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羽生君、宇野君、おめでとう🎉👏 素晴らしかった!!!😄 Congratulations!!!😊

田中君、お疲れ様🍀 先を目指そ!

World Figure Skating Championships 2017, Helsinki, Finland,  1 Apr. 2017

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Today was so slow, I drew a comic about my average deskwarming day.

[IG] 170720 nylonjapan:  Congrats !!! BLACKPINK JAPAN PREMIUM DEBUT SHOWCASE ♡
記念すべき @blackpinkofficial 日本デビューライブの後は渋谷《VISON @visiontokyo》にて開催される《NYLON JAPAN×BLACKPINK》がコラボしたBLACKPINK デビュー記念オフィシャル アフターパーティへ!

場所::Sound Museum Vision(東京都渋谷区道玄坂 2-10-7)
DJs : Una+Matcha / moe / YonYon / DJ FUMINE / e_e_li_c_a / Hojo / INDY / SA-E 他
チ ケット:★先行前売りSOLD OUT
★当日券¥2,500 ★BLACKPINK デビューショーケース半券をお持ちの方¥2,000 ※全ての方に会場にて別途 1ドリンク代 600 円徴収致します。 ※BLACKPINK メンバーの来場及び、パフォーマンス予定はございません ※20 歳未満の方の入場はできません。顔写真付きの身分証明書をお持ちください

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anonymous asked:

If you could, how would the 2ps react to finding out their female s/o is a professional figure skater and has won like tons of medals and awards?

2P America: “that’s so fuckin rad…holy shit” he’s kind of intimidated, actually

2P England: he’d be so excited. You wouldn’t be able to get him to not go to competitions. He’d be The Most supportive

2P China: depending on how long you’d been together, he’d be kind of upset that you never brought it up, but still super impressed

2P Russia: *quietly sobbing* Al and Kuro are never going to leave him alone after they find out

2P France: he acts all apathetic, like usual, but is so impressed omg

2P Canada: he’d drop everything he was doing to begin choreographing a routine for the two of you to do together

2P Italy: he has no idea what he should say. He’s terrified that you were able to keep this information from him for so long and super impressed that you have so many awards

2P Germany: he is a bit Too Rowdy™ at competitions. He’s not allowed to go to those anymore

2P Japan: congrats. I think you just broke Kuro.

2P Romano: did you say you needed 78 new outfits to skate in? No? To bad. You now have 78 new outfits to skate in

2P Prussia: he’s crying you were already too beautiful and now this?

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Hello! :) Congrats on becoming Japan ambassador! 🎉😄 Since you're a japanese (I read your profile :)), I want to ask what stereotypes of Japan/Japanese you've heard and wanted to comment or change the perception of it if you have a chance? I just want to know it straight from the Japanese themselves. Thanks! :) (btw, I really love the little Tama you put in the end of ask 😍😆 he's just like a cute little potato 😆😆)

Hello and thank you! (/・ω・)/ あざっす

Well here’s some top 6 stereotypes of Japan/Japanese I’ve heard or said to me

  • Japanese eat sushi everyday and only eat rice
  • Japanese are really good at drawing in anime/manga style and everyone is an otaku
  • Everyone in Japan are smart, polite and hardworking
  • Japanese people eat whales and sharks frequently
  • Everyone in Japan are skinny and healthy
  • Japanese are bad at English and can’t speak other than Japanese

There’s a lot more but I don’t remember much (笑笑…   ごめん)


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“Asahi, just jump!”
“No buts!” Noya then took his hand and jumped again. Then Asahi gave his own little jump. Then a bigger one. And then he and Noya were laughing and splashing each other with dirty street water, but it was the most fun either of them had in a long time. – Of Piercings and Sweaters

For the incredible kangarooblu and her amazing, AMAZING, Asanoya fic Of Piercings and Sweaters. This was my favorite scene in the story and I really hope I did it justice!!