congrats moe!


Guess who came back from the grave after… holy shit.. 3 years??

I am deep in Ice skating hell, if you didn’t notice

Here’s a fanart for @kazliin‘s  brilliant fix that I’m also obsessed with. it’s from a scene from chapter 9, it’s not that accurate to the fic, but screw it, my skills are rusty and shitty. Now revered author, let me knell at your legs for giving me my YOI fix after the show ends

I’m sorry for the bad anatomy, messy lines and everything else, I drew this on a plane. Thank heavens everyone beside me are dead asleep.. I cannot explain myself if they saw this Q__Q (also, Victor why are you an Ikemen? Cannot draw ikemen!! ugh you are so haarrddd to drawwww)

also, holy shet I drew sex scenes. I’m now booked to hell

anonymous asked:

henrik, in disguise with a fake moustache on stage opening the envelope, sees the name of the other actor, rasps his throat: "TARJEI SANDVIK MOE!! WOW CONGRATS!!!"