more specifically on how she displays this to others. However, I did not talk about how much of a determined individual she is and really how feisty she is (like this girl can be Bakugou fierce ok?).

To start, when the whole Sports Festival came into play, after the stakes of the festival were told to the class, this is precisely how Ochako acted (which definitely caught the rest of the class off guard)

Now, of course I know that it was displayed as an act of comic relief, especially with how expressive she is during all of that but I personally see it as something more about her character that Horikoshi was just trying to mix with the silly cute aspect part of it, especially since we get this scene later one (I stg I have this scene stamped in my memory):

Already in a chapter, Horikoshi showed us that Ochako is a supremely determined individual who has absolutely no chill when it comes to things that would affect not only her goals but the situation with her family.

I mean, in the festival, we got a small glimpse of that with her waiting to use a secret move (which btw, she hasn’t used yet and Im dying for that day)

And here she is being all determined in some other panels (which you can even see her suppressing her emotions once more as she tells Deku congrats for winning first)

And then we get to her fight with Katsuki, which OH BOY really shows how far her determination and feistiness can go. And honestly so much happens in this fight that truly does characterize who Ochako is and how strong she is.

I mean to start, she gives off a Katsuki like sentence to push away the statement he made earlier.

And then it’s so interesting and I see so many people overlook this but look at what she does.

She acknowledges that the fight is bad and the situation surrounding it isn’t completely ideal YET she shoves down those feelings of fear and apprehension and still continues to display herself as this strong woman that isn’t intimidated by Katsuki whatsoever (which kind of ties into her reaction in the newest chapter).

And then of course, here are two pages in that same chapter that really display this fire that she has within herself and how she’s kind of similar to Katsuki in that she isn’t one to back down without really putting up a fight (even if the fight that is something that terrifies her or even makes her a bit uneasy).

What makes all of this incredible too is that Katsuki not acknowledges her by the middle of the fight

But she even crosses his mind when he fights Todoroki when he says this

Yes, my good old gravitational stars, Katsuki even acknowledges the strength and ambition that Ochako has that maybe only Deku might have noticied (even then maybe not too much).

And she doesn’t just show this fierceness in this fight. She shows it not only when she fights 13 with Yuuga but also when she fights with Toga during the training camp (and yes I am referring to the infamous panel of Ochako)

So we get to the little scene from this past chapter where everyone went on the cute train with it.

Now, to me, I saw this scene a bit more than just her being the precious little princess she normally portrays herself out to be. To me, the way I saw it was a girl who clearly was affected by the Sports Festival. As we saw, Ochako took the festival I personally believe much more serious than the rest of the class. For her, this was a real chance for her to show off her skills and how strong of an individual she is. Since they made the Sports Festival to be something of utter importance, she completely put away any fears or apprehension she had and fought to the extreme and even showed up how insane her powers go and just really how determined she can get when it involves her family. So to be told that the festival didn’t matter I’m sure had to have been a slap in the face to her because it would have pretty much told her, “Hey, all the efforts and shit that you put yourself through to really further your goals? Yea doesn’t mean anything at the end.” Yea not a nice way to look at it and not a nice way to interpret your actions during that time period. 

Alright so I kind of went everywhere with this but the point I’m trying to make is that scene from the past chapter wasn’t just an adorable moment that we got of Ochako. Rather, although done in a funny way to mix with her general personality, it is a scene that gives us more of an idea of Ochako and how she took the Sports Festival and just how in general she takes events that impact things that pertain to her goal. Even though we see her as a usually laid back individual with a bubbly personality, she’s so much more than that. This is a girl who doesn’t back away from any challenge presented to her and doesn’t allow things to get in her way of her goals. She has them clear cut in her mind and she chases after them. She even has a fiery side that you can compare with Katsuki as seen from the fight she had with him. In general, she’s so strong and powerful and truly fierce and I just want more people to see that side of her. I guess I just wish people could see her as more than just the cute little cutie pie she is and really see her as a badass cutie pie because damn, that strangle she gave Toga was pretty intense for her character.

TLDR: Ochako is actually a big badass and not a lot of people acknowledge that.

