congrats on being awful

And the danger was always there. But he didn't care. Or maybe he didn't know.


Teen Wolf AU - Scott isn’t bitten by Peter on the night he and Stiles go into the woods.

Stiles, of course, sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong and ends up seeing something he probably shouldn’t have. Derek just wants to make sure that Stiles isn’t going to tell anyone about werewolves (and possibly lead the Argents right to Derek’s door step) and will stay of it, but Stiles just can’t leave it alone and gets caught up in all the supernatural drama anyways.

One of my biggest peeves is people pausing animation (especially at a high movement part) landing on an obvious inbetween frame and being like “haha look at this awful animation”

Congrats you landed on an intentional blur/squash/stretch and dont understand how animation works and its not a drawings where every frame is meant to look like a perfect illustration because its meant to be viewed in motion

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i got waitlisted from Brown!!! i def expected a straight up denial bc i got rejected from two schools which aren't as prestigious so. 😮

aw congrats!!! my friend got denied after being deferred and i’m so sad for her :(

Hmm  maybe. Maybe Tyler’s apology only feels fake and not genuine cause you all forced it upon him and guilt tripped him into doing it. And you were all sending him death threats if he didn’t say anything?  And now you’re all making fun of it. Hm maybe. Congrats on making someone feel awful and being bitter.