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Thoughts on YOI winning the “Best Animation”Award

Animation is about creating an illusion of movement by quickly playing multiple successive pictures together, and in this way, bringing a story to life.

Clearly, the Yuri!!! on ICE artwork during some of the latter skate scenes was not the quality we’d expect from a “best animation”-nominated show, but the attention to detail and actual animation during most of the scenes was quite evident? The YOI staff hired multiple choreographers and ice skating professionals so that they could get even the smallest details like sound, color, and positioning right. 

Here’s an example of the attention to detail, as shown by not only the leg movement but also the ice movement:

Handpicking and comparing sub-par YOI screencaps to the best screencaps from another show is honestly quite unfair, as animation is not about a single picture. It is about playing multiple slightly-varied successive images quickly to create an appearance of movement. 

To better argue my point, just looking at the following picture is not equivalent to evaluating YOI’s animation.

Even looking at this screenshot, which is clearly nicer than the prior one, is not a sufficient method of evaluating YOI’s animation

The following gif, however, is an example of animation:

It follows the term’s literal and common definition.

Let’s be clear. I’m not saying that YOI should have won the “best animation” category, as plenty of other nominees could have arguably taken its spot. I’m simply asking people to look at the show’s animation as a whole, rather than at a few screenshots taken on their phones.


(Click for better quality pics)

And Finally the last day of Stanchez Week 2017: Road Trip

What a better road trip than the road trip of life with all your primary modes of transportation.

Song Inspiration is ‘We Got to get out of this Place’ by the Animals

MTV Idols of Asia - Top 10 albums sales in 2016


1. EXO - EX'ACT  

2. BTS - Wings

3. EXO - For Life

4. BTS - HYYH: Young Forever

5. Twice - Twicecoaster: Lane 1

6. Seventeen - Love & Letter (including repackaged version)

7. EXO-CBX - Hey Mama!

8. Lay - Lose Control

9. GOT7 - Flight: Turbulence

10. Seventeen - Going Seventeen

art by cherryandsisters

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Let me break this down for you, kiddos

Stydia was a ‘the show is ending’ kind of decision
Stydia was a ‘what haven’t we shocked them with yet’
Stydia was an afterthought
Stydia was a spur of the moment thing
Stydia was a fall on the face
Stydia was a fucking LEAP
Stydia was a ‘taken chance’
Stydia was a NEVER

So dear kiddos, you hear it here first. Stydia is basically bullshit even in Jeff Davis’ eyes. A frail attempt to save the ratings. Congrats, Teen Wolf, for shooting yourself in the foot with that one.

FIFA Women’s player Award 2016

The Gals were told our very own Carli Lloyd is between the 10 candidates! Their reactions were not as expected:

Ok…well… what do you think Christen? You haven’t said anything..

So apart from Hope no one seemed that excited about the nomination so we decided to let them democratically vote who their US nominee should be, and the winner IS………….


*But jokes aside, at the end of the day.. :)


LSW Stage Play Cast Appreciation:
     Maeyama Takahisa (Totsuka Tatara’s Actor)

12 Days of Christmas

1. winter festival
2. cookies/treats
3. sweaters
4. presents
5. santa+elf+reindeer
6. snow
7. christmas tree
8. shopping
9. lights
10. family
11. christmas carols
12. (free space)

hey you guys! im gonna be doing a 12 days of Christmas event sometime mid december. heres my list for the season, feel free to use it for drawing or writing prompts if you’d like.

1000 GMM EPISODES !!!  ✧٩( •̀ᴗ•́ *)و✧

That’s a lot of eps to choose from if I wanna binge watch !! haha

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