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Congrats on the milestone!! For a prompt how about something silly like pidge taking shiro on an exploration of the castle's ventilation system for some reason except shiro gets stuck cause he's so much bigger

“In my defense, you really did fit through most of the vents, just like I said you would.”

“Yes, but I’m stuck now.” Shiro knew he sounded whiny. He didn’t care. He wiggled his body as much as he could, but his shoulders were still jammed firmly into what was supposed to be an opening. Well, it didn’t count as an opening if it wasn’t open, which it wasn’t, because Shiro was jammed into it like a cork in a bottle.

Yeah, even his thoughts were whiny.

Pidge’s face contorted as she struggled not to laugh. She had flipped herself to face backward in the passage ahead and was tugging on Shiro’s shoulders, trying to free him while he pushed with his legs from behind. It wasn’t working. She didn’t have the right leverage, and with his arms trapped at his sides, he couldn’t get any kind of momentum.

They struggled for a few moments, grunting with effort, then both gave up at the same moment, going limp. The vent was getting too hot with both of them in there. And with Shiro blocking the passage of air.

“I could get Coran,” Pidge offered again. She had first suggested that option ten minutes ago, when Shiro had thought he might still have a chance to get out on his own. Now, he wasn’t so sure.

“Does it have to be Coran?” Shiro asked, weary just at the thought. “He’ll be all…cheerful about it. And he’ll pat my head and call me ‘little paladin,’ the way he does every time I get myself in trouble. I hate that.”

Pidge chewed her lip, but the corners of her mouth still curled in an irrepressible smile. “The only other option would be Hunk, and he would get even more stuck than you.”

Shiro blew out a huge, enormous sigh and gave up. “Fine,” he grumbled. “Get Coran.”

Quiznak, he was never gonna live this down. He was never going to let Pidge talk him into helping her with a prank on Keith and Lance again.

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Kissing Who? - Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 701 (Is that a one-shot or a drabble? I’m gonna call it a one-shot…)

Warnings: Kind of panic attack, language, slight angst at the beginning, fluff ensues.

A/N This is for @straightasdeanwinchester 2000 follower challenge. My prompts are bolded, also… Congrats! You deserve it. Hope you enjoy.

You were standing off stage at your first panel of your first convention, and you were a nervous wreck. Ever since you had started on Supernatural you chose to learn about the fandom and how so many characters were hated by them and you hoped, you weren’t one of them. That was the most terrifying thing for you at that moment, then it didn’t help your boyfriend, Jensen Ackles was late to show up and dating him meant some people hated you.

You were rolling the microphone in between your hands when all of a sudden you could feel someone grab your shoulders, you turned around swiftly ready to hit them in the face with the mic for startling you.

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Happiest Place On Earth

Hello everybody!! This one shot was written for Lau’s Alternate Universe Funny Quote Challenge! Congrats on reaching 2000 followers @dancingalone21! Make sure you’re following her people… seriously, if you’re not I don’t know what you’re doing with yourself, she’s amazing!!

My Quote was: “And you know what? After we kill it, we can go to Disneyland!” -Sam

AU!Sam x reader: Sam’s a teacher, you’re a dentist, you live a normal Apple pie life!

Word Count: about 1400

Warnings: Shirtless Sam, cheesy fluff, rodent death

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This may or may not be (but definitely is) vaguely based on true events with my husband… enjoy!!


There he was. Your insanely gorgeous, incredibly intelligent, dumbass husband. Crouched like an idiot in nothing but his boxers at the end of the bed, gun in hand. Granted, it only shot BB pellets, but still he looked like a madman, knees bent up under him ready to pounce from his squatting position, like a freaking cat. It reminded you vaguely of when the two of you went bird hunting. His hazel eyes were wide, methodically searching the room.

Oh my god, your room! You’d just returned from a week-long dental convention and had promptly reunited with your husband, Sam, between the sheets before falling asleep naked in his arms. But the scene that greeted you now was not the same as when you first walked in the door. You’d come home to a spotless house- being a high school English teacher, Sam had the summer’s off and always kept a tidy home. But now…It looked like a tornado had ripped your bedroom apart! The drawers of your dresser we’re all pulled out, strung haphazardly across the floor. Your shoes, usually neatly lined inside the closet, had also been flung across the room.

“Honey, WHAT are you doing??” you asked the naked man perched by your feet, propping yourself up against the pillows. His head whipped towards you, his long brown locks flipping him in the face, gun pointed towards the ceiling.

