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Hot Coffee

Title: Hot Coffee

Human!Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 886

Warnings: Fluff. That’s it really.

A/N: This was written for @cas-is-my-hero’s 100 Follower Challenge! Congrats, my dear! My prompt was “Starbucks”. It’s kind of fluffy and nonsensical, but I’ve been in that kind of mood lately. Haha. And sorry it’s so short. But yeah, enjoy. <3 

You approached the cashier in the green apron and smiled. “Hi. May I please have a Grande Chai Tea Latte with soymilk? Hot, please.”

The woman nodded and scribbled onto the cup. “Your name?”

“Y/N. And I’m paying for whatever he wants too.” You pointed over to your boyfriend as he stared wide-eyed at the massive menu. “Cas?” You waved your hand in front of his face.

Cas’s gaze flicked over to you. It was the first time he had ever been into a coffee shop and actually ordered something. “I never knew that there were so many names for coffee.” He tilted his head as he studied the names. “What’s a Mak-k-i-hato?” He butchered the word, making you giggle.

“Don’t worry about it, Cas. Do you want coffee? Or I can order you a hot chocolate.” Your fingers threaded with his as you pulled him closer to the cashier. “There are people waiting behind us. I’ll help you choose.”

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“it’s just a cut, really" for scott + reyes :)

Scott winces as Reyes tugs on his hand a little too hard as he leads them both into his Tartarus backroom. The doors slide shut and Reyes turns at the sound, brow knitted with concern as Scott pulls his hand from Reyes’ own.

“Scott?” Reyes is at his side, a hand hovering at the small of Scott’s back with a pleasant warmth.

“It’s nothing, just banged my hand up on some rocks out in the badlands.” Scott mumbles, picking at the red line digging across his palm in an ugly curve. Reyes lets out a huff of air, cooling across Scott’s palm, and he takes Scott’s hand in his own warm ones, calloused fingers smoothing across Scott’s skin.

“Reyes?” Scott quirks an eyebrow, “It’s just a cut.”

Reyes looks up through his lashes at Scott, their height difference giving Scott a pleasant tingle up his spine, and he can’t help his smile, as goofy and ridiculous as it looks. Reyes is insufferable, and he knows it.

“You haven’t taken good care of it, Scott.” Reyes says quietly, cocking his head to the side as he regards Scott with a slow, wicked curve to his lips.

“I could kiss it better?” he offers, and Scott snorts, laughter threatening at his lips.

“It’s just a cut, really.” Scott reiterates, pulling his hand away gently, “But I’ll take that kiss.” he adds, leaning in close, until he can smell the faint whiskey on Reyes’ lips as the man watches him with dark eyes.

“And you call me insufferable.” Reyes smirks, but he obliges, closing the gap and meeting Scott’s lips with his own, smiling into the kiss as he shuts the rest of Kadara out for the night.

Sex Sells - Luke Hemmings Smut

i suddenly felt like writing something and was inspired so i’m blessing you with this shit. (the blesser of shits aka me)


Y/N is a famous actress and after an award show Luke has a gift for her


1100ish words

Anxiety and excitement was all Y/N was feeling as she and her boyfriend sat at a circular table filled with familiar faces you’d see on TV or on the silver screen. She was nominated for her first Oscar for the best supporting actress.

She watched Jimmy Kimmel as he made jokes, cracking people up but when he said that he’ll be announcing the winner for the best supporting actress Y/N’s hands started shaking under the table. Luke noticed that her girlfriend started shaking, he held her hand and gave her a small smile. He was just as excited for her girlfriend if not more. He knew winning an Oscar was her dream and he was happy to be experiencing this with her.

“Aaaaand the winner is…” everyone held their breath “Y/N Y/S/N Congrats Y/N!” Y/N was frozen. She was so happy but she still couldn’t believe that she actually won. “YOU WON BABY. YOU DID IT. I’M SO PROUD OF YOU.” Luke was the first of the duo to react. He pulled Y/N up of her seat and hugged her. They briefly kissed on the lips before Y/N started pacing towards the stage, only stopping to hug some of her friends on the way. She also hugged Jimmy, they already knew each other since he interviewed her 3 weeks ago.

“Ah i don’t know what to say. I didn’t think i’d win i mean i was up against all these amazing women. I wanna thank my fans firstly. They put up with a lot for me so thanks for that.” Y/N chuckled “ I also wanna thank the cast. We’ve become the closest friends over the course of shooting. I already miss seeing your faces everyday. I wanna thank my family of course. And lastly i want to dedicate this award to my boyfriend Luke, for being patient with me., always supporting me and not complaining once when i’m exhausted from shooting and in a pissy mood. I love you Luke.”

