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Hi, baby-cakes! You wanna do 14. “I flexed and the sleeves exploded.” with my husband? Love you! Congrats on 500!

Hi Brea!!  Thank you bby and sorry this took me so long to get to, my mom distracted me whoops!

“What the fuck happened to your shirt?” You couldn’t even begin to contain your reaction when Bucky walked in with the sleeves of his favorite red henley split open down the sides revealing his biceps. 

He groaned as he sat down on the edge of the bed, running his flesh hand through his dark hair. You heard him mumble something but you couldn’t quite make it out. 

“What was that?” You inquired, your brow furrowing in confusion. He mumbled the sentence again sparking the idea that he simply doesn’t want you to hear what he’s saying. You got up from your spot near the headboard and walked over to sit on his lap, your legs folding on either side of his thick thighs. 

“I’m sorry, babe, one more time?” You asked again, lifting his chin gently so that his blue eyes were forced to meet yours. He placed his hands on your thighs, lightly rubbing circles with his fingers on your skin. He sighed as he realized that you wouldn’t give up until you had an answer. 

“I flexed and the sleeves exploded,” he finally grumbled, loud and clear enough for you to hear. You immediately burst into laugher, the musical bubbly sound filling the room. 

“Oh wow, I wish I had been there to see that. I told you this shirt was too tight on you. It looks like a second skin.” 

“I thought you liked how tight this shirt is, or I guess was.”  You giggled as you ran your fingers up and down his biceps through the holes in the shirt.

“Don’t get me wrong Buck, I’ll take any opportunity to admire you, but I think it’s really time for this shirt to go.”

“Yeah, it seems it is,” he admitted somewhat reluctantly. Your lips quirked up into a smirk as a lightbulb went off in your head. You leaned in to kiss him, an action he graciously returned, before you gripped the hem of his shirt and tugged upwards.

“Let’s get rid of it right now.” He lifted his arms up, allowing you to pull the material off of him completely. You threw it over your shoulder, discarding of it haphazardly. 

“I somehow momentarily forgot how fun getting rid of clothing can be,” he chuckled before busying himself with ridding you of your own shirt. He immediately began an assault on your neck, kissing and nipping at your skin trailing down to your chest. 

“Maybe I can rip some of your clothes instead next time?” He teased in between kisses. 

“James, don’t you dare,” you warned sternly. Your words weren’t headed though. A few minutes later the shorts you had been wearing, along with your panties were ripped in two. As much as you wanted to be upset about it, Bucky’s head between your thighs made any sort of logical reaction unattainable. Besides, you had a few ideas of about how he could make it up to you that didn’t require any clothes at all, whole or ripped.