congrats japan





Congratulations, Nathan, Yuzuru and Shoma🎉👏!!!

Free skating of Yuzuru and Nathan, just amazing, speechless😲😊!!!

Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, 19 Feb. 2017

( @asahi_photo)


“Asahi, just jump!”
“No buts!” Noya then took his hand and jumped again. Then Asahi gave his own little jump. Then a bigger one. And then he and Noya were laughing and splashing each other with dirty street water, but it was the most fun either of them had in a long time. – Of Piercings and Sweaters

For the incredible kangarooblu and her amazing, AMAZING, Asanoya fic Of Piercings and Sweaters. This was my favorite scene in the story and I really hope I did it justice!!  

Sometimes I'm appalled with America. Some of these comments over the World Cup are disgusting and the fact that Pearl Harbor and Japs along with Karma are trending on Twitter, just ugh. The majority of Americans don't even like soccer, except when there is a big competition, so that makes this even worse. I'm quite happy for their country winning, they need something like this to lift their spirit after the quakes.