Y/N got off the stage and got interviewed by some  interviewers while her name was being engraved on the golden statue. She realised that, that would take a long time and decided to return to her boyfriend.

“Congrats baby i’m so proud of you! I knew you’d win you’re so talented. And i also have a gift for you when we’re back in the limo.” Luke said as he kissed her. “How did you know i’d win? What if i didn’t win then i wouldn’t deserve the present.” Y/N protested. “I’d still give it to you baby. In my eyes you’re the winner. Even if you lost.” Y/N smiled. Luke was so sweet to her.

When the ceremony ended and they were putting their coats on Luke asked “ So do you wanna stay for the after party or go straight home?” Y/N decided that she wanted to celebrate this with just her boyfriend and they went out to wait for their limo. She wanted to spend the night alone with her boyfriend but her phone was blowing up. Her family members, friends, everyone was calling or texting to congratulate her on her win. Luke nudged her arm to get attention and pointed at the limo. She quickly said goodbye to the person she was talking to and got in the car.

“So, what is this gift you’ve been dying to give me. The one that you’re sure i’ll love?” Oh yeah Luke praised his gift until the ceremony ended which was more than an hour. “Wait a sec. Driver can you roll up the partition? Thank you and drive a bit slow.”

Luke turned towards her and kissed her roughly. She immediately responded and kissed him back. Their tongues were exploring each others’ mouths while their hands were keeping themselves busy by gripping every piece of skin they could find. Finally Y/N’s hands settled on Luke’s broad shoulders while Luke’s were pulling the front of Y/N’s red dress down to expose her chest. Thank god she was wearing a strapless dress. Luke thanked god for the second time when he realised she couldn’t wear a bra with this dress and hurried to suck on her nipples, making  sure to leave marks on her breast and collar bones on his way.

While sucking on her breasts Luke’s hands pushed the skirt Y/N’s dress up. Y/N blushed when she remembered that she hadn’t worn panties that way because she didn’t want lines on her dress. “Y/N… Did you stand on that stage bare in front of millions of people? tsk tsk bad girl. What am i gonna do with you, you’re killing me.” Luke got harder at the thought of  his girlfriend being bare up on that stage.

He started kissing up her thighs. They were both getting more excited as his head got closer to her pussy. Luke loved Y/N pussy. He thought it looked like a delicate rose. He loved to eat it, to finger it, to be inside of it. He almost liked pleasuring Y/N more than Y/N pleasuring him. Hell he probably did.

When his tongue touched her pussy, Y/N threw her head back and let out a moan. Wanting to hear more of her pleasure sounds, Luke started to lick faster and harder. He was sucking her clit and the sounds she was making was urging him to go faster, harder.

“Luke more please more.” Y/N begged and Luke couldn’t resist her and pushed two fingers inside of her. “YES YES LUKE OH I THINK - I THINK I’M CLOSE” Luke started fingering and sucking harder and ordered her to look at him in the eye. He wanted to see the look of complete bliss on her face when she came. That was one of his favourite parts of sex. That was also the reason why he preferred missionary  sex. His band mates called him vanilla but they didn’t know the reason behind it and Luke wasn’t planning on telling it in the near future.

Luke was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Y/N’s moans getting louder and quicker. “That’s it baby cum. Cum on my face. You deserve it baby. ” that quickened her orgasm and she came. Luke watched her in awe and cleaned her up with his tongue.

After catching her breath Y/N reached for Luke’s cock but Luke pulled away. “Tonights about you baby. You don’t have to return the favour. We won’t be stopping till the sun rises anyways.” They both laughed at that and Luke settled next to her holding her close while see caught her breath.

When the car slowed down they knew they were close to their apartment and Y/N stilled herself to fix her dress. She giggled “So your famous gift was an orgasm wow.” Luke answered smugly “This is Hollywood baby. Sex sells.”

Kerrang: You practically achieved the impossible with the first album. What is there to achieve in the future?

Axl: To be the highest debuting rock n roll band in history, which as of this date is Boston. They sold something like seven million in the States and nine million worldwide. That’s about it. As far as achieving other things go, I would like to have some songs that last on the radio long after Guns N’ Roses are no longer around.

-Kerrang 1989 interview

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