congrats meryl

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When there is no obvious contact between MnM then the anons say they aren't friends anymore but when Meryl openly congrats MnP you know they have been in contact. People don't want to believe they are still friends and Because of anons saying things like the last ask you posted is why MnM couldn't let people know they talked in LV. Tony does what needs to be done to keep things quiet but him and Meryl are friends also. Penna even said, before deleting, that MnP will not last, just saying

Meryl at TEDx Naperville in November 2015. Flicker.

Please note, Fedor in the background diligently taking care that all is well. I wonder how many photo’s have been taken of Meryl where he is just out of camera range. What a feeling to know that he is there for her and a tall glass of water to boot.

Meryl knows what she wants out of life and she has it. Congrat’s Meryl!