“There’s a mouse,” he deadpanned, turning away from you to continue his search.

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Uh... #1273? Is that what I'm meant to do for the ask thing? I'm awful at following instructions, but loooooove your blog so congrats on 2000 followers!

Thank you lovely! You bring credit to Slytherins everywhere! I also love your username (Howl? Or just art?) Although you didn’t ask for a drabble, you’re getting one anyway! @floating-castle 

1976 - Fifth Year - Second Floor of the Library, Wingbacked armchairs by a fire, the Invention of Levicorpus

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Congrats on doin' the thing. I hope you keep doin' the thing. Can we get Pidge and Hunk working on something together and Pidge falling asleep on the big guy? Platonic please! <3

Hunk blinked, eyes tracking to the next word on the list. He was getting better at understanding the Altean syllables, though he knew his pronunciation was still crap. Allura and Coran would laugh their heads off, if they could hear him. But he and Pidge were both beginners, so they understood each other fine. It was easier with the just two of them, actually, since they both talked very slowly and sounded everything out with great care. And probably had the same awful, awful accent. “Okay, what about, um… Ahl-ni-rrrAH-kan?”

Pidge grunted and paged through the Altean dictionary to find the word. She was more advanced than Hunk was, yet, so she was better at understanding the definitions. “That’s…a fine red powder from the planet Kokor, with a slightly bitter, savory flavor, used most often in soups and stews.”

“Hmm.” Hunk turned that over in his mind, until he could picture one of the tiny containers in the equivalent of a spice cabinet in the kitchen. He had gone on a tasting spree earlier in the day, so he was pretty sure he knew which spice matched that description. “Okay, I think I know what that one is.” When he went back to the kitchen, he would make a label. “Moving on to the next ingredient…”

Pidge yawned and leaned more heavily into his side. “Are you sure translating this recipe is really gonna be worth it?”

“Allura says this is one of Coran’s favorites, and he’s been really stressed lately trying to keep the castle together. I want to do something nice for him.”

Pidge hummed and nestled her head against him. “Too bad we’re so busy we can only work on this late at night, when everything is else pretty much okay and no one’s attacking.”

“Yeah.” Hunk reached over and patted her head. “Thank you for helping me with this.”

She mumbled something like, “Y'r w'l'c’m,” and Hunk smiled.

“Okay, next ingredient…”

A soft, muffled snore interrupted him, and Hunk looked down at the fluffy head pressed into his shoulder. Pidge was asleep, and Hunk was pretty much there himself.

Hunk smiled and set the tablet aside, leaning back into the sofa behind him and making himself a better place for Pidge to lean. Coran wouldn’t mind waiting one more day for his surprise.

2,000 followers special! Prompts are now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated! You can read all of the fics at this link or on AO3 starting here.

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Congrats on the 2000 followers! 🎉 So, hey, I introduce myself as V. T. Holmes on the internet, but seriously I'm not that picky with nicknames. Been in the fandom since last summer. My OTP is probably SloRus and that's just the tip of the iceberg that are Slovenia pairings. By far my favourite headcanon is for a Hogwarts AU and it is that Russia would be a Hufflepuff. I have angstier stuff, but you're celebrating, so I'm not going to mention him crying himself to sleep every night.

You’ve been in the fandom for less than a year? Welcome! Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way out…There aren’t any exit signs…So I hope that’s not a problem for anyone, but we’ll just have to find out.

Hmm, my first guesses would be Slytherin or Gryffindor, just because he can be a little manipulative and very brave. But, Ivan is one of those people that once you gain his trust, he will fight by your side and die for you, so he certainly has loyalty, so I get where you’re coming from.

((Psst, feels for my otp get me all the time, but if this isn’t about your otp and you need a ear to ran on about another problem, I’m here for you. I’m not great at advice, but i’m here.))

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Heyyy, I couldn't send you a message because you don't follow me (which I won't ask you to do since I haven't started to post original stuff yet), but I wanted to say congrats on reaching 2000 followers! :D

Thank you so much! I didn’t realize my settings were like that but I fixed it so now anyone can message me. So thank you for brining that to my attention and I followed you! 

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I love your Voltron work, it's absolutely lovely! And I admit, every time I see your banner of Starks I crack up, Tony is the best. Congrats on 2000 followers, you deserve them!

Haha, thank you! You must be viewing on mobile. I put that up back when I first started this account, years ago when I was still in the SPN fandom on LJ and just made a tumblr with no intention of doing anything with it. Glad it still cracks you up.