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congrats for winning the female umbreon!!!

i love this babe! i give them the name ANUBIS! thank you @daily-zoroark-illusionist for them! i’ve decided that, because their design is so complex, they will only be available for 1 interaction per week unless specified otherwise! also the base sketch was what i had the cut out of the previous image! 



I saved up my running yesterday for the Williamsville East 5K and am SO glad I did. Pouring rain and 45 degrees, but I finished 1st female and with an unexpected 5K PR! 20:40! It must’ve been my good luck charm, aka. Grandma ❤️
Huge congrats to @littlebean-jellybean for winning her AG too! (Sub-25! Whoo!)
It’s the size of the effort, not the size of the race that counts.


I wanna say congrats to Taraji P. Henson 4 winning her first MTV Movie Award for Best Fight in Hidden Figures. She freakin nailed it and earned that shit. A real black actress. I gotta give props to her. Go Taraji!! #TarajiPHenson #HiddenFigures #MTVAwards #2017mtvmovieandtvawards #actress

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Mrs.Potato Head

 ( This imagine includes mild body hate, so be warned” )  

(Y/N)’s P.O.V

I just got back from my match against Carmella and I’m so happy I picked up the victory against her. As I’m walking towards the locker room I’m stopped by my boyfriend Dean Ambrose who has a water bottle in his hands.

“Hey babygirl , here ya go I’m so proud of you for winning tonight” he says while handing me the water bottle.

“Thanks babe, go get a victory tonight” I say while kissing him on the lips.

At that Dean leaves for the Main Event against AJ Styles and I go to the locker room.

“Hey girl, Congrats on winning your match tonight!’ Naomi says while closing her luggage.

“Thanks Naomi” I say. “ Ummmmm where is everyone?” I say while looking around the empty locker room. 

“ All the girls left with there guys and friends to get a head start to get to the next town quicker” she says as she walks towards me. “Actually I’m supposed to go meet Jimmy at the car right now so I’ll see you at the live event tommorow” Naomi says as she gives me a hug. Then she walks out the door

At that I’m the only person in the Women’s locker room.

I decide to shower at the arena to save me time and after I put on a pair of black sweatpants and one of Dean’s shirts that I stole from his suitcase and decide to just wait for Dean in his locker room.

I get pretty bored so I decide to go thru social media, I open up Instagram and see WWE tagged me in a photo that they took of me before my match with Carmella. I decide to read the comments, something I almost never do.



“ (Y/N) is my idol , I love her so much” 

I saw a lot of comments like these which made me smile, I have the best fans in the world. Suddenly I see other comments.

“ (Y/N) is such a ring rat, she sleeps her way to the top”

_“ It looks like she put on some weight #workoutfatty” _

_“The only reason she was drafted from NXT was because of who she’s dating” _

_“She has no boobs or butt whatsoever” _

_“ Ugliest person I’ve ever laid my eyes on” _

_“Her whole career is a joke” _

_“ Dean and Renee are better! #DeanneFOREVER _

_“ She needs to get some plastic surgery or something to make her better looking if that’s even possible, maybe then Dean won’t leave her for someone better” _

Ouch.  That last one stung really hard. 

It was recently where I had learned to love myslef and that’s thanks to Dean. But is this what people really think of me?.

I shyly make my way towards the mirror and check myself out.

“No boobs or butt”

“I have gained weight, Jesus I can never be healthy” 

“ I hate the scars on my face, they make me look like a freak” 

“What if I only got drafted because of Dean” 

“Ring rat?, I’ve only dated 1 person from this company” 

“Maybe I can’t wrestle” 

“I’m so ugly and disgusting” 

This goes on for about 5 minutes.

Without even realising I feel tears streaming my face, I haven’t felt this bad about myself since high school. Then I break and I let out a sob.

“Hey baby I’m back-” Dean says as he walks in the locker room.

“Woah Woah Woah!!!, what happened?” he says as comes over and sees me crying, he quickly wipes my tears away and pulls me in hug.

His question is quickly answered as he hears my phone buzzing and then he walks over to it unlocking my phone.

I see him open up Instagram and he quickly skims thru the comments.

