congrats i hate u


👨🏻‍🎓❗️jungkook’s graduation day❗️👨🏻‍🎓

dagger32  asked:

So Destiel, I totally get it now. Omg, so what if Cas & Dean bond even more and get extra close. Then they decide to have a baby and Charlie is the egg donor/surrogate? They can name the baby Misha Collins. (What? Bobby Singer was named Bobby Singer, shut up.)

in case anyone is late to the game, dagger32 is my actual, real life sister. she is nearly caught up with spn

jenna in answer to u i ask you write a fic but you aren’t allowed to kill off sam because i actually really like this idea

also the fact that you are so hooked on naming everything Misha Collins is kind of freaking me out

would the name be Misha Collins Winchester?

like the middle name would be collins

clearly feeling obligated to name their child after the attractive crying man that existed in an alternate universe that looked like cas but tragically died after only meeting sam and dean once like 4 years ago

otherwise this totally works. congrats jenna ur hired

If you’re here about that monosexual post may I suggest literally fucking yourself on a pinecone instead. I’m normally very happy to have my opinions challenged and change, indeed, polite people have made me question my position on this. I’m currently being attacked for an opinion that I don’t necessarily agree with. thanks.