“Baby, I thought we agreed you wouldn’t check the comments” he says walking towards me.

“But they’re right Dean about everything!, I’m ugly, fat, I have no body shape whatsoever and you can have someone better than me!” I say , a few tears escaping. “These are just a bunch of jealous people with nothing better to do” Dean says carresing my face. “Come ‘ere” Dean says while taking my hand in his.

We walk back infront of the mirror. He puts his arms around me and his head ontop of mine.

“Tell me what you don’t like about yourself” he says kissing my shoulder.

“I’ve put on weight” I say with sad face.

Slowly he lifts up my shirt a bit just to see my stomach.

“Those abs say otherwise, plus I see no weight gain”

“Well I think I have a boy body”

“Are you kidding me? You have so many beautiful curves which I love”

“ I hate the scars on my face”

“Those scars are the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, It shows everyone my women is tough and badass, plus they’re reminders of your old wrestling days back in indie promotions and plus they’re not that bad and big”

:”I have no boobs or butt”

“You have a perfect body, your boobs are a perfect size; not to small or big and your butt was crafted by the God’s” he says while giving it a little tap. This makes me smile and laugh.

“Oh God, there’s that beautiful smile I fell in love with” Dean says while kissing the top of my head. “ Anything else?” he asks.

“Well I can’t wrestle and I don’t desereve you” I say in a hushed tone.

“That is bullshit, you can wrestle; there’s a reason you were the longest reigning NXT Women’s Champion , 367 days if I’m correct?.” Dean says.

“Andddd I don’t deserve you, you’re way to good to me YOU deserve better”. Dean says.

“That’s not true, I love you and I don’t want anybody else” I say while turning around a putting my arms over his shoulders standing on my tippy toes while kissing his nose.

“Well good you think that way because I’m never letting you go, you’re stuck with me forever” he says with a smile showing off his adorable dimples.

“I don’t plan on going anywhere” I say as I give him a peck on the lips.

“Do you feel better?” Dean says

“A little bit” I say.

“I’ll take that , just promise you won’t go thru comments again?” he says.

“I promise” I say while extending my pinky which Dean gladly accepts.

“If you ever need a pep talk , come talk to me; as you’re boyfriend it’s my pleasure to remind you how perfect you are” he says kissing my forehead.

“Alright you ready to go?” Dean asks.

“Yeah, just let me go get my luggage” I say.

As I’m walking to my luggage I see more notifications of comments being posted, so I decide to turn my phone off.

“Alrighty I’m ready” I say with a smile walking back to Dean.

“Ok baby, let’s hit the road!” Dean says taking my luggage.

I really am a lucky girl.

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congrats to @billydor-nails for winning NOTW!

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omg this was one of our closest races EVER! there was almost a 3 way tie! special shout out to nailart1315 and inbe-attemptsnails!

thank you to everyone who submitted & voted this week! 

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I thought it was a plastic spider [fic]

Congrats to @bananannabeth for winning my Halloween fic giveaway! Her prompt was “I’m going to help you get over your phobia of spiders so you can properly enjoy this Halloween party. Look, see, it’s just plastic it can’t - OMG NO THAT’S A REAL SPIDER and I’ve just thrown it into the candy bowl, is nothing sacred.” I hope you like it! Also, thanks for everyone who entered, and don’t forget that I’m going to have another one when I hit 2k!

Happy Halloween!


Okay so in his defense, Percy hadn’t known Annabeth for that long.

He didn’t know that she was obsessed with Greek mythology until he picked her up at her apartment to take her to his best friend’s Halloween party and found her dressed as a goddess. And damn, did she look like one. Her hair was pulled back away from her face and clipped into this fancy up-do that Percy immediately wanted to mess up. Her eye make-up was dark, which made her gray eyes look devastating, as if they weren’t already. Percy was also pretty sure that her tan skin was fucking glowing because she looked so gorgeous and—

Anyway. He didn’t know that she loved olives and hated red punch until tonight. He didn’t realize that she listened to some of the same bands as he did or that she used to skateboard when she was younger even if she really didn’t think she could do it anymore.

He really didn’t know that she was terrified of spiders until tonight.

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